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  1. https://news.finance.co.uk/speculation-surrounding-xrp-valuation-despite-25-increase/ FYI, this is IMO a very poorly written article. With the author using the default transaction fee 10 drops (0.00001 XRP) for all their calculations and some vague assumptions related to price fluctuations. Unfortunately, I did not find any options to leave comments.
  2. https://www.worldfinance.com/markets/discovering-the-makings-of-a-successful-cryptocurrency
  3. I am curious to ask a question. We know that the more we use our Ripple, the smaller it gets. Someday it will be zero. If it's because of simple convenience, it will disappear someday, but I do not know why Ripple was created. I wonder why you are investing in Ripple. Is it because of the expectation that prices will rise due to scarcity? Or did you think the price of the Ripple itself would have to go up in order to move a large sum of money? For example If you need to move $ 1000 to the current Ripple price, you need 5000xrp. However, if the Ripple price is $ 100, you only need 10xrp to move the $ 1000 amount. When do you think Ripple will rise in value? Increased value due to extinction scarcity? if not, Rising value when you can spend big amount with a small number of xrp? In what situations do you think the value of XRP will rise?
  4. http://listverse.com/2017/11/23/10-reasons-why-bitcoin-will-fail/ just came across this on my toilet reading site. While i whole heartedly agree with the sentiment of this article i know a lot of others will disagree, some will even be triggered into ad hominem. I am posting it here because Listcerse is probably the most mainstream website i access regularly. 2018 crypto goes bonkers, mark my words.
  5. This is not my singular position, just an argument for the purpose of discussion... The elephant in the room that we're not hearing enough about is the power of short term greed that motivates bankers. Lower and faster transaction fees are great, but they'll likely get that with one of several solutions available in the market soon enough, possibly without the collective use of a single token. What will motivate bankers to make decisions today? Low risk short term monster capital gains. Ten biggest banks, 1 billion XRP each, long term exclusive contracts with minimum usage guarantees. Run the models and prove the case. Send a load of XRP to select banks along with a plan for XRP price appreciation with agreed upon mass adoption. Show each selected bank the plan to make a billion dollar profit in two years on XRP while also using the best crypto remittance solution in the market by a long shot. Whether or not it's Ripple, it makes more sense for the banks to collectively support and own a single capital appreciating token than to use multiple tokens or circumvent usage altogether. We know they could do this themselves, so instead give them every reason to create this massive capital appreciating beast with Ripple as a partner. I know Ripple is experimenting with $300 million, but this seems like a drop in the bucket. I know this flies in the face of bitcoin, decentralization etc, but really, I think that ship has long since sailed. Go big Ripple! Let's at least think about it.
  6. Question out there for anyone who may know... with this new chinese exhange coming online to trade xrp/BTC, how does that work from an XRP liquidity standpoint? Does the exhange call you Ripple and ask for a specific amount of xrp that is then sold at market rates, possibly netting the exhange some healthy profit? are the XRPs loaned? Is the exhange only like a gatekeeper between Ripple’s stash and the open market? Who owns the initial XRPs being traded once it opens? also, once it gets going donthey rely on the market to provide xrp for their liquidity or do they occasionally call Ripple and request more? was just curious about the sppecifics in an event such as a new exhange opening.
  7. I'm sure many of you actively follow youtube bloggers and most likely know of this guy... but for those that don't, he's actively pro ripple/xrp, and produces easy to digest content. He also has over 30k subscribers so his content is gaining traction. Check him out.
  8. My Christmas list is simple: An escrow date XRP on Coinbase AMEX to XRP their cash Square to implement BTC,LTC, and XRP Ill be eating turkey and passing out on the couch watching charts. Glad to be on XRPchat finally. Peace and love you ambitious MFers!!
  9. Swift's gpi system is still outmoded by ripple even if they are going live with it at the end of they year. SWIFT just opened themselves up to a partnership with Ripple. This should not be ignored!
