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  1. If Ripple would replace SWIFT and be the new standard for payments and the native currency XRP also is used, what XRP price could we then expect? Could someone help me do a simple calculation if the same amounts of money that is moved internationally right now were to be replaced with Ripple? Lets say also paypal and all its competitors were to use Ripple (they had to or they would lose all customers to "Ripplepay" that is a new service with low fees for international transfer. That is: Ripple becomes number one in international payments
  2. ############################################## DISCLAIMERS: THIS IS NOT INVESTING ADVICE I AM NOT A GOOD TECHNICAL ANALYST! DO NOT BUY CRYPTO WITH LEVERAGE ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ############################################## Before I started researching yesterday, I had a nagging question: "Is the insane level of 1 billion dollars per day flowing into crypto continuing, or has it declined?" The answer is: Not only is it continuing, it's tripled. Yeah, 3 billion is flowing into crypto, on average, every day this week. Here are those "average flow per day" statistics I massaged based on data from (source: So is that sustainable? The answer is yes, and it's increasing. Except for one week, the average daily flow into crypto has increased week-over-week. During this week, the average daily flow into crypto-currencies totaled roughly 3 billion. If we see this trend continue, that means that we can expect to see an increasing amount flow into the crypto-currency market next week as well. So not only can we expect to continue to see this daily amount continue, it looks like it's increasing. What does this mean for XRP Price? If we account for an increase in the daily average of roughly 15 percent, this will result in a price of over one dollar for XRP *: *Corrected to use week ending on 5/21/2017 as a base after realizing that using 6/2 would not result in a whole new week for the 6/4 figures Keep in mind that the average daily crypto investment has been increasing by much more than 15 percent week over week in May. I predicted that June would "get crazy," only I don't think I really knew how crazy it might get! I Don't Trust Your Positivity... Okay then. The most conservative estimate *in my view* is that the daily average continues unchanged, or even decreases - even though we know it's increasing. A zero percent increase in the average daily investment in XRP will result in a price of 81 cents at the end of June according to my spreadsheet. When I showed my calculations to a friend this morning, he challenged me to put in a negative growth rate for the average daily investment in XRP. That negative numbers still resulted in an XRP price of over 51 cents. Do your own research on, and let me know if you arrive at similar conclusions!
  3. Could someone tell me if I'm on the right track here. As I understand the model for XRP being used as a conduit for bank transfers - (if that is the correct terminology), everyone involved would benefit from a higher XRP price. In fact it seems that for this to truly work the higher the price of XRP the better. SWIFT processes in the neighborhood of 20-30 million transfers daily so assuming $1,000 per transfer at the present price around .26 - if XRP took over this space all 100,000,000,000 xrp would be needed just to cover one days transfers, Right? So if that is the case, a much higher price for XRP would be a necessity for the business model to be a success. Is there a target price where Ripple feels the price of XRP would be best for the system - or is the higher the better???.
  4. Why is everyone so upset? in April XRP was .03 now it's .29 - and everyone is complaining. Are you upset because you only made 10x on your cash and didn't jump on Eth or Strat to bump that up another 5x- or are you upset - that the thing you bought that had just gone parabolic didn't continue to rise? Yo chill out, it looks like it's gathering strength, hopefully will make another jump soon.
  5. Does any one have an explanation for why there's a difference in price quotes for XRP. The current price quote on always seems to be lower than the price quotes on sites like coin gecko etc. thanks, wolf
  6. Just funny to see at what price people got their XRP's I bought mine for 0.02793 $
  7. Ill buy 150000 more XRP's if i can find a price around 0.22, if anyone is up for sales at 0.22 I'm ready to buy. Please send me private message.
