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  1. Being part of this forum for a few months now, I feel like I have been watching a game of ping pong with this back and forth on the value of XRP. The discussions back and forth on market cap, the lock up, touching down in China, the use of XRP in Japan, again the market cap, the naysayers comparing it to BTC. on and on and on..........so..... the question is: Do we believe the coin will rise in value.........or nah? . not if it will hit BTC value, or ETH value, or BCC value; but will it go up at ALL? I believe if it does, no one should have cause to complain except those that dumped their coins, or got in a little late, I'm a firm believer that some profit is better than no profit.
  2. As stated in my conversation, I noticed this change when I studied Ripple's progression. Confirmation is rewarding. Notice his use of "massively?" He has also said XRP price will go up massively when FIs start to source XRP. This is the plan. It would solve liquidity. all trials and PoCs up to this point have used "house money." As Dilip Rao has said, they are done with PoCs. Everyone knows it works now. My opinion is we will all know when they are about to go live. it will be a big event including multiple banks. The size of sourcing will be controlled, but still large compared to our retail purchases. This will squeeze supply and coupled with our frenzy, demand will go up "massively." HODL! This is all my opinion. do your own due diligence, Dont invest more than you can afford to lose. I could be wrong.
  3. https://www.swift.com/news-events/press-releases/22-additional-global-banks-join-the-swift-gpi-blockchain-proof-of-concept SWIFT is not all finished and Ripple does not have it all insured
  4. I put together a short collection of video tutorials for how to create a Ripple wallet, login, fund it, buy/sell, and send to other addresses. Will add more regarding issuing your own tokens etc later. Goal is to show how easy it can be without using any command lines or programming. I even threw in a short segment on creating a cold wallet, even though it's practically the same thing. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHAK7FXoElZOyM6MaQ_O_i6ATap2k9r-o
  5. I took a few nights to go ahead and build a site with most of Ripple's functionality. It's essentially a 1-page cold-wallet version of RippleTrade. Everything is client-side and nothing stored or processed by any servers other than the Ripple network. https://www.theworldexchange.net/ Hopefully this spurs more interest in people using Ripple as more than just a currency.
  6. This tweet was just sent out by Emi Yoshikawa from Ripple:
  7. It mentions ripple https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/bahrain-bank-first-mena-region-join-r3-blockchain-consortium/
  8. https://steemit.com/ripple/@dank-crypomemes/founder-of-bank-of-newyork-mellon-bought-xrp-turned-2million-into-280million what can you say guys? thoughts opinions
  9. This is my new blog! I was inspired by an XRPChat conversation where JoelKatz pointed out that crypto might make it more difficult to finance war! I think the original conversation is here: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/8156-econ-101-question-central-banks-using-crypto/?do=findComment&comment=77746 I hope you enjoy! Please leave any positive or negative feedback below (or facts/spelling/grammar corrections). And, as always, please feel free to share my blog on other media or with a friend! My blog announcement(s) on other media: Reddit Twitter Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP Speculation Thread
  10. Why don't the banks in the Ripple Asia Consortium start to enable ripple payments? Is there something certain that they are waiting on Ripple for before launch? What Is the next step to enabling Ripple payments with the RC cloud?
  11. Made our Rippex Wallet today :)

    Completed making our Rippex Wallet today, very excited Will secure our Secret Key as we have secured our offline Bitcoin / Ethereum Private Keys. Ripple software looks much more accessible than everyone says. Great to see a great community here, and very visually-appealing forum software! - Gamerbits Team
  12. Greetings! My latest blog entry talks about how Ripple is keeping focused on its goal even amidst the grand chaos that Bitcoin is creating lately. I hope you enjoy the read. Leave any feedback positive or negative below, and please feel free to share on other media! My blog announcements on other media: Reddit Twitter Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP Speculation Thread
  13. I was faffing around with my bank (natwest) trying to send some money to Germany. It will take 2-4 days and cost at least £10 (x3 if I want it within 1-2 days). So, naturally i started looking for any signs Natwest might be moving into the 21st century by adopting Ripple tech, and found this interesting article which I thought I'd share. https://natwest.contentlive.co.uk/content/2e2fc1f9-878d-808a-924e-d30bbf15cb35 Dated 26th July 2016 "One of the most widely followed blockchain developments for the banking industry is Ripple. The developer, Ripple Labs, proposes it as an alternative to the correspondent banking system that enables near-instant, bilateral, and straight-through processing. Ripple still requires large currency floats at the two ends of the transaction which implies that banks are required in a settlement arrangement. Banks could potentially use Ripple for intrabank and interbank real-time settlement. International remittance business is being disrupted by borderless cryptocurrency solutions which offer faster processing and lower costs than established banking system alternatives. At this point, the overall adoption of cryptocurrency remains low due to the complexity levels for average users and confidence levels in the volatile, unregulated systems."
  14. "Some have speculated that enabling the Ethereum network to process a million transactions a second could potentially boost the value of ether tokens past $2,000 a coin. They’re currently trading at $290." http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-13/ethereum-about-unseat-amazon-web-services
  15. Looking at Rialto.ai it looks promising with lot of PhD guyz working on it. I wanted to know whether this buying and selling off exchanges is based on ai work. We see all the time how charts and forecasting of values fail.
  16. I have my Gatehub wallet verfied. I want to convert the USD in my bank into ripple, bitcoin, and ether. To do this via Gatehub I have to wire the money which costs $35 + other fees on top of that. I wanted to know if anyone knew of a cheaper way to convert their bank money into cryptocurrency.
