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  1. So looking for thoughts here ... I have a bot that trades on poloniex , the two pairs I can trade against are usdt and btc. I think btc has a first mover advantage but long term will die out. Usdt on the other hand is failing at it's one purpose , to be pegged to the US dollar. Given that I think there will be several boom bust cycles between here and 589( :) ) . Which do people think would be the best pair to trade xrp against btc or tether ? What I've done in the mean time is taking 2/3 of my holding away from the bot , however I've been thinking about the problem most of the day. Cheers
  2. A friend of mine sent me some XRP from Bitstamp to Poloniex 10 days ago. Transfer still shows as "Pending" even though on his Bitstamp account it clearly says "Finished". I have contacted their support few days ago, but in the meantime, has anyone had similar problems?
  3. I have asked for withdrawal of my XRP from Poloniex. The request stayed at pending for hours before passing to complete with a Txid that's not recognised by the official xrpcharts as a transaction hash at the same time my wallet wasn't funded. Even after submitting a support ticket since 4 days I didn't received any answer. Any idea about this issue?
  4. Hi there, this is my first topic. i would like to check if there anyone using poloniex and have XRP depositing issue since 17 Jan ? - deposit XRP to XRP address in poloniex - transaction show correctly on xrpcharts.ripple.com/ - at poloniex side have no deposit history and XRP balance have not update. i notice on block explorer that poloniex hot wallet address didn't receive my deposit, please let me know that i'm not only one who meet this problem alone (submit ticket already) , thank you. and also, if you're going to deposit XRP to poloniex right now, i suggest to try deposit a little amount of XRP and see the result (i still have problem @ January 18, 2018 8:29 PM).
  5. I have asked for withdrawal of my XRP from Poloniex. The request stayed at pending for hours before passing to complete with a Txid that's not recognised by the official xrpcharts as a transaction hash at the same time my wallet wasn't funded. Even after submitting a support ticket since 4 days I didn't received any answer. Any idea about this issue?
  6. About 7 days ago, I sent money from my Gatehub 5th REP wallet to Poloniex. When I look at the original transaction details, it will show the correct Poloniex wallet address. But when I look at "more details" in the XRP Charts, it shows that it went to this address: rckzVpTnKpP4TJ1puQe827bV3X4oYtdTP. When I look that up on Bithomp, it appears to belong to Gatehub. Do they keep the transaction in Limbo for a while or am I looking at this wrong and someone stole my REP?
  7. Ivan


    My balance on Poloniex just went to zero!!! WTF is going on?!?! Please help!!
  8. I helped a friend get set up on Poloniex where I also have an account. I sent over 20.15 XRP (20 after 0.15 fee) to his public wallet. The transaction says it was completed on my end, and I verified that his wallet address has 20 XRP on Bithomp, but for some reason the XRP are still not showing up on his Poloniex balance. Anyone know what might be up? I opened a ticket but from what I've heard from others I'm not expecting a response any time soon or ever. EDIT: his account is verified as well if that matters
  9. https://cointelegraph.com/news/rapid-increase-in-tether-supply-raises-concerns-of-manipulation-creative-accounting
  10. Sitterdave

    Poloniex XRP ERROR 30 DAYS

    Hello first of all i am a HODLER i am normally the guy who just reads everyday through all the xrpchat and never is writing something, but now I got a problem. I know, I am not the first with this, so maybe someone knows how to get a faster response. I wanted to send some XRP from Poloniex to my Nano Ledger S and then this came: Complete: Error XRP 2017-11-17 13:48:42 Then of course I made Ticket (maybe when somebody from poloniex is reading this: Ticket number#523525) and i am still waiting for a response.
  11. I noticed a small fee for deposits made to a poloniex account. the amounts are 0.15 XRP roughly - same as their withdrawal fee. there isn't supposed to be a deposit fee as far as I understand, the address has already been setup with the initial 20 XRP. Anyone experienced something similar? I've opened a ticket, but considering how slow their response has been to larger issues going on with their exchange, I doubt I'll hear back from them anytime soon.
