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  1. According to 1,115 community votes on Coinmarketcap, XRP is expected to reach an average price of $0.4101 by March 31. This is a 13.64% or +$0.04923 rise from the token's price as of March 13 press time. The historical accuracy of XRP predictions provided by the crypto community over the last six months is 91.73%. These estimations are viewed as a fair alternative to price estimates given by AI platforms, which have set lower XRP values for the same period. Source - Coinpedia
  2. The Ripple vs. SEC debate has now become the Gary vs. Brad debate, in which Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has expressed concerns that heavy-handed regulation of cryptocurrencies by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may harm the industry's growth. Garlinghouse said that many crypto players have already moved outside the U.S. to avoid the SEC's strict regulations, a view previously shared by the CEO of Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the U.S. Ripple is currently embroiled in a legal case that will determine whether many cryptocurrencies will be categorized as securities or commodities. Garlinghouse warned that if the SEC successfully sues Ripple, the industry could face a raft of lawsuits, which would not be a healthy way to regulate the industry. He also expressed concerns that the U.S. is at risk of losing out to foreign countries that have clearer rules for the crypto industry. What do you think about the situation?? Let us know in the comment section.
  3. DEMO GAME AVAILABLE We've been going at it for a long time and we finally did it! Right now you can download FURY on our official website! Play and enjoy!
  4. Hey XRP community, GetBlock updated our Ripple nodes to version 1.9.4 This network is not based on blockchain, but on a custom developed decentralized ledger. The code of Ripple cryptocurrency is written in C++. All 100 billion XRP coins were created at the same time when the project was launched. XRP coins can be stored in PC wallets, mobile and hardware wallets. The advantages of Ripple are high transaction speed and low commissions. The Ripple cryptocurrency network is a distributed system of peer-to-peer XRP nodes. Every few seconds free blockchain nodes poll each other's state, figuring out which of them has the most complete transactions database at the moment and synchronizing their states. Any transaction between free blockchain nodes changes the state of the transactions database. The greater the number of Ripple nodes, the harder it is for an attacker to gain control of the network as a whole. Ripple maintains a list of identified trusted participants who are authorized to validate transactions. This system allows the Ripple network to run faster than most cryptocurrencies, but at the expense of decentralization. GetBlock provides instant access to shared & dedicated XRP nodes which could be integrated into DeFi, NFT marketplace or Play-to-Earn game in a matter of hours. Get API key and start building on Ripple Node with GetBlock > https://getblock.io/nodes/xrp/
  5. Good morning all! Have you recently heard about Ripple? Are you deciding if you should invest some of your hard-earned money in XRP? Or have you been around for many years, holding and enjoying the recent price rises? Whoever you are and where ever you're from, it is important to keep up-to-date and know exactly what you're investing in so you can make sound decisions, and not be swept away in the feverish torrents of hype that do so often engulf the crypto space. So I will be posting a few videos and links here from around this wonderful forum, Youtube, and various other places around the interweb so good folk like to can refresh your knowledge on all things Ripple. At the end, there will be an exam, and if you fail that exam @karlos will ban you from the internet, there may even be a few fun little quiz questions you can ask your soon-to-be-estranged friends around the dinner table at Christmas, or yourself at 4 o'clock in the morning as you sit rocking in front of your screen watching charts. Because who ever said crypto wasn't a healthy social experience!? So without further ado, pull up your socks, pour an alcopop and put down your fidget spinner, because I have just the video for you -- "Ripple Tech Talk: Understanding Consensus (Mar 2015)" by in-house genius @JoelKatz (Length: ~60 mins; Difficulty: 3/5; Importance: High)
