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  1. created a news aggregator for exchanges for personal use but over the time it became very important for me so thought it would be useful for you too. The coinbase rumour and their announcement of not listing Ripple had a great impact on Ripple's price. Hence, it is very important to track all the news about exchanges. Track all important news about 125 exchanges from all over the world: https://www.shufflup.org/newsaggregator.php Get to know about a coin a particular exchange is listing, whether any exchange is going through maintainance and many more in one place!
  2. The article below is very interesting. There are clear parallels to be drawn between the stock market in the 1930s and the unregulated cryptocurrency market now. The price actions described seem conspicuously similar to how I believe these markets are manipulated by whales! http://business.financialpost.com/investing/the-secret-trading-strategy-from-the-1930s-that-hedge-funders-dont-want-you-to-know-about We've had several warnings of impending regulations which don't bode well for most cryptocurrencies. All of a sudden big money starts moving out of the market, effectively tanking all prices. If I were a whale looking to move my money into a pro-regulation cryptocurrency like XRP, I certainly wouldn't be doing it at anything less the lowest possible prices. The price of XRP drops in-line with the rest of the market during this epic retracement, and now some really big buys are popping up on Bitstamp. Just one example below: Given the information in the article above, and the antithetical movement in the price of XRP both in absence, and in the presence, of favourable news - part of me can't help but think that this is the ultimate shake-out so that smart money can position itself more favourably in the face of pending regulation. Thoughts?
  3. I've been a part of this Forum for a while and wanted to share a useful site I found which allows your to track and view all the coins you are interested in (if you put them as favorites) and real-time changes in your balance (if you put api). It works off tradeview charts and has all the indicators it uses as well. It also offers a Cryptoticker chrome extension where you can view price changes! The website is called "Coinigy" and it is free to use for 1 month (and if you like it, you can subscribe or just use the free features) - my referral link is https://www.coinigy.com/?r=b8b41cea I've attached some pictures bellow so you can see its uses and judge yourself if its useful: General trade view + market watch view Your portfolio summary (if you upload your API) - I've blanked out my balances
  4. Ripple in Singapore

    Hi Guys, Where and how can I buy ripple in Singapore? Thanks.
  5. EDIT: AS OF THIS MORNING I WAS ALLOWED WITH WITHDRAW ALL 500 XRP WITHIN A MINUTE AFTER CONFIRMING THE EMAIL ________________________________________ You are currently only able to BUY XRP from cex.io, and cannot withdraw - after contacting support it seems they don't have a timeline on when the implementation is, so you're really locked to their walled garden. If you're someone like me who keeps the bulk of their monies offline, I would highly suggest looking at other markets. My current strategy is using Coinbase's GDAX -> Bitsane Market trading to squeeze the other cryptos to get a gain on XRP -> Cold wallet, and now I have 500 frozen XRP in CEX.IO because I am a dumb-dumb and wanted to see what market pricing is elsewhere, but can't move ANY of my XRP off CEX Just a heads up
  6. Need some advice here. Is xrp still in consolidation phase or shud I hodl? It looks like BTC is abt to go on one of those runs that give an opportunity to increase xrp holdings. Or will XRP be following it this time? Both charts seem to be signaling up swings. or am I wrong?
  7. Very interesting read for those who are curious how pump and dump schemes work. http://uk.businessinsider.com/how-traders-pump-and-dump-cryptocurrencies-2017-11
  8. https://fintechinsidernews.com/posts/B3dxaXFTXjHCevbut/how-bots-are-manipulating-cryptocurrency-prices - Interesting read
  9. If you look on the chart today, what do you see? More green candles to come? I am sceptical. The D1 looks good, the H1 is something like an upward trend, but the M5 seems to topple.
