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  1. Please review the following "predictions": Granted the market top got in at 3.40 USD, the timing months ahead... Bernanke trade was near "spot on"... Granted my notice was posted almost two weeks after I wrote it. Now on this Jan11, 2019, I circonvene any publishing delay. There are a few six month outlook data points I'd like to pitch: XRPBTC 0.0003 top XRPUSD 8.00 top I anticipate a series of spikes. I intend to sell some XRP on the second spike. I anticipate sharp market short lived unbalances. The critical data point I want to convey is to position orders ahead of the price action in order to be the liquidity provider. I feel compeled to give long terms investors and traders advanced notice.
  2. After Cory Johnson revelation that they have been in constant communication with the Trump administration, Ripple supporter should interpret this as positive. It appears as if this positivity is spreading. In a report the FSB(Financial Stability Board) said cryptocurrencies and blockchain could be viable alternatives if traditional payment means become expensive. This is a subtle endorsement for Ripple as it bids to replace SWIFT. According to a Twitter user, The Financial Stability Board and the G-20 could be bullish on cryptocurrencies because of the efficiency it tags along. While quoting a paragraph in a recent FSB report: “may become an option where current payment or banking services are less convenient or are slow and/or expensive”, Cory strongly believes that Ripple and the use of XRP could pick up, clipping some market share from SWIFT, a dominant cross border payment in use which is expensive. XRP Price Analysis Back to the daily chart and it’s clear that bulls are in control. This is so because Oct 11 losses bulls have been successful in reversing Oct 11 losses. This mostly because of Oct 15 rejections of prices below 40 cents. If anything, we recommend buying on pull backs in lower time frames. First targets would be at 55 cents, 65 cents and later 80 cents. Article by Dalmas Ngetich | October 17, 2018 | 2:00 am, source: https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/10/17/xrp-price-analysis-fsb-report/ FSB Report (Page 12): http://www.fsb.org/wp-content/uploads/P101018.pdf
  3. I'm having this feeling that BG123 isn't just making a prediction with ("$589+). He was making a statement. A statement based perhaps on his own "testing" of smaller amounts of currency being transacted through XRapid. If my theory is correct, based off everything I have read and learned here at this impeccable and incredible club/thread it would mean that the "+" symbol was added to express that $589.00 per each XRP is from just maybe one simple test. If this is the case, (now I know this sounds absolutely insane) I could see the value of XRP reaching 5 or more digits. I like to believe that BG123 was very important on the inside. Imagine,... $10,000.00 for each XRP I'm not dreaming here folks, I'm just thinking. If it really doesn't take that much currency to increase price and we, (well, I do anyway) expect XRP to increase in price very quickly... I'm talking fast enough to keep the "average Joe" from investing when the discover the truth that they should have invested earlier, even just $20. A global financial reset means that value will go from paper to digital which could mean so serious, breath taking, life changing profits. The kind that will be looked back on and people will think, what a time to be alive that would have been back then. I just have this feeling... And it's getting stronger. ?????
