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  1. Hello im using testnet to validate my transaction, transaction : {"transaction":"ECAB482EB34177FA1B1E6C724F038C42308004B1F307A169FAEA88C825E11642","command":"tx","id":0} Response : {id=0, status='success', errorMessage='null', result=TxResult{validated=false}} Im using websocket , method 'tx' to check. Can i somehow figure out what the problem is? Im connected to wss://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51233 ,address i use is rKHDh61BpcojAoiATgJgDaVwdSJ64fGNwF. Can someone help a bit ?:) Fee is at 1 000 000 drops. This is the transaction blob 1200002200000000240000000061D4838D7EA4C680000000000000000000000000005553440000000000C882FD6AB9862C4F90E57E1BA15C248CABAD5BF96840000000000F42407321033BF063167F21FF6C01045B4E2F03F519879B552D2611F0E885E01F08C88D15247446304402202E90609AAFBF4C105408CFF2377D48085879BEE3C7DE57AF125F73926284362A022002D7A487F5929F9A3E1050FC2B5D6AE1DD5384647AD1ABF6D322765F0ABE0A498114C882FD6AB9862C4F90E57E1BA15C248CABAD5BF983148DC6B336C7D3BE007297DB086B1D3483DEA24C2A
  2. Where can I find a wallet that I can use to make an offline transaction. Specifically, I am looking to finish an escrow offline. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. gydeval

    failed transaction

    Hello! in 2014 participated in World Community Grid, and for me there are several unsuccessful transactions with significant amounts. Is it possible to get a ripple now? The address support@gatehub.net does not work anymore so I wrote to you. WCG username: gydeval. New public address: Ripple name: ~gydeval rKsWPNCUFL5AhmXbAfjZQSmi6zvWhzVTvE
  4. There was a brilliant explanation on Twitter about how to use XRP as a bridge currency. All he says just works already and can be used for so many amazing things. Anybody thinking this will not lead to anything should just go home. The bottom line is that transactions are atomic and nobody needs to know about XRP or even hold it when wanting to bridge as long as the market provides the necessary liquidity. To me personally this shows how superior XRPL is. See the tweet and the following. Spread the word folks.
  5. 11/22/17: 99,993,173,757 Today: 99,993,093,880 = 79,877 XRP Destroyed How does the system compensate for this loss? Are they replenished by the XRP which is being held, which we are told will be released slowly into circulation? Can anyone please help me understand?
  6. Hi, Looking to purchase $2,000 worth of xrp directly. Please comment with your email if interested. Thanks!
  7. 15mil (average SWIFT transactions per day) x 365 days is 5.4tril annually. 5.4tril annual transactions consumes 54mil XRP, and that's just from SWIFT alone (Visa processes over 8.9tril transactions annually, which will consume 89mil XRP). For example, Western Union charges a fee of $5 for a simple wire transfer of $50. I can't even imagine the SWIFT fee's on wires in the millions of dollars. 1XRP can facilitate 100k reference transactions. Due to scarcity + volume (not even including subjective market value) it's not unrealistic that 1XRP could become worth upwards of $1,000 or more based on the amount of money saved on SWIFT fee's alone. What do you all think? Maybe $1,000 is low-balling XRP's potential.
  8. I have already sent this message to Gatehub support but was wondering if any of you guys had come across this issue. I am new to investing so I am not sure how worried I should be about this? I made 2 smaller deposits earlier in the day each for just over 200 XRP with no issue and all data for these transaction is present and correct. I have not long ago purchased XRP: 1518.2538 and sent it to my wallet. The transaction completed and the XRP: 1518.2538 was successfully deposited to my account bringing my total XRP balance up to 2,303.0272 XRP. Both the 'Recent activity' panel and 'Transaction' tab initially showed this transaction but after I refreshed the page this information disappeared, although the XRP balance still shows correctly as 2,303.0272 XRP. So I can not find a TX Hash for the transaction in my transaction history and the recent activity information in the side panel has disappeared, but my balance remains correct. Any idea what is going on? Is my 1518.2538 XRP deposit safe?
  9. ACCOUNT HAS FINALLY BEEN CREDITED SINCE I SUBMITTED THIS POST. HOWEVER, IT TOOK NEARLY 12 HOURS FOR A SINGLE CONFIRMATION. as I said in the title: XRP sent from Poloniex currently has 0/1 confirmation for over 5 hours (it's showed up on the receiving end), Is this normal? did poloniex pay too low of a fee? how long could it take for a single confirmation when normally it's nearly instant? thx for your help!
  10. I had a recent trip to Seoul (in South Korea) to meet up with a local friend there. I know that XRP is widely traded there but what I didn't expect was the high level number of people having XRPs. So my local friend brought me to restaurant serving really good "kimchi jigae" tuck in the local neighborhood corner. After having one of the best Korean cuisine for a long while, I offered to pay for such a good meal..using my Visa?, no of course not, let's try paying with some digital asset. . We considered using BTC, but the transaction fee alone may end up costing more than the meal! So we decided to use XRP, since many Koreans knows it and accepts it. I'll pay at the prevailing XRP exchange rate..... I challenged him to test the speed of the XRP transfer vs his Korean bank card Visa Pay Wave. So, I told him this, "Let's get all our wallet address ready, when you touch your Visa card on the terminal, I'll press send XRP to you!". On a count of 3,2,1, he touched his Visa and I press on Send. Visa's payment went through within a few seconds with a beep....and just right after it, my XRPs appeared in his wallet , Magic ......WOW!! XRP was that fast and super reliable...and guess what, the transaction fee was so negligible that even my Visa exchange rates couldn't match! No forex fee to lose on, extra bank charges and etc etc. Speed and cost..XRP wins hand down. We were like kids playing with our new found toy. The lady at the counter smiled at us and I told my friend to translate it to her in Korean "Why aren't you accepting my XRPs for your good food yet?" ...Her reply was just priceless .." I'm just waiting for that XRP payment terminal!!" I head to the airport, excited to share this experience...Sometimes, it pays to visit and understand what's happening on the ground in other parts of the world. XRP is ripe for P2P transactions, whether the banks wants to use it or not (oh..they do want it soon!!) We are the XRP community, not just keyboard warriors. And by the way, if I had use BTC payment, it would be one damn expensive meal and my friend won't get anything not until after I touchdown in another country..because its really slow! Share it with your friends! Create your own local story and tell us, fascinate us on how creatively you can use your XRP. On to my next country...China
  11. Hi all, this seems like a bit of a rookie question but does anyone know of a simple, web-based method for submitting signed offline transactions to RCL? I'm interested in being able to submit offline transactions from any computer not just computers on which I've installed a wallet.
  12. Observing the difference in transaction fees for transferring BTC vs XRP from Trex exchange to my Ledger nano. I transferred almost 67k XRP and the friggin Tx fee was only 5.00000000 XRP ($0.90 USD fee at the time of the transfer). I was like WTF am I seeing things? buahahahaha. I can’t wait for my next XRP purchases before Swell.
  13. XrPIndo

