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  1. Hi all, I would like to sell my shares of c. 25% in an English software/gaming company. The company developed a multi-award winning game and is currently cashflow positive. The game is selling in western markets so far, and has not got the chance to sell in other markets yet, such as the Middle East, Asia, Brazil and Russia. I am selling because I don't have the amount of cash at hand to buy a meaningful amount of cryptocurrency. If you are interested and are a serious investor, please get in touch asap.
  2. I hope I am not taking up too much of your time. I am looking to set up my Win7 pc to be Linux. I need to have the most security, and a decent GUI. I understand that the majority of what is to be done through Linux will be code based (like cmd.), but if there is a secure, easier to use feature, I am all ears. I am also up for learning how to use it. What do I need from my pc? Absolute control. I need security, and redundancy. I am looking to take my XRP offline, into a cold wallet so an exchange can't flub it up. How do I go about this!? Do I do clean install>AV install>update>set up Virtual Machine (on a USB to isolate my wallet)>Install AV>Update VM>Set up Wallet> Sync> Test send to wallet> Send when confirmed? I have two ledger nano s "wallets" though I have been told that the XRP isn't actually stored in the "wallet", but the Ledger is used to give permission when wishing to move to or from the "wallet". Too much misleading information out there! Anywho, thank you for your time!
  3. I don't know if you have read this article, but I would say this is one of the best speculative posts that I have read. It is well worth the read, and I feel it can give you a peek at what we are probably about to experience
  4. Hi i sent my XRP from Bitstamp to Poloniex and it disappeared. How can i find my XRP? i have the address and i am sure it is correct, Bitstamp shows that the withdraw is finished. more than 1 hours passed and Poloniex shows nothing.
  5. Chalk it up to my over-enthusiasm. I'm an adult enough to know when I made a mistake. In part one of "Master of Use Cases" I think I went in the wrong direction: I covered ALL POSSIBLE use cases for an immutable distributed ledger, which is what the RCL can provide along with XRP. This approach was kind of like saying "what are all the things that money can be used for if it's also a place where you can permanently write information?" And the list that resulted was very long indeed. But then i watched the round table discussion with Miguel Vias from the final day of Consensus 2017, where he was describing the main use case(s) for XRP, and I was struck by his approach. He boiled it all down to two use cases, one in his introduction of XRP, and broader one in his description of the primary use case. Miguel's Introduction: Miguel's Description of XRP's primary use case: (Source: ** ) So let's just focus in on one, and see how big "cross-border payments" and "value transfer across borders" is. All We Need is ONE Use Case How Big is Value Transfer Across Borders? Let's narrow our focus further to just where the SWIFT organization of banks does the lion's share of value transfer across borders. SWIFT takes days to transfer any significant sums across borders. Now we have a new method (RCL, XRP, and ILP) that can do it in seconds. Current volume with SWIFT: According to this document (source: ) from the US Treasury, SWIFT handles about $5 trillion per day, or given about 250 business days per year, about $1.25 quadrillion dollars a year. Investopedia already acknowledges Ripple as an alternative to SWIFT. (source: ) XRP in this scenario would be used for account activation, and most likely as a no-counter-party risk bridge currency. The amounts of XRP utilized for these purposes would be massive. Ripple recently hired two former SWIFT senior leaders, and is obviously targeting this market. Even if only a small part of the pie goes to Ripple, we're looking at huge usage of XRP and the RCL network. Starting to be convinced that you made the right decision? You should be...
  6. I just saw this fascinating talk about interledger: You might think why is ripple labs developing this coin neutral standard ledger protocol which will be used not only by the ripple ledger but by other competing ledgers aswell like bitcoin? The answer is that when the world is connected through the interledger standard, then the playing field is level. The fastest/cheapest coin will automatically be used for as the bridge currency. The payment sender and receiver will not even know if XRP or bitcoin or something else is used in between. Because XRP and the ripple ledger is the fastest and cheapest, then that's going to win (as long as enough liquidity is there). Maybe in the future someone will invent some ledger faster/cheaper than ripple but that's not happened yet. In a fair fight the best man wins. Cheers
  7. Hey guys. I'm new to the forum, and I must say, the optimism and wealth of information here is beautiful. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks, and decided now was the time to get involved personally. My question, and I don't want to appear shallow with my interest in XRP, is what's its absolute ceiling (roughly)? I'm only asking because the person who turned me on to Crypto (who has been buying/selling BTC since 2012) has stated multiple times that he doesn't expect it to get any higher than $3-$5 (with an, "absolutely no higher" than $7). I completely trust said friend, but it only makes sense to me that it's "worth" more than that price tag. The more I look into the company...The more I browse the Forums and Reddit...The more I think it has an INSANE amount of potential upside. I'm in this for the long haul, but I figured I would ask since I'm confused on it's TRUE potential (which I realize is tied into multiple variables). Any thoughts on its value 1, 2, 5, 10 years down the road? Thanks in advance for any replies, and thanks to all the members here and the Ripple team that take time to keep us informed!
