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  1. Why do people hate Ripple or Stellar Lumens ? IMO, number one is ignorance "These companies are not helping the Banks to be more powerful and manipulative, but assisting Banks in moving Fiat cheaper and quicker for thier customers and customers family and friends that live in other countries."
  2. This is my latest blog entry. A lot of crypto investors don't really think beyond a small "play" on Polo where they try to cash in on a hot crypto that's "going parabolic". But if you're looking to make an investment that has the most future potential, you have to see entire future trends and markets well ahead of time, like Ripple tends to do with uncanny accuracy, in my opinion. Let me know if you agree / disagree, and feel free to share as much as you like! Reddit: Twitter:
  3. I think we need more end-user applications for XRP! I don't think Ripple should change course at all - they've got to continue along with their current laser focus on banks; but I think XRP investors can fund some exciting new applications - either with new ICOs, or with other funding sources! Let me know if you agree / disagree with my points, and please - by all means - feel free to share or link to my blog! Thanks in advance for any feedback or sharing! Reddit: Twitter:
  4. This Reddittor provides his take on price predictions for XRP that range from $2 to $120. Thought-provoking to say the least!
  6. Question out there for some fintech experts... Ive heard the concept that XRP could be used in an escrow type situation... I'm curious, why would anyone need to lock up the XRP into escrow when it is conceivably flowing heavily in the forex markets? Wouldnt it make more sense to lock up only the fiat and then release those over the Ripple system using XRP to bridge assets and it happens instantly? Why lock up XRP? If it's floating around and banks don't care too much about price because they aren't actually hodling any doesn't really matter to them at all, only that the settlement currency (fiat) exists. Anyone have any more insight than I can conjure?
  7. Hi All, @Hodlor @R8102V1D2D I would like to enter in the market but I did not have time to buy at the last correction (market cap to 60 last Sunday). i would like to now (also if no one can predict) 1) if this correction was for August 1st 2) if on august 1st there will be another correction from almost 90 now back to 60 less or the market now will come back to 117 and more with out any more correction. 3) it could be nice for me if the market want back to 40 so I can enter in a good position. What is your Opinion. should i but now or wait? what will happen on august? Thank you
  8. This is my latest blog; I'm doing two things with this entry: Explaining XRP, its history and function Connecting why its good for XRP Leave comments and let me know if you like / dislike it, and feel free to share it as much as you want on other media! Reddit: Twitter:
  9. I took a few nights to go ahead and build a site with most of Ripple's functionality. It's essentially a 1-page cold-wallet version of RippleTrade. Everything is client-side and nothing stored or processed by any servers other than the Ripple network. Hopefully this spurs more interest in people using Ripple as more than just a currency.
  10. Part of the new Community Beginners Guide series. Other guides currently in the series: Beginners Guide: Into. Quick overview of the series and purpose of the guides Beginners Guide: Creating a Cold Wallet. A simple step by step instructions into creating a secure cold wallet. Beginners Guide: Desktop Wallet Step by step instructions in downloading and installing XRP CHAT WALLET, the creation and activation of new wallet and the first few steps to becoming a ripple user. Beginners Guide: What is a wallet? How do my coins get stored? How does cryptocurrency work anyway? This post goes over what a wallet is, what the common different types of wallets are and their differences, and how wallets can be used at a basic level. Disclaimer: This post features the first few steps in getting started with XRP. Ripple, the ripple protocol, Gateways and other advanced features are not addressed in this guide. Services or links to services/ businesses are not endorsements of those services and are for informational purposes only. This guide is offered ‘as is’ and accepts no responsibility for any damage or losses incurred etc. Difficulty level: LOW XRP is the native currency of ripple and only exists within the network. Users need a ripple wallet to hold their individual XRP balances and other assets issued on the ripple network. Every wallet needs a small amount to activate and to link/ trust Gateways. This guide aims to help you in acquiring and taking your first XRP steps. Step 1. OPEN A WALLET First you need to choose a wallet. There are a few options, each offering different features. 1. Cold Wallet. This option is ideal for people looking for a secure storage, normally of high value amounts. A guide to a sample set-up can be found here. 2. Hosted Wallet/ Service. This is the simplest option; the provider takes care of all technical requirements (fees may apply). An example of this wallet type is Gatehub. Simply go to and follow the instructions. A side benefit is that these providers often auto fund your ripple wallet. Note: Trusted and regulated services comply with their local regulatory authorities and often require Know Your Clients (KYC) verification; this can add DELAYS TO INSTANT WALLET SETUP. 3. Plain Wallet. Similar to a cold wallet, plain wallets can be obtained by just generating ripple key pairs. As this can require more technical knowledge it will not be addressed in this guide, but more information can be found throughout the forum. Ripple wallets have two addresses, a public and secret key. A public key will look similar to rJR7gjNe3DpJ7kpB4CHBxjDKfwVMpTKPpj. Public keys always start with “r”. The public key can be shared or monitored on the ripple network and you can have funds sent to this wallet via this address from any other ripple wallet. A secret key will look like this sJR7gjNe3DpJ7kpB4CHBxjDKfwVMpTKPpj. Secret Keys will always start with “s”. The secret key is how you prove ownership over a wallet and gives withdraw rights. DO NOT SHARE. Also be sure to store in a secure place, if lost all funds stored on the wallet will also be lost. Step 2. FUND YOUR NEW WALLET/ BUY XRP If you used a hosted wallet/ service there is a good chance that your wallet is already activated. If you