  8. Zero. Not. One. Drop. With the price pin-balling above and around 10 cents, which understandably is an interesting number, I felt it necessary to share my opnion that has been built on the last week or so of analysis from several different viewpoints. I will not even cover technical analysis which has been showing (I"ve been told) incredibly bullish signals. Market Capitalization Here's the market capitalization of some companies for those that are interested: Amazon: 444.84B Wells Fargo: 277.07B Paypal: 59.09B Ebay: 36.53B Western Union: 9.20B These are individual companies. It's based on stock price multipled by outstanding stock. It's a similar calculation to coin capitalization, which is calculated by multiplying the number of coins on the market by the coin price. The key take-away here to consider is that the entire market for ALL COINS is less than the market capitalization of Paypal. Invariably, if you think deeply about this, shouldn't an entire industry's market capitalization be more than one company in the same space? Yes. Yes it should. And yet we're not there yet. Accelerating User Adoption The article talks about each major country or geographic area in turn, identifying the political and economic forces which are prompting users to turn to crypto-currency. This trend is well-known, but there is difficulty in summarizing the numbers for a "big picture" impact. But it is important to consider, nonetheless. Not all Coins are Equal I know - common sense, right? But from looking at the current share of the market, we know that there is room for XRP to take on substantial BTC market share, and perhaps even some of the ETH market share. Here's where it stands today. Ripple (the company) is one of the most fearless companies I have every done research on. Case in point: They don't wait for others to make the comparison between XRP and other digital assets. They do it themselves: When you glance down at your phone when you're out having a beer tonight, just remember that you made the right choice not to sell, just like me (hopefully). We'll get there - and it looks like we're going to get there quicker than we thought!
  9. Obviously those that stuck with this have had a wild ride so far. Crypto is not for the faint of heart. We just went through a big selloff after a huge run up. Right now we are the only big player that hasn't participated in the climb that crypto's have enjoyed the last few weeks --- but the chart if flattening out, the selling is drying up and our time is coming!!!! Also, I would think that a lot of the profits made in Eth/Ethc/Waves etc. will come into XRP as those take a breather and XRP starts to move pushing us even higher. The FOMO is going to be strong!! People will want to buy more at $1 than at .50 - and when it goes higher than that, people will be mortgaging their houses to gamble with the$$$ in XRP. When it happens and this starts to move - Remember what Warren Buffett says "Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful". Nothing goes straight up forever. Take your profits, especially if you are gambling with money you can't afford to lose. Will your investment in XRP get you a Lambo, a Mansion and a ton of beautiful women - Maybe. But I guarantee there will be crashes along the way and you can go broke when your great trade turns into a loser. That said - in my opinion - and this is not advice - and think for yourself - I think this is a good entry point. I'm greedy now - I'll start being scared when it's over a $1 and I'll get out when Jim Kramer mentions the run up on his show - which is the kiss of death as far as I'm concerned.
  10. I am Ripple fan since 2013, but yet I don't see some serious changes, that would increase XRP interest in public. Don't you think that ripple deserves a main wallet which is not associated with any company but just Ripple itself? I lost faith in XRP back in 2015, because they discontinued their own wallet, apps and Ripple Trade. I understand that discontinuing Ripple Trade was a smart move for decentralisation, but still a own independent open source wallet would make us and everyone trust in Ripple, XRP and the idea itself. As an old Ripple fan I spent most of my stock, exactly 150000 XRP, for spreading the idea and activating new accounts. But am very disappointed that I still cannot trust any kind of wallet for holding my XRP safe. The prices of all kind of cryptos are rising, while XRP is sleeping at the moment and this is the exact reason why: We need a wallet to trust! Let me give you a simple example: If I want to invest in Gold, my first thought is where is the safest place to store it, so I will store it at the bank where I bought it and is insured (somehow, but better than nothing). Same thing is with XRP, if I invest in XRP I want to store my XRP to a wallet where even the company (Ripple itself) stores them, not Gatehub, not Bitstamp and I don't want to wait for any kind of verification so I can store my Ripple. Gatehub is just a marketplace at the moment, and their support is way too slow of letting people believe in XRP. Conclusion: BTC, ETH and all cryptos have their wallet, XRP deserves one too - if we all want to see the real XRP power. While watching people on forums waiting for their accounts to be activated, Ripple as a company needs to act fast and get back their wallet in order to see some real XRP power. Sorry Gatehub, we need you as a trade platform, where we can trade (and we need more of them), but mostly we need Ripple main wallet which is trusted and provided by the company and community itself. By searching online I see connection between Ripple, Bitstamp and Gatehub, it's nothing wrong, but please stop, we need to decentralise before it's too late. With love, Ripple Fan
  11. If you are looking for technical analysis videos and charts of Ripple follow me over at Twitter, and check the videos out at YouTube. That being said; Ripple has been in a channel trade between 0.26-0.30 for the past 10 days; it has been building strong support in this range while waiting for the MACD to flip bullish on the day chart; still setting up for rally; it is building strong legs. Here is today's analysis: Twitter: Youtube:
  12. The XRP/BTC chart seems to have bursts at about 5 day intervals. Looks like we are due. Chinese exchange coming online tomorrow and chart seems to have triple bottomed. I'm cautiously optimistic in the very near term. Cheers and Good Luck.
