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  1. https://u.today/ripple-enters-the-chinese-market
  2. I bought 1500 XRP back when it was around $0.20 each; since then I've been margin trading it against Bitcoin. This has allowed me to trade, but consistently hodl my XRPs, using them as collateral instead of actually selling them. I now have nearly 30,000 XRP, acting as collateral for 60,000 XRP margined against Bitcoin. I zigged when I should have zagged this time, though, and i've been stuck for weeks. . . I made my margin buy at 0.00007666 BC per XRP, and at the moment the Bitcoin price of XRP is only 0.00007114. Is anyone else using this strategy of hodling XRP but building up the hodl by using them as collateral for margin trading?
  3. CasinoCoin now trading on : https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/BTC/CSC https://www.nuex.com/exchange/market/CSC_XRP https://www.nlexch.com/markets/cscbtc
  4. Hello community, Our solution is a next generation cryptocurrency trading platform, introducing Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) to revolutionise the current trading environment by providing a trustworthy, transparent, safe, and reliable place to exchange ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies that are foreseen to evolve in the future. One of Founders is Gregor Gololicic (ex-CTO of Gatehub). With him we will use experience gained from Ripple blockchain and implement it in the new cryptocurrency trading platform, to provide more trading PAIRS for XRP. We will also accept XRP in ICO phase, which starts on November 6. Thank you, tokens https://www.tokens.net
  5. Ripple XRP: Forced Perspective. Why the sky is falling
  6. On the surface it may appear that way. I know lots of people are thinking, 'I should have cashed out at $3.00' I was the same I would wake up and see $1.76 oh great. Next day $2.22 cool. Next day $2.76 yes. I'm sure a few people cashed out and bought in again. Good for you. Now what would of happened if I cashed out at $3 And the price never came back down. ??? Did I mess up? I'm in profit, but the price never came back down it went on to $5.33 and stayed there. There is no right or wrong way in trading. Even people that HODL are trading. Instead of little trades, they hodl for the BIG trades. So in your mind you may be thinking. When the price shoots up again, I'm going to cash out at $3.00 Question is..... Will the price come back down? It's highly possible that in XRP's next bullrun. (I say XRP, because we will be breaking away from BTC) That when a few banks use Xrapid, and SBI is LIVE. The price may go up and get stuck at $5.33 and just won't come down, due to the amount of volume running though xRapid. It's all open to interpretation of course. You may see it completely different. (This is Not Trading Advice) A high level of research is needed before investing in any coin/token.
  7. protechtor

    XRP Patterns

    4H Trend = Down 1D Trend = Down Pattern = Potential Descending (falling) Wedge http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:chart_analysis:chart_patterns:falling_wedge_reversal, needs price breakout above 1.01 and ideally break descending trendline near 1.07 to validate trend reversal. Breakdown and follow-through of lower green trendline invalidates the pattern.
  8. BluKoo

