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  1. It's bad news week for crypto evidently, and I break down the Chinese announcements and just what it means for XRP. This is my latest blog entry. Even though XRP has fared better than others, the market reaction to the Chinese announcements have still taken their toll. I discuss how it's not the end of the world, and I expect the market to rebound... probably soon ™ Hope you enjoy the read, and let me know any feedback below. Also feel free to share on any other media! My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  2. Etoro announced that Ripple will available on its platform for trading. They have millions of users and they will buy ripple.
  3. What is the fastest way to bounce in and out of ripple for the least amount of fees. Example.. I have say $5000 in ripple and ripple jumps to 0.40.. And I anticipate the fall and move it all to bitcoin to maintain a lower anticipated loss % and wait and see if ripple drops back down to say 23 and I pump it all back into ripple.. Keeping the gains.. And avoiding the loss.. What is the best avenue or exchange to accomplish this fast and cheap.
  4. Another exchange to trade in ripple in India. Polands first crypto exchange bitbay.pl will start trading ripple in India https://bitbay.in
  5. For the last 3 days Bitstamp's order book for XRP/USD has been interlaced with these types of orders - very uniform amounts. They started at a value of 800 two days ago, yesterday 600, and today they've dropped to 400. Clearly that's a fairly coordinated/deliberate action. Anybody have any idea why?
  6. Back in March and April, XRP "went parabolic" somewhere around 5-6 times in its journey towards a 4000+ % return. Each time, some veterans here will remember, XRP encountered 1) a stoppage of the rally, either caused by one or more exchanges being overloaded (Poloniex??), 2) delays in customer service stopping new converts (I'm not going to mention names there because that was universal with XRP), or 3) by the difficulty of not having an easy-to-use wallet option for new users. Yesterday's rally shows us how far we've come IMO. Each one of those issues has been dealt with to a great degree, and now we have a much more well-oiled machine for getting new investment into the system! Oh, and Ripple creating what looks like a new marketing arm for XRP has been awesome as well! I have yet to analyze this more, but I'm of the opinion that we've now entered a whole new paradigm shift with Ripple when it comes to marketing XRP! I will no doubt blog on that later...
  7. Hey everyone, My name is Michal, I'm a software architect and company Founder, with a degree in Economics. With the recent buzz around Bitcoin, I found interest in cryptocurrencies by reading a few books --- and ultimately I'd like to learn about trading. I'm seeing potential in XRP, and I'd love to learn the ins and outs of this field. I know this is a noob request, but I'd appreciate if anyone could point me to books/resources that can teach me trading from beginner to expert level. I'm willing to pay for content as well, as long as it teaches me current best practices, and puts me in an environment where I can collaborate with others. Any and all insights would be appreciated. Cheers, Michal
  8. Rumor had it that something big was going to happen on Aug 13th with XRP. The rumor is confirmed! XRP was just listed on www.bitso.com! Look at the volume! Pump UP The Volume! @CARLOS
  9. Duhhhh...finally. Thanks Zoneghost! PEOPLE.... It's an orderbook.* PLEASE... wrap your heads around that!!! If the last transaction that happened was a guy who sold me 1 XRP at 1500$, does it mean, that all the other XYZ billion XRP are going to transacted at that price, too? NO? then... WHY DO YOU MULTIPLY ALL THE AVAILABLE ITEMS BY THAT LAST PRICE AND COME UP WITH A "MARKETCAP"????? I mean, can there be anything more stupid and shortsighted than this calculation? Like, do people REALLY believe, that E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y is positioned at THE SAME PRICE? That everybody has the same idea of fair price? That everybody is in agreement ALL THE TIME? Do you all like the same kinda chicks? Do you all like the same kind of pizza? Do you all like the same kind of booze? The same kind of cars? (I must have covered it all now, no? Left anything worth living for out?, Naw, we're good, I'd say ) NO? WELL, DO YOU ALL BUY AND SELL AT THE SAME PRICE? aha, nope, didn't think so. but... doing that nonsense calculation of last transacted price times total supply is exactly that. Stop it. Just.... Stop the nonsense. Market can sustain $1,5k per coin? So be it. That's it. Hodl on guys. * Further reference (I am the one being quoted there) @fourthjohn thx mate.
