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  1. Hi I've made a little analysis on what might be the ripple bottom. Merely my own opinion and not investment advice. I also occasionally post an idea on tradingview under kyriediculous. Happy to answer questions or discuss price technicals & fundamentals. Let it ripple !
  2. I just happen to wake up with the whole alt market in red and started to investigate the reasons why this could happen to Ripple. Since each alt coin depends on the price drop from BTC but here's another interesting story of why I believe price has dropped a lot and I would like @JoelKatz to explain this. I just read on BitBank's post about offering Ripple to the Japanese Market, claiming they are "the only exchanges in the country that allows dealings and deposits / withdrawals through XRP / JPY board / trading API." But they also said something very strange: Are they seriously giving away 736,000 dollars in XRP to those who trade more on bitbank's XRP/JPY board? It just so happens that the trading volume of XRP/JPY in Tokyo JPY EXPLODED between 7:30am and 9:00am EasternEuropeanTime I would say it's a great moment to buy a hodl more if Bitbank users are joining the rally but hey guys, I really don't like that every time a new exchange comes the price drops dramatically after a massive purchase
  3. Hi all, I just saw a question on Twitter about which places it's currently possible in to trade directly on RCL's built in exchanges. The only one I could come up with is Gatehub at the moment. Is this correct ?? And does anyone know if more trading gateways will be opened in the near future ? And are there also plans to built a desktop wallet with built in RCL trading ? Thanks for your answers 👍
  4. I Always Start with Bitcoin The history of Bitcoin price has been studied numerous times and expounded upon by academics and technical analysts alike. I would wager that very few original holders of this crypto-coin had the wherewithal to hang onto their holdings through all of it's pricing trials and tribulations. Here's what that chaotic price chart looks like when we zoom out to a multi-year view since Bitcoin's inception: (source: ) Notice in the above diagram the inverse correlation between volatility and liquidity. This seems like a fairly well-established relationship, or at least correlation, if not causation. If the same holds true for XRP, we can expect to see a decrease in volatility over time as the liquidity and trading of XRP increases, and supply can change hands faster with greater volume. BTC Price Chaos Nobody knew what to expect from Bitcoin. Was the cryptography sound? Would people abandon it as a passing novelty or fad like the Rubik's cube? That uncertainty led to massive volatility in its early days. Here is a short synopsis for those that don't already know it (Source: ): What to Expect from XRP? Here's where I take you out into "speculation" land, a land that is rife with armchair experts (like me). XRP Prices have risen rapidly in the past two months. Here is what a raw price chart looks like (Data Source: ) : A straight line, absent today's pullback, draws a fairly consistent trend. As I'm sure trained technical analysts would tell you, we also need to consider other variables like volume. Here's a somewhat revealing volume picture of the trend over the last week (source ): Notice the ever-increasing raw dollar volume across all worldwide exchanges each day... leading to the present moment. Are you ready to see the dancing bananas again? I am.
  5. "Is xxxx coin a good investment? Should I put some money into it?" As we make profits with our crypto investments, people want to know where else to invest ...or to place their bets. Smart money rotates to good investments. Smart digital currencies will do the same thing. It's already happening, even though less than 1% of the investment engines of the world will, or can, say so. So when you look at other coins to invest (or trade in) what are your guidelines, your tools for deciding for or against getting into or getting out of a specific crypto? Hoping this topic gives the newbies to the world of digital currencies some food for thought before they (we) simply do the old "just throw some BTC at one" approach. This could be a decent place to direct the many people asking the questions about what makes an investment a good one.
  6. I'm voluntary provocative but, look all the charts... I mean, all the other altcoin's charts. Since the end of April / start of May 2017, they all pumped hard. They all made +100%... +500%... etc. I do believe cryptos are in their early stage, and investments will flow more than that. I do believe this market is like the forex 3.0 and will far exceed all our projections, even if it's largest part could be speculation. I have no doubt that ripple is an amazing technology with great future, but... Look all the charts ! We are just another crypto. Your opinion ?
  7. I'd like to gather some opinions of the community about the pros and cons of both ledgers to evaluate my investments. I would say right now Quorum would be the direct competitor of Ripple right? What do you think? Best, RAVINTOLX
  8. Seeing the POLO DDOS (?)/SCAMs repeating and feeling the agony of those losing their entire wealth (see POLO trollbox) I feel it is time the community stood up and made sure something happens. I believe that traders deserve a FAIR marketplace, FREE of the very possibility of these. We need an exchange that is distributed and can not be manipulated, tampered with and can not be attacked. A place where traders can take their earnings/savings/invest their shirts with confidence, that it will be possible to trade and they will be able to transact and not have to helplessly watch their investment being burnt in a matter of an hour. I would like to call all those who morally agree with this initiative for whatever the reasons, personal loss or just sympathy, to comment on the idea. First off, I'd like to assess what the general perception of the demand for such an exchange is. I have some ideas of the key requirements myself, but would like to invite you to comment without influencing inputs. The technology will be there and parts of it are already available, separately. I believe something like this requires smart contracts and transactions can be done through the ILP.. I will be looking into this as I see a market gap. Am I the only one???