  10. Check out the Order Book on Bittrex. Buy Wall right at bid. This is getting ready to move!!!
  11. So this page shows stats on Ripple. If you scroll down, you'll see the "Total XRP Distributed." I started keeping track of this recently. I dont have screenshots, but I show that XRP distributed has actually decreased between November 5th and November 12th. Was this just bad data or is their something else going on here? Nov 5: 38,622,892,459 Nov 12: 38,622,870,411
  12. Reddit-user kidfromkansas posted a request for other users to contact Coinbase in order to get XRP being add to their exchange. Will this lead to another exchange for Ripple? "Forget change.org petitions, this is Reddit, home of the largest secret santa exchange on the planet. I searched this sub to see what people were doing and found nothing specific, only calls to do something. People are going into banks and telling them they should use Ripple/XRP. I love the passion, even though that's not how banks make global transaction processing technology decisions. If we want the value of XRP to go up, we wait for Ripple (they're doing a fine job). We also continue making it easier for others to buy XRP. Now onto the details. If you are a Coinbase customer and want to see XRP in that 4th slot, here's a step by step: Visit: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/emails/new Scroll down until you see "Contact our Team" (click it). A Submit a Request will show up Choose Other Choose your browser Subject: Please add XRP Message: (Whatever note you want, but here’s some text to get you started.) Dear Coinbase, I’m a customer and use your service often. I’d like to request that you add Ripple - XRP to the Buy/Sell section of the website. I see that there is an open slot there next to Litecoin. XRP belongs in that spot. Faithfully yours, Some person Tweet them: Hello @coinbase - I’m a customer and fan of your service. I would be an even bigger fan if you added $XRP to your Buy/Sell, it’s a perfect fit. @Ripple"
  13. https://www.txfnews.com/Tracker/Details/2df3b6cf-c529-4d5c-8fe4-138eab48fdf9/Standard-Chartered-Axis-Bank-launch-cross-border-payment-service Standard Chartered and Axis Bank launches cross-border payment service powered by Ripple 22 November 2017, Singapore – Standard Chartered and Axis Bank today announced launch of real-time cross-border payment service for corporates using Ripple’s distributed ledger technology solution. Set to revolutionise the payments industry, this offering is now commercially available for cross-border payments between Standard Chartered Bank Singapore and Axis Bank India, and, accessible through Standard Chartered’s corporate digital banking platform, Straight2Bank. The new service will see corporate payments from clients of Standard Chartered (Singapore) in SGD to accounts in Axis Bank, India’s third largest private sector bank, in real-time, with end-to-end visibility into the journey and cost of the transaction. This is set to revolutionise corporate supply chains between Singapore and India by improving the speed, transparency and cost of international payments. Gautam Jain, Global Head, Digitisation and Client Access, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered, said, “The successful launch of our commercial cross-border payment service marks a significant milestone in the financial industry’s progress in applying distributed ledger technology for corporates. We are incredibly proud to be leading the way in this area. This affirms our commitment to digitisation and innovation as we continuously look at new ways to add value for our clients and their ecosystems; in this case, corporates trading between Singapore and India.” Leveraging Ripple’s proprietary distributed ledger technology solution, the new payment service gives corporates greater control over cash flow. This is made possible by the near real-time nature of payments over Ripple including full transparency of associated fees, which can be advised before transactions are executed. In addition, these payments are pre- validated, providing straight-through processing and fast settlement that lowers the overall cost of processing the payment while allowing for greater certainty. Himadri Chatterjee, President, Transaction Banking, Axis Bank, said, “While there have been significant innovations in domestic payments, cross border remittance has seen limited developments. Using APIs and distributed ledger technology, there is an opportunity to radically change the way international payments are handled. We are excited with the potential of the technology to bring innovative services to the market and help us enhance value to our customers.”
  14. Watching how BTC is rising I am about to ask, should I sell all my ripples right now and buy bitcoin instead.
  15. http://www.zawya.com/story/RAKBANK_customers_can_now_remit_money_to_India_using_Blockchain-ZAWYA20171122060950/
  16. Always appreciate Joel's honesty but reading all that "you never know" makes me a bit doubtful about Ripple. I don't know for sure, but it sounds like he clearly knows Ripple isn't anywhere close to getting banks interested in XRP. Maybe the cost savings isn't much, maybe it's actually more expensive to hold XRP, maybe banks are perfectly fine with just using Ripple software...maybe I should put more in NEO instead since Chinese stocks have served me well in the past. Maybe...