  13. Maybe breaking out of Flag? Any thoughts
  14. The price of XRP has been remarkably stable since the start of June, with daily average (taken from Bitstamp) only moving within roughly a 6% range. Declining transaction volume is clearly playing a part, but given the volatility elsewhere what is the dynamic? Recent buyers sitting on their hands? There is no shortage of what can be perceived as positive news, but this is not feeding into price. I am not craving short-term spikes, stability is actually a good thing, just wondering whether Ripple has gained some traction and supporters, but until RCL usage increases or there is a game-changing adoption, the price will remain like this?
  15. Anyone else notice that the price of xrp had a significant up as soon as Poloniex "indefinitely" disabled the troll box? Now that people can't manipulate by constantly spamming that coins are doomed or about to go to the moon we could see a much more stable rise in the coins that actually have a product on the market. Which is only XRP and bitcoin at the moment.
  16. In "The Big Short", Christian Bale plays a near-autistic eccentric trader who bucked the trends of the prevailing market sentiment. Only a minority of traders in the housing bubble were astute enough to recognize a unique opportunity in the midst of a developing crisis, and they placed their bets accordingly. Along the way, they had to "keep the faith" in the face of jeers from their own investors. When they faced their biggest moments of self-doubt, how did they respond? They doubled down. They increased their position - not from a standpoint of ego - but because they believed in the lessons of history and the accuracy of their mathematical analysis. XRP Chat Does this remind you of our forum? We debate the numbers constantly. We discuss use cases. We calculate the utility of our preferred cryptocurrency, XRP, not in the millions or even billions, but in the trillions and quadrillions of possible fiat flow through the network. Our group differs from other crypto-coin fan bases, in that our product is based on sound value and science, and will unquestioningly lead to banks and financial institutions saving massive amounts of money, all while providing instantaneous payments for customers, where those same transfers used to take days. We calculate the odds and future together, arguing with our viewpoints, observations, and logic, and often with our egos on full display. The Big Short was based on real life, because often history is stranger than fiction. Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Christian Bale breathed life into the movie, and portrayed how intense the story became for the big trading houses. Ripple's rise is even more striking; the new innovator contrasting with the prevailing thinking that Bitcoin cannot be unseated from the throne. Our Story Yes, there is much drama in crypto, and cryptocurrency investors are still very much a minority; If you think about what's happened with Ripple, it is something where we look at each other and say "we couldn't make this stuff up!" Think about what's happened since 2013, and tell me if this doesn't have the makings for a Hollywood movie: A Silicon Valley Start-Up Crypto-currency Hatred and Lies from Competitors A Wealthy Heir Angel Investor (source: ) A Feud and Lawsuit Against a Company Founder (source: And now... the shining moments that have arrived in 2017. RCL is updated to support ILP (source: 47 banks form a consortium to use the RCL and Ripple Technology (source: ) 15 new exchanges directly trade XRP against other currencies in the space of 6 weeks (source: Central Banks BOE trials ILP with Ripple (source: Ripple Gets a Seat on the IMF Advisory Board (source: The price of XRP climbs to new heights (source: Liquidity Pouring into the Ecosystem at increasing rates ( Fortify your knowledge and believe in your investment; you'll be able buy some popcorn and say "Yes! I was there when this went down!" Even now in 2017, only