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DASH lane closed??


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SOMEBODY was able to drop about 40 DASH at Gatehub overnight last night meanwhile my deposit option remains closed....this is highly highly frustrating.  I didn't know you had to be a part of the "Inner Circle" to get first blood.  Highly disappointing. 

This is the kind of behavior I've seen exhibited at  trash exchanges like yobit.net.  A few months back, the XEM price there was about 6x what it was anywhere else, except you couldn't get off a trade because "deposits have been disabled, please try again later."  Obviously SOMEBODY got their XEM in because there was significant trade volume.  They even have this "tip jar"  except you don't know it's a tip jar until you click on it--it's disguised as a box that says "say thanks" or something like that-- and whatever BTC you have is entered in the box and disappears.  Luckily for me I don't just jump in head first.  I did a small trade that left about .0006 BTC sitting.  I had an issue and sent a support ticket and because I was raised right--I clicked on the box to "say thanks".  I saw my BTC balance appear in the box--thinking it was simply informative (x user has 'x' BTC) and then watched it disappear with my support ticket.  Sent another ticket to ask for it back--no response.....

And speaking of "no responses"--when I started trading with Gatehub, what impressed me the most was how active the CEO and CTO were on forums like this.  Your support tickets were not only tended to, but answered personally by the support staff and the CTO!!  If you pm'd Enej, he'd actually write you back.  I guess a few months later with a few thousand more users the guys have gotten too busy to personally respond to every message.  While I'd like some clarity as to what is going on, but @enej @gregor, I couldn't care less if I woke up tomorrow and DASH deposits are enabled.  I can't ignore the fact that this rings of something slightly more sinister than just some "bug".  I have successfully deposited and traded just a few days ago, cannot at present meanwhile others are dropping "big DASH" (30+ @ $350 US--not exactly "little boy" money).  

C'mon guys--holding the door open for just a few, hurts no one but you on this business model.  

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Thanks guys :D Dash lane's open

but (and there's always a but) I've got BTC that has been confirmed now 31+ times to the internal Bitcoin wallet that hasn't been credited to my account :mellow:

@gregor you once referred to this as a "rare edge case".  I don't know what that means.  All I am saying is, it is not very rare from my point of view. To sort of "hedge"

against this scenario I've had to split my trade-able assets into 4 separate accounts.  I am now only operating 3, but all 3 got "stuck on the edge" I guess.  Guys, I hate to be

a pain in the you know what ;) but I feel if I don't say anything, nothing gets done.  Don't know if you guys even read this--if you did, thanks for taking the time.  If not and things got done anyway, that is proof positive that you guys are top notch.  Problems do rise but these guys always get it done.


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