    XRP Wordwide transaction

    I am a first time cryptocurrency buyer from Atlanta, USA. I have some Ripples (XRP). In future if I decide to transfer my ripples to India (BTCX). Are there procedures and restrictions for such transactions ? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  14. Hi there, I have been trying to use the Ripple Data API v2 to get transaction data by date. I've been working backwards but the API is returning the error (in the title) for dates before 2017-04-16. The url I am using is http://data.ripple.com/v2/transactions/?start=2017-04-16&end=2017-04-17&marker=&format=json&limit=100&type=Payment It does work for 2017-04-17 to 2017-08-31 and dates in 2014. I've tried it without specifying format or payment type but it hasn't made any difference Any ideas what I could do?
  15. Several days ago I attempted to send 2 ETH from my Gatehub account to my Bitfinex account. I did several other transactions earlier that day with no problems that were virtually identical other than the amount sent. This time it didn't arrive in my Bitfinex account though? It shows sent on the Gatehub side of things, but nothing when I log on to Bitfinex. I submitted a query for both sites, but am doubtful of the support I'll get from the Gatehub end. I've done quite a bit of crypto investing for while, but I really don't know much on the technical side. can anyone help with advice? Here is the TX hash: 90D3E6A6165F7F8068A6AB2F0F0C944DB80A296DEBE503BD66D5D0EB2E393BF7 here the transaction link: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/90D3E6A6165F7F8068A6AB2F0F0C944DB80A296DEBE503BD66D5D0EB2E393BF7
  16. Hi, I'm a fan of Ripple for many years :-) Still not sure about the transaction price of XRP. (XRP wasn't that high) One transaction = 0.00001 XRP. But what if XRP increase to €10,- or €100,-. Will it still be 0.00001 XRP or lower like 0.0000001 XRP?
  17. Doesn't say in this article, but they are using RCL. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/30804/mizuho-completes-dlt-based-trade-finance-transaction source: https://ripple.com/insights/mizuho-pilot-ripple-cross-border-payments/
  18. Dear Devs! Is there a reasonable Transaction overview in the making? Especially for tax purposes, your current transaction history is absolutely insufficient. Please implement a professional transaction history, sortable by several variables, and exportable! I spoke with plenty of users and we really need this soon.
  19. Hi here is a video to look at. https://ripple.com/customer-case-study/reisebank/ I am hoping more banks implement this because i want to do transactions in real time . Where i can send money to my dad or vice versa in real time across border . Usually takes a day or two.
  20. I've tried withdrawing my XRP's twice, once by "sending a payment" from my gatehub XRP wallet to my bank account. Another by sending my XRP's to my BTC coinbase wallet. Both which have failed. If anyone can please help and guide me on how to withdraw my XRP's from my gatehub wallet to either one of the accounts I just mentioned I'd highly appreciate it. P.s. All this was done on my iPhone. I don't know if that matters.
  21. Hi All, I bought some ethers on coinbase last night, and transferred to my gatehub fifth ETH wallet. It has been more than 9 hours. The coinbase says the transaction was complete, but there is nothing on my wallet at gatehub. I took a look at the transaction and realized there was an outgoing transaction 4 min after the incoming one. I did not authorize this outgoing one at all. I have been feeling really confused and worried. Anyone can help me out there? Thanks! https://etherscan.io/tx/0x93e047ee8a586e64cc0be91fc9c9425e52b4c58b006cf27607585f5b41c40475 https://etherscan.io/address/0xa0efc1436cfb71bb7d330e8f64f9656a728c8b24 Update 1: I think one of the possible reasons is that I do not have sufficient XRP on my account (29.9372). Could someone please send me a few and see if I can resolve this problem? Many thanks in advance! My address is r37wan4JpctcmBqmY6X2NEK7c7mnyd5VuQ