  6. **Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice! This theorizing is NOT to be taken seriously and is only for fun! DYOR! Fun fact: XRP/XLM have been labelled, by large financial entities, 'Stablecoins'. D. Schwartz has talked about: XRP VS Stablecoins, and why it's a better 'currency', being geo-politically neutral, currency/asset agnostic, public and deflationary VS pegged-inflationary FIAT. FSB (Financial Stability Board): to "Foster the soundness of Global Stablecoin (GSC) Arrangements" and "Regulation, Supervision and Oversight of“Global Stablecoin” Arrangements" Global Stablecoin main features VS stablecoin: Potential to reach/use across multiple jurisdictions. used as a means of "making payments". Increasingly used as a store of value by "the public/households" (possibly meaning an unpegged, deflationary stablecoin.). Potential to achieve substantial volume. is interoperable and interlinking between systems & harmonised by ISO20022. Additionally, the IOSCO (international securities commission) hypothesized on a possible GSC, one which is: "A global currency". Has "financial infrastructure which is used for domestic & cross-border payments". "Uses a reserve fund & intermediaries to seek a stable price vis a vis a basket of low-volatile currencies or commodities". To make this more interesting, it goes on to mention how this GSC: "Could interact with securities regulators, acting as a debt instrument". That it's "decentralised nature could pose challenges with stabilization." And "appropriate regulation, supervision and regulatory oversight to prevent gaps and avoid arbitrage" before such an "arrangement" would go "live". These documents emphasize this is a "joint private and public sector vision". The FSB (Financial Stability Board), orchestrated by the BIS, coordinates this "oversight" and "implementation" w/the CPC, CPMI (BIS)+ relevant SSBs. Fun Fact 2: The FSB has only 3 US members - 1 of whom is G. Gensler... Another is Lael Brainard (current Vice Chair to the Fed, has referred to a new global neutral settlement bridge asset as central to the new financial system). Globally, there are members from entities like: IMF, WB, ECB, EC, Basel, IOSCO, CGFS+ more from Central Banks. My own speculation: What is described as a "global stablecoin' not only sounds like it has potential to be a global reserve currency, but quite literally sounds like: XRP or even XLM. It's almost, objectively, a 1:1 description. It also aligns with points made time-time-again about XRP needing a higher, more stable or set price, and aligns with the many intelligent people in this community who are saying XRP may be backed by commodities to achieve prices (as they say: "via a intermediaries and baskets of low-volatile assets) which help it be more effective without moving the market too much (a volatility issue frequently brought up by D. Schwartz). It aligns with it possibly becoming a store of value, as a higher but less volatile price would probably still increase in value over time. It also just so happens that many of these entities are frequently meeting with Ripple, whether it be face-to-face or at important events. It just so happens that the only country in the world taking issue with XRP is the one whose global reserve currency is threatened by a neutral alternative. Or, they're "addressing regulatory gaps"... My question to people here is: If not XRP/XLM, what ticks all these boxes? Libra? JPMcoin? These won't be held by public households as "a store of value", and trust is a whole other story. ETH? BTC? These aren't efficient or effective institutional payment networks. To me: It sounds like these are XRP, XLM, possibly XDC, maybe even pegged stablecoins like USDC, USDT, or retail CBDCs, but they'll all be bound to the disadvantages of traditional pegged, biased, inflationary fiat. You do the math.. Appreciate any comments.
  7. Ripple has solidified its payment solutions by offering a safe platform for cross-border payments by utilizing XRP as a medium. But, the crypto has majorly stayed unaffected by such factors, because the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit had had a greater impact. As a result, since the judgement is anticipated to be issued in the near future, will XRP provide the necessary boost to accelerate the price above $1? Let's try to figure out the answer to the questions above. The trading volume of Ripple has been rather consistent off-late, as per Coinpedia. The lawsuit of the firm with the U.S SEC has been facing constructive enhancements and is likely to find a result in its favor. At the same time, the price of XRP continues to trade beyond the demand space, flashing the possibility of a significant surge. The bulls may try very hard to manage a firm upswing for the whole month aiming to approach $0.6 at the earliest. With a normal trade, the XRP price could hover between $0.7 to $0.95 till the end of the year 2022. Provided, the judgement is formed in favour of the company, then the XRP price is anticipated to Kick-start a significant upswing beyond $1 and may approach $1.2 mark.
