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  1. The ripple website has a link on Escrow tutorials on its Development center page. It shows how escrows can be performed. In one of the example , the time to release the fund is set on November 13 2017,midnight UTC. I know its just a mere example , however the timing could not have been more suitable. Almost at the end of the year and a month after r the SWELL. I know I have been reading lot of Dan Brown's Conspiracy theories techno thriller books ! But believe me, even Robert Langdon would not ignore this date. https://ripple.com/build/escrow-tutorials/
  2. Since SWELL is almost upon us, I wanted to get people's comments on the rise of xrp to date this year. To my knowledge xrp has risen up to 6000% earlier this year, but then dropped, then rallied, then dropped again to the current 0.17 - 0.25c range. Does anyone know (or remember) why there was such a HUGE rise in xrp from not even a cent to what it is now? I think understanding events of the past the past may give us a glimpse into the future...
  3. Anyone else think It's very interesting that China began cracking down on Bitcoin and ICOs right after the People's Bank of China met with Ripple. I'm really looking forward to Swell. This could be a turning point. Governments have finally caught on to blockchain and maybe they decided to side with the only one that's actively siding with them. Once they see that they can work with and regulate the fastest most scalable cryptocurrency... why on earth wouldn't they try to stamp out the slower one that's not working with them. It looks like ripple could be the only horse that's even allowed to race. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://ethereumworldnews.com/amp/ripple-welcomed-peoples-bank-china-discussing-blockchain-trends/&ved=0ahUKEwi36pKHtb3WAhWJ24MKHcqSCl0QFghJMAM&usg=AFQjCNERVu9F6zrJWADSUHUajb1zM_PcfA&ampcf=1
  4. Even though we are in a dip now. All the news from ripple has been extremely positive news from japan, india, sputh korea and alot more!!! crypto market is just crashing in general
  5. Ripple is down 7%, but I don't really understand why it is...it's unfortunate that BTC has so much influence over trading other coins. I hope for the day when Ripple can go up against a sell off on the BTC side and become less influenced by this China news...
  6. Hi! Everyone I would like to know which is the best option if i want to acquired XRP for long term on GateHub. 1. Trade option on GateHub? or 2. Exchange option on GateHub? First thing i noticed is that the price on exchange is slightly higher than trading price. Am considering keeping them on a Ledger Nano S, i guess my only option is Exchange or can i trade and transfer the xrp to my hardwallet.? Thank you in advance .
  7. Could XRP run into the danger of becoming a zero sum game ever? Let me explain what I mean by this... Say if Bank A wants to transfer $1 USD to Bank B. Bank A purchases 5M xrps at current market value and sends to Bank B. I see 2 scenarios possible. 1. Bank B liquidates 5M xrps immediately at current value. This scenario can be slightly risky as crypto markets fluctuate a lot more than fiat, irrespective of how quick xrp transactions are. If Bank B ends up losing money, it might demand more XRPs from Bank A and this could become messy. 2. Bank B does not liquidate xrps immediately as it speculates market price will increase in next few hours or days. While this is good for investors as this is exactly the scenario we hope for xrp price to keep increasing, how far could banks go? If they were to settle millions of dollars in cross-border transactions daily, they will need to continue to keep nostro accounts with huge amounts of cash to benefit from rising XRP price. Somehow I feel this may not workout for banks and hence this scenario seems unlikely. I might have missed something, if yes please feel free to correct me. But IMO, scenario 1 seems more likely. If banks were to go with scenario 1 then xrps will be purchased and sold immediately leaving no room for xrp price to increase drastically as we are all hoping. I mean, this is the biggest use case we are all waiting for and somehow I am afraid that this very use case might limit the xrp value. Don't mistake me, the price will go up as more banks start purchasing XRPs but it may not increase as dramatically as we all want it to. Could this result in zero sum game in the long run?
