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  1. hi to all my ripple friends . i have a question for those advance members with a great knowledge of all types of Cryptocurrency's out there. what Cryptocurrency's currently have a plan or are building a "future ecosystem" that will give them an advantage for future policy [MONETARY POLICY] challenges of a "decentralized currency"?
  2. Hi to all ripple friends , does anybody knows if there is a cryptocurrency index investment fund out there? if so , what crypto index fund can you recommend? please share info . Thanks.
  3. Cryptsy's account still has 30 million XRP:
  4. Hi Guys. I just saw bit of information on XRP Distribution strategy by Ripple. I think this is updated information because i did not see it before at XRP Portal page. If market conditions permit, we expect our company to hold approximately 50 billion XRP by the end of 2021. This schedule is indicative and discretionary. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE:64,439,207,292 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS:35,558,046,921*
  5. Saw this on local news. It might be of interest to @JoelKatz, @nikb @mDuo13, @Tim, @miguel maybe as an opportunity for ripple .. I believe that Malta dosent have anyone even nearly as knowledgeable enough to put together a proper strategy at this point in time .. Maybe Ripple want to introduce themselves....
  6. Without overcomplicating , I think we could approximatively determine XRP’s institutional price as: XRP held by others on October 4th : 35,475,196,836 XRP held by others on January 1st : 36,338,178,044 Total Change : 862,981,208 Sold from XRP-II: 4,600,000 USD XRP’s value : 0,00533 XRP held by others on January 1st : 36,338,178,044 XRP held by others on April 2nd : 37,516,282,515 Total Change 1,178,104,471 Sold from XRP-II: 6,700,000 USD XRP’s value : 0,00569 LOG change Q1/Q4: 0,064782 This approach doesn’t say much about the actual market price, I refer to Vinnie’s comment: Any toughts?
  7. hi there to all members , im new in ripple and i just wanted to know what ripple "xrp" believers think about jed mccaleb and Stellar Lumens (XLM) "nonprofit" , both different models but very simillar at the same time . please share your point of views.
  8. I'm beginning to get an understanding of Software Wallets for storing XRP. In doing so, I see that other people have been having problems with some of the Wallets they have generated, and some of these problems may be have been caused by Wallets that have software defects. Unfortunately, in some instances this can leave people without access to their XRP. Hopefully, the information in this thread will help avoid some of this from happening. Before I get into too much detail, I'd like to just go over some of the basics, as I understand them. If anyone has any comments, I'd appreciate their sharing them, as this will help everyone. Here's what I understand, so far: There are five pieces to the puzzle: 1. XRP Repository Location, 2. Public Key, 3. Private Key, 4. Software Wallet 5. Secret Password The XRP Repository Location is an address that is associated with the user's Ripple account, with the account being used for recording account related XRP transactions (deposits & debits). The Public Key is the long string of alpha-numeric characters that identifies the address to which a user sends XRP coin. The Private Key is a long string of alpha-numeric characters that gives the user authorization to SEND xrp FROM that same address to another address, by using someone else's Public Key. The Secret Password is what gives the user access to their own Private Key, using the Software Wallet, although the secret password isn't necessary if the user has saved their Private Key in a place where that they can read it, and where it can not become lost. The XRP Repository Location is on a Ripple server that is maintained by Ripple Labs. The Software Wallet is software that is downloaded from a trusted site, such as, and then stored on a secure computer, secure USB flashdrive or CD. Secure, in this context, means the computer, USB flashdrive or CD have not been compromised, and so are not infected by a virus or hacking, and can be taken offline or removed from the computer to eliminate any future possibility of being compromised or hacked. A USB flashdrive simplifies things because it can be easily disconnected from a computer to take the flashdrive offline, and the computer can then be used online, so that the security of the flashdrive is never compromised. If a USB flashdrive or CD is used, it should contain a stored operating system, such as a Linux version (Ubuntu, for example) that has not become virus infected, as well as the Software Wallet software. If using a non-secure computer, it should be booted from the USB flashdrive or CD. The computer, or computer with USB flashdrive, or computer with CD can then be put online by the user, who then executes (runs) the wallet software that provides a user interface and connectivity to the Ripple network for sending and receiving XRP. If a new Repository Location (account) is needed by the user, the Wallet Software will work with the Ripple Labs server software so that the new account is created on a Ripple Server, along with a Public Key and Private Key. All this information is then stored in a file that is generated and saved locally by the Software Wallet, available for future access by the user. If a new account is not needed, the user just uses the Software Wallet to access an existing locally saved account file to get the Public Key and Private Key, and perform transactions on the Ripple network (send/receive XRP). Afterwards, the non-compromised computer, USB flashdrive or CD should be again taken offline to prevent them from becoming compromised. This means the computer is disconnected form the internet, or the USB flashdrive or CD are removed from the computer. If it's an unsecured computer, then there is no need to take it offline, after the flashdrive or CD have been removed. Is that it? Did I get it? After some comments to correct/improve this explanation, I'd like to add information about Wallet Software that can be downloaded.