a small number of people have the patience to learn how to overcome the barriers to entry and invest at the stage of early adoption in the innovation life cycle. And yet still here we are, investing early. And believe me, it's still early... And now there's nothing holding XRP back from ascending to it's deserved spot at #1. Just keep in mind that when XRP takes #1, it might happen much faster than you anticipated. Make sure you have your positions ready! ############################################################ DISCLAIMERS: THIS IS NOT INVESTING ADVICE ALWAYS TO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND VERIFY FACTS I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL ANALYST OF ANY KIND DO NOT TRADE ANY CRYPTO WITH LEVERAGE I AM BAD AT MAKING PREDICTIONS ############################################################
  17. I remember Stefan Thomas talking about a "theoretical" use-case where you have an author/publisher who owns a webpage and charges people a fee to access the information. He said (in a nutshell) that the plug-in for the browser would conduct the transaction in real-time, allowing payment to the author. REDDcoin does this as well. They have a tipping platform that does just this. Admittedly, they do not provide information about their devs (all under pseudonyms (which is worrisome for me)), there is no information on a board of directors, board of advisors, key investors, recent news, SEC regulatory compliance. Nothing. The site looks neat, but other than question: is Ripple targeting these micropayments as well? There was this top-down approach, and I think, now that they have larger institutions looking to use ILP, they can focus on these Micropayments that happen daily. What are your thoughts?
  18. It takes time to get the message out. Ripple has had a superior product and revolutionary idea for some time now, and it's taken hard work, patience, and laser focus for them to get to this point. Each of the key components is now in place, and with the advent of XRP's rising popularity, the remaining puzzle piece of liquidity is now falling into place. We stand on the precipice of a new world now, one in which we all have a chance to participate by purchasing and owning part of the dream... at prices that are considered an early part of the new technology adoption life cycle. (source: and What is Diffusion of Innovation? Diffusion of Innovation is a sociological and pyschological theory of how new ideas are eventually adopted by a group, given certain conditions. Even if an idea is revolutionary, it still takes considerable time and effort to overcome the resistance to change. This process is best visualized by an "adoption curve": (Source: Hodor) XRP's adoption curve is now at beginning stage of the "Early Adopters" point, where we're starting to see the majority of acceptance by the greater crypto space, but we still have some significant room to go in this category! Bitcoin is at the beginning of the "Early Majority" category! This is exciting for us, as it charts a course to what we can expect to see for XRP. Here's the definitions for anybody that's interested in delving deeper: Innovators Early adopters Early Majority (source: ) Next Adoption Stage: The XRP Adoption Strategy Recently, JoelKatz posted about the overall strategy for XRP, and I think it ran the risk of being "buried" in another post, so I've copied the numbered points from his post and placed them below for readers that missed it (or almost missed it, like me!). I'm giving the content the title of "XRP Adoption Strategy", as I believe that's what it reflects. It reveals the details behind the company's thinking for those so inclined to be curious. (source: JoelKatz's post from: _ Just remember where we're heading The best network. (RCL) The best digital asset (XRP) The best protocol (ILP) The best company (Ripple)
  19. According to network value charts, some 12mil CNY, 2mil USD, 900BTC entered the RCL in past 24hrs. You know what it means.