  8. Question: How come everybody is thinking an equivalent of XRP $-worth is needed to transfer the same amount of $? I think it's not 100% sure one needs 1$ of XRP's to send 1$ with Ripplenet. It might be the case that banks only need a fraction of the amount they want to send. So only 0,0003$ XRP's to transfer (let's say) $ 3000,000,- Any evidence I'm wrong?
  9. At the end of the year Ripple Labs have stated that they will lock up the majority of the XRP supply in escrow only releasing 1 billion to meet demand per month. By doing this Ripple will make XRP more valuable to short term individual investors. Currently 80% of total cryptocurrency are valued against BTC, XRP is the only digital asset that is bridging the gap between crypto and fiat. While more institutional investors and liquidity providors enter the market they shall see the real use case for XRP as an asset and use it accordingly. As it stands today you can accept payment in any digital asset you like if you are a merchant but unfortunately salaries, rent, tax all need to be converted/payed in fiat. Governments aren't going away, Banks aren't going away, it is reductive to speculate on a digital asset that is only a means in of itself like bitcoin or many of the majority of 'Alt coins'. For this reason Ripple Labs have clearly developed the best solution in this crypto space to meet the needs of real world financial institutions. My prediction is that once the escrow deposit happens more institutional investment will purchase XRP and the digital asset with then not be following the BTC mkt trend, it will break away and be the most stable, most valuable and long term digital asset in the world. We have seen a current high of $0.42 low $0.12 in the current trend. I believe XRP will surpass $0.95 soon and $5 by the end or beginging of Q1 2018. If you haven't already watch Dilip Rao:
  10. http://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/ripple-price-forecast-analysis-august-21-2017/
  11. XRP all the way!!! I just converted all my BTC in XRP Bought BTC for 883euros/BTC a long time ago And i just converted all of them but why? that is very simple after alot of research in differences of most of the common coins i concluded that ripple is the best company in many ways that you can't even compare with the others in almost every aspect for now and the future For a long term investment this is the best way to fellow
  12. XRP is the future i got this from Ripple.com and was going through article with link below, Major thing here was confidence in words, Please tell me if you felt the same. Here you go. "It’s a question of WHEN, not IF, banks and other financial institutions begin using digital assets in their day-to-day business operations and it will be interesting to see who the winners and losers in the digital asset space will be. We are confident that XRP will succeed because it has a purpose – enabling financial institutions to send money across borders quickly, cheaply, and easily – that is relevant to businesses and consumers everywhere." https://ripple.com/insights/nine-things-need-know-xrp/ Thanks
  13. Looking at the trend charts for XRP it seems that XRP has failed to set new baseline for pricing and it is just a continuous slide down from it's ath. Other cryptos have leveling off periods where the coin stabilizes and a new baseline is set, therefore allowing further growth from that point. Since xrp price is completely dictated by speculators at this point (because FIs are not yet using it, etc etc), why is it that new baselines were not set for XRP? Side note: I'm a long hodlr of xrp, yesterday I dreamt it hit $0.82, so I have the patience to keep hodling, but the trend for xrp is unsettling a bit, even without the insanity that is taking place with bch nowadays.
  14. I'm a believer in both Ripple and XRP, and will probably hodl till the end.. Therefor my question is genuine and not fudding around. What is the background of the fact that during te last months in many occasions XRP went down along a bearish BTC trend, yet not up with a bullish BTC trend. Is it that pump scheme group that is leaving XRP aside? This would be fine in a way, as in that the rest of the alts and btc rising are bubbles and I dont desire putting my long run money on bubbles. Also, in the end XRP as bridge asset is probably better off with stability. Yet, like most of us I do feel a little grumpy not having temporary sold antyime since May. Of course, that's looking back so I dont blame myself as I put my money on the asset that I consider having the best usecase and that should be leading your decisions, not pump trends. But a part from the pump trends and Ripple not focussing too much on XRPs price like @miguel mentioned, still I wonder how to explain the down trend with so much positive news. Is it a detaining trust of private investors? Such should matter a bit to @miguel I guess. Or is Ripple fine with the price going down making it more attractive for banks to step in? Or is Ripple overselling before de lockup kicks in? Or was it overpriced anyway (still, that would account for all alts, so that answer would keep the questionsmark open). Anyway, hodling, but searching for answers..