  12. ACCOUNT HAS FINALLY BEEN CREDITED SINCE I SUBMITTED THIS POST. HOWEVER, IT TOOK NEARLY 12 HOURS FOR A SINGLE CONFIRMATION. as I said in the title: XRP sent from Poloniex currently has 0/1 confirmation for over 5 hours (it's showed up on the receiving end), Is this normal? did poloniex pay too low of a fee? how long could it take for a single confirmation when normally it's nearly instant? thx for your help!
  13. Hi everyone- Has anyone had any issues withdrawing ripple from Poloniex? Since last week they are ignoring my tickets and still did not credit my account of the 75000 XRP https://imgur.com/Gd231x4 they're keeping hostage on their exchange. Pls HELP- Any input will be the most welcome- Thank you I also posted on reddit .h_withdrawing_my_ripple_on_poloniex/
  14. This is my first post. I'm new in the forum. Heck, I'm a new XRP holder because for years I used to be a hater, sticking to BTC and LTC Until a month ago. But I'm not new in crypto. I bought my first Bitcoin for $12 and was lucky enough to turn a $2000 in 2012 investment into $?00K by hodling, trading and hopping between BTC, LTC and ETH. Now, I know that my knowledge about Ripple and XRP is not like many of you, and I enjoy reading your posts and tweets. However, I have learned something during years of trading that you might want to consider. Straight to the point, some exchanges have proved their liability in years. You can deposit and withdraw XRP in Bitstamp or Kraken within seconds, but same process in Poloniex or Bittrex takes a long time depending the amount of coins; Currently, if you withdraw 100,000 XRP from Polo, it takes minimum 2 hours. There should be no additional confirmation delays if you have 2FA and email approval link, especially if you are withdrawing to same wallet everyday. So, there must be different reasons that makes this delays. I want to conclude this post with suggesting to withdraw most of your XRP to your own wallets and that not only gives you better security and peace of mind, but ALSO IT WILL HELP TO PUMP THE PRICE. And it doesn't matter if your exchange is trustworthy as your own eyes. Here are merely my thoughts, and I'm not accusing anyone, but it's not bad to be a bit suspicious. Perhaps the exchange doesn't trust it's code or infrastructure, so has to manually verify each request. If that is the case, then why you should trust in something that the owner of it doesn't. Don't wait for a "massive hack" news. Some of you might argue that it's because the exchange has to take the coins from their cold wallets. That might be true for massive coin moves like more than %5 of total deposited coins, that is definitely much more than maximum level 2 daily limit which is $25000. Another reason could be that exchange is short on balances due to theft of untold hack, so they have to buy or sell some other coins to obtain your requested XRP. I am a victim of Mt.Gox but fortunately, my claim is only 4 BTC. I witnessed how Mt.Gox delayed the withdraws and held the wire transfers weeks before it's epic closure, and I'm grateful for my suspicious mind that made me to move almost all my coins to Bitstamp and my cold wallet. Let's be a bit optimistic. Maybe the exchange is using our coins for margin lending, and investing on other coins? If that's true, then they are DUMPING our XRP to get BTC for lending, or other coins that they know will be pumped in near future? If that is the case, would you let them that happen? Do you like to see your coins go to a downtrend because of exchange's manipulation? So, if you take your XRP out of the exchange, they have to buy it back and it leads to price improvement. Finally, regardless of the exchange trustworthiness, reducing the exchange's available volume would unbalance the supply-demand scale. In other words, shorter supply would cause more demands. This is not a significant factor but even a few percent improvement is better than nothing.
  15. Last night I tried to jump into Bitcoin Cash a little bit. Got in at 0.16 and went out at 0,168. So not great, but that was small profit. Than again, I was waching it hit 0.197 at Polo just to go back to 0.182 and than I got in again thinking that it will hit 0.2. It never recovered and now I am stuck at BCH 0.165 currently. I don't know what to to. Lost 300-400 XRPs , big for me. Risk or cut loses? This **** is too volatile. update: touching 0.168 and going up. Wait or no?