  20. I sit down at our dinner table, preparing to wolf down some Chinese food, when my wife says, "Oh, further down the reddit posts there is something I think you'll like." So we read the article together, and I thought we would share this with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  21. Despite the last sell off math proves it without doubts. While everyone is talking about Goldman Sachs' ~75% pre-mined scam (thanks to their inside advertising)... XRP is the best crypto in the LAST 12 MONTHS: On the 30 MAY 2016 its value was 0,005734 USD. Now its value is: 0,22 USD. It's a 3737% gain. XRP is the best crypto YEAR TO DATE too: On the 1 JANUARY 2017 its value was 0,006523 USD. Now its value is: 0,22 USD. It's a 3273% gain. Compared to ETH (Ethereum-overvalued-overrated-overtalked-scam): LAST 12 MONTHS: 12,56 vs 200 USD -> 1492% gain. YEAR TO DATE: 7,98 vs 200 USD -> 2406% gain. LAST MONTH MAX REACHED VALUE COMPARISON: XRP -> 0,42 USD -> LAST 12 MONTHS: 7225% theorical maxxed gain obtained --> YTD: 6339% theorical maxxed gain obtained ETHEREUM -> 225,06 USD -> LAST 12 MONTHS: 1692% theorical maxxed gain obtained --> YTD: 2720% theorical maxxed gain obtained All datas are taken from: So don't worry about latest days. Ripple is still dominating and will even more in the future, seeing premises and seeing great governance behind it, much better than Goldman Sachs hidden hand that made the 'crisis' through its speculation manouvers around the world. ETH is just another banksters speculation and won't last. XRP will. JUST MY TWO CENTS OF COURSE.
  22. I hope I am not taking up too much of your time. I am looking to set up my Win7 pc to be Linux. I need to have the most security, and a decent GUI. I understand that the majority of what is to be done through Linux will be code based (like cmd.), but if there is a secure, easier to use feature, I am all ears. I am also up for learning how to use it. What do I need from my pc? Absolute control. I need security, and redundancy. I am looking to take my XRP offline, into a cold wallet so an exchange can't flub it up. How do I go about this!? Do I do clean install>AV install>update>set up Virtual Machine (on a USB to isolate my wallet)>Install AV>Update VM>Set up Wallet> Sync> Test send to wallet> Send when confirmed? I have two ledger nano s "wallets" though I have been told that the XRP isn't actually stored in the "wallet", but the Ledger is used to give permission when wishing to move to or from the "wallet". Too much misleading information out there! Anywho, thank you for your time!
  23. I don't know if you have read this article, but I would say this is one of the best speculative posts that I have read. It is well worth the read, and I feel it can give you a peek at what we are probably about to experience
  24. Hey guys. I'm new to the forum, and I must say, the optimism and wealth of information here is beautiful. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks, and decided now was the time to get involved personally. My question, and I don't want to appear shallow with my interest in XRP, is what's its absolute ceiling (roughly)? I'm only asking because the person who turned me on to Crypto (who has been buying/selling BTC since 2012) has stated multiple times that he doesn't expect it to get any higher than $3-$5 (with an, "absolutely no higher" than $7). I completely trust said friend, but it only makes sense to me that it's "worth" more than that price tag. The more I look into the company...The more I browse the Forums and Reddit...The more I think it has an INSANE amount of potential upside. I'm in this for the long haul, but I figured I would ask since I'm confused on it's TRUE potential (which I realize is tied into multiple variables). Any thoughts on its value 1, 2, 5, 10 years down the road? Thanks in advance for any replies, and thanks to all the members here and the Ripple team that take time to keep us informed!
  25. Been in Crypto trading a while. new to XRP Chat. The elephant in the room, based on trading patterns, is that someone (or group) is dumping big time and that is artificially holding down the price. Given the strange distribution (yeah 50b escrow is a start but lot's still floating around.) I think the smart money sees that insiders are taking profits. Nothing wrong with that but they run the risk of turning off investors at a serious inflection point in altcoin perception. Seems really obvious to me what is happening. One solution is a clear statement / transparency from major holders about selling. this happens in regulated markets where 5% owners have to report transactions. There is no lockout, either. So much criticism about XRP is about the 60% hold of asset in their pocket and escrow is step in right direction, more disclosure would go a long way.