  8. Hello, I want to start by saying I dont intend to put people on blast but the things he posts certainly intigues me. I snoop around the net and Ive paid for some here and there for "insider" news. So this guy talks about how certain he is about selling after June 1st. He cant talk about apparently because it cost a lot of money. Well anyways here are some things this guy says that makes me think there are networks out there where their sole purpose is to pump, dump, rinse, and repeat. Anyone care to elaborate on my conspiracy theory or debunk it. Im open to all comments...😋
  9. So there's lots of talk around here about how high XRP can go however I am just as interested in everyone's thoughts on how low XRP can go. Sub .10, .01, .001? I know it can technically reach zero if the project is abandoned, governments outlaw XRP, hackers, etc... but for this premise let's say things keep going as they are with development, adoption, etc... With all the recent activity with Ripple where is the new floor? As someone who believes in this project and is in a long position, I want to grow my XRP holdings as much as possible. Should XRP hit .10 or below I will substantially increase my holdings compared to buying at the going rate.
  10. Hi there, I'm new to the realm of cryptocurrencies; however, I'm enthralled by the potential of the establishment of a new international financial architecture in parallel to the existent system we have today. Yet, I'm a novice at the XRP scene. I understand that XRP can be purchased through exchanges like Kraken, but I don't quite comprehend the concept of a "wallet." Shouldn't purchased XRP be stored instantaneously on whatever exchange one uses? Or is there a secondary process after purchase where one shifts their owned XRP into an online wallet. That said, if I am right, what are the best "wallets" to use and how can I go about setting one up? I would deeply appreciate your advice and counsel. I'm hesitant to spend a penny of my own money without fully understanding precisely what I'm getting involved in, so helping me reach a level of comfortability to join you guys would be awesome! Please add any other information that you think might be relevant (And anything you wish you would have known at the onset of your jump into Ripple trading, if you would kindly do so!) Thank you.
  11. Imagine for a moment that its the year 1849. Gold has just been discovered in the hills of California. Now imagine that in this alternate version of history that the majority of people in the United States have never heard of this place called "California", and that few of the people who have heard of California have any idea how to read a map in order to get there. Furthermore, imagine that someone set up blockades on all the roads leading into California, making it more difficult for anyone to get in or out. This is the world of cryptocurrency today. A while back, I was riding with an engineer friend/coworker of mine, and he saw me busily doing something on my phone and asked what I was doing. I asked him if he'd ever heard of cryptocurrency. Blank stare. I gave him a brief synopsis of what cryptocurrency is about, my standard spiel about how I passed up on the opportunity to buy several hundred dollars worth of bitcoin back in the early days, etc., and then a quick rundown on XRP, what it is, where I see it going, and so on. I might as well have been describing the lost city of Troy to my cat. Without going into a lot of personal details, let me just say that the firm I currently work for has a large number of middle-class blue-collar employees. In fact, out of 54 employees at present, only 5 of them have college degrees. I've talked to a number of the folks out on our shop floor about bitcoin, none of them had heard of it. Let me me restate that for emphasis: none of them had even *heard* of Bitcoin three months ago. Any bets on whether any of them had heard of Etherium, Litecoin, or Ripple? *crickets* If you work in the financial or tech industries, or if (like me) you have a lot of friends who have worked in those sectors, its easy to have a false sense for what level of awareness -- or rather, unawareness -- surrounds blockchain. Most people not only don't understand how it works, but they don't even know that it is a thing. They don't even know that they don't know. That's the first reason -- in my opinion -- that the full value of XRP as an asset isn't fully priced in. There's not enough knowledge of its existence. Yet. Imagine for a moment you decided to buy a house. But there's a problem: not only have you not ever bought a house, but neither have any of your friends and family. None of them knows how to tell you where to start. To make matters worse, none of your friends seem to know any realtors, either. You ask around online, but you mainly find mixed information, reports that some of the realtors in your area are con-artists, as well as more than a handful of blog-posts decrying property in general as theft. Nonetheless, after dutifully exercising as much diligence as you can in such circumstances, you finally manage to find a house for sale, and as far as you can