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Insufficient XRP reserve


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ok i have an account on gate hub (newer user) i did the activation though bit stomp,

but with me learning and not doing anything until i understood more when i got to link a gateway i get the error in the title.

i read somewhere that i need a min of 50 and i cant do the bitstomp anymore it says my accounts already activated.

but i cant do any trades and i didnt link any of the gateways when i had the money in there (because i was still learning)

if anyone knows how to fix this let me know i currently have like 19.91 xrp 

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Top Posters In This Topic

Depending on what exchange you are on....   because you have less than the reserve amount base of 20 XRP you may need to acquire more XRP before you can trade or move XRP.

Perhaps you should have a read of the Links and Resources Tab and the Our Picks Tab and that will give you the info you need.  If you have a specific question just give as much detail as you can when you ask.  Have a read... come back and ask what isn't clear.   I hope that helps.

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