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  1. I was just thinking about this while driving to work, so its not a fully developed idea. I don't even know if its legal or if someone has already done this, but wouldn't it be nice if we could have some sort of community endorsed hashtag that promotes the education of Ripple as a product to the masses? We can post official content (e.g. from Ripple.com) on our fav social media account (Twitter, FB, YT, Instagram, etc)....if there's some form of co-ordination, maybe we can start a trend big enough to generate a digital footprint in cyberspace. I say official content because we don't want a
  2. Hi! I'm sorry for the –I know– incredible newbie question. I'm not related at all to cryptocurrencies. Five years ago I bought some ripples and I have written down my "Ripple Address" and "Secret Account key." What's the next step? To open a Wallet? Thanks!
  3. So this is my first post on XRP Chat... I've been following the likes of @JoelKatz, @Hodor and various other Top Members on here and on the Reddit Forum since I first bought my Zerps. I firstly wanted to commend the community for instilling such a positive attitude (to both Ripple and others within the community [even those who spread FUD]). When I first joined the Reddit Forum there were <40,000 members but that has since grown to over 160,000 in the last 6 weeks). I invested in late November and have used forums, YouTube, Ripple Insights etc... to keep a track of all the news and goi
  4. Hello, I am very new to trying to buy XRP. I have done tons of research... I still can't figure what to do. Here is my situation, I am in the US I have a bank account set up solely for use with Cryptocurrencies. I want to buy as many XRP I can with $5,000.00 and do it as quickly as I can. I have been looking at websites till I can't look at another. Fees for each movement of the money... aaaagghhhhh!!! Can anyone help me simplify this?
  5. Hey everyone. I am a complete newbie to the crypto world and am looking for some friendly advice, tips, support and a genuine group to learn from. Are there any of you who could help walk me through the process of how I can try and jump on this rollercoaster? Thanks in advance everyone;)
  6. So I got into ripple very late , when the price was 1.14 , and I only have a very small amount 140+ , have I missed the rocket or do you think ripple will reach the heights of bitcoin in the coming years ..?
  7. Hello All, Finally signed up for the chat! I have been following these threads for a while as a visitor but happy to finally have a voice p.s. Yes, I am a XRP holder since BEFORE the first December spike. The future looks bright! Here's to a prosperous 2018. -N
  8. I am so lost and clueless and I have spent hours researching and I am so confused. I am really hoping someone on this forum can give me some insight. Back in 2014, I (believe) I purchased XRP. I have a phrase, username, and most importantly, a key. Unfortunately I do not know where I originally went to purchase XRP. Last night I went on the worldexchange.net and plugged in my key. I found out that my account was not yet activated. So here’s my question: did I actually purchase the XRP even though I never activated my wallet or does that mean I never had any XRP to begin with?? I could swear I
  9. How to buy Ripple – is it the right Bitcoin-style cryptocurrency for you? If you are dying to get into the cryptocurrency market but have arrived too late to the Bitcoin party there are plenty of alternative cryptocurrencies. Ripple is known an ‘altcoin’, which means it’s a bitcoin-style virtual currency that is not backed or controlled by any central government. Ripple was launched in 2012 and recently had a 4300% increase in value, meaning many people want in on the action. A bitcoin is currently worth more than £12,000, Ripple is currently worth £0.4821 and started a
  10. Hi all, It's been many years since I was active on a website forum, but then it's been many years since something has excited me like Ripple's XRP. What a ride in the last few days! Looking forward to some interesting debates and discussions with some of you as the rollercoaster ride kicks off - Nick
  11. Every article I read tells me to do my own research, but I don't know how else to do research besides googling the topic/ following article and threads. Should I be looking at technical analyze or reading the company website for future applications and announcements. I would really rather not pay for an alt coin investment guide, I'm sure its a scam.
  12. Hiya All, I have been reading up on Ripple/XRP for sometime now but still have some gaps in my knowledge that I am struggling to understand, so I hope you dont mind me asking what I am hoping aren't obvious questions! I am a techie so I have a good grasp of that side, but I am not 100% on the process, so if someone wouldn't mind filling in the blanks please: When you buy XRP, do you actually own them (as I have seen people talk of IOU's, so I am not sure if you just own an IOU)? When I use my private key to verify who I am with an exchange/gateway, then wouldn't they also k
  13. Dear XRP forum members, I am a 46 year old Dutch guy. I bought my first XRP in January 2017, after i did a long research on the company. I own quite a lot of XRP at the moment. I am reading the XRPchat group since januari 2017 but decided today to join because this seems the only place where you can find reliable info(pro and neg). I own a small crypto Facebook group which is also a pro Ripple group for the most member then!(not all). I like to have a discussion based on arguments and knowlegde, and thats the real problem these days on the internet. Lots of new people flocking the fora an
  14. Hey guys, second post for me and I just felt like I wanted to contribute instead of lurking around and do nothing. I'm charts guy, I have been doing charts for quite some time now and just wanted to share my insight. For those who think 'charts are bull****' please leave this post NOW. So the chart above is the XRP / USDT price at Poloniex, we can observe that the XRP managed to hop onboard in the 'rising trend' that has been triggered after Bitcoin SegWit lock-in (approximate data, I don't have the exact dates). All seems well right
  15. Hi Guys, I'm new on the forum, been following the cryptocurrencies from 2009 and decided to join forums as of today. Already own ETH and Ripple. I know the big fall but heck i bought low and already took my investment out Hoping to educate others and learn myself aswell. Let's make cryptocurrency BIG together !!!
  16. Xrphunter