  10. Good evening everyone! Just wanted to share a small story with you. I'm 23 and have a family. Never had much support from my parents and I only got where I am from me. So my decision to enter crypto was for that reason; to get my family in a better financial position. I've researched and kept up with Ripple for months. The first time I saw Ripple it was 3c. I had all the means to invest a small amount, but didn't because I thought I'd have to wire, which I thought was a huge hassle. Two weeks after that the price went to 18c per. I was mad, like others who had made the same mistake. I began researching exchanges and also learning more about the concept behind Ripple. Finally, I got into Ripple via an exchange. Overall, I made a few thousand off of it, and decided to risk going into another coin. I've since held three or four other coins. Most recently, I'm holding MANA, which has an interesting use case of it's own. That being said, none of the other coins have stacked to Ripple. The team is great, the idea is solid, and the use case is there and already prominent in the banking and FI industry. Think logically. Between AMEX, Cuallix, more than 100 banks already planning to use or already using the tech, etc, Ripple is here to stay. It's features, advantages, and benefits outweigh those of almost every other coin. It's the coin I've always felt the most secure in holding. Yes, the price isn't volatile and the gains aren't huge as of late, but that doesn't matter to me. I'd much rather hold it long term than something like IOTA, which I've also held recently. It's odd and confusing watching a coin that has barely anything functioning properly surpass something like Ripple. I honestly could find no supporting documentation to their team's claims, which scared me; along with the level of professionalism of the team. But if you look at the forums, you can see the level of intelligence put into the investment, which speaks for itself. Sheep leading the herd to the cliff, had the cliff existed in that case. Just wanted to let people know that after holding other coins, I can tell you I'm still 100% Ripple in the end. It just makes since to me. My only regret will be if I miss out before I can get back in. Thank you for reading.
  11. Any comment on this captured on Bitstamp XRD/USD right now? 5 minute view. Is this bots trading? Or what?
  12. Hi everyone, Maybe I am wrong but I am surprised by the fact that more than 95% of the XRP buy and sell activities (exchanges) take place out of the Ripple Network. The only exchanges on the Ripple Network where you can buy and sell (pair: XRP/ USD) are the following (by volume): 1. Bitstamp 2. Gatehub 3. Mr Ripple (very few volume < $10K on a daily basis) Is that correct?
  13. So everyone here knows that xrp is good in all ways, we all know its has a better use case than most altcoins and even than bitcoin and the other ones... you've been waiting for an escrow that will someday happen for you to get some little gain (or you already have but are greedy enough to stay with it), but in the meantime you've seen every other coin raising and people just going away of xrp, and the only reason they do that its because the people behind these other coins trust their coins are going to go up and place their sell positions higher, i know there are many big whales in xrp just waiting but that's just it... xrp HODlers just wait.. they dont interact or trade, just wait for the big event, and people who trade dont even look further than cents for xrp to raise...I'm just a newbie here in the altcoin market since the bitcoin cash big moment, started with $2500 and ended with 3 times that amount and then looked at xrp... and im not just waiting/HODLing for my little amount of xrp to raise to .25-.28 im placing my sale on $1 and you should do it too, make traders raise their positions further, cause maybe the reason the escrow doesnt happen is because they are waiting for the price to go up and then anounce the escrow for it to go higher. im just saying why settle with crumbs when you can have the whole pie.
  14. This is not an add. I have been on Bitstamp about 2 months now. Making SEPA transfers. No worries no what so ever. And then tonight I decided to make a Credit Card deposit buying BTC. Just to try it out, and to speculate in BTC for the first time. And it did panned out like a charm. No worries at all. Great feedback, and after 2 hours I recieved another mail. Just for me to confirm that all had been done, and all was well with my transfer. DEADLY serious they are, Bitstamp. Any one concerned or worried in buying XRP, LTC, BTC or ETH. Bitstamp is the way to go. You are in safe hands there. VERY SAFE! Just whish they would add Komodo (KMD) to their trading platform.
