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  1. I am new to rippled and am trying to learn what the difference is between a stock rippled node and a validating node. As I've read, a Stock server follows the network with a local copy of the ledger whereas a Validating server participates in consensus (and does everything a stock server does, too). I am currently running an instance of rippled and have run a performance profiler on the node, first on the non-validating node and then again when the node is running as a validator. Looking through the results, it seems that even when not running as a validator, the server makes calls to functions associated with consensus (ripple::RCLConsensus::Adaptor::doAccept, ripple::RCLConsensus::Adaptor::buildLCL, etc.) If a stock server is not supposed to be participating in consensus, why would there be calls to these functions? Could anyone explain to me why this is?
  2. I decided to setup an own Ripple validator in order to contribute to the XRP Ledger & enhance decentralization. So my newly setup Ripple Validator has been running for one week. I’d like to say many thanks Wietse Wind for his docker images and his articles that made my life easier and helped me a lot setting up my validator. If you want to setup as well follow Wietse’s instructions: https://medium.com/@WietseWind/how-to-run-a-ripple-validator-digitalocean-7e5fca1c3d77 https://medium.com/@WietseWind/verify-your-ripple-validator-show-your-domain-da19de30b19b Wietse : “After running this last command, the tool will finish with the body of the e-mail you can now send to Ripple. Ripple will check the contents of you e-mail. If everything is OK (at this point is’s hard to imagine why it wouldn’t be OK) they will reply within (probably) a few days your validator is verified. It will now show your domain in green at the Validator Registry.” Unfortunately my validator still not verified. Do you have any experience how many days do we need to have a verified validator? Thanks
  3. caroma

    Validator Keys and Signing

    I am trying to understand the difference between stock rippled servers, validators, and client-applications when it comes to signing. When looking through the documentation in dev portal, it states that Cryptographic key pairs are always tied to a specific signing algorithm. Further, one can specifically choose the key type when using the wallet_propose method to choose which cryptographic signing algorithm to use to derive the keys (secp256k1 or ed25519). However, when running a rippled server or validator, is there such an option when creating key pairs? What signing algorithm is used when sending ledgers and ledger proposals when running as a rippled server or a validator?
  4. pwagner

    Rippled service validation

    Hi All, How long does a Rippled validator check process take usually? I sent my request to Ripple in June, but it is still unverified and I didn't get any email what the issue is (if there is any) ? Regards, Pal
  5. Curious how many people on the forum are running their own validator and the reasons why others are not. This forum is a great source of info for getting started and ongoing upkeep. The network needs trusted validators and I'm sure theres one or two here that can help!
  6. bank4x

    to be Validator

    Hello, today first time i hear about Validator its like mining ripple? if i will be Validator how much i will receive xrp ? do we have calculator for this? Thanks Alaa
  7. I decided to contribute to the decentralization cause and started up a validator. You can find it here: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators/ listed under validator1.ripplexrp.network Or direct link here: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators/nHDNyfMFoQBPFurZo1CMaNiGR22uFWEGH8xSsrEY3ePAecEttS82 I'm considering starting up a few more (7 more regions available at my hosting provider), but wanted to know if that is even worth it. Is there value to multiple validators being in control of one individual? or is that contrary to decentralization?
  8. Hey Guys, It's been an exciting few days for me as I dig into ripple! Loving the adventure so far. Anyway, I had an unused dedicated blade server in a locked cage at a secure data facility and I figured that I would have a go at setting up and configuring a validator server. It was actually relatively easy and took more time to harden the actual the server/SSH settings than it did to configure ripple and a validator. Anyway, it's been running for around 5 days now without a hiccup and is givving good results with almost no disagreement, It just goes to show how well this software all runs! Cheers!
  9. I am trying to send a payment using ripple-lib, and I am getting this error: Here is my code: Thanks so much!
  10. Hello folks, I was wondering how Ripple runs its applications. Do we have people in here who take care about application deployment and infrastructure administration? Some devops or SREs? I am thinking about doing a showcase of running a Ripple validator in Kubernetes. Would that make sense to you? I am curious what you are thinking. All the best, Tim.
  11. Hi Folks, I would like to setup a validating node on AWS, just wondering what instance size you're using? For non validating, an Amazon EC2's m3.large is said to be sufficient. Cheers.
  12. I have a cluster setup between a public facing stock server and a validating server on a private network. When starting rippled I see this on the validator: LedgerConsensus:NFO Entering consensus process, watching, synced=no 2017-Dec-30 22:45:54 LedgerConsensus:NFO Consensus mode change before=observing, after=observing 2017-Dec-30 22:45:54 NetworkOPs:DBG Initiating consensus engine 2017-Dec-30 22:45:56 Server:NFO Opened 'port_rpc_admin_local' (ip=, admin IPs:, http) 2017-Dec-30 22:45:56 Server:NFO Opened 'port_peer' (ip=, peer) 2017-Dec-30 22:45:56 Server:NFO Opened 'port_ws_admin_local' (ip=, admin IPs:, ws) 2017-Dec-30 22:45:58 LedgerConsensus:WRN View of consensus changed during open status=open, mode=observing Is there a configuration that would cause "observing mode". I have tried recreating my validator token without success. Traffic is flowing well between the servers across 51235. Thanks RJ
  13. WillGetThere