  16. Hi all, been lurking around a bit but joined today to share my observations re. XRP on polo. Today a 500btc sell wall appeared on the xrp/btc pair for the first time I've observed in months. A dozen or so sell orders ranging between 30 and 40 btc in size between the prices of 3950 and 3790. In front of this wall has been a LOT of buying interspersed with a few sell orders. I've been watching the action all morning and it is mostly buying. This is somewhat significant because this is the first time in a long time I've observed this much volume with no actual price movement. I believe our market makers have found their bottom and are either accumulating or exiting significant short positions quietly. There was some concern that a push down to the 2700 sat support could be possible but this recent action suggest to me that the bottom was found. I also believe our oracle friend over at r/Ripple was calling the bottom and tops of the next bull run with his August 13th/Nov 4th statement. If you're interested, head over and check the action yourself. Walls and walls of trades on the buy side at the 3750 range Now may be a good time to re-enter or accumulate yourself if you trade the BTC pair because I think we may see the reigns let go in the next few weeks. Actually in the time Ive been typing this those walls have started to shift back a little higher which confirms for me that they're there specifically to buy on the other side. Happy trading
  17. https://amp.reddit.com/r/PoloniexForum/comments/6t4tvs/i_managed_to_bypass_2fa_and_email_verification_is/
  18. "After careful consideration of the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions’ interpretation of its financial services regulations, Poloniex will suspend Washington account creation until further notice. For existing Washington customers, you will receive an email with instructions on how to wind down your account" https://news.bitcoin.com/washingtons-bitcoin-exchange-regulations-become-active/?utm_source=Poloniex Quits Washington State&utm_medium=telegram&utm_campaign=Telegram Channel
  19. The upcoming Bitcoin hard fork is a problem for cryptocurrency exchanges. Some platforms will support Bitcoin Cash, whereas others won’t. One of the companies not supporting any future fork is Poloniex. That is a rather remarkable decision, to say the least. The company will not commit to supporting specific blockchains emerging after a potential split. Another reason to move money off Poloniex sooner rather than later. http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/07/25/poloniex-will-not-provide-support-potential-bitcoin-forks/?from=groupmessage
  20. As most of you remember, about more than half of the trade volume of XRP was at Poloniex and about 90% of it was at BTC/XRP. But now the share of Poloniex seems to be constantly diminishing. It is screenshot taken a minute ago. That was the stratedy of Ripple, spreading the trade volume to more exchanges and provide the XRP price formation not due to BTC but due to dolar (or fiat). Now the Korean exchanges are taking the lead. Do you think we have a better price formation now? and in the future?
  21. Alexander Levin, president of gpuShack and founder of ethOS, one of the people who has taken issue with Poloniex. According to his statement, he is no longer able to access his account and there has been no response from support for nearly a month now. https://themerkle.com/poloniex-solves-70000-account-balance-issue-after-reddit-complaint/ Reddit complaint:
  22. So, what's the deal with Poloniex? The great majority of the volume of all lower-cap coins is traded there. Until the explosion of the XRP in the Korean market, virtually all XRP was traded there. Even now somewhere north of 25% of all XRP is still traded there. They were based in Montana (no actual office), then last year moved to Delaware (no actual office). Both states are famous as US state income tax shelters for LLCs and INCs. Which is no big deal. Except whenever it comes up no better information about who is running this thing or where they're based comes out. Witness this reddit exchange from a few months ago. Which leaves me wondering if the next big crypto crash won't result from a miners v. users bitcoin battle, but rather something calamitous over at a Polo. Anyone with thoughts or who might have a little more info on the exchange?
  23. So I made a wallet via bithomp and didn't read through enough and didn't activate it. I sent 245 XRP to it Fromm poloniex.. is it gone forever? I can't access my address.. what are my next steps if any??
  24. Anyone else notice that the price of xrp had a significant up as soon as Poloniex "indefinitely" disabled the troll box? Now that people can't manipulate by constantly spamming that coins are doomed or about to go to the moon we could see a much more stable rise in the coins that actually have a product on the market. Which is only XRP and bitcoin at the moment.
  25. I made a transfer from my Poloniex account to one of my hosted wallets on Gatehub. The transasction is showing as complete but the ripple has not been placed into my wallet. This is the transaction hash 297BD24149F8E64DB0D311FE800A04E48897720DE9F50C4CD95636FE8206720E I have turned in support tickets on both ends poloniex and Gatehub with no response from either exchange as of yet and it has now been over a week. I know some of the Poloniex and Gatehub employees are on the chat here so I am asking for help please. Andrew