  9. I am new here. Are we allowed to seek or share trading or investment advice on ripples in this chat room?
  10. When the markets are clearly on fire for XRP, there's a lot of trolling that goes on because Ripple and XRP now have a huge target as leader of the pack. Because of this, it's important to keep in mind the basics and not lose sight of your own critical thinking and common sense - one of these perspectives is that of a Ripple employee. A lot of the core team - and the new members most likely - are stakeholders in XRP, the token on the RCL. I don't know exactly how much they hold, but it's enough to make a substantial difference at this point, no matter how you slice it. Because of this, they are highly motivated, probably even more than most of us, to make certain that Ripple and XRP are on a trajectory that takes us to the top. Yes, the company is silent during times where some information, guidance, wisdom, or direction would be great, but that's because of their strategy of working with regulators, not against them! Look at the other coins that flaunt all cooperation with fiat authorities. Not so RCL or XRP. In fact, Ripple has worked with industry and government leaders to help forward-looking legislation and policies that help bridge the current legacy banking system with the technology of tomorrow. It's a new day. Just remember; if you see occasional trolling on our forum, it's a sign of strength, not weakness. Ripple (the company) doesn't shy away from problems, or what it takes to solve them. One by one, those issues have fallen away. We're not alone in our belief in XRP. The market has (and is)... speaking. But also, don't forget about our powerful "silent" partner: Ripple is working diligently behind the scenes to deliver on the technology, and they have an even bigger stake in its success than we do!
  11. The article basically points users / readers to the Rippex wallet for a desktop storage device. They also included the link for the source code at Github.
  12. I'm looking for a few good traders who have plenty of experience, to trade round the clock as a group. Decisions made by a group tend to be, on average, better than those made by one person. That is, two (or more) heads are better than one. What one person misses, others might see. Plus, one person trading in a market that is open 24/7 can not possibly watch the charts, all the time, which is important if there is a major news event. Trading is not for the faint of heart - it requires a lot of experience, be it in Forex, stocks, or other, and there is always the risk, and probability, that a portion of your account will be lost at some point in time, although it should be made up with future trades. It would be good to have at some people who stay on the very tip top of the news, as news can move the market in a major way, and having market intelligence is one of the biggest factors for success, or failure, especially in a market that is always open. What I'm thinking is to network with message, cell phones, etc., to be always on top of the market. Are there others who are interested?
  13. What are the most useful APIs for trading on RCL? Are there APIs that are used and trusted, which were not developed by Ripple? What would you like to see in a RCL trading API that doesn't yet exist?
  14. I currently use Ripple exactly how it was intended - as a unique tool for the transfer of value. At the moment, Ripple can be used as a low volatility, safe haven currency that facilitates reinvestment into other cryptocurrencies. For example, if I feel Bitcoin and Ethereum are in an overbought bubble and about to undergo price correction, I convert my ETH and BTC to XRP (instantly and it feels so good), hold my XRP position through the price correction, then reinvest into ETH and BTC at a lower price. For guys like me, who are trying to get a DAPP development team together and push crypto into mainstream utilization, investment tools such as XRP only serve to help bolster funding that can and will be reinvested into cryptocurrency. Right now I own a Ledger Nano S (not a shill, but I highly recommend it for $70) and would love to see support for an XRP wallet on the Ledger - it would enhance XRP's position as a safe haven currency. I believe in the instantaneous nature and capacity of Ripple - not every cryptocurrency has to be an earth shattering anarchist's dream. Enough about me - if you have a hardware wallet that you want to support XRP, I'll happily support the cause and send the dev team an email. And if you're interested, you can vote here to make Ledger support happen -- XRP support for Ledger. Good luck in the cryptosphere!
