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  1. Kudos to @yra77 for posing this new link in the zerpbox: While there's a separate thread related to the BBVA news, this particular article mentions something interesting. While I hope it's true, Ripple's own material (PDF HERE), says Ripple tech saves up to 42% in a low volatility environment. This article is now claiming 81% savings using Ripple. While I hope this is true, I think that number needs some scrutiny (anyone want to email the author?).
  2. Jack Ma’s Ant Financial Buys MoneyGram for $880 Million Connecting the dots... thanks @papa MoneyGram Teams Up With Earthport To Use Ripple Tech for Remittances to Romania
  3. Hi there all, Like others, I've opened a wallet on Gatehub and need 50 XRP to activate it - can someone in the community help me with this. This is my wallet address: rzSz5tKu2FMTS2YkxazCKTQ3MC3vuZooU Thank you
  4. I emailed but they are not replying. I invested small amounts buying ripple but I had to restore my phone and I lost 2fa. Can anyone help please ?
  5. I suggest you to check the link, nice video interview with Stefan Thomas:
  6. Since I had to format my android phone, my google autheticator has been reseted too so I have lost my access to gatehub as well. I contacted gatehub support but they still don't replay me. Can you help me please?
  7. This may be a topic that has already been covered, and I am too lazy to search through 3k+ threads to find it. I am writing down my experience as I project my assumptions into the future, where XRP is the river that all other forms of value float upon. I see XRP being adopted by the largest banks first, showing a real use-case that will be the jumping point needed for all other banks to make the same change with confidence. Do or die. Forced to comply, XRP will be adopted quickly. I understand that the ILP is really the only thing that is necessary, but when you get Paychan and Escrow with RCL using XRP it is a no-brainer! *bank committee* "Hey, should we like...adopt this RCL thing? I mean, it does work reaaally well....or should we like, try to come up with our own way of working something into our ILP like Paychan or Escrow" Nope. They will jump on board. When you are on a sinking boat, you get on the life-boat that is available, given the available one is reliable and efficient. Get everyone talking with the ILP, show them how cool the Paychan and Escrow additions are and they will slide right on in to using the RCL. Bingo. Second step is going to be to really sell the crap out of it. It is a stock, essentially. Get the price down low (not insinuating that Ripple has anything to do with it, but that everyone's goal is stability for adoption) and get as many banks onboard as possible. Then you let this beast free into the wild, and sell the crap out of it! The smaller banks are probably going to be absorbed into the larger, is my prediction, as the larger banks are best positioned to hold the most XRP before it goes up significantly in price whereas the smaller banks face higher adoption prices and rough implementation. Hence, the absorption. Again, this is only MY prediction. Down the road, I see apps developed to allow people to use XRP to transfer value for a P2P purchase. XRP is used to transfer money instantly on the stock market...(Right, Miguel?) I see XRP as having a far-reaching arm that will have fingers in everything. Essentially, we are creating a global currency that will be worth more than any other currency using it. Yeah, yeah bitcoin shmitcoin. I'm talking a global currency that will be happily adopted by the global banking know, the one that the majority of the civilized world uses on a daily basis. A New World Currency. NWC. Can I coin that?
  8. The article contains a video previewing how this technology may be marketed to end users (video below). This is a powerful value proposition to businesses and individuals making regular international transfers. Initiate bank FOMO.
  9. hi to all my ripple friends . i have a question for those advance members with a great knowledge of all types of Cryptocurrency's out there. what Cryptocurrency's currently have a plan or are building a "future ecosystem" that will give them an advantage for future policy [MONETARY POLICY] challenges of a "decentralized currency"?
  10. 次の記事には、以前のリップルCEOのクリス・ラーセン
  11. Saw this on local news. It might be of interest to @JoelKatz, @nikb @mDuo13, @Tim, @miguel maybe as an opportunity for ripple .. I believe that Malta dosent have anyone even nearly as knowledgeable enough to put together a proper strategy at this point in time .. Maybe Ripple want to introduce themselves....
  12. News on Ripple in India ... “Our target is to get one or two banks in the country. And from India, I expect an actual transaction by May,” said Rao.
  14. hi there to all members , im new in ripple and i just wanted to know what ripple "xrp" believers think about jed mccaleb and Stellar Lumens (XLM) "nonprofit" , both different models but very simillar at the same time . please share your point of views.