    Welcome UK Hodlers

    Hi everyone, I often get the feeling that UK members are a minority on XRPCHAT, so I have decided to create a UK Hodlers group where we can post information and discuss everything XRP related which may be of most interest to other UK Hodlers. Please feel free to invite all those who you know are from the UK, or who would benefit from being a member here.
  9. So the price is up the price is down, down and ahhh more down. But as I am sure most are aware of in here, Bitcoin futures have been showing its power over Bitcoin with the decreasing/depressed price of BTC. I found this interesting read about BTC and CME-options cartels. It is a good read if you have time and also makes quite a lot of sense seeing as (at present) the price of XRP is intrinsically linked to BTC as are all other Crypto Assets (apart from USDT). https://medium.com/@super.crypto1/4th-dimension-bitcoin-manipulation-cartel-can-it-be-burnt-no-way-c53de65c166a To me it makes a whole lot of sense - and a bit more of a realistic argument to the "whale" argument.. Happy Easter
  10. The Plan Create a tax free vehicle that allows you to buy cryptocurrency and trade it in real-time if desired. Alright I figured I would share my experience with you on "avoiding taxes" For 2017 There isn't much I can do about it except choose to commit federal crimes....not saying I am. There is a long term plan to circumvent taxes and that is a Roth IRA. People have generally been disgruntled about the like kind exchanges even if many did not bother with a 1031 exchange. the assumption of not cashing out and still paying taxes seems like a low blow for majority of investors. There is another way. Self-Directed IRA LLC In short this is an IRA that is managed by you under an LLC. Fidelity, DT Ameritrade, Charlse Schwab, These guys have nothing to do with it. You manage the money in an account you directly own via the LLC. You invest in assets of your choice whether they are physical, virtual, business, etc. Doesnt matter. there are a few rules to what you cannot do. Alternatives http://bitcoinira.com These guys use a 3rd party to manage funds and it is still a 3 day settlement period just like public stocks. 3 days is a month in crypto. There is no way I would trust another company with my coins and wait 3 days for them to settle the money. Some Restrictions With S-D IRAs https://www.biggerpockets.com/blogs/1123/7902-what-you-can-or-cannot-purchase-with-a-self-directed-ira Sound complicated? Not really. There are a few parts to it which may appear to complicate things. The process isn't all that hard. Entities Involved 1. LLC Management Company - Checkbook IRA, LLC - http://www.checkbookira.com/ 2. Kingdom Trust - https://www.kingdomtrust.com/ 3. A private bank - Friendly to Self Directed IRAs. (Solera Bank is one) http://www.bankrate.com/banks/solera-national-bank/3397233/ Cost - 1500.00 The cost is a bit up there but its the general price for doing all the work below. However as we are in a dip and if you had one setup and bought in now with the day trading you may or may not do then it is totally worth it. No taxes - Remember that! Process 1. Find a company that manages Self directed IRAs. The one I chose is https://www.checkbookira.com 2. Checkbookira will create the LLC for you in any state you choose (You must have a physical address in most states or use someones physical address as reference.) This is so that inside the state in the event that the state must mail documents to you they can send them to that address. 3. They then start the process with Kingdom Trust. KT is a custodian for the IRA. You may do a cash contribution, rollover/transfer and IRA from another custodian like Fidelity. 4. Kingdom Trust sends you documents to sign and where the money is coming from whether its cash or another custodian. 5. In tandem Checkbookira creates the LLC. Once the LLC is complete you may open up your bank account under the LLC. This cannot be a personal account. 6. You send over documents from Checkbook ira telling Kingdom Trust what the LLC EIN # is and where to send the money to. (This is your LLC Checking account) 7. Create new accounts for your crypto exchanges. Remember if you mix LLC money and personal money you are "piercing the veil" This may cause huge tax implications. Piercing the veil basically means to not follow corporate law which may include mixing personal and LLC money. 8. Once the money settles then you are now ready to buy up all that crypto and day trade like a whale all tax free! Noteworthy articles regarding Kingdom Trust and Crypto https://www.coindesk.com/bitgo-acquires-kingdom-trust/
  11. Hello XRPCHATers, I will be posting trading opportunities here for any body who would like to follow then and possibly benefit from. I base my position on news/market trend. For tonight and tomorrow, clear your portfolio and open a sell position on BTC or BCH. I wouldn't recommend such move on XRP as the coin can have any sudden news that leads to a spike and thus it becomes a sell position (such news such as huge partnership, etc) even though the time wouldn't be good for Ripple's strategy to burn a good announcement at such time where the whole crypto world is focusing on G20 outcome. Happy trading!
  12. I’m curious if and which rules you have set for yourself trading in Cryptoland and maybe the special ones for XRP. Btw, I’m not specifically asking for the exit scenario for XRP, enough threads about that subject. In the course of last 8 months, I have the following rules I try to apply: * I never sell a coin with a loss ( hodling!) Except: when its very clear it will never have higher value again ( coin failed) AND I sold coins at a loss once to invest in a far better opportunity ( guess.....yep, XRP). * I never buy “ coins on the run” , coins that are in the proces of rising fast. You never know if it has already reached its top. Except: when I’m 100% convinced its in the early stage of rising and it will moon much higher for certain , or in case it doesn’t matter cause its for the long haul ( so in my case XRP was the only coin I bought while it was rising. Bought at € 0.15 and even at € 2.05). * I only sell at minimum 200% profit, certainly not less . Except when I’m convinced somehow that it will never, never reach 200%. * 90% of my money must flow into a coin I investigated and really believe in ( which is....haha!). Max 10% is “ play and trade money” ( ofc when XRP moons this can change). * only selling a part of XRP after a minimal rise of 500- 1200 %, not less. That until I’ve reached my target. I keep 25% of the profit back, to rebuy 50% of the amount I sold ( so price must dip> 50% after the rise). * only buy coins when the chart shows a “ reasonable” time of decline from the ATH and/or say a dip > 50% . Do I manage to always follow my own rules? Not at all, sadly, but they are set as a guidance in times of being overwhelmed by emotions. Curious which guidelines you guys ( and girls) follow!