    Hi! Im new to the community, so nice to be here, ima believer of xrp ?
  17. Zez


    Hello guys from XRP chat! i have been on this forum serveral day's -> nearly a month and still didn't create an account untill now. So who am i? I am Zez, and had no idea what bitcoin was in September 2016, this is were i got my first bitcoins after quiting my 'online job' which resulted in around 13 bitcoins (around 550 eu that time) and directly sold them for around 7000 euro's.(I was being stupid and wanted to play it safe) NOW bitcoin has been going up ever since in just nearly a year and i realised i could of made so much more if i was understanding what i
  18. Hi Guys, I'm a newbie here. Honestly I've never bought any crypto currencies but would like to start buying XRP. I've done some research but would be very thankful to any suggestions.. I kinda need to be pointed in the right direction here. Any help and advice is appreciated. Does anyone know if this is a good plan for a first timer? 1.) Create coinbase.com account and buy Bitcoin with USD 2.) Create Poloniex.com account and transfer Bitcoin to poloniex.com account 3.) Begin trading through Poloniex.com account. Or, integrate Coinigy.com with Poloniex.com and trad
  19. Hello im new here, can someone help me to activate my XRP-Wallet: rB6c5EiAKXdVkat8Cosd6d3WR7NZciMRjc I got this message: => IMPORTANT: The first time you deposit to a Ripple deposit address, 20 XRP will be held there in order to reserve the address. This is because the Ripple network requires a minimum of 20 XRP to be in any active address. The money does not go to anyone, and the difference will be credited to your account if the minimum requirement is ever lowered. Once you have funded your deposit address with 20 XRP, you will be able to deposit any amount and receive your ful
  20. Hi All, I am a newbie in the field of crypto currencies. I just bought some XRP ( small amount) as test and incurred heavy transaction charges. Can anyone please explain if these charges are genuine or did i do something wrong? 1. I purchased some BTC amount from "bitxoxo.com" by spending the local currency INR. 2. The "X" BTC got deposited into my wallet in bitxoxo. *** No transaction charges yet *** 3. I transferred the BTC FROM wallet A ( Bitxoxo) TO my wallet in gatehub. --- Charge 1 ---- 4. I was charged approx. 6% of the BTC (balance transferred) as " blo
  21. Hello everyone -- stumbled onto this site via a search - very glad I did!
  22. Hello everyone, Warm greetings. I just joined the forum today. I am a small time investor and looking forward to invest in XRP/Ripple for long term. Hope to make many friends and learn a lot from all here. Cheers, Vicky
  23. Guest

    Hi there!

    Hi, I am new to this forum, have about 0.35 BTC worth in Ripple network. Started with the WCG giveaway, sent CAD 100...
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