tell, it seems like one that you might want to buy. You pull out your wallet. Oh wait -- the owner of the house doesn't accept dollars. He's a gold bug. He doesn't trust the federal reserve, so you're gonna have to find somewhere to buy a bunch of gold bars. You scratch your head. "Now where the &$%# am I supposed to get gold bars?" >Facepalm.jpeg Back to the internet. More reading. More questionable blog posts and disinformation. You finally find a place in your local area that will sell you gold for dollars. Oh wait -- you have to provide a whole bunch of documentation so they know you're not a drug dealer, or a money launderer, or a time-traveling space-pirate. So after you've provided your photo ID, a proof of residence, a couple of DNA samples, etc. they finally sell you some gold. Oh wait -- even after you provided your great-grandmother's citizenship papers and a naked photo of yourself holding your social security card, they still will only sell you $250 dollars worth of gold per week. >DamnitToHell.bmp So you begin buying your gold, $250 worth at a time, and building up enough to make payments on that house every month. Then one day, you show up at Gold-R-Us, only to find that they're randomly locked up at two-o'clock on a Tuesday. They're open again Wednesday, so you buy some more and think "no harm, no foul." But then the next week you come back, and they're closed again because of... who knows. Maintenance? Customer overload? Wicked infestation of termites? Folks, this analogy is only barely a stretch, when it comes to buying XRP for the first time. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was less headache buying my last car than it was to jump through all the hoops it took to buy my first XRPs back in the sub-cent glory days. I, who had invested in coin before (back in the Mt. Gox/Cryptsy days... ugh) and who had friends in the coin world, was willing to tough it out and make my way through the obstacles to purchase some Zerps. How many of those people out on my shop floor do you think would do the same? Short answer? Before the 4000% increase in the price of XRP, I wasn't able to persuade a single one of them. Since then, I've brought a few on board. If we continue to see growth, I have no doubt that others will hear about it and get on board as well. My point is: word is only just now starting to trickle out that "there's gold in them thar' hills". But even with word trickling out, we're only seeing a tiny fraction of the eventual investor pool. I've heard speculation as to whether the growth potential of XRP is priced in. For markets to efficiently gauge the value of an asset, there has to be good knowledge about the asset, widely and freely available, and no barriers to entry. At present, there is very little knowledge (outside of the tech and financial sectors) and the barriers to entry are often confusing and seemingly arbitrary to the uninitiated. I personally do not believe there can be strong correlation between the price of XRP and its value as a long-term asset as long as so few people know about it, and as long as the hurdles to buying XRP are as numerous and as confusing to outside investors. Now look at the google trends for bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, etc. The stat charts have gone full-blown hockey-stick. People are waking up. And as demand for assets like XRP increases, the number of venues offering will increase as well. Sites like Coinbase and Poloniex have only been able to maintain their rolling $#%&-show for so long because of relative lack of competition -- that's changing. In the end, I strongly believe that the markets will become more efficient as knowledge proliferates and as the barriers to entry become more stream-lined. As that occurs, I believe the price of XRP will rise until its long-term value is fully priced in. I look forward to that day. Big time. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go provide Coinbase with a notarized copy of a Papal Bull so they'll raise my purchase limit... that is, assuming they're not temporarily experiencing random downtime because of ghosts in their breakroom.
  12. Been in Crypto trading a while. new to XRP Chat. The elephant in the room, based on trading patterns, is that someone (or group) is dumping big time and that is artificially holding down the price. Given the strange distribution (yeah 50b escrow is a start but lot's still floating around.) I think the smart money sees that insiders are taking profits. Nothing wrong with that but they run the risk of turning off investors at a serious inflection point in altcoin perception. Seems really obvious to me what is happening. One solution is a clear statement / transparency from major holders about selling. this happens in regulated markets where 5% owners have to report transactions. There is no lockout, either. So much criticism about XRP is about the 60% hold of asset in their pocket and escrow is step in right direction, more disclosure would go a long way.
  13. If XRP were factored into the company's valuation, Ripple would be worth more than all but four U.S. start-ups — Uber, Airbnb, Palantir and WeWork.