  8. XPay


    *! Attention !* Until Christmas, XPay will be airdropping 10000 XPAY to 2 random TrustLines per day! Come set your Trust Line and claim your spot before the time runs out! Airdrop will be given out at 10:00pm CST each day. Check out our top 100 crypto here https://xrpl.to/token/15698d0ab16b78eb2d14ed51079bc7ce
  9. The price of XRP increased by more than 8 percent in the past 24 hours. The price increase allowed the token to be separated from the current market trend this black friday. This bullish trend aims to reclaim the levels above $0.45 at the earliest, Regardless of the proceedings in the Ripple vs SEC case and bearish clouds. Together, the price of Ripple's XRP is showing a strong vigor that could lead to a major price change in the next days. Do you think XRP will break the record and reach the target of around $0.6 to $0.65 in the next couple of weeks? Check the XRP all latest news and price analysis at Coingape and CoinPedia.
  10. Hi, can anyone explain why the value of XRP (Ripple "tokens") needs to fluctuate? Why didn't Ripple (the company) just say that their tokens are worth 10 cents each forever. Just like postage stamps have a fixed price (except when prices are increased due to increased delivery costs or inflation). No-one speculates on the value of frequent flyer tokens (sorry "points") or current (non rare) postage stamps, so why are XRP and other crypto's different? Surely they aren't rare already - there are millions of XRP's and thousands of different "coins" apparently and more can be created easily anytime - there is no limit, no rarity. Ripple can just decide to release more XRP if they want to - there's no law to stop them is there? So why are these tokens worth more than postage stamps and frequent flyer points? Or cash (fiat money)? It was a genius idea to call these things "coins" because it makes them feel like money. But they aren't money (or coins), are they? XRP is just a token (actually just numbers) which can act as a short term intermediary in some international currency transactions. It's value is irrelevant for these transactions - yes it needs a value, but it could be 1 cent or 10 cents or any fixed arbitrary amount. I'm puzzled - please help me understand. Why do you think these are worth something as an investment??
  11. Since the bulls are strong bearish pressure from a long time, the bulls are gradually buckle down to in favour of XRP. Taking into account the long-term, weekly chart, the XRP price is repeatedly heading lower to test the crucial trend line for the very first time in the past 4 years. However, in the past, the price tested these levels and surged very high with a rebound to mark highs above $3.5. At present, when the exact price movement is expected to occur, a rebound may increase the price beyond $4 to mark new highs.
  12. Disclaimer: Strictly for fun! Not financial advice! Also, would love anybody to expand on or talk about the flaws in this. Also unsure if this has been talked about already! So someone, 4y ago, asked: “Why does XRP need a value to be used on the RippleNetwork by banks if it will be adopted? Can’t it be used with zero value?” In summary, David Schwartz responded: “No, can’t be used unless it’s value and liquidity is sufficient, and the more value and liquidity the broader range of payments it can be used to settle. The easiest way to see why this is so is to think about bitcoin. Four years ago, you couldn’t buy a house with bitcoin. You can today. But it would be very hard today to settle a $1 billion payment with bitcoin. If bitcoin’s price ever goes to $1,000,000, you could then settle a $1 billion payment with it.” Link: https://www.quora.com/If-a-large-amount-of-banks-were-to-adopt-xrapid-and-started-using-xrp-how-would-that-impact-the-tokens-value In other words - BTC’s price at the time of posting this (probably between $4k-10k) would be adequate for something like a house payment, but move the market way too much with regard to large-volume institutional payments, and hence a settlement for $1Billion using BTC would be much more efficient (or preferred) at $1million a token. Now, for fun, let’s F around and play with this very specific, but very intriguing, example by D.Schwartz, and easily calculate some good ol prices. Problem: If 1 BTC needs to = $1,000,000 to settle a $1,000,000,000 payment & total supply = 21,000,000 then what does 1 XRP need to = to settle the same amount with a total supply = 100,000,000,000 Solution: (21000000*1000000*1000000000)/(1000000000*100000000000) = XRP (equate market caps to solve xrp price) Turns out, 1 XRP = $210, in this scenario. Well, that is with a total supply available on-market or on-demand. Now, what about a much lower available supply, especially the designated supply dedicated to specifically settling high volume payments on RippleNet (ODL)? What about most of XRP is existing/sitting on global institutional balance sheets in the future? What about constant transactions and settlements taking place, rather than a one off? Multi-billions of dollars, frequently? What about XRP settling a whole bunch of other stuff - NFTs, tokenized real-estate, other equities but also stocks and debt securities? Smart-Contract capabilities? On chain and off-chain settlements, ILP? Plain Lockups and staking? I’ve read that something like 5% of the supply is what will eventually be in-use. Might be bs. Anyway, using the same equation and scenario - a sufficient BTC price to settle a $1B payment that won’t move the market too much - and ignoring a whole bunch of other variables and adjustments that should probably be made on both XRP’s and BTC’s sides (lol, this is very much a massive assumption and strictly for fun): Assuming % of XRP supply on-demand = $ 100% = $210 50% = $420 30% = $700 10% = $2100 5% = $4200 1% = $21000 Again, would love for anyone to expand on or find the flaws in this (i know there are many)!