  17. Trading will begin on November 21st Beijing time ... https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2017/11/20/china-exchange-zb-com-launches-support-ripple-xrp/
  18. Take a look at this thread. Click into it to get the rest of the story. Simple supply and demand is the only thing holding XRP back. Right now demand is painfully low and the xrp price has only risen due to speculation. It simply means that all the talk about manipulation by Ripple is false. Though the whales still exist. Believe that once the ripplenet infrastructure is sound and xrp is moving millions of dollars a minute you can bet that price will start ticking up like a slot machine number roll.
  19. If a pair like USD/CHF is currently considered illiquid, and no bank/Hedge fund/HFT Firm/etc has been successful in making it liquid, then what makes people think that Ripple can somehow make XRP/CHF liquid (or for that matter, any other currently illiquid pair)? Said another way, if it were possible to create sustainable liquidity while maintaining profitability, wouldnt it already have been done by banks/hedgefunds/HFT/quant firms?
  20. After my last disastrous foray into community services (not many people liked the idea and I fell badly foul of Ripple Intellectual Property law, thanks for the warning guys!), I thought I would have another crack. This time it is pretty simple: 1. Sign up to the website - www.cryptoprizecompetition.com 2. Answer 3 questions correctly - all the questions are XRP related so if you have read the latest hodor articles then you should be fine.... 3. Go into the prize draw to win 1000 XRP! There is a coupon for 1 free entry per activated wallet - enter FREEXRP at the checkout. See terms and conditions for full details. For those of you worried about phishing and what not then just use a different email address and password to what you normally do. In addition your wallet address is public knowledge so no need to worry about giving these details away as they are available openly! Now I`m a member of the community trying to make the XRP ecosystem a bit more exciting and fun so please any advice or help is gratefully accepted. Also if you want to say mean things then please ensure they are constructive! All the best and any questions then just ask. RippleGambler
  21. Found this. But cannot read Chinese, just Ripple https://www.zb.com/i/blog?item=24
  22. Tomorrow SEPA Instant Credit Transfer will go live in the EU for participating organisations. About: I believe tomorrow is a big day. The largest economic area in the world will be implementing something wonderful, something Ripple is working on for many years as well. Nearly instant payments. Ripple is probably not working on this SEPA technology but surely will work with it sooner or later. And if not XRP will benefit eventually in a big way. Money stuck for hours/days (or more) will become available much sooner now. First of all this will change/fast forward the economy within the EU by itself. When money is freed it can be (re)used much quicker. The same amount of money can change more hands in a significant shorter period of time (besides the money transferred outside the EU/cross border payments ). The 'value' of money will 'rise' because of this. New situation: Current/old situation: Money in the EU vs the rest of the world (d.d. October 26 2017) : This is what Ripple posted about the SEPA project. So basically the EU SEPA zone will gain an advantage over other worldly economical zones not offering instant payments and must keep up if they want to stay competitive with their EU counterparts. The zones with lower payment frequencies will probably suffer the consequences. I do believe because of this (and some other points I didn't mentioned like the fact some Ripple customers will also use SEPA 2), Ripple will thrive and new customers will find their way to Ripple like AMEX and all the progressive others so far. And this will probably be sooner than later. Any thoughts?
  23. Cryptocurrency is part of a "Megatrend!" In this blog entry, I discuss the trends impacting payments - and hence, impacting XRP. Hope you enjoy the latest - please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog on any other media & thanks for doing so! Twitter
  24. My Gatehub account was activated, but it seems I can only wire usd from my bank to a hosted wallet, not to the ripple wallet (I don't want to deal with transferring bitcoin to the wallet, btw, cause I'd have to worry about shot term capital gains this year). When I try to click the 'set trust' button to activate my ripple wallet for US Dollars, I get a "set trust unknown error" message. I imagine this nondescript error comes up because I lack the minimum XRP to use a ripple wallet. In the past, did gatehub or ripple provide the credits necessary to wire usd to the ripple wallet? I'd love to get started buying xrp, but I'm stuck. Would that have solved the problem I'm facing? I guess I could wire USD from my bank to the hosted gatehub wallet. But I'm also unclear on how to/cost of exchanging xrp from a hosted wallet to a ripple wallet. Thanks for your time
  25. This comes from reddit.com/r/Ripple, and was posted and is being commented on within the last 24 hours if I'm not mistaken. An interesting exchange, involving @JoelKatz trying to explain some of the XRP sales dynamics and influencing factors on its price. Monthly XRP sales vs Ripple's media releases