  13. Hi, been lurking since february 2017. I am a big believer in the XRP tech mainly because it, unlike many others has a massive use-case but I am concerned about the valuations that many people in this forum throw around. At the start of 2018 the XRP token reached 3.75 dollars, an event which made Chris Larsen one of the wealthiest men on the planet with a net worth of 20 billion dollars. A lot of people are highly confident that XRP will reach double digits and even triple digits. If XRP were to rise to 100 dollars it would raise Chris Larsens' net worth to 533 billion dollars. I find this very alarming since things such as this just do not happen and are beyond the realm of wishful thinking. Now some of you will argue that this only makes him that rich on paper and that he would never be able to sell his tokens without the price plummeting which is why you cannot compare him to people like Jeff Bezos. Not spreading FUD but just voicing my concerns and happy to be proven wrong!
  14. Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment... we're no longer flourishing like we were during the Great Zerpening of 12/17. During the Great Zerpening of '17, we saw a rise from $.24 all the way to $3.85. That's a 1,440% increase in our portfolio, for those of us that were around when @RegalChicken first made claim to it. Unfortunately, we've now fallen into the Zerpocalypse, an unfortunate dark time in our lives. Where we were all once sitting high on $3.85/Zerp worth of pure digital gold, we've now lost nearly 80% of our holdings. Now I'm not trying to be all Fuddy Duddy here. I stay true to the First Rule of Zerp Club... We don't talk about selling zerps. I'm in it for the long haul. But with the change in environment, I think it's safe to say that we should divert our eyes from window shopping our Moon Lambos and yachts, and take a look at when we should consider jumping in big during this dip. So what do you guys think? Anyone saving their stack of cash to jump back in at a certain price point?
  15. Hi Guys, Just need your advice. How many xrp's should one buy (apart from answer as many as possible ) in order to expect a good result...? Lets put it in another way. How many would you buy if investment capital is not a big concern.. (assuming you have $50k in ur savings ) ...? I already own bit more than a million xrp and just wondering if they are sufficient or I should buy more. I have around $50 k in savings ..
  16. I haven't seen this posted yet, please move if it doesn't belong here, but it mentions XRP! https://www.coindesk.com/investing-app-robinhood-launches-crypto-trading-in-5-us-states/
  17. Trading almost any coin feels EXACTLY like trading Bitcoin. I find myself having to do tons of research on Bitcoin just so I can increase my odds of trading XRP more cautiously. To trade, you really have to forget XRP's fundamentals altogether in the short term, and just focus on the factors that have an impact on Bitcoin, such that you increase your chances of selling high and buying low. Mark my words, at some point when analysts look back at what's happening now, they will label this as the biggest market manipulation in human history. But it would probably be too late to hold the culprits accountable.
  18. I have been on the sidelines watching as so many started freaking out over this downside that we are currently experiencing. It makes me wonder if people really have any idea what they are involved in. A market usually has some simple rules it follows like if it goes up, there will be a correction and if it plummets there will be a reversal unless something catastrophic obviously happens and I doubt think that banks would still be continuing to adopt ripple if something catastrophic was happening. I also think that it does not hurt taking some of your assets be it 5% or 10% out of the market when its obvious that we are trending downwards like we currently are. Whats the worst that can happen? This not only gives you a little piece of mind but it also frees up funds for you to put back in and increase your position as the market tumbles. If you have locked up your assets and you do not want to touch them then I respect that. Good for you. That's your plan but if you have decided to stay in the market on the way down and you are crying about it...then why are you even in the market? Crypto is not your space in that case because these moments will be many. All am saying is...having a plan and doing some preparation does not hurt.
  19. Hi Guys... May be I am day dreaming ... lol.... but just a thought to share with you and (but since BTC @1200 has proved its foolish to say never/impossible ) I would appreciate your honest opinion, if you think its possible for XRP to get $20-$50 per XRP range.. The basis of this assumption/dream is that as its mentioned several times by Ripple has main focus on international money transfer due to their higher conversion difference and fee/charges. so the total daily turnover of forex transaction is around $5 trillion USD (based on info available in Google )and due to cost reduction benefits and these are few possible predictions for XRP depending on how much share can it grab of the market (1) XRP grabs 20% shares of total FX market = 5Trillion *20% = 1 Trillion /100 Billion Xrp = $10 XRP (2) XRP gets 50% share of the FX market =2.5 Trillion/100 Billion xrp= $25 per XRP (3) XRP gets 80% share of the fx market =4 Trillion /100 Billion xrp=$40 per xrp (5) same way it will be $50 for 100 % share (Not a chance but just a calculation )= $50 per XRP + We need to add few more things on the positive side which could be Speculation and domestic payments (which are not part of this calculation ) etc... Please don't troll and don't use disrespectful language ... any honest criticism is welcome....
  20. created a news aggregator for exchanges for personal use but over the time it became very important for me so thought it would be useful for you too. The coinbase rumour and their announcement of not listing Ripple had a great impact on Ripple's price. Hence, it is very important to track all the news about exchanges. Track all important news about 125 exchanges from all over the world: https://www.shufflup.org/newsaggregator.php Get to know about a coin a particular exchange is listing, whether any exchange is going through maintainance and many more in one place!
  21. RipplePiercing