  13. Throughout the years there has been a lot of clashing, muddy and misaligning info about the roles and differences between the likes of OVL (Overledger), ILP (InterLedger), XRPL, SWIFT, but after 6 yrs I think I finally have clarity on the categorising. Please keep in mind, this is my own speculation (also first post here). Not incl. all relevant techs, it goes like this (if I'm wrong, pls do correct me): SWIFT - interbank msging/payments and traditional-settlement Sys. (will) utilise CCIP (via LINK) - to extend clients to dlt/blockchain for msging/payments. OVL - All DLT/Blockchain + Legacy Sys plug-n-play or bridge - data/msging/payments/mDAPPs-building OS. QNT - gas/transaction token for OVL. ILP - IoV or open-source protocol/pipelines for msging of value/payments interoperable with, or between, any ledgers (e.g. leverage external ledgers like the XRPL to instantly settle an on-chain, or on-ledger, or even cross-ledger, payment via XRP). XRPL - neutral/public/open-source consensus settlement & tokenisation layer/DEX. XRP - agnostic and liquid cheap/public/instant/neutral native settlement asset/currency. RippleNet (xCurrent) - Private Interbank & PSP instant msging/payments Sys by Ripple, or RTGS and direct competition to SWIFT. ODL (xRapid) - leverages XRP for instant settlement. Conclusions: Best to my knowledge, OVL seems to be on another planet in terms of possibilities/capabilities in the msging, smart-contracts and dAPPs department. It does seem to me that there is a sort of 'battle of the institutional payment/msging/data systems' that are/will be ongoing between: Systems/hubs built with OVL, SWIFT/LINK, RippleNet. SWIFTs leveraging of Chainlink via the CCIP is a (clinging-on-for-dear-life) direct competition to the likes of RippleNet and any payment systems possible with OVL. Additionally, It also seems to me that the best 'settlement mechanism', that makes the most sense for all these systems/ledgers (private/public) to be using (w/RippleNet already using), which really has no competition, is via XRP - made more accessible to any external/off-chain ledgers or private institutions (incl. those in an OVL and/or SWIFT/LINK Sys/environment), without the need for on-boarding onto RippleNet, and at global 'internet-like' scale, via payment msging through the open ILP. That is, unless you're an entity which is relying on a non-neutral, and probably biased and more illiquid (not to mention probably more expensive) asset or mechanism e.g. a particular CBDC or Gov-backed or dollar-pegged stablecoin (prone to a whole range of issues). Moreover, platforms like XinFin, Corda and Quorum will undoubtably all be involved in smart-contracts and institutional-grade trade-finance (XinFin being a hybrid network and combination of Eth/Quorum and Corda). Question I still have: Whilst there is a horde of evidence that the XRPL/XRP is being leveraged by Institutional OVL and Corda initiatives/arrangements/experiments, is there any clear evidence that SWIFT will possibly leverage the XRPL/XRP and if so will it be via Chainlink through the CCIP or via ILP? Apologies if this is too technical or hard to understand for anybody, contains errors, and for any grammar errors.