  15. It was surprising not to see a sharp drop off in Bitcoin after the SEC rejected Gemini's ETF proposal. I believe this rejection - and more importantly the STILL not resolved Bitcoin blocksize debate - has led to altcoins' value surging. If the blocksize debate continues unresolved, it offers potential for XRP to benefit from investors moving out of Bitcoin but wanting to stay in cryptocurrencies. Let me be realistic to start with, a reallocation away from Bitcoin is unlikely to benefit XRP as much as altcoins with limited supply that can be pumped up to the investor's great profit on the exchanges. Looking at coinmarketcap I do believe the recent surges in first Dash and now Monero has been partly driven by money taken out of Bitcoin looking for a profitable home. I think it will happen again with other altcoins with small market caps, because a move a half a billion dollars away is peanuts to Bitcoin, but if some of that goes to a small altcoin that altcoin's marketcap can multiply. Now I don't think this will happen in an identical way with XRP because the supply is so big, and one would think Ripple would take the opportunity of an appreciable price rise to sell thereby capping gains. But I definitely do believe a reallocation of money to alternative cryptocurrencies that but for the unresolved Bitcoin blocksize debate would have gone to Bitcoin is an opportunity for XRP to moderately increase in price. I'd almost think it would be yet another failure of communication, marketing and messaging to the cryptocurrency community by XRP enthusiasts and Ripple if XRP does not rise in value appreciably on Bitcoin decline or stagnation. My view is we've got to continue to talk amongst ourselves on xrpchat, but more than anything we've got to talk to cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have never been involved in XRP and to the general population of internet users interested in cryptocurrency whether they have bought or not. I would view the channels to this as Reddit and Bitcointalk, with appropriate moderation so that idealogically fixated holders of POW coins don't fill up the thread with "it's a premine <expletive> <explitive> scam". I am very busy working right now and I won't do it today, but on the weekend or early next week I'll probably open a thread on Reddit. At this stage my angle would be to suggest XRP as suitable for people to allocate a small percentage of their crypto holdings with a view to long term possibility of appreciation, notwithstanding it is more likely than not that promise will not be realised. I'd be interested in hearing the xrpchat community's views.
  16. Well what a great start of 2017!! XRP may get listed on GDAX and Coinbase. Here is the blog post from Brian Armstrong. Coinbase is open for business for more coins to be listed in 2017. Completing our transition to becoming a digital currency company (not just a Bitcoin company) Brian Armstrong. Here is the rest of the story.
  17. Ripple XRP is on Forbes! Here is the article. “You now have a network that is able to tokenize brand new assets or create token versions of physical world assets and move them around in a virtual world,” she says. Sandra Ro, executive director of digitization at CME Group
  18. @rippleric identified this news first today: @Morty has found this video: EDIT: While Bitcoin can be seen as poor man's digital gold, then XRP is increasingly seen as banker's digital gold. This guy with his experience, connections and his enthusiasm is going to help that happen.
  19. I dont know if it has been posted recently but I just found out article below. It states India is biggest recipient of foreign remittances and lots of banks have shown interest in Ripple during Dilip Rao's trip to india. Please read the full article below and let me know what you guys think...
  20. In the case of mandatory KYC requirements by global govetnments (which is bound to happen at some stage )and heavy fines for non complying Alt coin companies, i think XRP will get direct benefit as i think its one of very few companies ( or may be only one) who is compliant with KYC now. And lot of new buys can jump in because of closure of other altcoin companies. Please share your opinions..
  22. Hi, In 3 weeks (April 1st), RippleTrade is supposed to be completly gone for everyone. I'm looking for another platform. I'm not impressed (yet) with GateHub - see a full topic here So, have anyone tried other options? What could be good for a power user, trader. Thanks.
  24. Hi Guys... May be I am day dreaming ... lol.... but just a thought to share with you and (but since BTC @1200 has proved its foolish to say never/impossible ) I would appreciate your honest opinion, if you think its possible for XRP to get $20-$50 per XRP range.. The basis of this assumption/dream is that as its mentioned several times by Ripple has main focus on international money transfer due to their higher conversion difference and fee/charges. so the total daily turnover of forex transaction is around $5 trillion USD (based on info available in Google )and due to cost reduction benefits and these are few possible predictions for XRP depending on how much share can it grab of the market (1) XRP grabs 20% shares of total FX market = 5Trillion *20% = 1 Trillion /100 Billion Xrp = $10 XRP (2) XRP gets 50% share of the FX market =2.5 Trillion/100 Billion xrp= $25 per XRP (3) XRP gets 80% share of the fx market =4 Trillion /100 Billion xrp=$40 per xrp (5) same way it will be $50 for 100 % share (Not a chance but just a calculation )= $50 per XRP + We need to add few more things on the positive side which could be Speculation and domestic payments (which are not part of this calculation ) etc... Please don't troll and don't use disrespectful language ... any honest criticism is welcome....
  25. Hi guys. Please correct me if I am wrong. But on the basis of news SBI is paying 3 Billion Yen for 17% of existing XRP which will equate to approx 11.9 billion yen which means 11.9 billion divided by 3 Billion =roughly 4 XRP per Yen which means in USD terms roughly they are getting each XRP for .002 which is 1/3rd of the market price.. Please share your opinions and as mentioned previously correct me if i am wrong...