    S Korea Banning Anonymous Trading - BBC

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42784384 Probably one for the 'Press' section but as a Newbie, I've got to wait to post! Interesting to see they are trying to shake up the market a little... Essentially implementing a form of KYC regs as in the US. So no 'Ban' as such... Or at least not for the honest investor!
  22. The article below is very interesting. There are clear parallels to be drawn between the stock market in the 1930s and the unregulated cryptocurrency market now. The price actions described seem conspicuously similar to how I believe these markets are manipulated by whales! http://business.financialpost.com/investing/the-secret-trading-strategy-from-the-1930s-that-hedge-funders-dont-want-you-to-know-about We've had several warnings of impending regulations which don't bode well for most cryptocurrencies. All of a sudden big money starts moving out of the market, effectively tanking all prices. If I were a whale looking to move my money into a pro-regulation cryptocurrency like XRP, I certainly wouldn't be doing it at anything less the lowest possible prices. The price of XRP drops in-line with the rest of the market during this epic retracement, and now some really big buys are popping up on Bitstamp. Just one example below: Given the information in the article above, and the antithetical movement in the price of XRP both in absence, and in the presence, of favourable news - part of me can't help but think that this is the ultimate shake-out so that smart money can position itself more favourably in the face of pending regulation. Thoughts?
  23. I've been a part of this Forum for a while and wanted to share a useful site I found which allows your to track and view all the coins you are interested in (if you put them as favorites) and real-time changes in your balance (if you put api). It works off tradeview charts and has all the indicators it uses as well. It also offers a Cryptoticker chrome extension where you can view price changes! The website is called "Coinigy" and it is free to use for 1 month (and if you like it, you can subscribe or just use the free features) - my referral link is https://www.coinigy.com/?r=b8b41cea I've attached some pictures bellow so you can see its uses and judge yourself if its useful: General trade view + market watch view Your portfolio summary (if you upload your API) - I've blanked out my balances
  24. DVD

    Ripple in Singapore

    Hi Guys, Where and how can I buy ripple in Singapore? Thanks.
  25. Duhhhh...finally. Thanks Zoneghost! PEOPLE.... It's an orderbook.* PLEASE... wrap your heads around that!!! If the last transaction that happened was a guy who sold me 1 XRP at 1500$, does it mean, that all the other XYZ billion XRP are going to transacted at that price, too? NO? then... WHY DO YOU MULTIPLY ALL THE AVAILABLE ITEMS BY THAT LAST PRICE AND COME UP WITH A "MARKETCAP"????? I mean, can there be anything more stupid and shortsighted than this calculation? Like, do people REALLY believe, that E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y is positioned at THE SAME PRICE? That everybody has the same idea of fair price? That everybody is in agreement ALL THE TIME? Do you all like the same kinda chicks? Do you all like the same kind of pizza? Do you all like the same kind of booze? The same kind of cars? (I must have covered it all now, no? Left anything worth living for out?, Naw, we're good, I'd say ) NO? WELL, DO YOU ALL BUY AND SELL AT THE SAME PRICE? aha, nope, didn't think so. but... doing that nonsense calculation of last transacted price times total supply is exactly that. Stop it. Just.... Stop the nonsense. Market can sustain $1,5k per coin? So be it. That's it. Hodl on guys. * Further reference (I am the one being quoted there) @fourthjohn thx mate.