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  1. What are the considerations/practicalities for doing an ICO on Ripple instead of Ethereum or other platform? My understanding currently is that it takes quite some programmatic skill to create a token right now on other platforms: But for Ripple it's basically point and click: Example: I'm wondering if this might be a low hanging fruit use case of Ripple to promote, especially with the surge in ICOs lately. Some problems that come to mind would be: - Can a token traded on Ripple be added stand alone to other exchanges? That would be the main obstacle I think as people want to stay on popular exchanges like Poloniex, Kraken, etc. - No smart contracts so no limiting supply, coding in terms, etc. However, most coins I'm seeing are essentially trust or legal based terms anyway. I don't think in practice there is going to be that much difference except to enthusiasts. For example, coins based on a company buying back have to trust that the company fulfills that promise anyway, so it's not as if coins on other exchanges are foolproof / fully code based to begin with. You still have to set up legal docs correctly, form a real company etc. - Unless Ripple brings back user-friendly names, you have to give both the token name and your public key, which just looks unappealing. However, this is something that can be handled on the back end of whatever site lists the coin, so it's a solvable aesthetic problem. For example, if Poloniex listed a coin from Ripple, they can just route all references to token X to actually be to token X issued by Y. I'm not sure if other tokens on Ethereum have to do this already anyway, so it may not be an actual issue specific to Ripple. - Liquidity - used to be a problem but maybe not anymore. Question maybe extends to whether BTC can be made to easily trade with IOU BTC on Ripple, but again a solvable back end problem. Obviously an ICO on Ripple is limited to fundraising or crowdfunding - the financial side of things - and not actually a coin with technical functionality outside that. But I would say many ICOs right now are just that, coins just to raise capital but otherwise with no added functionality. My interest and thinking is that there are a lot of businesses that would be interested in raising capital this way but are intimidated by the technical know how needed. Part of the reason for the really dumbed down site is I'm using it to sort of gauge reaction from people otherwise unfamiliar with cryptos.
  2. Here's my take on this article ... the writer has never heard of Ariba, Inktomi, or Veritas so that concerns me as to his level of knowledge regarding newer things such as blockchain, ICO's, etc. is.
  3. And here is in a other very good and clear article by American banker: the banks' logical way of thinking that I was expecting: they may not end up using XRP at all, they may just create their own PRIVATE token for their own transfer needs. And what's more, government sponsorship might inspire greater trust in the technology and help to stabilize the exchange rate, cause yes this volatility is not very trustworthy right now.
  4. My latest blog entry. I talk about what some new XRP investors may not know... hat any user can issue credit and create their own tokens for a multitude of uses. There's a lot of use cases for issuing IOU's on the RCL; some of these have some awe-inspiring potential in terms of volume and value! Thanks for reading; feel free to quote, reference, link, share, and leave your comments.
  7. I wanted to know how you could tell if there was price fixing going on with XRP. It seems to hover between .25 and .30 all the time despite news and exposure. Im not that savvy with all this fintech stuff, but is there a way to cross reference the price of XRP against the volume of XRP on the market, over time? It would be odd if the volume were increasing, but the price was staying the same. Seems like it would indicate price fixing.
  8. I believe banks who believe in Ripple and are signing up for Ripple based payment settlements can open up Ripple wallets to consumers. This will increase their customer base, Ripple coins in their possession and overall increase the profits on their balance sheets.
  9. Last Analysis was spot on. New Analysis Ripple Technical Analysis for 06/23/2017 – Area of Interest Holding Entered this time @ .26500 and .28200 set to sell @ .32000
  10. If you know me, then you know where this is going in my latest blog entry! Feel free to Link to it, quote it, refer to it in your news feeds, twitter it, share it, love it or hate it... And thank you for reading!
  13. Real world usage... The world must be getting really excited about ripple now don't they... But nothing really happened 🤣
  14. Hi all, New member - really enjoying reading some of these posts. Been around crypto/blockchain for a few years now, like most people never really had money to invest in it at the time and mostly missed the boat on all of it! Ive got faith in Ripple though, if the banks like it, its got to be good news! All-in-on-ripple
  15. We all know the perks to ripples software. We've all heard that ripple is closing deals with many banks. We wonder why these banks don't like xrp. Well, they should! Simply put.. buy using a digital currency to transfer funds banks are both able to hold onto their fiat currency longer and able to transact fiat currency faster to each other and customers faster! It's simple.. digital money (xrp) swapping between systems comstantly.. nothing more then Code. Code that gives signals to cash this person's paycheck, release funds to another branch to make dAily protocol monetary availability. Why waste time shifting around real money that banks could keep firmly in the market warning more cash and let the digital currency do the work? Rich ppl.. would you rather the bank keep your cash in it.. then transferring it in a truck to places for no reason. Keep it where it is. We just don't need to transfer fiat currency anymore. Xrp is a great solution. Let's support ripple and xrp, people. Because we all know xrp' s real worth should be $100,000 a share!
  17. Horrible news for Ripple considering these banks were looking at using Ripple XRP for instant payments?
  20. Ripple is out the gate early today, with the HUGE increase in volume and the fact the price has maintained overnight. Surely, it can only go up?
  21. Just transferred some BTC to my Bitstamp wallet to buy XRP wondering if I should wait or buy now what are your thoughts?
  22. Plus500 silently added Ripple XRP trading Plus500 is a trading platform (comparable to for CFD (Contract For Difference) trading. Even though it's for shortterm trading this addition is good I think, since it creates awareness among (day)traders. This is what their Android app looks like:
  23. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, more good news is coming Ripple’s way. Plus500, a global leader in online trading platforms, has enabled XRP trading. More specifically, platform users can short or long XRP from now on. The platform already supported other cryptocurrencies before this addition. It is good to see XRP got added to the list. This shows there is a lot more focus on this asset than most people give it credit for.
  24. My latest blog entry: This dovetails with the debate that I had yesterday about the same topic, moderated by Mercury on the Discord application. He will be publishing the debate verbatim under separate cover later. The most interesting note is that after thinking about the outcome of the debate, I shifted my position more towards my opponent than the stance that I took in the debate. My blog entry reflects my true opinion on the topic, while the debate reflects the role I played by only arguing the "pro" side of the coin! I hope you like the blog entry. tl:dr version: I believe Ripple should offer privacy to its conservative banking customers, but I don't think there is a need for XRP payments to be completely anonymous, and I don't think Ripple needs to get mixed up in what I believe will amount to a regulatory crackdown on these "anonymous coin" protocols. Instead, they need to maintain course in full cooperation with regulatory and governmental authorities, not try to circumvent them.
  25. Has anyone noticed the if, could, etc. in so many articles? In other words, they have just as much foresight into what will happen as I do. That is never a good thing. :-)