created a ripple wallet by other means you will still need to activate it with a small amount of XRP, the suggested amount is 30-50 XRP. If you are planning on acquiring more than the suggested amount of XRP the activation amount can/ will be deducted from your first deposit (although it is advised that you do the steps separately to ensure you have the correct address). You could ask generous members on this forum to help activate (be polite!). Buy XRP through an exchange or Gateway. Some sample Gateways are Bitstamp, Gatehub and Kraken. Individual steps on how to complete purchases though these gateways can be found on this Ripple page and on their individual websites. A list of other exchanges and Gateways can be found under the Links & Resources tab of the forum . Use a third party tool such as Bithomp (illustration on the left), these tools may use Paypal or other means to allow the purchase of small XRP amounts. Note: Ripple Charts (illustration on right) a service hosted by Ripple, shows updated market prices. Exchanges and Gateways may have different prices, including possible fees, but the charts should give you an idea of current XRP prices vs. many assets including national fiat, BTC, ETH, gold and more. Step 3. SEND YOU FIRST XRP This may vary depending on your wallet choice, but sending is easy. Just include the recipient ripple wallets public address (double check you have the correct public address) into the correct field and hit send. Some wallets may have QR codes that you can scan to simplify the process. Sample: Using Gatehub wallet (see illustrations below) 1. Select wallet 2. Select send 3.This will open a new window 4. Enter recipients public key 5. Enter amount to send 6. Confirm Step 4. REPEAT
  11. I have quite a few questions as i am very paranoid. So without further adieu: 1. I bought XRP from (aussie exchange) as i am Aussie, and now i want to store them long-term in a paper wallet. So what is the best paper wallet? 2. How do i transfer the funds back from my paper wallet to and is there any fees associated with doing so? 3. What happens to the 20 XRP that the wallet reserves? can i get it out ever again or no? 4. Once i transfer the XRP back to the exchange, does my paper wallet get destroyed or can i use it again? Thank you in advance for any answers provided.
  12. All, I see this topic has been kicked around before, but am still unclear of a decent answer. I'm using Kraken to purchase and store my XRP's. I have 2 factor authentication turned on for all aspects, along with a 16 character password which is solid (upper/lower/numbers/special characters) Is this sufficient to hold a fairly large investment in XRP ? ($5000 currently) Thanks for any and all thoughts.
  13. Its getting hot in here. A you can see with RCL's name change to XRP Ledger, We are entering the final phase. Think hard people, all we are waiting for is a fi, bank, or enterprise PARTNER OR CUSTOMER in a certain area to commence a trial of XRP transfer. Once they source it (purchase XRP), supply and demand, as well as sentiment will spike the price. Rinse, repeat with another partner, price spikes again. keep doing this until price is at very high levels to be able to accommodate huge transfers. As an example, India receives 69Bn a year in remittances from its workers living abroad (retail). At current prices It would take all of the crypto to accommodate these transfers. But one day when the price of one XRP is $____, XRP will be able to handle it. This is 1 country...Has your head exploded yet? Remwmber, our purchases are tiny in comparison to what the banks, etc, will be sourcing. Remember again, our crypro has a specific use case. it was always meant for them. We just get to tag along on the ride of our lives. all my opinion, invest at your own risk. Do your own due diligence. Dont invest what you cant afford to lose. I could be wrong. BUT I COULD BE VERY, VERY, RIGHT
  15. Hi, Wondering if anyone has any good tips for buying XRP, while residing in Canada. I have a Kraken account (and invested in XRP) but I cannot find a place where I can simply, and quickly, fund with can $ and purchase XRP. The process I've been following thus far is to buy BTH in various places using Interac (and paying silly fees), use my Kraken BTH address and then purchase XRP with the BTH. Seems like I'm making too many hops and getting slaughtered on fees. I'm largely limited to $200/day in almost all cases that I have seen. If I wanted to say buy $2000 cdn can worth of XRP, any suggestion as to the easiest route with the least amount of fees ? I can fund with Interac or Visa ... I'm trying to skip the bank transfer option and the 5+ day wait. I want to do some trading tomorrow ! Thanks for any and all thoughts/suggestions. L
  16. any guys or ladies (the very few i assume lol) have any thoughts on what type of adoption could arise from SBI going fully live, a long any effect on XRP price (im still not sure if they will be using XRP yet)? I think adoption will increase incrementally as Ripple will have 100 banks by then , and all the SBI foreign branches in Japan n will implement the tech and other banks will come on board when SBI foreign branches will also introduce other markets to the capabilities. My guess is the first quarter report of SBI will have a huge effect on the industry. Any ideas are welcome!
  17. Any updates on when an official announcement for the "XRP lockup date" will come? XRP should see a good bump up in price when Ripple officially announces the date and when it actually happens. Thanks in advance for any info!
  18. Looking at it looks promising with lot of PhD guyz working on it. I wanted to know whether this buying and selling off exchanges is based on ai work. We see all the time how charts and forecasting of values fail.
  20. I am half Saudi Half English and I can confirm that this is a big deal, Al rajhi bank basically started remittences in Saudi, the rest of the saudi banks will follow which will inevitably lead many more arab banks to adopt, National bank of Abu Dhabi has already started. lets see
  21. Is there any truth to this article???? Would be nice but honestly the article looks dodgy af. Is Ripple working with Bank of America????
  22. See screenshot below 😎 This is a very nice prediction for 2018 imo 😁
  23. Hi There, does anybody know why XRP is going down like this ? And when will it go up ? Many thanks
  24. Hi everybody, I'd like to know if there is a ripple wallet for android devices? I did not find any wallet in the Play Store. Att. PDM.