  15. Hello community, Our solution is a next generation cryptocurrency trading platform, introducing Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) to revolutionise the current trading environment by providing a trustworthy, transparent, safe, and reliable place to exchange ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies that are foreseen to evolve in the future. One of Founders is Gregor Gololicic (ex-CTO of Gatehub). With him we will use experience gained from Ripple blockchain and implement it in the new cryptocurrency trading platform, to provide more trading PAIRS for XRP. We will also accept XRP in ICO phase, which starts on November 6. Thank you, tokens https://www.tokens.net
  16. Getting into reading Candlesticks. But I have some concerns. 1. What´s the difference between a empty green candlestick and a filled green candlestick? 2. And the same question regarding red candlesticks? Any further information regarding reading candlesticks are much appreciated.
  17. After seeing everyone pretty mad about the "price drop" of XRP, I decided to see it from a different perspective and boy it is potentially huge. Just last night I read a comment from @JoelKatz regarding XRP which read “Any time the amount of XRP held by Ripple goes down, there is some dilution of XRP. If Ripple is releasing XRP in a way that doesn't produce direct revenue for Ripple, it would be because we believe the upside (in growing the network and incentivizing adoption) exceeds the downside (in dilution). Of course you can disagree with our calculations." Seems like everyone is disagreeing about SWELL being a success but I tend to differ. You see, SWELL was not an event directed to the small investors community but of something bigger which are the financial institutions who can benefit from Ripple's technology and also from its native asset $XRP. If we analyse the volume being sold/bought during SWELL you can see it was pretty huge and I'm positive that Ripple acquired the attention of various players in the financial sector enough for them to invest modest quantities to test out the ILP and XRP. Having said this and taking in consideration David's words, it's likely Ripple made some partnerships which will be announced during the next months and involve decent amounts of XRP sold. The escrow lockup hasn't been officially announced since they still are selling out XRP from their own stash. They still have 2 months to give out XRP for partnerships and I assume with the escrow-lockup announcement it will also have to re-estate how much XRP they're holding at the time of lockup. If you are still skeptical I suggest you to read the definition of stock dilution here: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/d/dilution.asp Ripple is the major XRP holder and whenever they sell part of their XRP, the price obviously goes down as more XRP goes out in circulation. What do you think about this theory? If you'd like to discuss it more I'm always available here or through twitter @R_Penacastro
  18. I did trade before and during Swell. Contradicting myself. Did some buys and sells - with money to play with. Testing my trade strategy. Just trading peanuts to get a feel of the game. Swing-trading. Tried to buy as low as possible. And sell as high as possible. To summon it all up, I did not loose. I gained - peanuts. Very proud since I have only been in this game for 5 weeks. BTW I am into xrp long term. Have xrp in my Wallet, not touching them until 2018/2019 Anyone else care to share experiences Swell trading?
  19. Here is an XRP chart from today. XRP could be ready to go!
  20. It's bad news week for crypto evidently, and I break down the Chinese announcements and just what it means for XRP. This is my latest blog entry. Even though XRP has fared better than others, the market reaction to the Chinese announcements have still taken their toll. I discuss how it's not the end of the world, and I expect the market to rebound... probably soon ™ Hope you enjoy the read, and let me know any feedback below. Also feel free to share on any other media! My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  21. Etoro announced that Ripple will available on its platform for trading. They have millions of users and they will buy ripple.
  22. What is the fastest way to bounce in and out of ripple for the least amount of fees. Example.. I have say $5000 in ripple and ripple jumps to 0.40.. And I anticipate the fall and move it all to bitcoin to maintain a lower anticipated loss % and wait and see if ripple drops back down to say 23 and I pump it all back into ripple.. Keeping the gains.. And avoiding the loss.. What is the best avenue or exchange to accomplish this fast and cheap.
  23. Another exchange to trade in ripple in India. Polands first crypto exchange bitbay.pl will start trading ripple in India https://bitbay.in
  24. For the last 3 days Bitstamp's order book for XRP/USD has been interlaced with these types of orders - very uniform amounts. They started at a value of 800 two days ago, yesterday 600, and today they've dropped to 400. Clearly that's a fairly coordinated/deliberate action. Anybody have any idea why?