  4. I used to work with Forex for many years and always distinguished one particular FX broker for its passion for new technologies. EBS (1) was a great broker which "was created by a partnership of the world's largest foreign exchange market making banks in 1990 to challenge Reuters' threatened monopoly in interbank spot foreign exchange and provide effective competition. By 2007, approximately US$164 billion in spot foreign exchange transactions were traded every day over EBS's central limit order book, EBS Market". EBS was bought by ICAP (mainly for its technology and the team behind it) in 2006 (2) and re-branded to NEX few years later. They recognized the potential and invested into the FX system heavily, e.g. "making it the fastest FX live-streaming data feed available from a primary market venue - spot FX data is currently provided at five millisecond intervals". Technology is still one of NEX' priorities (3). NEX looked into XRP in 2017 and the CEO made a bold statement - "there’s potential in the next-generation of cryptocurrencies like ripple. NEX is actively discussing building transaction platforms for cryptocurrencies” (4). Later 2017 NEX started “incorporating blockchain technology, the digital distributed ledger system that backs cryptocurrencies, in its system. Providing a trading platform for ether or ripple would be another step in its evolution” (5). The system in question, called NEX Infinity, has a very ambitious goal - “provide clients with a single platform that seeks to simplify trade processing, reduce costs and optimise their risk and capital across the entire transaction lifecycle. It will be capable of delivering both NEX Optimisation’s suite of industry-leading services and others available from third party vendors” (6). Interesting news from 2018, NEX will be bought by CME group soon (7), adding great spot platform to what CME already has which is XRP futures operated by Crypto Facilities (8). Together this could become the "Institutional Hedging" facility, hinted by Miguel Vias (ex-CME employee) in Q4 2017 XRP Markets report (9). Interesting times ahead, let's wait for "the second half of 2018" when the transaction is expected to close in, "pending on the approval of regulators and NEX shareholders". (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Broking_Services (2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NEX_Group (3) https://www.nex.com/about-us/our-priorities (4) https://finance.yahoo.com/news/one-biggest-global-currency-exchanges-104726642.html?guccounter=1 (5) https://www.ft.com/content/9f2aefd4-3ec2-11e7-82b6-896b95f30f58 (6) https://www.nex.com/~/media/Files/N/NEX/nex-docs/21179_NEX_AR2017_Online.pdf (7) https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/29/cme-group-deal-to-buy-nex-for-5-point-5-billion.html (8) https://www.coindesk.com/ripples-xrp-just-might-next-big-crypto-futures-market/ (9) https://ripple.com/insights/q4-2017-xrp-markets-report/
  5. New member, forgive me if the post format isn't perfect. Came here from DAI on youtube. I'm invested in XRP like most, if not all of you. In my research, I've come to the conclusion that XRP is going to the metaphorical 'moon' that everyone talks about. Here's why: Ripple has created a currency that destroys .00001 of itself (10 drops) with every transaction. (https://developers.ripple.com/transaction-cost.html) I don't remember which Ripple exec talked about it (not BG or Schwartz), but the potential transaction per second of Ripple is quite large, upwards of 500 billion - 1 trillion per second. I think that's a bit much, so I factored it to 1 billion/second. Don't remember which article it was, but I'm trying to find it. When you do the math, that's a minimum of 864 million ripple being burned every day, conservatively. Multiply that by 500 and its just shy of 500 billion xrp per day. Factor in Apple's integration with XRP, Amazon's likely partnership, 5-25% of SWIFT integration within three years, retail adoption on a global scale, and finally, FOMO. When emotional wall street investors start getting phone calls from their clients, the average uneducated investor will be priced out. Too late. With the Cobalt update and the Transcendence upgrade to the ledger, Ripple's transaction speed appears to be headed toward 1 sec. That speed is phenomenal. I don't think it'll be at the end of this year when we see it. Analysts have said that the global markets look safe through the middle of 2019, and SEC regulators appear behind the ball when it comes to getting things in place. Thanks to Malta and other crypto havens, they have no choice but to act. Institutional investors are on board, but within three years, probably after the 2020 election, is when I see XRP taking off. Now that I think of it, it might have been Stefan Thomas on twitter (Coil founder) who mentioned the transaction speed/second. I may be wayyyyyy off on that Tx/sec, but with Ripple's scalability, anything seems possible. They've created a perpetual demand-creation machine that is aimed squarely at global domination. Their aim seems true. $10,000 XRP. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hi, can anyone explain why the value of XRP (Ripple "tokens") needs to fluctuate? Why didn't Ripple (the company) just say that their tokens are worth 10 cents each forever. Just like postage stamps have a fixed price (except when prices are increased due to increased delivery costs or inflation). No-one speculates on the value of frequent flyer tokens (sorry "points") or current (non rare) postage stamps, so why are XRP and other crypto's different? Surely they aren't rare already - there are millions of XRP's and thousands of different "coins" apparently and more can be created easily anytime - there is no limit, no rarity. Ripple can just decide to release more XRP if they want to - there's no law to stop them is there? So why are these tokens worth more than postage stamps and frequent flyer points? Or cash (fiat money)? It was a genius idea to call these things "coins" because it makes them feel like money. But they aren't money (or coins), are they? XRP is just a token (actually just numbers) which can act as a short term intermediary in some international currency transactions. It's value is irrelevant for these transactions - yes it needs a value, but it could be 1 cent or 10 cents or any fixed arbitrary amount. I'm puzzled - please help me understand. Why do you think these are worth something as an investment??
