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XRP consumer to business application


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Hi, I really would like to know if and if yes, where solutions are available (specific XRP) in order to make it easy for businesses to accept XRP from consumers. Next to that also information about possible solutions for banks so they can hold XRP for consumers and consumers to be able to pay directly from their accounts with online banking.

Asking banks to do this with BTC or whatever other crypto currency is naturally useless, but XRP of all crypto currencies is just the one in place to pull this off. I understand Ripple having a focus on the institutional side of this, but they could easily set up a spin-off company that solely focuses on adoption by consumer banks and their customers and businesses. This way general presence and market adoption would be pushed like hell. The fact that it is still volatile nowadays is less of a problem because the market has begun to accept that having had the previous experience with BTC already. So it is to be expected that as more market acceptance and use are generated the price will go up (with a correction from time to time).

So please inform about possible available solutions and/or how you all think this is going to be played. :JC_PacMan:  


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