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Found 9 results
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  1. Chaos0606

    Create secure PaperWallet

    Edit: I did a guide : Create secure Paperwallet, This guide is based on ripple.com https://chaos-artonline.com/xrp.php --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. What is the best software to create XRP Paper- Wallets ? I look for a secure methode to create one. i dont trust Websites to create my Paper-Wallets - too easy to Scam -
  2. Hi. If u want to creat your own PaperWallet. Guide -> https://chaos-artonline.com/xrp.php My guide is based on ripple.com ( https://developers.ripple.com/rippleapi-reference.html )
  3. ...is xrp's potential for being used as "reserves." I came across this article that discusses the concept of "forex reserves:" http://www.nbdpress.com/articles/2017-06-08/2632.html Before reading this article, I've heard the concept of xrp "reserves" being purchased by individual companies or market makers as a tool for managing risk and being able to profit from volatility. (source: _https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/5280-valuation-models-xrp-the-digital-currency-vs-ripple-the-company/?do=findComment&comment=50182_) The concept was always part of a larger topic, and I guess I made a mental note and just kind of said to myself "Well, yeah, that would be cool. I wonder if that would happen with a large retailer like Amazon that does international commerce." I left it there in my thinking, like a shiny bauble that might get my attention again at some point in the future. After all, I'm focused on the big fish - the possibility of RCL taking over for SWIFT. And then I read a simple group of words from this article, and realized I'd been missing the power of a concept all these years. Here's the snippet: Did you catch that amount of USD that China uses for the sole purpose of ForEx? 3.05 trillion. The Concept Nation-state federal reserves will usually carry the main unit of currency used to make ForEx transfers. And currently, US Dollars are the de-facto currency used to do those transfers. What is SAFE? (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Administration_of_Foreign_Exchange) USD is Currently King of Reserves So how do we arrive at how much USD some other countries might just "store?" To do this, we need to compare the relative size of China's economy with other nations, and do the multiplication. Let's do this with a few different countries where Ripple has already established trade pairings: GDP of China: 11,218,281 ---> 3 trillion in reserves Japan: 4,938,644 ---> 1.3 trillion in reserves? UK: 2,629,188 ---> .7 trillion in reserves? India: 2,256,397 ---> .6 trillion in reserves? South Korea: 1,411,246 ---> .37 trillion in reserves? Basically, we can roughly estimate that these combined countries store approximately 6 trillion USD in reserves. Also, consider the fact that I'm not even considering businesses within these countries. Large companies tend to want to keep their own reserves of USD for exchange as well. And these companies can store very large quantities of USD in their corporate treasuries as well. I don't *think* nations would ever store a digital asset issued by a private company as a reserve, or if they did, it would be for boutique purposes most likely. A more likely scenario under the current system would be central reserves creating their own IOU on RCL. However, we can use the concept of "reserve" to understand how very large companies might want to snap up XRP at large quantities. So now, go back to the articles here on XRPChat where JoelKatz was talking about the concept of "reserves," and now three of his points should make more sense: (source: _https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/5280-valuation-models-xrp-the-digital-currency-vs-ripple-the-company/?do=findComment&comment=50182_) This is the way currency "reserves" work now for nations - and for large companies - and it is a very exciting prospect for XRP! What About the Future For World Reserve Currencies? There is a possibility that XRP could play a role in national reserves: In an exciting development, a report by the UN Conference on Trade and Development calls for abandoning the US Dollar s the single reserve currency. It says that the new reserve system should (Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-dollar-reserves-un-idUSTRE65S40620100629 ) The report goes even further: IMF Connection to Ripple So now we see the connection to the IMF, and now we can understand much better what Chris Larsen (and Ripple's) role *might* involve with the IMF Advisory Committee. If the SDR's are going to operate using a "basket of currencies", what technology do you think is best for representing that basket using an IMF-backed, redeemable IOU? Seriously? This type of usage couldn't be a better fit for RCL and XRP. Is your crypto portfolio on the right side of history? ###### DISCLAIMERS ###### THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE PLEASE DO NOT TRADE CRYPTO WITH LEVERAGE I DO NOT HAVE ANY INSIDE INFORMATION I STILL OWN MTG CARDS
  4. Newsmaker22