  7. The uncertainty of some XRP chatters is actually quite amusing. Especially, if you can be emotionally detached from your own XRP holdings. I'm watching it grow, like paint drying it takes time. However, with crypto, we could see some serious gains quickly for no reason. Even then, just because the harvest is plentiful doesn't mean we must eat the fruit. I for one am holding for a couple or few years unless the fantastic $589 appears before eoy. I have a few reasons of why, and how it could possibly reach that price. All, I can say is, I am still bullish. More so today than I have ever been. The fundamentals are there, the utility will follow. Fasten those seat belts because 90% of us will sell early. A $100/XRP is extremely tempting. It's worth more than that. I'm reading that the Federal Reserve is attentive...$250/XRP would change my life. Tempting. But, it's worth more than that. When the SEC makes an announcement.. who knows? Call my XRP what you will I call it freedom ?? What do you think is going to happen these next few months/years? P.S. tin foil hat optional
  8. And its burning rapidly still holding, What's the price and why?
  9. Delectro


    What does Ripple say when Bitcoin said "I reached $19k USD"? HODL my zerps Had too. When moon? ? 36 months tops...??? Sincerely, ~Delectro
  10. I started reading about COMIT¹ and noticed an interesting quote: This prediction was made in 2015. So, just for fun, let's extrapolate a little. Right now the GWP (Gross World Product) is at $74T in nominal terms² and it's grown by 4% a year for the past 10 years.³ So, looking 10 years into the future at 4% growth per year, we arrive at $74T * (1.04^10) = $110T. All cryptocurrencies are now worth more than $100B.⁴ At the time of writing, XRP is worth ~$0.27 per coin, or $27B in total if you count all 100B coins. If you count only the 38B coins in circulation right now, that gives it roughly a $10B market cap. So, let's call it 10% of the total crypto market. Assuming the market cap of each coin stays exactly where it is relative to the total cap (i.e. the rising tide raises all boats equally), and we see the total cap grow to be 10% of the GWP as the WEF predicts... That means the total crypto market will be worth $110T * 10% = $11T. If XRP is still 10% of the market, that gives each coin a valuation of ($11T * 0.1) / 100B = $11 (assuming by that point all 100B coins will be out of escrow and circulating). This doesn't account for any growth relative to other cryptocurrencies. Thoughts? Sources: 1: http://www.comit.network/doc/COMIT white paper v1.0.2.pdf 2: http://www.economywatch.com/economic-statistics/year/2016/ 3: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross_world_product 4: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/with-bitcoin-surge-cryptocurrencies-top-100-billion-in-market-capitalization-2017-06-06
  11. I am Delectro. XRP's price will increase dramatically, overnight Beyond Bitcoin's dream's Decoupled Moon first Then, Standardized $10,000+ could be off by a zero or few Your proof, your source, Me, Delectro, Delectro's wisdom... HODL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. protechtor

    XRP Patterns

    4H Trend = Down 1D Trend = Down Pattern = Potential Descending (falling) Wedge http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:chart_analysis:chart_patterns:falling_wedge_reversal, needs price breakout above 1.01 and ideally break descending trendline near 1.07 to validate trend reversal. Breakdown and follow-through of lower green trendline invalidates the pattern.