  10. Hi, I recently invested in XRP. I have been looking at some currencies but I see ripple with a promising future, simply because it is being chosen by numerous banks from different countries. Looking for information on its possible price increase I realized that this currency will rise but not in an immediate, rather long term. Banks do not want to make mistakes with a system that can cause them to lose money and the currency associated with ripple has to be stable but not to lag behind the rest, therefore it will gradually rise in price. I have decided to invest in the long term (7 to 10 years). The votality of other currencies make them more ideal for daily trading. At the end of the year some banks will invest in Ripple and for several years, in 3 years the US Federal Reserve will begin work with Ripple. This makes me think that it is a currency for long-term investments. In 10 years I hope that at least this in 500 € and that will earn me a lot of money.
  11. Alright there, I'm lurking no more. Ripple's efforts to list on exchanges that create trading pairs with previously unserviced fiat currencies is commendable - a real step in the right direction in terms of building liquidity and establishing payment rails between various different currencies. It's also clearly having the desired effect of reducing XRP's often-stochastic dependency on BTC; a drop in daily total trade volume from 85% to 63% within one quarter is a pretty spicy indication things are moving in the right direction, in my opinion! In the medium-term, I believe there will be an inevitable increase in value as banks that adopt ILP will ultimately seek to make the estimated 2 bsp (approx. 10%) extra savings associated with using the ILP's native XRP asset for global settlements (SBI's financial report today certainly appears to indicate that this is the case). Ultimately, a wider adoption of ILP will have a positive effect on the price of XRP further down the line. I see long run asset growth beyond this, however; once escrow releases are fully expended, supply levels-out, and XRP is being used more broadly as a settlement asset (resulting in a higher burn rate of XRP), the price per unit is likely to continue to inflate in the long run. Regardless of the above, cryptomarkets are likely to be highly volatile until the end of the year (certainly until the outcome of the Bitcoin hard fork is more clear, perhaps sometime mid-November), but in my opinion the recent bloodbath we've witnessed is by no means a reflection of the strong fundamentals of XRP - and as such, it's discounted value at present is a real opportunity to purchase more. Personally, I believe $0.15 will be tested, and will represent a healthy entry point for long-run investors. Might just have to treat myself... When I initially bought XRP though I had to take a pretty jaunty route in being based mostly in the UK (GBP-->EUR-->BTC-->XRP) - horrific. I'm hoping to avoid this in future, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Are there any exchanges/platforms that provide currency pairs for either XRP/GBP or XRP/CHF? Is there another route in?
  12. Hoping for the safe zone . That .22 break is important for ripple . Just a personal opinion .
  13. Hi All, @Hodlor @R8102V1D2D I would like to enter in the market but I did not have time to buy at the last correction (market cap to 60 last Sunday). i would like to now (also if no one can predict) 1) if this correction was for August 1st 2) if on august 1st there will be another correction from almost 90 now back to 60 less or the market now will come back to 117 and more with out any more correction. 3) it could be nice for me if the market want back to 40 so I can enter in a good position. What is your Opinion. should i but now or wait? what will happen on august? Thank you
  14. IQ option- one of the largest binary options offers top 6 cryptocurrencies trading (BTC ETH XRP LTC DASH IOTA), a CySec regulated trading platform since 2013. https://iqoption.com/land/crypto/en/?aff=167&afftrack=crypto_20July&retrack=crypto_20July
  15. Hi I've made a little analysis on what might be the ripple bottom. Merely my own opinion and not investment advice. I also occasionally post an idea on tradingview under kyriediculous. https://steemit.com/trading/@tradingbuddy/ripple-what-will-be-the-bottom-for-xrp Happy to answer questions or discuss price technicals & fundamentals. Let it ripple !
  16. Apologies if this has been addressed already, but does anyone here have any insight on whether we might see traditional exchanges or marketplaces taking on crypto? E-Trade, Scott-Trade, Ameritrade, whatever-trade.....
  17. Newbie Needing Some Help

    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie here. Honestly I've never bought any crypto currencies but would like to start buying XRP. I've done some research but would be very thankful to any suggestions.. I kinda need to be pointed in the right direction here. Any help and advice is appreciated. Does anyone know if this is a good plan for a first timer? 1.) Create coinbase.com account and buy Bitcoin with USD 2.) Create Poloniex.com account and transfer Bitcoin to poloniex.com account 3.) Begin trading through Poloniex.com account. Or, integrate Coinigy.com with Poloniex.com and trade there.. Again total new guy at this so any help is appreciated.
