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  1. Wow! Ripple is in the lead on donations for the earthquake! This is wonderful to see the use of XRP and cryptocurrencies. Let's get community support and show what XRP can do! #BitcoinAidMexico Aiding affected people by Mexico’s earthquake with cryptocurrencies In support to those affected by the recent earthquake in Mexico with epicenter in Oaxaca, Bitso has enabled donation wallets. One of the great advantages of the technologies Bitso enables such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, is the possibility to move value in a quick and efficient way from any place in the world at any time of the day. The size of the donation does not matter, all transactions count and will be of great aid to those that are currently affected. Here is the link: https://blog-en.bitso.com/bitcoinaidmexico-aiding-affected-people-by-mexicos-earthquake-with-cryptocurrencies-17f31f71fbc4 @CARLOS @miguel @JoelKatz @nikb @cmbartley @Hodor @kanaas
  2. This is just a general question that's been on my mind... What are the possible insurance industry applications for the XRP Ledger? Crypto in general? I'm thinking escrow opens up a lot of possibilities, as well as the general immutability aspect of a blockchain. Some of my "brainstorm" ideas for insurance generally: Life Insurance: XRP Ledger Escrow for "Traditional Whole Life Policy" Storage of premium payments on the XRP ledger Health Insurance: Storage of premium payments on the XRP ledger Escrow of Insurance payout until all paperwork approved by Insurer Long-Term Disability: Storage of premium payments on the XRP ledger Escrow of Insurance payout until all paperwork approved by Insurer Auto Insurance: Storage of premium payments on the XRP ledger Escrow of Insurance payout until all paperwork approved by Insurer That's my initial brainstorm list, but I know I'm probably missing something. In addition, does usage of blockchain tech allow for entirely new types of insurance instruments? Is a smart contract system better suited for insurance applications? Anybody know of any Ethereum DApps that target this market? Thanks for any feedback / pointers!
  3. As stated in my conversation, I noticed this change when I studied Ripple's progression. Confirmation is rewarding. Notice his use of "massively?" He has also said XRP price will go up massively when FIs start to source XRP. This is the plan. It would solve liquidity. all trials and PoCs up to this point have used "house money." As Dilip Rao has said, they are done with PoCs. Everyone knows it works now. My opinion is we will all know when they are about to go live. it will be a big event including multiple banks. The size of sourcing will be controlled, but still large compared to our retail purchases. This will squeeze supply and coupled with our frenzy, demand will go up "massively." HODL! This is all my opinion. do your own due diligence, Dont invest more than you can afford to lose. I could be wrong.
  4. My latest blog entry talks about the W3C working group for payment requests, along with some interesting XRP wallet statistics and SWELL. There's been some crypto buzz around the "payment request" standard for browsers; I discuss this a bit and then talk about some XRP wallet statistics recently published by some XRP developers on Twitter; I think the numbers are fascinating. Let me know what you think, and please feel free to share my blog on other media. My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  5. Great cover from investing.com Hawk describes Ripple as the “quiet turtle plugging away with its eyes squarely set on the right prize which is revenue”. https://www.investing.com/analysis/expect-ripple-to-soon-rival-bitcoin-200214016
  6. The Whales Of The Crypto Ocean https://www.ripplecoinnews.com/the-whales-of-the-crypto-ocean Everyone will draw his or her own conclusions after reading this article. It is certain that whales are the ones that initiate the trend and often help it move up. They are also responsible for aggressive sales. If we follow the whales and we will not be against them, they will make nice money. Every time you buy, you should look at a historical chart of the currency you want to buy and ask yourself if the price is expensive or inexpensive. The rule, "buy cheaper and sell expensive," will keep you from going against whales
  7. Given the current events I've been thinking lately about Ripple's vision to pair up with financial institutions and doing things right, now it all makes sense. TBH the crypto space will never be decentralised per se, the blockchain network (RCL) is decentralised to keep the info secure and private, but we'll always need to have a physical place where you can trade FIAT for cryptocurrencies/tokens/digital assets. Exchanges will then be exposed to regulations from central governments, whether you like it or not. All these new ICO's with fake promises only cause collateral damage for those who are actually trying to do a change in the world. And that's the main reason why governments like China are starting to act upon the possible outcome which is lots of people loosing money with ICO scams trying to make a quick buck. Just think about it, if tomorrow the US Government decides to follow the steps of the Chinese government of banning crypto exchanges to "save the economy from another financial bubble" we're all screwed. How would we then convert our Crypto into FIAT again? Would it lead to people selling their assets p2p through events/meetups? Back to using the deep web to follow the crypto dream? It's time to put our efforts as a community to support those who are really working to keep the economy stable and paired up with the FI's, it's time to spread the word about Ripple & XRP I'm more than happy to hear your opinions about this topic and also to discuss about the purpose of any ICO that's just a copy of what $BTC $LTC $ETH $XRP are trying to achieve @Hodor @JoelKatz @TiffanyHayden And as always, KEEP HODLING R A V I N T O L X