  13. Are we about to blow up? Possible triple bottom?
  14. Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment... we're no longer flourishing like we were during the Great Zerpening of 12/17. During the Great Zerpening of '17, we saw a rise from $.24 all the way to $3.85. That's a 1,440% increase in our portfolio, for those of us that were around when @RegalChicken first made claim to it. Unfortunately, we've now fallen into the Zerpocalypse, an unfortunate dark time in our lives. Where we were all once sitting high on $3.85/Zerp worth of pure digital gold, we've now lost nearly 80% of our holdings. Now I'm not trying to be all Fuddy Duddy here. I stay true to the First Rule of Zerp Club... We don't talk about selling zerps. I'm in it for the long haul. But with the change in environment, I think it's safe to say that we should divert our eyes from window shopping our Moon Lambos and yachts, and take a look at when we should consider jumping in big during this dip. So what do you guys think? Anyone saving their stack of cash to jump back in at a certain price point?
  15. I hope you all don't mind, but seeing as this is the speculation club, I thought I would throw this out there... Now that we are in March and my DCA is $1.50 (so purely being selfish)... When do you lot think we might hit that price? I did expect more movement in March but I am now thinking May for $1.50. Please let me know your thoughts if you wan't to join in speculating
  16. I was reading an article about JPM estimating that between 2009-2017 Bitcoin had a cumulative amount of $6 billion invested resulting in a market cap of $330 billion. In that time Ethereum had a cumulative amount of $2 billion invested resulting in a market cap of $45 billion. This information supports the idea that market cap is almost useless when determining a "value" for a particular crypto. Assuming JPM correctly estimated these values, a big assumption, I estimated that xrp currently has a cumulative value of $1.6 billion. If the cumulative value of xrp increased to $6 billion the resulting market cap would be $330 billion and xrp would have a price of around $8.46. So extrapolating from there if $70-$80 billion cumulative value were to flow into xrp the price could theoretically reach $100 with a market cap of $3.9 trillion. Which is very possible if Ripple achieves the goals they have set for xrp. Just something to think about when someone says "a price of $XXX is impossible for xrp to reach".
  17. it is Zebpay !! another exchange called unocoin is going to add it in the near future...HODL GUYS!!!
  18. Pure speculation, but fits what I have seen XRP is hated by most traditional crypto investors, with a smaller portion pro XRP either exclusively or as part of a larger portfolio The big recent rise coincides with new money. Money that has traditional values, not anti banks. Favours XRP, but not exclusively as they are learning. Annual dip scares new money impacting all, but especially XRP. Chinese New Year also impacts all, as does futures. Recovery is fueled mostly by old timers as they have seen or knew of the annual dip. Finger on the pulse. New money still needs reassurance. Some may be watching but many not. Others relying on old school media Delays of old school XRP believers boosting xrp quickly as there is a lack of XRP fiat pairs. Therefore it will take longer for us to refuel. But once it does new money will prefer XRP.
  19. Before everyone replies with "how long is a piece of string" or "who knows"... I am asking for some speculation and educated (or non educated) guesses I have been a member since September and bought XRP "early" on, however since then (being new to Crypto) have made some spectacular errors! I won't go into those now. My cost average is $1.6 or 1.3 Euros (after buying back in, after my aforementioned errors). I am sure there are others in the same position, or even worse off, than me at the moment and holding onto XRP whilst being very much in the red. I would like to see what others think for a time scale to get back up to the prices above or higher. My gut feeling is that we will have a bearish first quarter, with the price picking up after but I think we will need quite some news or adoption to bring is back to $1.6 or 1.3 Euro levels. I am hoping that in May (end of) we should get there, by no means am I an expert! And I should state that my plan was to hold till end of year and re-evaluate, so maybe take initial investment out at this point (if applicable!) Thanks.