  14. According to Coinpedia, Ripple's XRP price is trending in uncharted markets as the global macroeconomic aspects fall into play. On top of all, the XRP global online community fear that the Ripple vs SEC case may go the same route as LBRY Inc's story. Being one of the oldest yet strong digital assets, XRP has several traders worried about its future growth prospects. In addition to this, the rival blockchains of XRP such as Stellar Lumens, which have been making huge gains in international market share via confidence in regulatory approvals.
  15. Day by day the Ripple vs SEC case is becoming more and more interesting, and the agency is seeking to push the case each day. As mentioned in the Coinpedia's Article, the SEC asked the court to extend the deadlines for filing responses to several briefs in order to seal the summary judgement. But, the agency's movement is expected to block its effectiveness because the summary judgement may be declined beyond November 15.
  16. xh3b4sd

    XRP myth buster

    Hello folks, recently in the zerpbox there has been talked about an idea to approach FUD spreading. I liked the idea to have some page that is community curated and can be used as reference, especially when debating with FUDsters and newcomers. I think a simple page with around twenty bullet points and corresponding descriptions/answers would do the trick. All the information are out there in the forums already, or at least in the heads of the hive mind. Putting our experiences and insights together would be pretty beneficial for XRP and the community. - What do you think about this idea? - Would you like to participate on this? - Would it be good to have it curated by the community? - Should Ripple Labs themselves do this? - Would Ripple Labs allow this or think it is a good idea? - How should this look like in detail? My answers to the questions above: > What do you think about this idea? I think this would be really good, because it would help keeping arguments up. Having a simple reference you can point people to would be great. > Would you like to participate on this? Yes, I would also like to drive this a little bit. > Would it be good to have it curated by the community? Yes. The community is always way ahead of the FUD and actually on the very frontier. We have the argument. We have the opponents right in front of us. > Should Ripple Labs themselves do this? Uncertain. I think they should to a certain extend. The problem is often that somebody who wants to sell something is not as trustable to hold up the argument to sell something, because this somebody is the one winning the most out of selling something. Even though most of the community members are somehow invested into XRP, it would be good to have a document combining different viewpoints and opinions besides the biggest stakeholder. It would be good though if Ripple Labs would support this somehow. > Would Ripple Labs allow this or think it is a good idea? I do not know. Insiders please chime in here. > How should this look like in detail? IMO Github pages or a simple repository would do the trick. Everybody could create PRs for new content or content changes. This would be transparent to everybody. That way we could easily manage changes and keep track of the history. All the best, Tim.
  17. Hello I have a question it is better to mint my FXRP with 2.4x collateral or 3x ?
  18. In the ongoing market space, XRP price research uncovers a small negative trend, At present, the price of the crypto asset is $0.4545. In the past 24 hours, XRP prices have fluctuated between $0.45 and $0.47. Acknowledge the complete scenario of the XRP Price at Coinpedia Price Analysis.
