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Found 14 results
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  1. Well what a great start of 2017!! XRP may get listed on GDAX and Coinbase. Here is the blog post from Brian Armstrong. Coinbase is open for business for more coins to be listed in 2017. Completing our transition to becoming a digital currency company (not just a Bitcoin company) Brian Armstrong. Here is the rest of the story.
  2. Ripple XRP is on Forbes! Here is the article. “You now have a network that is able to tokenize brand new assets or create token versions of physical world assets and move them around in a virtual world,” she says. Sandra Ro, executive director of digitization at CME Group
  3. @rippleric identified this news first today: @Morty has found this video: EDIT: While Bitcoin can be seen as poor man's digital gold, then XRP is increasingly seen as banker's digital gold. This guy with his experience, connections and his enthusiasm is going to help that happen.
  4. I dont know if it has been posted recently but I just found out article below. It states India is biggest recipient of foreign remittances and lots of banks have shown interest in Ripple during Dilip Rao's trip to india. Please read the full article below and let me know what you guys think...
  5. In the case of mandatory KYC requirements by global govetnments (which is bound to happen at some stage )and heavy fines for non complying Alt coin companies, i think XRP will get direct benefit as i think its one of very few companies ( or may be only one) who is compliant with KYC now. And lot of new buys can jump in because of closure of other altcoin companies. Please share your opinions..
  7. Hi, In 3 weeks (April 1st), RippleTrade is supposed to be completly gone for everyone. I'm looking for another platform. I'm not impressed (yet) with GateHub - see a full topic here So, have anyone tried other options? What could be good for a power user, trader. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys. Most of us on this blog are waiting for XRP price to get to go up so that we can sell it but apart from risk of losing money bcz of not enough alpreciation, there is also risk of selling it to early only to regret later. Just want your opinions on ur XRP exit strategy that can reduce risk of selling urself short.
  10. Hi Guys... May be I am day dreaming ... lol.... but just a thought to share with you and (but since BTC @1200 has proved its foolish to say never/impossible ) I would appreciate your honest opinion, if you think its possible for XRP to get $20-$50 per XRP range.. The basis of this assumption/dream is that as its mentioned several times by Ripple has main focus on international money transfer due to their higher conversion difference and fee/charges. so the total daily turnover of forex transaction is around $5 trillion USD (based on info available in Google )and due to cost reduction benefits and these are few possible predictions for XRP depending on how much share can it grab of the market (1) XRP grabs 20% shares of total FX market = 5Trillion *20% = 1 Trillion /100 Billion Xrp = $10 XRP (2) XRP gets 50% share of the FX market =2.5 Trillion/100 Billion xrp= $25 per XRP (3) XRP gets 80% share of the fx market =4 Trillion /100 Billion xrp=$40 per xrp (5) same way it will be $50 for 100 % share (Not a chance but just a calculation )= $50 per XRP + We need to add few more things on the positive side which could be Speculation and domestic payments (which are not part of this calculation ) etc... Please don't troll and don't use disrespectful language ... any honest criticism is welcome....
  11. Hi guys. Please correct me if I am wrong. But on the basis of news SBI is paying 3 Billion Yen for 17% of existing XRP which will equate to approx 11.9 billion yen which means 11.9 billion divided by 3 Billion =roughly 4 XRP per Yen which means in USD terms roughly they are getting each XRP for .002 which is 1/3rd of the market price.. Please share your opinions and as mentioned previously correct me if i am wrong...
  12. Hi Guys. From what i have read in posts, everybody is interpreting the SBI news differently, specially about whether SBI is getting 17% share or 17% XRP (if xrp then 17% of 66 Billion or total ). And if they got XRP @ what price they got each. I think Ripple labs as an organisation should clarify these doubts because its important information for investors. Would you agree.. ?
  13. Hi Guys, Just need your advice. How many xrp's should one buy (apart from answer as many as possible ) in order to expect a good result...? Lets put it in another way. How many would you buy if investment capital is not a big concern.. (assuming you have $50k in ur savings ) ...? I already own bit more than a million xrp and just wondering if they are sufficient or I should buy more. I have around $50 k in savings ..
  14. Right now I use MultiCharts and IQfeed for my equitys trading. Does anyone offer any kind of data feed for ripple? I have no idea how complex operating as a data feed provider is but this seems like a real opportunity.