  14. A lot of the new ICOs that are happening are being used to debut a coin that has some very specific purposes, and usually there is a necessity for funding the small group of developers that create a new coin. These groups are usually located in one country. It's tempting as a developer or original entrepreneur to just have one team, locally sourced, that will remain in it's current geographic location. The result is a coin that targets a market that seems to mirror the coin's creators. Do they really have a goal of establishing the coin for serving people in all corners of the world, or is really a method of lining their own wallets with easy money? Bitcoin was a novelty item at the beginning of its existence, and because of its mainly academic origins, those were the people that originally owned the coin in its infancy - collegiate academics that experimented with the new digital creation of Satoshi Nakamoto. It's access quickly expanded to support exchange of *goods* over the dark web in a fashion that originally deterred traditional law enforcement. In theory, it had no borders to its appeal or reach, and its proponents ignored its darker side and focused instead on the potential of blockchain technology to transform the concept of currency without regard to borders or fiat government. Bitcion does indeed have international reach. Exchanges exist in all corners of the planet to support its immense demand created by popularity in the media. Most of the alt coins sought to emulate Bitcoin by establishing a foundation that would promote the coin and provide an easy-to-use wallet for new users. Sometimes the foundation would be based in a foreign country with lenient rules regarding financial technology and securities trading. Then XRP Happened The development team decided that they would go in a different direction than the original. They would eschew the blockchain consensus algorithms for something new, something more efficient and robust, something that didn't depend on mining to provide security to the network. they didn't stop there. They also went in a different direction for Governance. Instead of a foundation, they would promote strong governance by forming a company, so that decisions and improvements to the protocol could be made quickly as needed. We are now at Rippled version 70 compared to Bitcoin version 14. (source: | The original team knew the potential of what they'd created. To work as they envisioned, it needed to spread to all countries and be available in all worldwide markets. Each member of the team knew that the road would be paved with difficulties, and nobody would just hand them the keys to transform an industry mired in inertia motivated by greed. Did they knew then the lengths that SWIFT would go to try to protect the status quo? It was a system where their member banks could continue to make money while they held onto people's money as it "floated" from bank to bank in a process that still takes days to transfer currency from country to country. It would not be an easy path for the company to navigate, using very limited amounts of initial capital. International Reach Ripple went through years of transformation, carefully taking aim at strategic locations throughout the world, locating personnel, offices, and alliances across borders. Chris Larsen was fearless in forging alliances in Asia and Europe almost immediately. They opened an office in London. Then Australia. Now India is in the works. In addition to brick-and-mortar offices, Ripple is augmenting their value-pair reach and liquidity by supporting integration with new exchanges. In less than two weeks, they were able to add six exchanges to their network, adding liquidity to the markets that are being targeted for value-saving Forex settlement. Ripple is deliberately and methodically building what will unavoidably be the replacement for antiquated modes of value exchange between currencies. Six new exchanges worldwide in less than two weeks... No other crypto-currency foundation has matched their ability to move at speed to establish a presence worldwide, and they are building a different kind of consensus now, a consensus that they are the inevitable future of international banking. Weather any crypto storm knowing that your money is on the right bet!
  15. Range: 1 Month Interval: Day The payment volume is appearing to dwarf the exchange volume on the RCL, and the trend seems to be increasing quickly. If somebody else knows the code behind xrpcharts for this particular visualization, let me know if I'm interpreting this correctly. If I'm right, this means that the RCL is being used for payments even more so than exchanges. One question I have is, what qualifies as a "payment" on the RCL as far as xrpcharts is concerned? I'd also like an example of what counts as an "exchange". If we can interpret some of these numbers better, it will assist in tracking adoption progress day-to-day. Keep Calm, and Hodor!
  16. hi to all my ripple friend's, after all this crazy past week I see a lot of opportunities and interesting aspects of trading, first of all, please don't sell your XRP holdings or any other crypto as you can miss out the rebound, instead of panic see the big buying opportunity right now. if you have bitcoin or any other crypto to play your trading moves I think the best crypto token to park your money and avoid losses on your bankroll or been exposed to too much volatility is Tether - I think Tether is the safe haven of crypto at this moment. please share your comment on this . thanks
  17. I noticed over the last 36 hours that the character of orders in the Order Books has changed. No longer are uptrends and downtrends driven by 50 - 100 BTC orders that magically appear and disappear, always a few bids below or above the orders that are actually being executed. Now, the Order books are filled with 200 - 600 BTC orders about a penny below and above, to about 600 - 2000+ BTC orders about 2 cents below and above. These orders are not disappearing, whether the market is going up, or down. The whole market seems to have suddenly changed. I don't know what is caused this, other than leaked secret news that is pending, Consensus, or whatever. Has anyone else noticed this? Any comments?
