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  1. I'm really curious ... Ripple price is $ 100, $ 1000 $ 10000 is going to be impossible ?? Is it impossible to go for $ 10000 like bitcoin? If possible, how many years will it be? Give me a realistic answer.
  2. XRP hit a dollar on indian exchange koinex : https://koinex.in/exchange/ripple
  3. Hi there fellow ripple believers, I am a firm believer in the XRP token and I have been holding on for a while now, but what do you think is a realistic price to sell? and on that note i have a few questions to which i have done research but cannot find answers to, please would some one assist in providing constructive responses? 1. Banks use XRP to perform transactions, if the xrp token is high in value it therefore effects the transaction cost, so in that case wouldn't ripple want to keep the xrp token at a specific price range? Either by manipulating the value or some other method? 2. XRP is rather volatile, 50% up on a single day. If banks adopt xrp then we cannot have this volatility, banks need stability. 3.XRP is deflationary, what happens when the 100 billion run out? 4. Ripple is doing great as a company, and XRP assists in faster transactions, but given the above is xrp the way forward for ripple? Please just constructive responses..
  4. There is definitely something interesting going on. The massive volume might point to some sort of bank adoption with all the buys.
  5. My price manipulation post from yesterday sparked a lot of discussions and interesting viewpoints. Some believe the price is manipulated (by Ripple or third parties) others are adamant it is not. Both sides provide compelling points. So where does that leave me? I guess I still would like to hear from Ripple on this subject. Not that I am against price manipulation per se. Manipulation has a negative connotation but if done in a transparent manner by Ripple it could really help attract (long term) investors and subsequent healthy price development and liquidity. March this year, before the Escrow was announced, I posted 'countering the Damocles Effect' in which I argued for the following mechanism I have been thinking about this further and would like to hear your opinions: Ripple sets a price growth percentage per month. Just as an example if you take 8% per month (compounded) that will bring you to 0,60 USD end of year one, 1,52 USD end of year two, 3,83 USD end of year three etc. Distribution of XRP by Ripple is dependent on the actual growth rate. When higher than 8% more XRP is distributed, when lower than 8% less XRP is distributed Part of the proceeds are set aside in a buffer fund to enable taking XRP of the market when required to reach the 8% There are a lot of intricacies, I know, but please hear me out. What would be the effects of such a move? A steady and predictable increasing price development Growing interest by institutional investors and banks to buy XRP contributing to the liquidity depth and robustness of the system (partly making this a self fulfilling prophecy) Loss of interest by short time investors who believe they are entitled to 100% increases in very short time frames. It would also put manipulative whales out of business If XRP is sold by e.g. SBI in line with the agreed upon price development (for FI and private investors) arbitrage will make sure crypto exchanges follow suit. I think in principle this could work. Ripple has the XRP reserves to pull it of. I don't know however if 1 BLN XRP a month (from Escrow) is enough to sustain this system with ever growing demand. So people with expertise in market dynamics would need do some modelling. In any case. More transparancy is key. I think from yesterdays post a lot of people on this forum would appreciate that.
  6. ...of silver. Tricked you! Those of you who are all sulky about xrp's lack of moon, should try investing in gold/ silver! Actually, don't...
  7. I am an XRP investor. Do not take it with bad intentions. I wonder why the price of XRP should be high. If the price of XRP as investor is high, it will be good because of profit rate. However, I know that the role of XRP is remittance, bridge currency, and payment. For example, when I send money in USD-> EUR, it runs like this in USD-> XRP-> EUR. It does not matter whether the price of XRP is high or low. Is it because XRP price should be high because it can solve with small amount of XRP? Excluding profits as an investor As the role of XRP only, I wonder why the price of XRP should be high.
  8. Hello all! My first post here, just wanted a throw out a question that isn't a totally mindless question like "Will xrp ever hit $10?". Let's pretend the price of one xrp is $5, or $10...What would that really mean across the whole landscape? What would it imply, would that mean xrp would need more use cases than just liquidity? Besides the obvious answer that many of you may be able to fly to the moon, I think not only would it imply that xrp has become the standard for most cross border payments as a source of liquidity but also being used for P2P or P2B cases. I understand the whole supply vs. marketcap thing but it's honestly not a concern of mine. I think the banks will be too tempted not to be able to save money by using the xrapid method. Even for domestic payments, if the cost to use something like Venmo or cashapp is dramatically reduced by use of xrp, wouldn't everyone say yes I want that. There seems to me to be many factors that could drive the price up to 5 or 10, but what is the most likely or unlikely? Hope any of that makes sense!!!
  9. I am trying to understand the difference between XRP and XLM. Can someone explains if even they should be qualified as competitors? Thank you
  10. Good evening everyone! Just wanted to share a small story with you. I'm 23 and have a family. Never had much support from my parents and I only got where I am from me. So my decision to enter crypto was for that reason; to get my family in a better financial position. I've researched and kept up with Ripple for months. The first time I saw Ripple it was 3c. I had all the means to invest a small amount, but didn't because I thought I'd have to wire, which I thought was a huge hassle. Two weeks after that the price went to 18c per. I was mad, like others who had made the same mistake. I began researching exchanges and also learning more about the concept behind Ripple. Finally, I got into Ripple via an exchange. Overall, I made a few thousand off of it, and decided to risk going into another coin. I've since held three or four other coins. Most recently, I'm holding MANA, which has an interesting use case of it's own. That being said, none of the other coins have stacked to Ripple. The team is great, the idea is solid, and the use case is there and already prominent in the banking and FI industry. Think logically. Between AMEX, Cuallix, more than 100 banks already planning to use or already using the tech, etc, Ripple is here to stay. It's features, advantages, and benefits outweigh those of almost every other coin. It's the coin I've always felt the most secure in holding. Yes, the price isn't volatile and the gains aren't huge as of late, but that doesn't matter to me. I'd much rather hold it long term than something like IOTA, which I've also held recently. It's odd and confusing watching a coin that has barely anything functioning properly surpass something like Ripple. I honestly could find no supporting documentation to their team's claims, which scared me; along with the level of professionalism of the team. But if you look at the forums, you can see the level of intelligence put into the investment, which speaks for itself. Sheep leading the herd to the cliff, had the cliff existed in that case. Just wanted to let people know that after holding other coins, I can tell you I'm still 100% Ripple in the end. It just makes since to me. My only regret will be if I miss out before I can get back in. Thank you for reading.
  11. I actually feel very bad. Please share your feelings and if possible make me feel a bit better. I think I missed real opportunities getting into XRP. Link (today, 5 December 2017): https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/ Link (21 May 2017): https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20170521/
  12. This is no FUD, but I am FUDDING myself a little.. We've had so many many many good news, partnership announcements, banks going live, many banks boarding and even Bill Gates foundation and.... the price didn't really go up since May this year. Actually it went down...(may is 7 months ago!) at the other end IOTA and Stellar both got ONE partnership announcement and BOOMMMMMM the moon like Apollo! Ripple has confirmed they do keep price low to board more banks and financial institutions. That's why the price keeps coming back everytime. For example after The Bill Gates foundation and the AMEX announcement....it just doesn't really influence the price. We should not be waiting till another bank goes live with xrp, or another fi is on board....or the Escrow (isn't going to affect price, trust me) We should wait untill Ripple releases the price ceiling finally and let go the price stabilisation. Or am I missing something?
  13. I just can't understand this. If XRP is so connected to BTC that it falls when BTC falls then why doesnt it come up when BTC price comes up. BTC is gonna touch 12000$ sometime tomo & our XRP is still stuck after the fall. What do you guys think?
  14. I have expected Ripple to rise, but from my view on charts Ripple is gonna fall to 0.15 cent for 1 month so it can go still to 0.28 cent, but most likely is gonna go to 0.15 or 0.17 cent for 1-2 months. Probably this month of December or beginning of January 2018 Ripple is gonna go to 0.15-0.17 cent and then retrace up.
  15. Hi Guys would you agree if I say there is an invisible barrier which pushes the price back? I read a lot about people who think that some big players or even ripple would manipulate the xrp price. Furthermore these big players are interested to keep the price of xrp low. I think that sounds kind of esoteric. But its fact that every time xrp is going to hit around 0.28 - 0.30 USD (0.25€) the price is forced back. Do you have any thoughts about that? Some speculation?
  16. I have a question. 1) Do you think the price will go up after the escrow? (ex $ 0.5 ~ $ 1) Or would it be similar to now? (ex: $ 0.2 to $ 0.3) I'm curious... 2) And what do you think about xrp traded in Japan tomorrow? Will major changes in the price? I am curious about your thoughts and answers.
  17. I don't understand why ripple hasn't moved up to .30 yet!
  18. I have a question. Do you think the price will go up after the escrow? (ex $ 0.5 ~ $ 1) Or would it be similar to now? (ex: $ 0.2 to $ 0.3) I'm curious...
  19. Will XRP price gains always be like

  20. Watching how BTC is rising I am about to ask, should I sell all my ripples right now and buy bitcoin instead.
  21. Take a look at this thread. Click into it to get the rest of the story. Simple supply and demand is the only thing holding XRP back. Right now demand is painfully low and the xrp price has only risen due to speculation. It simply means that all the talk about manipulation by Ripple is false. Though the whales still exist. Believe that once the ripplenet infrastructure is sound and xrp is moving millions of dollars a minute you can bet that price will start ticking up like a slot machine number roll.
  22. .28 not that long ago, .21 now on poloniex, everyones buying freaking btc. People hate on xrp because you can't mine it or the central banks support it,
  23. https://www.bithumb.com/u2/US251