  20. I am very confident that we will reach 2 USD plus soon. Wandering what you guys think? The reason for the drop from 3 USD all the way down to 1 USD had various reasons: An overall bear market in crypto with a lot of panics (South Korea, China). The 3 USD range, had to do with Coinbase speculation, but the 2 USD range not. A lot of negativity in the press around Ripple. Some articles (Bloomberg) even made the veteran investors a bit insecure. It is not FUD, but reality, investment is high risk. My personal problem is that they don't put a loop under any other crypto. Ripple chooses not to fight this, but will respond will news. I agree with this strategy. But against all that, this is also the reality: Starting Jan. 30, cryptocurrency traders in South Korea will not be allowed to make deposits into their virtual currency exchange wallets unless the names on their bank accounts match the account name in cryptocurrency exchanges. I don't see this as negative, but very positive. The new money will start to come in end of the month, as all accounts have to be updated. US-based residents eyeing tax returns. And I do believe that US citizens rather invest in a US company then send their money to China. Coinbase is not really needed anymore. Ripple clearly put a strategy in place. With Uphold, but also Coinsquare competition is around the corner for Coinbase. Business 101 tells you no to lose ground to quickly. IMO coinbase had a major resource problem and XRP is ready for launch soon. All the announcements... Yes trials/pilots on XRP so no usage..This won't trigger the current crypto expert/investor dreaming of lamboos and expect 100% in one week. But anyone in IT or with any bank knowledge knows that you don't get to try stuff at a banking system unless intentions are very high to use it. I think big-time investors much be so happy with the XRP being so low over the past weeks. Koreans love Ripple and actually like a centralized coin (XRP is decentralized btw). They understand that principle due to their background. No reason to walk away from that. We will hear from SBI on their trials in Feb. Needless to say that SBI holding is all in on XRP We will hear the other two big players (Western Union and ?) Crédit Agricole Payment Services and Ripple will present the stakes and challenges of the test at the Paris Fintech Forum on 30 January 2018 in Paris. Happy to hear your thought!
  21. RipplePiercing

    A Newbie's Thoughts - Ripple Roadmap

    So this is my first post on XRP Chat... I've been following the likes of @JoelKatz, @Hodor and various other Top Members on here and on the Reddit Forum since I first bought my Zerps. I firstly wanted to commend the community for instilling such a positive attitude (to both Ripple and others within the community [even those who spread FUD]). When I first joined the Reddit Forum there were <40,000 members but that has since grown to over 160,000 in the last 6 weeks). I invested in late November and have used forums, YouTube, Ripple Insights etc... to keep a track of all the news and goings on which may affect the price of XRP in 2018 and beyond. I wondered what other people on the forum foresee being the 'Big' announcements for Ripple in the first two Quarters of the year. I've done quite a bit of reading and have listed a few of mine below: Q4 Report - This was initially a big one for me given the speculation about the '2 household names'. With that being said I understand that the majority of quarterly reporting (at least from traditional investments) merely 'rounds up' the trailing 3 months rather than speculates on forthcoming partnerships. SBI Holdings Pilot Feedback 31st January - The proposed date that SBI holdings (part of the Softbank Group) announce their results from utilisations of XRP as a source of liquidity within their group of 61 Japanese Banks. For those who don't know a great deal about Softbank, this business is HUUUUGEEE. I work within Consumer Electronics and Consultancy within the UK and Softbank have fingers in every pie (investments in Manchester Airport, The M6 Toll Road, Brightstar Electronics [Global Partner of Apple], 36% Share Holder of Alibaba). This is the BIG one for me; companies of this stature will deploy the XRP cost saving solution across the business (for inter-group financial transactions) and will hopefully have a big say in any stakeholder meetings with their extended investments. Brad Garlinghouse speaking at Yahoo Finance Conference - Brad will be supporting some big names within the world of Finance at the Yahoo Conference this year. Although I don't believe this will bring huge price action, I do think it will add further credibility to both Ripple and XRP (is the CEO of any other Crypto speaking there **ahem** Bitcoin **ahem**??) MoneyGram Pilot Conclusion - Pilot's can last months (and even years) so this is purely speculative but should Moneygram positively conclude their Pilot in 2018, I think this will bring some