  15. Just noticed that XRP went through the roof, so the question is should I buy XRP even at this price? What is everyone's thought on this, will you reckon it will continue to rise, if yes then why and up to what price do you reckon XRP will hit in the future?
  16. I was wondering; probably banks and fi's will not buy XRP from exchanges, but buy them directly from Ripple for a fixed low price, so it won't affect trade price, and if it does it will only pull it down...so why is everybody so excited about banks buying in? My thought is that it will not even affect the circulation supply as the coins won't be 'in circulation' but only a vehicle for banks...
  17. Hey guys, second post for me and I just felt like I wanted to contribute instead of lurking around and do nothing. I'm charts guy, I have been doing charts for quite some time now and just wanted to share my insight. For those who think 'charts are bull****' please leave this post NOW. So the chart above is the XRP / USDT price at Poloniex, we can observe that the XRP managed to hop onboard in the 'rising trend' that has been triggered after Bitcoin SegWit lock-in (approximate data, I don't have the exact dates). All seems well right? However, XRP is currently trapped in the 17.5-18 cents zone, and no volume is backing XRP up to rise. Here's another bad news. XRP / BTC really needs to step up, it is still trapped in a long down trend which started right after May's big price surge. This could possibly mean that the price of XRP is highly dependent on rise of BTC, not the XRP itself. ETH, on the other hand, recently broke the ETH/BTC downtrend and therefore its price rose significantly when compared to XRP ETC or LTC. To conclude 1) XRP / fiat is highly dependent on BTC's price 2) In order for XRP to rocket, XRP / BTC needs to 'step up a notch' and break the long downtrend that started in May. Here's my speculation on XRP's price. Comments?
  18. Hi all, First of all say hi to everybody, I'm new in here! It is known and officially announced by Ripple their plans to lock up the supply of XRP in the market during the next 55 months: https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-to-place-55-billion-xrp-in-escrow-to-ensure-certainty-into-total-xrp-supply/ My questions are regarding the 1 Billion XRP which they are going to automatically release...per month! Is this not a huge amount of XRP which are going to dilude its price? You can see in the link above the chart graphic with the future amount of XRP in the market... It seems to me they're going to over flood the market with XRP over the next 5 years? I think Ripple has a great project and brilliant long long term plans.. but have series doubts about the increment in price of XRP.... Please share your thoughts!
  19. Hi, I'm a fan of Ripple for many years :-) Still not sure about the transaction price of XRP. (XRP wasn't that high) One transaction = 0.00001 XRP. But what if XRP increase to €10,- or €100,-. Will it still be 0.00001 XRP or lower like 0.0000001 XRP?
  20. Could Ripple be the brain child of our shadow government with plans of XRP being the new one world currency???
  21. https://i.redd.it/o5f51ulv04az.jpg?utm_content=buffera6235&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer This Reddittor provides his take on price predictions for XRP that range from $2 to $120. Thought-provoking to say the least!
  22. Do you do this? This YouTube video pretty much sums up thoughts I've been having recently. Are you a crypto junkie? (I just thought of that term.)
  23. After reading this article, my understanding is that these guys are competitors, targeting small banks. http://tech.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/startups/singapore-startup-instarem-with-indian-cofounder-raises-13-million/59439850
  24. My wife and I just watched an interview with a guy by the name of Clif High *sounds like a pseudonym*. In this video, he calls XRP a "ponzi scheme" and states that "any coin that is not mineable raises red flags for me. XRP is pre-mined..." at which point I stopped really listening to what he said. This last statement alone shows that he has NO idea what XRP is about, yet, this video will circulate online as "truth" *and many people will take it as such* while spreading misinformation. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@etcmike/clif-high-webbot-cryptocurrencies-versus-bankers Feel free to correct him.
  25. Hi...about xrp price, what is the ideal rate after 5 yrs if i hold it currently at $0.26 with $1k investment?