  18. EDIT: I made assumptions, so I corrected them. (Correction) Okay, from what I have read and heard, it would seem that POLO is currently working against XRP's rise. They don't want people to spread news about XRP in the trollbox so they ban anyone who says anything in favor of XRP, but they will allow other people to spread FUD AND misinformation without banning them. I have witnessed this, and others have taken screen-shots to back it up. (Assumption) Either they are heavily invested in BTC and ETH (because, lets face it, when they go on a tear we don't see anything "strange" happening) or they are screwing people over when the price goes up, selling from their own wallet and effectively cutting off any upward momentum while simultaneously lining their pockets. Totally possible, right? (Possible, but the "evidence" doesn't say it is absolutely true.) My question is: if it can be proven that they are manipulating the market to THEIR advantage vs letting it grow, what can be done about it?How can this be proven? Do any of you have input on this particular situation? I guess it could be very difficult to prove, but then even if you did, there is no stopping people from putting their money there.
  19. I am from the US and I made a wire transfer using the instructions provided. It's been almost 14 days since my deposit. Everything looks to be in order as far as the beneficiary information, reference number, and bank details. The bank agent who assisted me included the reference number under an instruction message in the wire. It looks like this: "REF XXXXXXXXX" I've posted on this forum before and although some GateHub staff offered to help me, they never actually responded to me over PM. I've sent a couple of support tickets and emails with detailed information about my issue, yet no one seems to be looking into it. I've been as patient as I could've been. The 4-7 days for an international wire became 14. While I understand that the amount of users have increased dramatically, I am simply frustrated at the level of support that I have been receiving. I talked to my bank and they said that the funds were indeed sent at the receiver 12 days ago. They gave me an option to trace the wire, which would cost me an extra $25-100, or to have the money recalled, a process that would charge me fees as well. At this point, what would you recommend me do? I am starting to think that it would be easier for me to recall the money and use Bitstamp instead.
  20. Okay, so we see that SBI made a significant contribution to obtain large stakes in the R3 consortium. We also see that SBI has partnered with Ripple, and that SBI intends to create their own SBI coin. How will this play out for Ripple, as well as investors in XRP? Will we be able to also invest in SBI coin? Any input from knowledgable people, especially Ripple employees, would be appreciated. @JoelKatz, @nikb, @warpaul
  21. Hi I've made a little analysis on what might be the ripple bottom. Merely my own opinion and not investment advice. I also occasionally post an idea on tradingview under kyriediculous. Happy to answer questions or discuss price technicals & fundamentals. Let it ripple !
  22. I just happen to wake up with the whole alt market in red and started to investigate the reasons why this could happen to Ripple. Since each alt coin depends on the price drop from BTC but here's another interesting story of why I believe price has dropped a lot and I would like @JoelKatz to explain this. I just read on BitBank's post about offering Ripple to the Japanese Market, claiming they are "the only exchanges in the country that allows dealings and deposits / withdrawals through XRP / JPY board / trading API." But they also said something very strange: Are they seriously giving away 736,000 dollars in XRP to those who trade more on bitbank's XRP/JPY board? It just so happens that the trading volume of XRP/JPY in Tokyo JPY EXPLODED between 7:30am and 9:00am EasternEuropeanTime I would say it's a great moment to buy a hodl more if Bitbank users are joining the rally but hey guys, I really don't like that every time a new exchange comes the price drops dramatically after a massive purchase
  23. Hi guys, I love to be on this forum and I'm kinda having the idea of organizing a meeting/party when we hit the 2 dollars some day. It might take a lot of time, but if we hit I would like to celebrate. However, the fact that I will be organizing means basically two things:xrp needs to wait 6 to 12 months to take off, my garage needs to be ready first. The other thing is that it will be taking place in the Netherlands. However, I would like to hear which of you guys would love to be at the party(it will take place AFTER we have hit the 2 dollars). This seems to be a great way to me to get some insight into other people lifes and hear their views at this. Best regards, All day changing Churchill.
  24. A new article written by Ari Levy (@levynews) on CNBC news: