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  1. https://dailyhodl.com/2018/07/14/ripple-reveals-future-plans-for-xrapid-xrp-and-ripplenet/ Vice President of Product Asheesh Birla talked about xRapid, the company’s real-time settlement platform designed to use XRP to provide on-demand liquidity and increase the speed of cross-border payments. Birla addressed Western Union’s recent statement that xRapid is “still too expensive” and described how the revelation is affecting the direction the company will take moving forward. “The thing with Western Union is they’re such a massive company that’s been around for longer than most payment companies out there. Really, for Western Union to take advantage of xRapid they would have to move all their volume over to something like xRapid because they already have fixed costs and optimized liquidity flows. So right now, we’ve reoriented our target customer on upstarts, payment providers. That’s, I think, our sweet spot, and that’s what we’re looking to bring into production as soon as possible.” Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz says increasing volume and getting companies to use xRapid and XRP is a top priority. “I think one very, very important thing is getting volume on RippleNet – getting transaction flow where we want it to be. More corridors, more deployment. I think having that transaction flow – as candidates to be bridges with XRP – is tremendously important to the company. Also xRapid, actually doing the bridging of payments with XRP, getting those things scaled, getting more partnerships. Getting those live transaction volumes that are significant is incredibly important.”
  2. The use cases for xRapid and XRP are due to come online after years of careful planning and hard work. Like dedicated farmers, XRP ecosystem stakeholders use creativity, dedication, and know-how to identify real business problems and then forge solutions. In this latest blog entry, I talk about all the latest news items affecting XRP, including some interesting developments at Ripple, new exchanges, and yet another stock market exchange - this time in Germany - getting into crypto. I hope you enjoy the read & please leave any feedback below: Feel free to share my blog with a friend, or on any other platform or media - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  3. Delectro

    David Schwartz Unchain 2018

    https://coingape.com/david-schwartz-ripple-proactive-regulatory-participation/amp/ From the article, "According to him originally there were 55 months of escrow and now there are approximately 3 months of escrow left." Decent read I must say
  4. zerpBeliever


    There has been so much unhappiness and FUD being spewed on XRP Chat regarding issues such as the decentralisation of the XRP ledger. Some are legitimate questions and queries but many others are maliciously crafted hyperbole disguised as genuine concerns. Most of the negative energy is being channeled via the general lacklustre cryptosphere as a whole, with certain bad actors exploiting this to throw fuel into the fire. Let us ask ourselves what we can do to help this community grow stronger. Poking a FUD bubble with facts would be the least we can do to help correct the misconceptions that are being spread everywhere by reprobates. Over the last few months I have set out to learn more about Ripple, XRP, the Interledger and other relevant details. I have also embarked on the tasks of setting up a validator node and also a Codius host, and with some sacrifices, managed to get both of these up and running. Do these consume resources? Yes, they take up time, energy and even money to install, run and maintain. However I believe this is what being part of a community is all about and if one is serious about wanting XRP to succeed, everyone of us needs to do our part to make it work. We cannot just sit back and watch what Ripple the company is doing. I believe that each and every one of us matters, and collectively our efforts can and will count towards the eventual success of XRP. To the believers and members of the XRP community, don't just sit on your hands. As Edmund Burke famously said: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Take care and God bless.
  5. XRP/USD Ripple is in a firm bear grip. It has again broken below $0.45351. Its next support is at $0.4242. If this level breaks, there is no major support until $0.24001. Continue Reading
  6. https://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/news/pdf/2018/0709_a_en.pdf https://sbibankllc.ru/ MOSCOW, September 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/simplefinance-attracts-investment-from-sbi-fintech-business-innovation-fund-645283873.html
  7. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you are now in the middle of summer months - time to relax and recharge; XRP will keep working in the background, never stopping. In this latest blog, I cover news about XRP and all the latest stories and developments that impact it, including a new Thai law, presentations and videos recently published by Ripple, a huge endorsement of Ripple technology by Cambridge Global, and an engaging video about Codius by Stefan Thomas. In addition, there are valuable tutorials and videos about XRP and Codius that were produced and published by XRP Community members; I'll provide an overview of these additions to the XRP development knowledge base. I hope you enjoy the read & please leave any comments below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other platform or media - and thank you for doing it! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  8. On the surface it may appear that way. I know lots of people are thinking, 'I should have cashed out at $3.00' I was the same I would wake up and see $1.76 oh great. Next day $2.22 cool. Next day $2.76 yes. I'm sure a few people cashed out and bought in again. Good for you. Now what would of happened if I cashed out at $3 And the price never came back down. ??? Did I mess up? I'm in profit, but the price never came back down it went on to $5.33 and stayed there. There is no right or wrong way in trading. Even people that HODL are trading. Instead of little trades, they hodl for the BIG trades. So in your mind you may be thinking. When the price shoots up again, I'm going to cash out at $3.00 Question is..... Will the price come back down? It's highly possible that in XRP's next bullrun. (I say XRP, because we will be breaking away from BTC) That when a few banks use Xrapid, and SBI is LIVE. The price may go up and get stuck at $5.33 and just won't come down, due to the amount of volume running though xRapid. It's all open to interpretation of course. You may see it completely different. (This is Not Trading Advice) A high level of research is needed before investing in any coin/token.
  9. https://globalcoinreport.com/here-is-the-upside-of-ripple-xrp-being-declared-a-security/
  10. https://ambcrypto.com/ripples-japanese-dreams-what-is-going-on-with-their-sbi-partnership/ “Money transfer services between SBI Remit and The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited, the largest private bank in Thailand, makes use of the next generation settlements platform (Ripple Solution) from Ripple of the U.S., to provide international remittance services founded on distributed ledger technology, with plans to employ virtual currencies in settlements.” It wasn't also mentioned that they are interested in creating a synergy between their Forex, Securities and Cryptocurrency businesses. Slinux believes that this synergy is indicative of Ripple’s plan “from the beginning” to target Japanese forex markets. He also made predictions as to the changes that this could bring to the price of the XRP token. XRP capturing 1% of the Japanese Forex market would result in a $10 billion volume made in trades every day, which represents “one small piece, of one corridor, of one use case”. Comparing this against the circulating supply of the token, which is close to 20 billion, this will cause a “significant price increase”, says slin.
  11. Chart --> https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/OfruynoR-Ripple-to-6-or-589/ Ripple to $6 or $589 We are aware that in recent weeks there has been a lot of controversy from various sources citing astronomical predictions for Ripple this year to early next year. $6 definitely sounds more probable to most of you then $589, but let me quickly tell you why $589 is possible although in current market conditions is highly improbable. Ripple is currently ranked TOP 3 coin in the world among other crypto currencies. It is often referred to as ‘Banks’ Coin’ and in all reality it is and it’s not a bad thing. Even though centralization of this coin supersedes any other top ranked crypto, there is no other way Ripple can do it. From the start it was set out to provide banks with a cheaper, quicker alternative to Swift which we have been using since last decade. Xrapid, which is what Ripple is calling it’s new ‘tech’ which it is currently testing on banks is reported to be saving anywhere from 40% - 79% per transaction with delivery speeds just under 2 minutes, instead of 2-3 business days like it is currently. An argument can be made that Ripple is not scalable and offers little privacy for transactions. Despite all that transactions have all been succesful in testing and you know that banks will not skip on extra profits. With over $4 trillion transacted daily a 40% - 79% save on transaction fees and etc will definitely make banks adapt it in near future. ________________________________________ Source - https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-banks-unlikely-to-apply-blockchain-for-cross-border-payments-in-near-future?utm_source=Telegram&utm_medium=social ________________________________________ Magic number $589 means that market capture of Ripple alone would need to be just over $22 trillion, which if you compare to current volumes being moved by central banks, is nothing. With that said do not think that gains like those are impossible, I mean we did see Zclassic move from $0.50 to just over $250 in only few weeks haha, with no real tech or real life use being introduced, which is why it crashed shortly. In addition in recent weeks we did have CEO 1.70% or Ripple come out on CNBC and state that numerous banks will start using Xrapid this year with few dozen coming next year, among those are American Express 0.01% and possibly Goldman Sachs ________________________________________ Source - https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/06/04/ripple-ceo-expect-dozens-of-banks-to-use-our-cryptocurrency-next-year.html ________________________________________ We also have numerous reports of new partnerships coming this year such as Amazon and even Apple 0.73% ________________________________________ Amazon - https://globalcoinreport.com/high-chances-ripple-xrp-amazon-will-partner-up-in-2018/ Apple 0.73% - https://globalcoinreport.com/apple-ripple-partnership-could-send-xrp-price-through-the-roof/ ________________________________________ There is no clear date on Xrapid lauch. It is set for launch in 2018. Another thing to keep in mind that Coinbase Pro might sooner or later add ripple to it’s eco 4.28% system, most likely after we get news from SEC declaring XRP not a security.
  12. Hi guys, When viewing the XRP/BTC chart over the weekly period it is fascinating to see that the previous bull market in May 2017 till end of the sell off phase looks almost identical to the December 2017 bull run and sell off period afterwards up to now...if this pattern continues we should see the start of new bull market more or less by end of the month as previous sell off phase lasted 2-3 more weeks and that correlates nicely with SBI VC clients coming on board. From a contrarian point of view all the negativity lately regarding XRP also indicates we should be close to start of a new bull market. I think the low volume in the market currently also shows that sellers are exhausted and the path of least resistance will be up. I know historical price action is not always an indicator of future price but it surely looks like a strong possibility. Your opinions are welcome...
  13. Ozzie getting in the game Australia’s First Regulated Crypto Exchange Adds Ripple XRP Support July 8, 2018 7:00 by Pratik Makadiya https://btcmanager.com/australias-first-regulated-crypto-exchange-adds-ripple-xrp-support/ "CEO Adrian Przelozny said “The addition of XRP is in line with our strategy of adding high-quality digital currencies in a thoughtful and measured way. There is a wide universe of digital currencies out there now, but to be listed on Independent Reserve they need to meet a range of criteria including quality, stability and volume metrics. Our clientele has been requesting XRP, and we felt this timing was right to offer it to them.” "Independent Reserve is AUSTRAC-approved cryptocurrency exchange and reportedly the first fully authorized trading desk in the country."
  14. Hello, The official date when the XRP was launched with SBI was 04 July 2018, but when will be the date when the XRP will be used by SBI? 😎
  15. https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-cambridge-fx-partnership-coo-provides-updates/ They also plan to leverage blockchain to make cross-border payments as seamless and as frictionless as they can. It is interesting to note that they are not just testing xCurrent, but also Ripple’s other products. They stated: “Cambridge will test expansion of its blockchain-based processing to include the use of XRP, Ripple’s digital asset (cryptocurrency). XRP and the XRP Ledger software it works with are both part of xRapid, Ripple’s on-demand liquidity service.” Frey went on to state that “evolutionary change is happening, that we can see in real and tangible ways”. He also stated that they were experimenting with technology that can move money in “minutes or less than an hour”. He furthermore said: “In a matter of months we can move money instantaneously in a frictionless format, it’s going to take a long time to replace the current system, but its already beginning to happen. We will see technology in different constructs.”
  16. https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-ledger-decentralization-third-party-validators-emerge/ Currently, according to data from the XRP Charts website, out of 18 trusted validators, 4 of them are the third party. This is a big step forward for decentralization as Ripple’s UNL is comprised of only 77% of their own validators. This means Ripple, the company, cannot unilaterally pass amendments to the Ledger without the help of a third-party validator.
  17. The price is going up..... soon.....isn't it? Yea, yes it is, yea it is, its going up... Its a sure thing..... Im a happy person. Im happy, im not scared, 🤩 no no, im not scared, im a happy person, 😑 im holding, the market is going up, the market is going up soon in a minute see it will. Im not scared. Im fineeeee. Im fine. Im not scared. Im a happy person. I HODL like everyone else does I do yes I do. Im not scared. The markets great haha. yea haha, im fine, im fine. 🤪
  18. Hello Guys, I am new to this forum and invested in XRP. I want to keep my holdings in a cold wallet and bit confused between the two options. As far as I know, keeping the "toast wallet" in a pen drive which is mostly offline is just like using "Ledger Nano S". The only difference is that ledger nano can keep coins other than xrp as well. I want some expert opinions on this because I am willing to use a cold wallet for the long term and it will be great if I can keep my holdings equally safe with toast wallet. I am more interested in toast wallet because it costs nothing. Also, even if I purchase other altcoins, I am thinking about installing Linux in a pen drive and keeping different cold wallets into that pen drive holding different coins. I think there should not be a problem. Looking for suggestions and recommendations
  19. Investing in crypto is not like other financial efforts; unlike mainstream investing, each supporter of individual crypto networks can actually make a difference in getting the word out. You may be interested to learn what the massive community behind XRP is doing to help promote its adoption and use through our own marketing efforts. Included in this blog is a list of XRP YouTubers, along with background information on the new XRP Community Blogging site. Hope you enjoy the read! Please feel free to share my blog with a friend - or share it on any other platform or media - and thank you for doing so. Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  20. https://dailyhodl.com/2018/07/03/ripple-xrapid-pilots-show-payments-powered-by-xrp-could-save-12-21-billion-a-year/
  21. NanamiIsLove