strong positive price action. Coinbase - The dreaded 'C' word... We all saw the negative action the Statement from their CEO brought to Ripple... This (in my opinion) proves the potential of a listing on Coinbase and the potential upswing this would bring. I've seen it written thousands of times, but psychology has a strong baring on the Retail Investor and I genuinely believe that a coin listed in 'Sub-$XXX' listed on CB, will attract much more 'Newbies' looking to find the next 'Moonshot'. Speculation - Since I first Invested (Late November [Thanks to The TeenageInvestor on Youtube]) there has been limited 'Real World' utilisation of XRP as a genuine source for on demand liquidity. Admittedly , some companies (Cuallix) have been using it Day to Day but on the whole, the majority of utilisation has been in 'Pilot' form or has been sidestepped for pure RippleNet testing. I do believe however, that once companies realise the potential to free up any liquidity held for oversees remittance etc... that at that point, XRP will come into its own. Additional PR - This is one I've dreamt up on my own but given that Ripple as a business are on what looks like recruitment drive for Marketing Experts (recent hire of ex-Facebook Marketeer), I believe they will be putting a lot of pressure on MSM to keep up the positive momentum surround Crypto and Ripple/XRP. Market Pressures - Competition in any market is positive for business. VISA recruiting BlockChain specialists with experience of Ripple R3, ETH and BTC means they are trying to catch a slice of the market Ripple are seeking. This will be exciting to watch given that Ripple are some years ahead of the competitors and VISA already have the majority of Key Account Partnerships tied up in their existing business. Nevertheless, I see this as excellent for Ripple and Blockchain in general. Other Listed Companies riding the 'Crypto Wave' - As we have seen recently, partnerships with Crypto's bring positive action (to both the Crypto and the Stock [Moneygram being one example]). I therefore wouldn't be surprised if more Fortune 500, FTSE100 etc... companies start trialling and experimenting with Blockchain in their existing business to bring some returns for their shareholders. Those are just a few of my thoughts. I would love to hear the thoughts from some of the other 'Top Members' @XRPto50dollars, @RegalChicken, @buckor, @Chewiecoin and where they see the price action arriving this year. Thanks for reading. #XRPtheStandard
  22. Burgoyne

    Nobody seems to understand XRP

    I have yet to read a post by anyone that understands that XRP has nothing to do with banks and remittance institutions. The network that banks use (Xcurrent) has absolutely nothing to do with "Xrapid" which is what the seperate digital currency (XRP) uses. Nothing at all. This talk of banks adopting XRP is so flagrantly ignorant it causes me to shake my head. So what the heck is this perpetual talk of XRP absorbing swift and forex transactions? It's 100% completely centralized within Ripple Inc. and is at the mercy of their scrupules, trust and caprices. Low transaction costs and fast transactions? Bitcoin's lightning network will be able to do that and so will Ethereum within 2 years. I have big problems with bitcoin's power usage, miner monopoly, exchange monopoly and hackability. I have a huge problem with XRP's company centralization, seperate business's (Xcurrent for institutions and Xrapid for speculators) and see Ethereum-Ether as the superior balance of both. So I challenge the "informed" Ripple speculators to elucidate the justification for this because I see zero within a short to mid timeframe. Not a hater. I speculatively bought 3k XRP on Kraken but fail to see the longterm benefits of a flagrantly centralized company owned cryptocurrency that has nothing to do with banks or remittance institutions. Addition to original post: **NOTICE** Very surprised by the volume and speed of responses here. Blown away I am. My post was meant to ask a hard question by a neophyte newbie–me–in regard to XRP. In order for something to stand upon its own two feet it must be able to withstand these queries. I thank you all for the informative info and critique. This community is far more robust than I thought. I originally bought bitcoin when it was a subversive medium at a cafe in chicago from a guy I met on Reddit. I used it to get funds into an offshore gambling account. It was a truly beautiful thing back then when the miners were discursive and spread out, governments didn't develop tools to mess with it, exchanges did not exist, it was actually used as a currency etc... This Ripple community reminds of those times a bit. My limited vision sees 3 cryptos: a centralized regulated (Ripple), a decentralized swiss-army knife (Ether) and a subversize untraceable (Monero et al). I'm in all 3. I see bitcoin as the Icarus, the first casualty, the Napster, Atari and Netscape. Thanks for the replies again.