  8. XRP Rings - Coming soon!

    Hello fellow Hodlrs!! I just recently learned how to use a Zbrush software to do some 3D prints and came up with the idea of printing out an XRP ring. The plan is to cast it out on 92.5 sterling silver and price will be 699 XRP. My plan is to HODL the profits to pay my study loan in the future. If anyone's interested or would like any other crypto ring design send me a message
  9. Hello, I was trying to get a better understanding of the relationship between XRP (the crypto currency) and the Ripple banking / financial services products. I tend to think that ripple the currency is based on DLT like bitcoin and that is open source but when I read about how banks are using it to settle transactions across I cannot imagine those transactions being transparent to the public or openly distributed. So are these separate things? Are the settlement channels across banks closed source i.e. a network set up among them where they control the nodes and trxs. are verified by or within a closed network? or how is this working? In which case, would not this verifications generate XRPs as well? Would a miner on the open source be verifying a transaction that is happening across banks just like any other participant? I am not tech. so apologies upfront if the question sounds unclear. Thanks.
  10. The price of XRP was a half of a cent when I was buying up mine. I watched as the coin I believed in skyrocketed on the idea that banks would go live on the first of April. Suddenly I became a very wealthy person. Then I watched as the price fell steadily for months. Now I see it spike again because of another false alarm. This time it crashed back in the blink of an eye. Last time no one could be sure when something might go live. The fear of missing the boat if something did go live has given rise to a lot of "bag holders." and kept the price high compared to its half a cent starting point on the first of April. Now this tweet has basically said that no one should expect anything more then a conference for the rest of Q3 and into Q4. There is no more idea that they could go live soon. I expect the price of XRP to be right back where it was 0.14-0.16 in a few more weeks and if there's another bitcoin flash crash I expect it to go lower still. I don't believe that it will go back to the half a cent I got in at. But, I think the company and all of us would be better off if they gave a concise and updated timeline of anticipated events. I know that we might loose out on these massive movements and that would be sad in a lot of ways. But, we would probably get a normal steady rise out of it in exchange. If the company can't give a simple timeline, I think we should all be starting to ask ourselves. "Is it because the date is so far off... maybe non-existent at this point?" Should we all learn our lesson by this point and be less emotionally invested in this whole thing. I have been, and will continue to, play this like a game from now on. When it goes up I sale, when it goes down I buy, and I will never hold for more then a few hours again unless there is unambiguous news that comes strait from Ripple. The only money you are guaranteed is the money you have right now.
  11. Circle Trading's OTC service handles trades that are minimum hundreds of thousands of dollars transactions, as opposed to retail exchange activity. The service is focused on core cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ether, XRP, Ethereum Classic, Z-cash, Bitcoin Cash and litecoin. https://amp.ibtimes.co.uk/circle-pushes-otc-crypto-trading-launches-france-italy-adds-group-payments-1639908
  12. Hey guys ripple twitter just posted this what do you guys make of it http://www.fsstech.com/postings-from-indias-ripple-deep-dive-event/
  13. Even though we are in a dip now. All the news from ripple has been extremely positive news from japan, india, sputh korea and alot more!!! crypto market is just crashing in general
  14. In my latest blog post, I discuss micropayments, and how I believe that Ripple and XRP can be a perfect back-end processor for these low-value transactions. I originally posted a similar topic in the spring of 2017; I use a couple of the same sources, but I've since updated it with some current factoids and examples. Hope you enjoy the read! Leave any feedback below, and please feel free to share on other media. My announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  15. Once upon a time there was a list of all XRP holders at the old forum. I was stumbling around leger_data and decided to share this. The list of top 100 is in the post below. P.S. If anyone would be kind enough to teach me how to retrieve account_root entries as shown here: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/pull/2066 it would be much appreciated. Currently, it takes me ~30 mins to retrieve the needed records from a ledger dump on a rented droplet.
  16. As everyone who is in the crypto market is aware, china has now implemented a Ban on Exchanges. As such CNY money is being removed from the System over the next few weeks and Exchanges have been notified to liquidate and transfer money into a Bank Account. Most likely Big Brother in China is wanting an audit on the money. Many Crypto-currency Expert are expecting the following due to increase in sale supply due to the Chinese Directive we will expect some pressure on the Price on BTC. Many People are looking at a range from 3000 > 3500 during this time but expect the sales tap to finish off by the end of the month as all chinese exchanges will cease operations and no further sales orders can be completed. With China Sell off ending we should expect price recovery in October. So what does this mean for XRP, well the average BTC to XRP trade price is about 0.00005 BTC for XRP giving us a price range if my range for BTC to be correct as 0.15 USD to 17.5 USD Considering Swell is in October i would expect some price appreciation coming into the conference as we are expecting: 1. Further Partnership Announcements 2. SBI Ripple Asia perhaps going live with XRP 3. XRP 55 Billion escrow should be happening by End of Year 2017. So Lets all - Keep Calm and Buy XRP Happy to clarify if there is any further questions...