  18. Plus500 silently added Ripple XRP trading Plus500 is a trading platform (comparable to markets.com) for CFD (Contract For Difference) trading. Even though it's for shortterm trading this addition is good I think, since it creates awareness among (day)traders. This is what their Android app looks like:
  19. In "The Big Short", Christian Bale plays a near-autistic eccentric trader who bucked the trends of the prevailing market sentiment. Only a minority of traders in the housing bubble were astute enough to recognize a unique opportunity in the midst of a developing crisis, and they placed their bets accordingly. Along the way, they had to "keep the faith" in the face of jeers from their own investors. When they faced their biggest moments of self-doubt, how did they respond? They doubled down. They increased their position - not from a standpoint of ego - but because they believed in the lessons of history and the accuracy of their mathematical analysis. XRP Chat Does this remind you of our forum? We debate the numbers constantly. We discuss use cases. We calculate the utility of our preferred cryptocurrency, XRP, not in the millions or even billions, but in the trillions and quadrillions of possible fiat flow through the network. Our group differs from other crypto-coin fan bases, in that our product is based on sound value and science, and will unquestioningly lead to banks and financial institutions saving massive amounts of money, all while providing instantaneous payments for customers, where those same transfers used to take days. We calculate the odds and future together, arguing with our viewpoints, observations, and logic, and often with our egos on full display. The Big Short was based on real life, because often history is stranger than fiction. Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Christian Bale breathed life into the movie, and portrayed how intense the story became for the big trading houses. Ripple's rise is even more striking; the new innovator contrasting with the prevailing thinking that Bitcoin cannot be unseated from the throne. Our Story Yes, there is much drama in crypto, and cryptocurrency investors are still very much a minority; If you think about what's happened with Ripple, it is something where we look at each other and say "we couldn't make this stuff up!" Think about what's happened since 2013, and tell me if this doesn't have the makings for a Hollywood movie: A Silicon Valley Start-Up Crypto-currency Hatred and Lies from Competitors A Wealthy Heir Angel Investor (source: http://pagesix.com/2017/06/04/matthew-mellons-ripple-investment-is-paying-off/ ) A Feud and Lawsuit Against a Company Founder (source: http://www.coindesk.com/ripple-jed-mccaleb-settle-suit-over-1-million-in-disputed-funds/) And now... the shining moments that have arrived in 2017. RCL is updated to support ILP (source: http://www.econotimes.com/Ripple-announces-new-features-bringing-transaction-throughput-to-Visa-levels-622104) 47 banks form a consortium to use the RCL and Ripple Technology (source: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/01/japanese-banks-plan-to-adopt-blockchain-for-payments.html ) 15 new exchanges directly trade XRP against other currencies in the space of 6 weeks (source: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:9MNVeFv7QywJ https://coinreport.net/xrp-listed-six-exchanges/+&cd=2&hl=it&ct=clnk&gl=it https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/blockchain-exchange-bitsane-introduces-ripple-trading-at-consensus-2017 https://ripple.com/insights/news/xrp-liquidity-to-deepen-with-listings-on-six-new-exchanges/) Central Banks BOE trials ILP with Ripple (source: http://www.bankingtech.com/775302/bank-of-england-teams-with-ripple-for-cross-border-payments/) Ripple Gets a Seat on the IMF Advisory Board (source: http://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2017/03/15/pr1784-imf-managing-director-welcomes-establishment-of-high-level-advisory-group-on-fintech) The price of XRP climbs to new heights (source: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/26/bitcoin-rival-ripple-is-sitting-on-many-billions-of-dollars-of-xrp.html) Liquidity Pouring into the Ecosystem at increasing rates (https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/history) Fortify your knowledge and believe in your investment; you'll be able buy some popcorn and say "Yes! I was there when this went down!" Even now in 2017, only a small number of people have the patience to learn how to overcome the barriers to entry and invest at the stage of early adoption in the innovation life cycle. And yet still here we are, investing early. And believe me, it's still early... And now there's nothing holding XRP back from ascending to it's deserved spot at #1. Just keep in mind that when XRP takes #1, it might happen much faster than you anticipated. Make sure you have your positions ready! ############################################################ DISCLAIMERS: THIS IS NOT INVESTING ADVICE ALWAYS TO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND VERIFY FACTS I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL ANALYST OF ANY KIND DO NOT TRADE ANY CRYPTO WITH LEVERAGE I AM BAD AT MAKING PREDICTIONS ############################################################
  20. - Use case possibilities - Add-on DAPPs - Legacy application add-ons - Non-Profit Org. Opportunities - One-offs from existing successes These each have their entrepreneurs / scammers / stock market hacks / millionaires who are creating slick ads, whitepaper stories and reference "halos" to get us to bite on their next great Google idea. Do you invest? (I've done one.) If so, do you allocate a certain percentage of your trade-able currencies to ICO's? Do you have exit strategies? How do you choose? On the other side of the "coin" if you don't bother, why? Will there likely be a compelling story that could change your mind, your approach to this riskier part of the risky market we've put our money into? Asking this because I think this could assist the community in better understanding investment strategies overall. How we think about our investments helps a lot of people, I believe, especially since this is such a new concept to so many.