  23. Ok guys, in the world of Ripple and cryptocurrency in general I guess I am a novice or a newbie. However, I'd like to just make this post as a general, easy to understand chat about its projected value over the coming 12 months of 2018. Please correct me in my outline to tell me if i am correct or not. This is basically a summing up of what I have heard people say and argue on the internet and social media as to why XRP will boost upwards, I am merely trying to set this all out in one place so that you guys can tell me if it is at all correct as to how 2018 is suppose to develop for XRP. My simple way of looking at it is thus..... Let us assume firstly that Ripple keeps growing and that XRP also keeps growing in its usage, actual practical uses in real world, real-time transactions. Let us assume therefore that investors investing in XRP grows and the price keeps going up. I know this is a lot of assuming but my discussion really centers around the market cap argument. Many people say that XRP cannot possibly go up to $1000 in price and that even $100 would be a massive step. This argument is based on the maths that if you use a circulating supple of 39billion XRP, a price of $100 would give $3.9Trillion. As I am typing this the whole market cap of all cryptocurrency is around $600Billion? So we can see that XRP reaching $100 actually DOES sound a bit crazy in the current climate. However, the history of Bitcoin tells us that a price of almost $20,000 achieved a few weeks ago would have seemed absolutely crazy 12 months ago, and the market cap 12 months ago was tiny compared to now. So where does this all leave us? Firstly, people in general say that there are many many billions of dollars yet to enter the cryptocurrency market, due to it being fairly new. Analysts all over the web are saying that this could even reach trillions of dollars if financial institutions and pension providers and banks actually start investing in cryptocurrency. Secondly, Bitcoin is seen as many as impractical for real time, real-world uses in its current form unless it innovates. This leaves a gap which XRP seems to have been trying to position itself to fill and could theoretically have a head start almost in this respect come the start of 2018. Thirdly, XRP has so far been difficult to purchase and a boost in price will happen as it is added to more exchanges, especially Coinbase. Fourth, IF (maybe a big IF?) XRP actually starts to be deployed by banks to facilitate cross border transfers of money in real-time then many many banks will stock up on XRP and HOLD it to ensure they have a large supply. This in turn will actually REDUCE the circulating supply and by the forces of supply and demand this will increase the price to those investors wanting to put money into XRP. Because of this reduced circulation caused by banks etc stocking up on XRP in order to use it the price of XRP may well shoot up to $100 or more? Does this make sense at all to you good people who understand XRP better than me? Thanks guys and Happy New Year. Regards OWEN
  24. Ok. I know that we are all bullish on xrp but I met an xrp enthusiast today and he assured me that xrp will be 15K USD by years end. Ofcourse I blew him off but for some reason I cant get that thought out of my head even after letting him know that if xrp performed as it did last year it would be around 830 USD by years end. I also pointed out to him that yes it was possible for xrp to do better this year but 15k would be an increase of over 600000%. Even then. Cant help but think. Can it really? Any thoughts?
  25. 15mil (average SWIFT transactions per day) x 365 days is 5.4tril annually. 5.4tril annual transactions consumes 54mil XRP, and that's just from SWIFT alone (Visa processes over 8.9tril transactions annually, which will consume 89mil XRP). For example, Western Union charges a fee of $5 for a simple wire transfer of $50. I can't even imagine the SWIFT fee's on wires in the millions of dollars. 1XRP can facilitate 100k reference transactions. Due to scarcity + volume (not even including subjective market value) it's not unrealistic that 1XRP could become worth upwards of $1,000 or more based on the amount of money saved on SWIFT fee's alone. What do you all think? Maybe $1,000 is low-balling XRP's potential.