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OpenBazaar 2.0 is Here! [P2P Marketplace] We need to lobby them for XRP Integration!


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We need to lobby OpenBazaar to integrate XRP!

That would directly enable XRP access to unlimited merchants and products, worldwide!

What is OpenBazaar? (Open Source P2P Decentralized Marketplace)

Download OpenBazaar - Sell Anything. Pay Zero Fees.


We've been working on an event to celebrate the launch of 2.0 called Crypto Is Currency Day. This is a community-wide effort with promotions that have been running through the month of September to drive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin further into the mainstream by clearly demonstrating their practical uses--such as shopping on OpenBazaar.

We have some great partners that we have been working with including: Shapeshift, Blockchain, Xapo, Coin Center, Airbitz, BitMaker, Yours, Unocoin and even the cryptocurrencies Zcash, Dash and Monero.

It has been driving bigger awareness than we could have done alone, and now we need your help, too! Please help us share the message and encourage people from around the world to check out OpenBazaar and make a purchase on Friday, September 29th.



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