  9. THE WORLD’S LEADING FINTECH CONFERENCE MONDAY 10TH – TUESDAY 11TH APRIL 2017 Its HUGE! Ripple is there! There's supposed to be some big presentation at this conference on the 10th that's supposed to bear fruit for us. Fun times ahead! @Dizer @kanaas @daikoku @cmbartley @Haydentiff
  10. So I've been thinking that bank transfer notes and bearer bonds might be a use case - I have a perspective on how this might work from a logical perspective. Goal: Print one hundred-XRP backed bank notes for inter-bank physical transfers of XRP. Constraints: Solution can't include write the secret key on the paper, regardless of formatting (bar code, number, block code). The reason is that anybody could just take the secret key, transfer the XRP to their own account and rip up the paper. I'll just publish this challenge and then come back later to say what my rough solution would be.
  11. @enej I remember seeing something from enej about introducing Gatehub app soon, which will have debit card option for debit and crediting the account. Few months have gone by and we have not heard anything about it... Similar thing happened to phone support assured by enej few months ago and I have repeatedly sent the msgs about it but all in vain... Any news or views...
  12. Has anyone had an experience about Changelly? Here is there link to their webpage: Also this is my first post so go easy on me ladies and gentlemen =).
  14. I am new to RIPPLE so am still a noob so hope someone can help me out here. I have done some research about the wallet but they seem to need verification, which I don't trust/like. So I just came across this 'cold wallet' thing, and can anyone tell me how to set one up? And is this a good cold wallet : I have some XRP on Poloniex so if you can also tell me if I can just transfer them straight to this cold wallet or how then it is much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  15. Hi guys, I love to be on this forum and I'm kinda having the idea of organizing a meeting/party when we hit the 2 dollars some day. It might take a lot of time, but if we hit I would like to celebrate. However, the fact that I will be organizing means basically two things:xrp needs to wait 6 to 12 months to take off, my garage needs to be ready first. The other thing is that it will be taking place in the Netherlands. However, I would like to hear which of you guys would love to be at the party(it will take place AFTER we have hit the 2 dollars). This seems to be a great way to me to get some insight into other people lifes and hear their views at this. Best regards, All day changing Churchill.