  17. I would think by now Ripple should be working with all these trendy and popular online-only banks and payment transfer providers like Revolut, Monzo, N26, TransferWise, etc. But they aren't. Is Ripple competing with them? How are these fintech startups already providing instant transfers? They are also targeting the remittance/payments industry. It seems like they don't need to use Ripple software or XRP. On Ripple.com, I see "slow", "expensive", "unacceptable" and "unreliable" on the homepage referring to today's payments infrastructure, but none of those keywords are applicable to those modern online fintech apps that offer an almost flawless user experience. So I guess Ripple is directly/indirectly competing with them? I am aware that Revolut will be introducing Bitcoin, ETH, and Litecoin on their platform in the near future, but they don't look like they need XRP for "settlement"... I'm just confused.
  18. SIBOS and SWELL

    It going to be a bumpy ride for those of us holding but those of us just getting into this its a great time to buy until we get closer to October 16th. As it gets closer to those two events remember there will be lots of publicity hyping those events in the crypto world so the market cap for all currencies will grow and we anticipate XRP to capture more of the audience than it already has. Any thoughts on SIBOS or SWELL? Please Share!
  19. XRP will become the standard of digital currencies. Why? 1) Banks are here to stay. The argument that bitcoin or some form of virtual currency will replace fiat is a complete fantasy. I will bet that in 50 years, majority of people will still be paying for goods and services using fiat currency. XRP is designed to be most effective by using FIAT currency. 99% of people do not care about cryptocurrency. Ask your friends and family if they are willing to accept bitcoin as form of payment, most likely no. Heck, I bet most of us wont even accept virtual currencies as form of payment. XRP is designed so you can pay for goods and services with FIAT currency instantly anywhere around the world, not just in your country. If you want to send money overseas, it will take at least a few days and even up to 2 weeks with high fees. Ripple is the only company that allows fiat currency to be sent anywhere in the world instantly (3-5 secs). Ripple is the monopoly, no other company or technology can do this. 2) The power of XRP is you don't even know your using it. Bitcoin is used as a form of payment. Eg: Bitcoin → Goods and services → Bitcoin. People will have to learn how to use this and for the average person, its extremely complicated. Anything that is successful is simple. When XRP is being used, you don't even know your using it. Your not changing peoples habits by using XRP (think about it!). Example- If you want to buy a expensive watch in China, your most likely going to buy it with FIAT currency regardless of high fees or transaction times. If my bank happens to use the Ripple software and XRP for the cross-border transaction, the money will be transferred instantly with minimal fees. Me, as a paying customer wouldn't even know XRP is being used to convert my local currency to the overseas currency. The bank does this automatically! Its not replacing fiat currency, its acting as a tool to help it. That is why over 90+ banks are using this software already. This ultimately is the magic of XRP and where it wins over all cryptocurrencies 3) Ripple is pro-regulation. Bitcoin and most virtual currencies is designed to bypass government/bank controls. People underestimate the power of governments and banks. They literally control the world. New laws will be implemented to deter this type of behaviour. Look at China, they recently banned all yuan-bitcoin trading. Only logical more countries will follow and rightly so. Regulation is the only way to allow real growth. If I buy a item with bitcoin and I didn't receive the goods, its up to the seller to refund the bitcoin. I cannot go to a bank and ask to reverse the transaction. This alone deters 99% of real use cases that bitcoin was designed for. Because Ripple works with banks, if you did not receive the goods and services that you purchased, you simply tell your bank to reverse the transaction. This is one aspect of the benefits of pro-regulation. 4) XRP is the closest cryptocurrency to mainstream adoption. All cryptocurrencies including XRP is speculation until the they are actually used for real world cases. XRP is in a unique situation that no other "crypto" has, a actual company behind the technology. Ripple is a company that is backed by some of the biggest companies in the world. Why does XRP have value? Because Ripple already has 90+ banks using the software. It has real commercial customers using the software already. The fact that combining the existing software with XRP can save banks up to 60% in transaction costs is a BIG advantage. We are talking about banks, not people. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer. XRP is bank-to-bank. Given that already 90+ banks are using the software, if only 1 bank announces they will be using XRP, the value will skyrocket as it will become the first cryptocurrency to be used in real world situations. Its not a matter of if, but when they will start using XRP.
  20. XRP holders - Where are you from?

    This came up to my mind. I would like to know where do you guys live? Cheers!
  21. Been following this guy since last week when he bought 4m xrp. He just increased his stake to 6m https://www.facebook.com/tsubasa.yozawa
  22. Just noticed an addition to the final day of Swell. https://swell.ripple.com/agenda/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Tapscott
  23. It's bad news week for crypto evidently, and I break down the Chinese announcements and just what it means for XRP. This is my latest blog entry. Even though XRP has fared better than others, the market reaction to the Chinese announcements have still taken their toll. I discuss how it's not the end of the world, and I expect the market to rebound... probably soon ™ Hope you enjoy the read, and let me know any feedback below. Also feel free to share on any other media! My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread