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  2. I had a small realization today that I wanted to share with the community. Based on the infamous "COMING SOON" announcement of the upcoming MM incentive program it was largely assumed (at least by me) that Ripple would be DIRECTLY incentivizing XRP liquidity. Today Ripple's website still reads: Based on the above quote, the idea that this incentive would be paid directly to liquidity providers seems like a fair assumption. I believe the majority of us still believe this to be the case. When the the first XRP quarterly report was released I remember reading a statement that seemed somewhat contrary to this belief. The excerpt that caught my eye in the quarterly report was this: Does this mean Bitstamp IS the liquidity provider or will they be managing program on behalf of Ripple? It's not at all clear what was meant by this. Today I went back to the original Bitstamp announcements and I found this: Drum roll please. Reduced fees on Bitstamp IS THE INCENTIVE PROGRAM, *or at least the only tangible portion of its current version*. It seems that Ripple decided they would simultaneously try to spur liquidity and subsidize the exchange model (which we know is challenged) through a single program. Judging by the volume we see on Bitstamp, the liquidity portion at least was not successful. I assume this means back to the drawing board for Ripple and SOON may come later than we hope. Hopefully I've got it all wrong, but either way this seems to be a lackluster first impression.
  3. Could the ripple system support an account which automatically converted any currency into xrp and payed out as any currency. The idea would be a universal checking account. You get a direct deposit from work, it becomes ripple. Travel anywhere and it becomes their currency at the till. Is this the service that every bank on the ripple network will eventually provide to their customers or is this another step altogether? In other words instead of creating a new universal currency and hoping everyone adopts it, can ripple make every currency universal?
  4. Hi Guys. I just saw bit of information on XRP Distribution strategy by Ripple. I think this is updated information because i did not see it before at XRP Portal page. If market conditions permit, we expect our company to hold approximately 50 billion XRP by the end of 2021. This schedule is indicative and discretionary. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE:64,439,207,292 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS:35,558,046,921*
  5. All, I posted a similar query in the zerpbox and received the response "its too difficult" - but I can't get the idea out of my head/ (I.e don't understand it enough to appreciate its complexity!) so can I ask again for some technical help as to why the following won't work? OK -caveat: firstly I am NOT a techie - but I do believe in Cryptocurrencies and have always felt that there needed to be a more regulated approach for them to be accepted by the mainstream society. Consequently I bought XRP around 4 years ago and hold over a million zerps. Right my query is : if we are all lamenting the lack of day to day adoption or use of the ripple network by the guy in the street, why cant we build an app to do this? Why is there not an international currency transfer app using the Ripple network? From a layman's view point I do recognise some challenges such as 1) getting access to the network quickly for a first time user. i.e I download the app and want to send $100 to a friend in Thaliand (who will receive baht) but I don't have a gatehub account and have never heard or Bitstamp or poloniex etc. Could the app create a sender and receiver XRP address to enable this? 2) getting fiat "uploaded" or "paid in" such that you can send it to a recipient instantly: Again if I have downloaded the app but do not have $100 sitting in gatehub (because I have ever heard of it!) but have it in my bank account, how can you enable this transaction without waiting for verification etc of a new gatehub account? How could you accept the sellers visa card without risking a chargeback? 3) having adequate market liquidity such that someone can send/exchange say Gabonese francs to New Zealand dollars (for example): Could you start with the currencies for which there is a market and build from there? Perhaps having a basic "buy" or "sell" foreign currency functionality in the app to help create the liquidity. 4) funding of the app: could this be crowdfunded?? Am I pipedreaming? I for one would be keen to contribute for a share in this. S
  6. How can we get more people involved with XRP?
  7. You may bring your concern for discussion. Here is mine for XRP distribution. I have tracked since Aug 2016 to till date. If you follow XRP distribution update, you may see something went off in Sep and Dec, but others always get back from Ripple within a month surprisingly. As of Aug - 2016 TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE:64,439,207,292 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS:35,558,046,921* As of September 18th, 2016 TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE: 64,538,581,296 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS: 35,458,607,580* Distributed: -99,374,004 XRP (some deal/trades may fall off) As of September 24th, 2016 HELD BY RIPPLE:64,521,982,395 XRP HELD BY OTHERS:35,475,196,836 XRP* Distributed: 16,598,901 XRP ( Small Market Moving) As of October 9th, 2016 TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE : 64,521,356,281 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS : 35,475,773,335* Distributed: 626,114 XRP (Big Market Moving) As of October 23rd, 2016 TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,465,960,934 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,531,082,209* Distributed: 55,395,347 XRP (Average Market Moving) As of November 6th, 2016 TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,231,840,920 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,765,131,899* Distributed: 234,120,014 XRP (Big Market Moving) As of November 13th, 2016 TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,131,841,845 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,865,094,564* Distributed: 99,999,075 (Average Market Moving) As of November 20th, 2016 TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,120,257,992 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,876,617,244* Distributed: 11,583,853 (Average Market Moving) As of November 27, 2016 Held by Ripple: 64,009,078,087 XRP Held by others: 35,987,750,899 XRP* Distributed: 111,179,905 (Average Market Moving) As of December 11, 2016 Held by Ripple: 64,202,158,174 XRP Held by others: 35,794,578,423 XRP* Distributed: -193,080,087 XRP (Trades/Deals may fall off) As of December 18th, 2016 TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 63,993,116,750 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 36,003,596,482* Distributed: 209,041,424 (Big Market Moving)
  8. What do you think about buying btc/xrp instantly using the debit card.....?
  9. Hi Guys, Few days ago I enquired from Commonwealth Bank of Australia about status of their Ripple Project and sent email below. Dear Sir/Madam Some time ago Commonwelath bank announced pilot project with Company called "Ripple labs" about domestic and international fund transfers, but since the link below i could not track/obtain much information online about the results of that project. So my questions are (1) What is current status of your pilot projects with Ripple.(have u dropped them or you are still in process)(2) Any expected timeline of finishing these blockchain projects.(3) Results of your Ripple usage with your subsidiaries as mentioned by you in article below.
  10. How high will XRP go after the 43 Japanese banks go live with it in March and April? The global FX market is over 5 trillion a day. According to Wikipedia, in 2016 the Japanese yen accounted for around 21% or 1 trillion of that. If 1% of the Japanese yen trades were made through XRP that would be a daily volume of around 11 million bitcoins at US 900.00/coin. So, I'm betting on around a 0.10 XRP low by a month into the Japanese FX launch 0.25 XRP high or around .1% - .25% of global FX volume respectively.
  11. Bitstamp and Gatehub are getting some love on the "How to Buy XRP" page now too:
  12. Hi folks. For those who don't know, I work on rippled. I've been heads down for a while. And you know, when you work at the company you get a different view of XRP and the markets. What I would like to ask everyone here, is what do you think the outside perception of XRP is? Who do you think is the target audience? What do you think is the future of XRP? What do you think of the current price/volume? What factors would affect its movement in either direction? I'm curious to hear people's opinions!
  13. Saw an article on Coindesk in regard to Ethereum Foundations spin up of the "Metropolis" release, the next version of the Ethereum network. But the line in the article that caught my eye was: "Another forward-looking example of abstraction [a concept that supposedly will manifest in the Metropolis release ], according to Murray, is for users to be able to pay for ethereum transaction fees with any cryptographic token, including bitcoin." How would XRP operate outside of the Ripple Network? I consider myself a "well-informed newbie" in the crypto-currency arena -- which is like being the world's tallest small-person, so I might be asking all the wrong questions -- but would destruction/consumption of XRP for transaction fees still be factor when XRP is used on the Ethereum network? Are there additional components or considerations using XRP when it's outside the Ripple Network? Is this just another Inter-Ledger Protocol use case? If a smart contract on Ethereum is using XRP as its ether (transaction payment "gas") and that transaction is under funded, do the XRP just disappear? Again - I might be asking the wrong questions, but I'd be curious if there are XRP use cases that don't involve the Ripple network.
  14. After recently having a conversation with a reputable CIRF representative, we asked them to elaborate on their input about price speculations and they indicated that “XRP can reach $1 USD although it will take time.."
  15. Really thankful for the rain in California. Called my 3 year old out and told her there was a pot of xrp at the end of the rainbow on our street today. Silly dad, it's gold she said.
  16. One of the leading European-based bitcoin exchanges is adding another virtual currency to the bitcoins already traded on its platform.
  19. I was listening to this podcast And @JoelKatz told us he's holding 60 million XRP Please don't dump XRP (=
  20. Whats the difference between Gatehub and Bitstamp? Any obvious pros or cons of either? I used to transfer usd to my ripple trade account through bitstamp.. Ever since the ripple trade -> gatehub migration, I transfer usd to gatehub and purchase xrp there. I have a ripple wallet with gatehub. I am a lightweight user so excuse my ignorance.
  21. In October 2016 Ripple started buying Google Ads Here was the original XRP Chat topic: I noticed today that Ripple is now buying XRP ads. It's good to see all those helpful XRP resources being put to good use. In combination with the tweets from Mr. Vias, the article dispelling certain XRP myths, and the recent overall emphasis on XRP, I think Ripple has shown they are very serious about increasing adoption of XRP. With this kind of focus and the challenges surrounding Bitcoin they may just be able to dispel the stigmas and see increased adoption (outside of FI's). Let's see how the narrative changes.
  23. Well what a great start of 2017!! XRP may get listed on GDAX and Coinbase. Here is the blog post from Brian Armstrong. Coinbase is open for business for more coins to be listed in 2017. Completing our transition to becoming a digital currency company (not just a Bitcoin company) Brian Armstrong. Here is the rest of the story.