    New XRP-er Rippex Questions

    Hi all...new XRP-er...umm...XRP-ee...not sure which is right...haha...anyway just a few questions about the Rippex wallet. So, I'm buying ETH on coinbase, sending it to Binance, converting to XRP and sending back to my Rippex wallet. Since you can take it off-line doesn't that make it a "cold wallet" when you want it to be? Now, should my computer crash, can I reinstall the wallet and use the secret key to get my XRP back? Or is it not that simple. I notice there is a file that sits on my desktop and I've tried to move it, but when I do it will not let me log in, it has to stay on my desktop. I've noticed some people saying about moving files to a USB drive, how would I do that? Or does it matter because of the off-line mode? Thanks for the help! I'm in at .98, 1.12 and 1.17 for about 500 XRP...looking to buy more on a dip if we ever get one...haha.
  5. Gwada97159

    nano ledger is safe ?

    Hey folks, could you please explain me why nano ledger is safe, if yes, is there a tutorial how to use it ? Best.
  6. Is there a 'bonefied safe way' to update the firmware on a Ledger Nano S to not lose any BTC/ETH currently stored on the device? My XRP is currently stored on an online wallet and I'd love to move it to my Ledger Nano S, but I am afraid of losing the current firmware, and therefore losing my BTC/ETH stored on the device. Thanks for any insight.
  7. ObservantOne

    LINUX for dummies

    I hope I am not taking up too much of your time. I am looking to set up my Win7 pc to be Linux. I need to have the most security, and a decent GUI. I understand that the majority of what is to be done through Linux will be code based (like cmd.), but if there is a secure, easier to use feature, I am all ears. I am also up for learning how to use it. What do I need from my pc? Absolute control. I need security, and redundancy. I am looking to take my XRP offline, into a cold wallet so an exchange can't flub it up. How do I go about this!? Do I do clean install>AV install>update>set up Virtual Machine (on a USB to isolate my wallet)>Install AV>Update VM>Set up Wallet> Sync> Test send to wallet> Send when confirmed? I have two ledger nano s "wallets" though I have been told that the XRP isn't actually stored in the "wallet", but the Ledger is used to give permission when wishing to move to or from the "wallet". Too much misleading information out there! Anywho, thank you for your time!
  8. I emailed support@gatehub.net but they are not replying. I invested small amounts buying ripple but I had to restore my phone and I lost 2fa. Can anyone help please ?
  9. I currently use Ripple exactly how it was intended - as a unique tool for the transfer of value. At the moment, Ripple can be used as a low volatility, safe haven currency that facilitates reinvestment into other cryptocurrencies. For example, if I feel Bitcoin and Ethereum are in an overbought bubble and about to undergo price correction, I convert my ETH and BTC to XRP (instantly and it feels so good), hold my XRP position through the price correction, then reinvest into ETH and BTC at a lower price. For guys like me, who are trying to get a DAPP development team together and push crypto into mainstream utilization, investment tools such as XRP only serve to help bolster funding that can and will be reinvested into cryptocurrency. Right now I own a Ledger Nano S (not a shill, but I highly recommend it for $70) and would love to see support for an XRP wallet on the Ledger - it would enhance XRP's position as a safe haven currency. I believe in the instantaneous nature and capacity of Ripple - not every cryptocurrency has to be an earth shattering anarchist's dream. Enough about me - if you have a hardware wallet that you want to support XRP, I'll happily support the cause and send the dev team an email. And if you're interested, you can vote here to make Ledger support happen -- XRP support for Ledger. Good luck in the cryptosphere!