    Validators tutorial

    I remember @nikb was saying on twitter that validator tutorial is almost ready to be shared. Has it been finalized yet? @iLeeT you were interested too i believe... Any news..? Mods, pls feel free to move the topic if needed. Merry Christmas!
  14. Which validator is faster, Ripple or Stellar? This is the only thing I've found. https://galactictalk.org/d/279-effectively-run-your-stellar-validator-node-performance-tips https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators
  15. GLT

    How to mac-Rippled?

    hi - i looked on xrpchat but couldnt see any post about setting up a mac rippled server and im having trouble setting it up on a mac. fyi - ive gone through an old mac walk-thru, but that didnt work out, so thought i would ask you lot - is mac a non-runner? thanks for the info!
  16. Hello everyone, We downsized some servers, which provided us with extra resources to spin up a second rippled node. Thus, our validator now lives behind a non-validating node. Clustering seems to have gone well, the validator is only connected to one peer (our other node), and both nodes show that they are in a cluster. I do have some questions, though: 1. How does the trusted UNL function on a non-validating node? Do both nodes need to trust the same validators? 2. Our validator says that it is 'proposing' and I can see it on the network topology page, however, it is no longer showing up in the validator registry. I was also able to send a test transaction through the validator, and it showed up on the public ledger. Any ideas on why the validator is no longer showing up in the registry? 3. We are using the same five keys in the trusted validator (UNL) list for both nodes, the validator quorum is 5 and the non-validating node's is 3. How come the validator's quorum is higher than the non-validating node? Thank you all so much for your help & support
  17. Fxstockbroker

    Ripple Validator Registry

    Can someone explain why the Ripple XRP "Validatory Registry" https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators has not been upgraded since the 17th August 2017. It is now the 4th Oct 2017.
  18. https://medium.com/@haydentiff/xrp-is-a-cryptocurrency-like-the-uss-zumwalt-is-a-boat-3b25be5226b8 I woke up to a new blog entry from our @TiffanyHayden ! Nice way to start out the morning.... Personal note: I had to look up the USS Zumwalt too, so don't feel bad! Here is her blog announcement on twitter yesterday:
  19. I've noticed a deterioration of validator agreement over the past two days as volume has surged. Agreement now tops out at around 93% when it used to routinely be around 99% for stable validators. Along with this reduced agreement I've noticed that ledger close times are also longer, sometimes up to 25sec suggesting the network may be halting periodically or at least slowing. Any ideas where this disagreement is coming from? EDIT: strange, I've just noticed that the date on the Ripple validator page is for last Thursday August the 17th... so the number above are likely inaccurate.
  20. I am wondering about the implications of opening port 51235 on a rippled validator or node (running in front of a validator). I assume doing so would carry a risk of DDoS attacks, however, it also provides other nodes with access to the ledger. In other words, it seems like there is a minor security risk and a reasonable benefit for the community. From what I understand, rippled nodes will connect to any peer to get the ledger. Is this so, or do they only connect to trusted peers? Finally, is there any reason to include my IP in the [ips] section on my ripple.txt, if port 51235 is closed? Thanks so much!
  21. This is my latest blog entry; I discuss the scalability issues with Bitcoin and Ethereum - focusing in on block size and scalability in general. Feel free to leave positive or negative feedback here, and please feel welcome to share or link to my blog as much as you like! My blog announcements on other media: Reddit Twitter Bitcointalk
  22. Xilobyte

    Ripple Validator

    We are running a new Ripple validator. There sure isn't much documentation on it. One. Does anyone see the advantage or even incentive to running a validator? Two: Is anyone else running a validator and what features and configs do you have? Thanks
  23. Nikb at chatbox pointed there's a new verified validator https://charts.ripple.com/#/validators/nHU3LPuLpHaWWjCN3Y4eWJ4DPMtibJNN4SMxR1VnqtCmAQpsW4jP btcxindia.com ✔ * - nHU3LPuLpHaWWjCN3Y4eWJ4DPMtibJNN4SMxR1VnqtCmAQpsW4jP Welcome to BTCXIndia, India's leading Bitcoin Exchange.
  24. Are there any direct profits to be made from running the Ripple Validator? Or do you just run them because it supports other business activities that are profitable (or out of goodwill)?