  15. THE WORLD’S LEADING FINTECH CONFERENCE MONDAY 10TH – TUESDAY 11TH APRIL 2017 Its HUGE! Ripple is there! There's supposed to be some big presentation at this conference on the 10th that's supposed to bear fruit for us. Fun times ahead! @Dizer @kanaas @daikoku @cmbartley @Haydentiff
  16. So I've been thinking that bank transfer notes and bearer bonds might be a use case - I have a perspective on how this might work from a logical perspective. Goal: Print one hundred-XRP backed bank notes for inter-bank physical transfers of XRP. Constraints: Solution can't include write the secret key on the paper, regardless of formatting (bar code, number, block code). The reason is that anybody could just take the secret key, transfer the XRP to their own account and rip up the paper. I'll just publish this challenge and then come back later to say what my rough solution would be.
  17. RippleFan created a subscriber channel on YouTube of Ripple videos here... What other YT channels are out there?
  18. I sort of lost track of what was going on with R3 - Ripple relationship, hence the title of this topic. It maybe quite interesting because of this info: Hong Kong Financial Markets Authority Joins R3 to Test Blockchain Transactions
  19. Hey guys, just found this video recently released on the Innovate Finance's Youtube channel. The video opens up focusing on Ripple's involvement in open banking for international payments with Danny Aranda presenting.
  20. Has anyone had an experience about Changelly? Here is there link to their webpage: Also this is my first post so go easy on me ladies and gentlemen =).
  22. Dear Team, It has come to my attention that scammers are running two websites, utilizing ripple brandname and logo ( even Chris Larsen & Stefan's pictures ) to mimic as authentic Ripple partner and fraud new people searching for ripple on the web. this seems to have intensified as the new user interest is growing. --> The LURE Page, to get peoples details Once People give their details they get this link: which basically solicit funds on false pretext , and requests deposit to be made here : ( Have purposely replaced real link with an image for safety ) #ps: also have purposely made the title boring and long , so that newbies wont be interested and just the right crowd finds it. btw it shoudl be easy to raise a case with registrat and send a dns a record deletion notice to whoever the service provider is ( unless this is being hosted from an individual in basement who also hosts his own dns and web servers ) some pictures :
  23. Hi guys, I love to be on this forum and I'm kinda having the idea of organizing a meeting/party when we hit the 2 dollars some day. It might take a lot of time, but if we hit I would like to celebrate. However, the fact that I will be organizing means basically two things:xrp needs to wait 6 to 12 months to take off, my garage needs to be ready first. The other thing is that it will be taking place in the Netherlands. However, I would like to hear which of you guys would love to be at the party(it will take place AFTER we have hit the 2 dollars). This seems to be a great way to me to get some insight into other people lifes and hear their views at this. Best regards, All day changing Churchill.
  24. I am a newly minted believer in Ripple and need help activating my Gatehub wallet. I need a donation of at least 50 XRP. Can anyone help me by send me some? My wallet address is: rwVTvabCTY8uTLxgYYjoa2Smso7hvW7MhH Thanks in advance for any help, Brian
  25. What are the considerations/practicalities for doing an ICO on Ripple instead of Ethereum or other platform? My understanding currently is that it takes quite some programmatic skill to create a token right now on other platforms: But for Ripple it's basically point and click: Example: I'm wondering if this might be a low hanging fruit use case of Ripple to promote, especially with the surge in ICOs lately. Some problems that come to mind would be: - Can a token traded on Ripple be added stand alone to other exchanges? That would be the main obstacle I think as people want to stay on popular exchanges like Poloniex, Kraken, etc. - No smart contracts so no limiting supply, coding in terms, etc. However, most coins I'm seeing are essentially trust or legal based terms anyway. I don't think in practice there is going to be that much difference except to enthusiasts. For example, coins based on a company buying back have to trust that the company fulfills that promise anyway, so it's not as if coins on other exchanges are foolproof / fully code based to begin with. You still have to set up legal docs correctly, form a real company etc. - Unless Ripple brings back user-friendly names, you have to give both the token name and your public key, which just looks unappealing. However, this is something that can be handled on the back end of whatever site lists the coin, so it's a solvable aesthetic problem. For example, if Poloniex listed a coin from Ripple, they can just route all references to token X to actually be to token X issued by Y. I'm not sure if other tokens on Ethereum have to do this already anyway, so it may not be an actual issue specific to Ripple. - Liquidity - used to be a problem but maybe not anymore. Question maybe extends to whether BTC can be made to easily trade with IOU BTC on Ripple, but again a solvable back end problem. Obviously an ICO on Ripple is limited to fundraising or crowdfunding - the financial side of things - and not actually a coin with technical functionality outside that. But I would say many ICOs right now are just that, coins just to raise capital but otherwise with no added functionality. My interest and thinking is that there are a lot of businesses that would be interested in raising capital this way but are intimidated by the technical know how needed. Part of the reason for the really dumbed down site is I'm using it to sort of gauge reaction from people otherwise unfamiliar with cryptos.