  19. https://www.bitstamp.net/faq/how-can-i-buy-cryptocurrency-with-paypal/ Guess some countires will not be able to purchase XRP (meaning USA) But effectivly opens up the purchase of XRP through Paypal and Bitstamp for rest of world (countries Bitstamp are in) - Dont quote me on this but seems to be the case. How can I buy cryptocurrency with PayPal? WHERE ON BITSTAMP CAN I USE PAYPAL? Currently, you can buy crypto using PayPal on our Bitstamp web platform. WHO CAN USE PAYPAL? Currently, PayPal is available to users with residence in the US and EU. WHICH FIAT CURRENCIES ARE SUPPORTED? You can buy cryptocurrencies using PayPal with EUR, USD, and GBP. WHICH CRYPTOCURRENCIES ARE SUPPORTED? You can buy all listed cryptocurrencies available to you on Bitstamp using PayPal. Note that the number of available cryptocurrencies varies per region. HOW DO I CONNECT MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO BITSTAMP? To enable crypto purchases using PayPal, you'll first need to link your PayPal account with Bitstamp. To do that, select PayPal as your payment method when buying any cryptocurrency and you'll be directed to the PayPal login screen. There, you'll need to make sure that you use the same name associated with your PayPal account as the ones you've used to register your Bitstamp account. When logged in, confirm the transaction and that will successfully connect your accounts. HOW DO I MAKE A PURCHASE USING PAYPAL? To buy crypto on Bitstamp using PayPal, first select the cryptocurrency of your choice, then click Buy with PayPal, or click Direct Crypto Purchase on the Deposit page. Once you enter the fiat amount you want to spend, click on Buy with PayPal. If you have previously connected your PayPal account with your Bitstamp account, you won't need to log in to PayPal again. ARE THERE ANY FEES? There is a fee associated with making purchases on Bitstamp through PayPal. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for more details. CAN I WITHDRAW FUNDS TO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT? No, withdrawals of funds to your PayPal account are not supported at this time; however, we’re planning to introduce this feature in the future. WHAT’S THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT I CAN PURCHASE WITH PAYPAL? The daily maximum purchase amount using PayPal is 2,500 USD/EUR/GBP, and you can buy a total of 20,000 USD/EUR/GBP worth of crypto per month. PayPal transactions are also limited to 5 per day and 25 per month. MY CRYPTO PURCHASE USING PAYPAL KEEPS GETTING REJECTED. WHY? First, make sure that your Bitstamp login credentials (name and email address) are the same as your PayPal login credentials. If the problem persists, please send us an email on support@bitstamp.net and we’ll look into the issue. CAN I DEPOSIT CRYPTO TO MY PAYPAL WALLET? No, crypto deposits to your PayPal account are currently not supported. CAN I DEPOSIT FUNDS TO MY BITSTAMP ACCOUNT FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S PAYPAL ACCOUNT? No, your Bitstamp and PayPal credentials need to match to be able to connect both accounts. ARE MY TRANSACTIONS COVERED UNDER PAYPAL’S BUYER PROTECTION PROGRAM? For details about PayPal’s buyer protection program, please refer to: PayPal buyer protection.
  20. Hola! Who knows more about XRP royalties and how to buy them
  21. Ripple VS SEC lawsuit is revolving around the probable rollout of the summary judgment for quite a long time. Previously, the SEC was ordered to hand over the documents related to William Hinman to Ripple, wherein the ex-SEC in an event said Ethereum (ETH) was not a security. Finding it irrelevant, the SEC had objected to disposing of the documents, which was turned down. Morever is SEC produces the documents, the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit may end in the next 90 days, as claimed by a 3rd party attorney for Ripple, John Deaton. While the Ripple SEC case is about to reach its destiny, what can be expected in the next 90 days? All the upcoming important dates of Ripple Vs SEC have been covered on Coinpedia.
  22. Would you settle for less? 🤔... #NeverSettleForLess 🏆Get Best Price for $XRP from 250+ CEXs & DEXs 🎯#GetMore with http://RocketX.exchange 👛Trade on CEXs directly from your #Defi wallet ✅15K+ #tokens & 14 chains. ⛽#Multichain at lowest gas
  23. I am unable to send or transfer my XRP from Coinbase Wallet. coinbase Support is saying that my Master Key is disable. I don’t know anything about master key, I always access my Wallet with 12 words mnemonic phrase which is saved. Coinbase is shit, Something bad is happening, whenever i receive any crypto Coinbase automatically send them to another address. And they are not providing me solution. Only my XRP is saved and want to transfer it to binance. i need urgent help.
  24. Sachaycoin is the worst crypto on earth we have no roadmap no plan no utility for this useless asset it’s working fine on XRPL we are listed on many dex. Follow or tweeter account to get news. Sachaycoin is managed by a bunch of drunk alcoholics and retards. Buy our crypto and watch it doing nothing
  25. You have been given FREE SHIPPING on all products from the Thread3 blockchain merch shop! 👕 Use code: CRYPTO https://moteefe.com/store/thread3
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