  21. Just wondering when people think XRP will start being traded on a mainstream commodities exchange or if this is a goal at all. @JoelKatz @miguel
  22. The news: https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/exchange/ethereum-trading-coming-chinese-bitcoin-exchange-huobi/ The good for Ripple\XRP: "The exchange also lists future additions like Monero, XRP and Dash." According to Huobi's chart XRP will be the next just after Litecoin. OKcoin should follow the same path too (but this is just a speculation). This price-sensitive news explains Ethereum gains in latest 24 houres (https://www.ethnews.com/chinese-digital-currency-exchanges-huobi-and-okcoin-to-list-ether). So expect XRP gains too. When? Soon.
  23. I just happen to wake up with the whole alt market in red and started to investigate the reasons why this could happen to Ripple. Since each alt coin depends on the price drop from BTC but here's another interesting story of why I believe price has dropped a lot and I would like @JoelKatz to explain this. I just read on BitBank's post about offering Ripple to the Japanese Market, claiming they are "the only exchanges in the country that allows dealings and deposits / withdrawals through XRP / JPY board / trading API." But they also said something very strange: Are they seriously giving away 736,000 dollars in XRP to those who trade more on bitbank's XRP/JPY board? It just so happens that the trading volume of XRP/JPY in Tokyo JPY EXPLODED between 7:30am and 9:00am EasternEuropeanTime I would say it's a great moment to buy a hodl more if Bitbank users are joining the rally but hey guys, I really don't like that every time a new exchange comes the price drops dramatically after a massive purchase
  24. Hi all, I just saw a question on Twitter about which places it's currently possible in to trade directly on RCL's built in exchanges. The only one I could come up with is Gatehub at the moment. Is this correct ?? And does anyone know if more trading gateways will be opened in the near future ? And are there also plans to built a desktop wallet with built in RCL trading ? Thanks for your answers ?
  25. I Always Start with Bitcoin The history of Bitcoin price has been studied numerous times and expounded upon by academics and technical analysts alike. I would wager that very few original holders of this crypto-coin had the wherewithal to hang onto their holdings through all of it's pricing trials and tribulations. Here's what that chaotic price chart looks like when we zoom out to a multi-year view since Bitcoin's inception: (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin#Price_and_volatility ) Notice in the above diagram the inverse correlation between volatility and liquidity. This seems like a fairly well-established relationship, or at least correlation, if not causation. If the same holds true for XRP, we can expect to see a decrease in volatility over time as the liquidity and trading of XRP increases, and supply can change hands faster with greater volume. BTC Price Chaos Nobody knew what to expect from Bitcoin. Was the cryptography sound? Would people abandon it as a passing novelty or fad like the Rubik's cube? That uncertainty led to massive volatility in its early days. Here is a short synopsis for those that don't already know it (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin#Price_and_volatility ): What to Expect from XRP? Here's where I take you out into "speculation" land, a land that is rife with armchair experts (like me). XRP Prices have risen rapidly in the past two months. Here is what a raw price chart looks like (Data Source: https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/xrp/charts/USD?p=3M ) : A straight line, absent today's pullback, draws a fairly consistent trend. As I'm sure trained technical analysts would tell you, we also need to consider other variables like volume. Here's a somewhat revealing volume picture of the trend over the last week (source https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/history ): Notice the ever-increasing raw dollar volume across all worldwide exchanges each day... leading to the present moment. Are you ready to see the dancing bananas again? I am.