  16. I am a newly minted believer in Ripple and need help activating my Gatehub wallet. I need a donation of at least 50 XRP. Can anyone help me by send me some? My wallet address is: rwVTvabCTY8uTLxgYYjoa2Smso7hvW7MhH Thanks in advance for any help, Brian
  17. What are the considerations/practicalities for doing an ICO on Ripple instead of Ethereum or other platform? My understanding currently is that it takes quite some programmatic skill to create a token right now on other platforms: But for Ripple it's basically point and click: Example: I'm wondering if this might be a low hanging fruit use case of Ripple to promote, especially with the surge in ICOs lately. Some problems that come to mind would be: - Can a token traded on Ripple be added stand alone to other exchanges? That would be the main obstacle I think as people want to stay on popular exchanges like Poloniex, Kraken, etc. - No smart contracts so no limiting supply, coding in terms, etc. However, most coins I'm seeing are essentially trust or legal based terms anyway. I don't think in practice there is going to be that much difference except to enthusiasts. For example, coins based on a company buying back have to trust that the company fulfills that promise anyway, so it's not as if coins on other exchanges are foolproof / fully code based to begin with. You still have to set up legal docs correctly, form a real company etc. - Unless Ripple brings back user-friendly names, you have to give both the token name and your public key, which just looks unappealing. However, this is something that can be handled on the back end of whatever site lists the coin, so it's a solvable aesthetic problem. For example, if Poloniex listed a coin from Ripple, they can just route all references to token X to actually be to token X issued by Y. I'm not sure if other tokens on Ethereum have to do this already anyway, so it may not be an actual issue specific to Ripple. - Liquidity - used to be a problem but maybe not anymore. Question maybe extends to whether BTC can be made to easily trade with IOU BTC on Ripple, but again a solvable back end problem. Obviously an ICO on Ripple is limited to fundraising or crowdfunding - the financial side of things - and not actually a coin with technical functionality outside that. But I would say many ICOs right now are just that, coins just to raise capital but otherwise with no added functionality. My interest and thinking is that there are a lot of businesses that would be interested in raising capital this way but are intimidated by the technical know how needed. Part of the reason for the really dumbed down site is I'm using it to sort of gauge reaction from people otherwise unfamiliar with cryptos.
  18. I know there was a similar topic on February, but there are not enough votes, if we could get together and send some votes we would be on top of their roadmap. What do you have to do? Register on There is a rectangle on the left with a title "Ledger Blue and Nano S applications" Thumbs up and short comment Ripple support Done I have just received the information, that Monero people voted so high, that Monero will be implemented next week. I hope Ripple community won't be worst than them.
  19. im trying to migrate my balance from my old ripple account but the system does not recognize it (i did not do any early migration) , i have my old user , password and my secret key. i tried on Gatehub but my user is not recognized , i invest in the very early days of ripple and would be sad for me to loose the money i have put in. please help. how can i recover my xrp with only my secret key
  20. Hello, it would be nice to be able to see RCL markets on tradingview, right? A lot of traders use it, I bet some of this community uses TV's polo charts to track XRP. Vote at: Here is a sample of how it looks like: This is not the same thing as this request: XRP was added to TV by adding Kraken and Polo markets, I am pushing the addition of RCL markets, like RIppex, Gatehub, Ripplefox, Mr. Ripple, etc
  21. March 17th, graph below. And today. xrp
  22. One of the areas where Bitcoin has been shining over Ripple and other cryptocurrencies is in trade between digital assets. With SBI now partnered with Ripple and Kraken, this could be about to change. If Ripple continues to build and take advantage of its banking partnerships in Asia and around the world, XRP will no doubt become the major bridge currency for trade between fiat. If the new bank-backed exchanges really do have XRP as the bridge between all assets, both digital and fiat, then XRP's dominance within both spaces will be assured. At the moment, Bitcoin is really the only link people have to the other cryptocurrencies. Much of bitcoins recent growth could be attributed to growth of the space in general and its role as bridge currency. With Bitcoins current issues and the unique position held by Ripple's XRP, that could be about to shift.
  23. Press coverage building.. "Although many have quite contrasting opinions regarding Ripple, one cannot ignore the benefits it brings to the table. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Ripple is not about speculation, but strongly focuses on transactional utility. Dozens of banks around the world are looking at Ripple to improve their transactions and other day-to-day operations moving forward. Over the past few days, Ripple’s XRP token saw its price increase significantly due to a new banking partnership."
  24. Let's talk XRP!