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  1. I have been thinking of the concept of offering ripple IOUs through a redeemable prepaid card sold via a mixture of retailers an online sales. For a while, I was thinking of different methods of attempting this use case which had large attack vectors, for example a database full of redemption codes could be compromised. This also does not take into account the security issues on the issuers' end, where as redemption codes could be redeemed before sale among other malicious possibilities. Instead of creating a complicated back end system for redemption, I have settled on a concept of creating paper IOUs for redemption of ripple IOUs by issuing branded cards of various denominations which must be mailed back to the operator for destruction after processing a Ripple payment. The prerequisites would be a set of instructions for filling out a form, some marketing information, logo of the Gateway, an a pamper proof seal in each card which unfolds when broken to reveal the form. The recipient would include their ripple address (or the address of the recipient), the full name, address, phone number, and email address which the operator must confirm the identity of before processing payments in accordance to some jurisdiction's financial regulations. Depending on the printing costs of a logo, some instructions, marketing information, a small form, an small folding cards glued in place with a tamper-proof seal, I do believe that Gateways have the ability to enter into a niche portion of the prepaid solutions industry an have the potential to boost growth greatly if successfully partnered with a distributor to market their prepaid deposit method(s).