  17. People seem to be expecting overnight returns on XRP that's simply not going to happen. Ripple protocol requires time to implement and integrate into the systems of already established Banks and FI's, which have been using the same technology since the 70's. Ripple technology is shining a light on this obsolete technology and asking these large institutions to update their systems with Ripple technology. Put yourself in the position of CEO of a major bank and you have a new company come to you asking to get rid of the only payment system they have ever used in order to integrate a new system that will effectively replace the old one. Despite the appeal of the new technology, that being Ripple and XRP, you are not going to make this decision lightly. Proof of Concepts (POC) are great, but they don't mean much until the systems are signed off and integrated. Plenty can happen between a POC and integration. The main point i'm trying to establish here is that we seem to have a lot of people who have the "get rich quick" mentality that is ultimately going to destroy you in the long term as your judgement will be clouded by your insatiable desire to buy today and retire tomorrow. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day -- This applies to Ripple as well. If you bought XRP one month, two months or even 4-5 months ago, you obviously bought it for a reason, or at least I did. I work as a broker and understand the painstaking time it takes for payments to hit their beneficiary and the annoyance caused by pestering clients who are wanting to know where their money is 2 days after processing a deal. So when a company like Ripple and a product like XRP come along, your tail should rise and you should definitely get excited -- and for good reason. You look at the thousand other crypto's out there and i guarantee you that there are maybe 0.05% of the total coins on offer that have a genuine use-case -- The rest will die off as the market grows. For me, Ripple is right at the top of the list with Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA because i understand what it is trying to do and the potential it has to change the day-to-day landscape of modern business. A lot of people have an investment strategy that sees them invest their hard earned cash into crypto's based on charts and market movements. Why not invest based on genuine use-case cause i guarantee you that the people who invest this way with the balls to hold and not panic sell will be the ones who will propser in the end.
  18. https://elliottwave-forecast.com/forex/ripple-catch-rally-bitcoin-ethereum/
  19. The US wants the transactions with criptomonedas to be regulated by the governments. This will undoubtedly benefit @Ripple and $ XRP. http://www.altcointoday.com/us-president-signs-bill-requiring-foreign-governments-to-monitor-cryptocurrency/
  20. I came across this while looking at various ERC20 tokens. The website is horrible and the writing is poor but it seems that they're trying to do something with Ripple: http://veritas.veritaseum.com/index.php/23-the-ripple-forensic-valuation-is-available-for-download-showing-value-behind-veri-s-rise They have any ERC20 token too? https://etherscan.io/address/0x8f3470A7388c05eE4e7AF3d01D8C722b0FF52374
  21. Can you imagine if trump ever said something about ripple. I believe it could get his attention if the federal reserve and central banks used it for transactions. Ripple could actually boost the U.S. economy by making cross border transactions cheaper. Ripple doesn't have a lot of volume right now, but there will be tons once the banks officially use it. All the Ripple haters will regret not buying it for dirt cheap. 100$ a coin could be only 2-4 years away
  22. https://medium.com/backchannel/bill-gates-on-mobile-banking-connecting-the-world-and-ai-937f35c8a110 Also Hi everyone! First Post!
  23. This is my latest blog entry; I discuss the scalability issues with Bitcoin and Ethereum - focusing in on block size and scalability in general. Feel free to leave positive or negative feedback here, and please feel welcome to share or link to my blog as much as you like! My blog announcements on other media: Reddit Twitter Bitcointalk
  24. @prkzingis posted the following image in 'General Discussion'. I feel like it warrants a discussion in this sub-forum as it's important for the price of XRP in the long run. I think this original image must be from April, but none-the-less, it's useful for analysis and seems fairly accurate, although there's no mention of Bank of England and the PoC they completed. It'd be interesting to better understand how Ripple's tech fits into R3's PoC initiatives. Is Ripple's role within R3 to provide the necessary infrastructure to make bank/FI-specific Corda ledgers interoperable by utilising the ILP (xCurrent now, I think)? My understanding is that the long-term aim is for R3 group to provide FI grade distributed ledgers for banks and FIs, and xCurrent + xVia are Ripple's solutions that tie them all together. So the hope is that increasing adoption of RippleNet (essentially xCurrent + xVia) as the de facto mechanism for cross-border settlements between these ledgers will lead to the eventual adoption of xRapid (the use of the native XRP asset) as it further reduces costs and removes liquidity barriers. It seems to me that SBI are almost at that stage now, albeit through utilising the RC Cloud rather than a Corda solution... as such; we're expecting some form of XRP adoption in the autumn/fall. Essentially, R3/Corda is to the West what SBI/RC Cloud is to the East. If that's the case, then I will be keeping an eye on the outcome of R3 PoC's and the roll-out of Corda distributed ledgers as a key precursor to the XRP's inevitable moonshot. Can anyone shed light on this, or correct me if I'm way off the mark here?
  25. https://medium.com/setocean/cryptos-in-3-mins-ripple-xrp-9ec0c0a5272d Hey ya'll long time lurker first time poster here...I always see a ton of misinformation re: Ripple & XRP. Especially from my nontechnical friends. Tried explaining the fundamental problems & solutions Ripple aims to solve but it was tough to do so in under three minutes. Super appreciate any & all feedback if you think I could've explained a topic more clearly.