    Tontine with XRP

    Now that we've got smart contracts on the XRPledger, has anyone thought of hosting/programming a Tontine? Unfortunately, oracles (preferably a company) will be needed to make sure people can't cheat on payouts. Discuss? Main gist/idea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tontine
  22. Crypto is still at its beginning stages, but a series of companies are moving forward with standards-based architecture, using blockchain technology to build the infrastructure for a new version of the Internet, where value can move as fast as light. In this latest blog, I cover progress by a series of companies and Venture Capital Firms connected to the XRP Ecosystem: Ripple, Coil, Polysign, and Andreessen Horowitz. Included is news about a new Japanese crypto exchange that may have tens of millions of customers when they go live, the speaker list from Disrupt 2018, and Google's plans to include the new Payment Handler API in Chrome. At the end, I tie it all together and explain the master plan across all these endeavors: The creation of the IOV! I hope you enjoy the read: Please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other forum or platform - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  23. Xtremcoin

    Xtremcoin (Türkiye)

    https://www.xtremcoin.com The under construction! It allows for the first time in Turkey to buy and sell with Turkish Liras and Ripple (XRP). At the same time, Exchange offers wallet application. It is also possible to process transactions with many other crypto currencies. The first transfer experiment was successfully carried out on 13/10/2017. Please remember, it is still in construction.
  24. cryptocentric

    XRP VS ALIPay Whats going ON

    Hello my fellow XRP community. Long time support of XRP. I have been a hodler sice it was 2 tenths of a cent. I want to know the inside scoop with this whole alipay thing. I know moneygram was possible using ripple xrp before, but does this new supposed crypto or DLT that ALIPay is using in the remittence business. How will this affect XRP's bottom line whats going on? Any info would be helpful.
  25. Good news for XRP and a few other cryptos in Austria: https://dailyhodl.com/2018/07/01/austria-brings-crypto-to-the-masses-bitcoin-ethereum-xrp-iota-bitcoin-cash-litecoin-and-komodo/ Didn't read the whole article, but the first paragraph says plenty: