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  1. This is what many have been waiting for from Ledger. Looks like they FINALLY have got their act together: Ledger Manager Additionally, Ledger is working on a new version of the Ledger Manager platform. We’ll shortly move to a web based solution involving direct USB communication without the need to install any extension. https://www.ledger.fr/2018/02/23/announcing-new-ledger-wallet-desktop-mobile-applications/
  2. Now that we have the basics down on charts HERE, let's begin to explore ideas on how to become a better investor. None of this is investment advice.
  3. Good afternoon, I consult you, the idea that I have is: A security and private validation mechanism. Using the free code of ripple and xrp, from there create a new cryptocurrency. 1st it's possible ? 2nd. what is the beginning? Where do you start? 3rd Is there a basic guide or tutorial to follow? And if it is very complicated or not possible, how do I implement a test scenario to use ripple? Thank you very much and greetings
  4. Hi all, I started in crypto in spring 2015 with some reading and opening some accounts. At the end of 2016 i did my first investment steps starting with cloudmining Bitcoin. Begin 2017 i bought XRP, ETH, LTC and some other coins. Begin spring i bought a Zcash and Ethereum miner and started to shorttrade on exchanges. During that time i learned a lot about almost all of crypto. In summer 2017 i was well experienced and could see which coins/networks will grow the coming time. I enlarged my XRP, LTC and ETH investment during that time. I sold all my other coins. But in June 2017 i came accross a article about a cryptocoin which was launched late September 2017, called KIN coin. I was never really interested in ICO's, but this one caught my attention. I started reading and researching the Kin coin white paper and doing some research on Kik.... I got in on the ICO in september. Although the ICO wasn't really done well, the Kin coin team seems to better there communications and started bringing professional communications on there progress. Since november they are communicating on there roadmap almost every three days. The Kin coin community is growing fast on Facebook, Reddit andTelegram. In december the Kin coin team told everybody that they will move from the Ethereum Blockchain to the Stellar Blockchain(at this time they are going to use both). After that communication the price shoot up fast almost 10X the ICO price. At this time its 1/4 of that price and holding. Personally i think this is the only new Crypto coin which really can shake up the Social media platforms with there ideas. Kik app has 300 million subscribed member and 15 million active daily users. This means that crypto will be brought to a very large young consumer base without the difficulties of going into crypto. The Kik app is easily to download on the app stores and the Kin coin wallet is inside it, ready for use. Besides the Kik app, Kincoin will be also available true there SDK program(Software Development Kitt) which is open source. So Everybody could use the software to place it inside other apps or new ones. The Kin coin reward engine is build to reward people who are going to build Kin coin apps or reward Kik users for almost everything you can think of. In March 2018 the development team will announce partnerships with other companies. I can tell much more but i will place some links to more detailed info on Kin coin: Give it some time to read... https://medium.com/kinfoundation https://medium.com/kin-contributors https://www.facebook.com/groups/493794851001545/ https://www.reddit.com/r/KinFoundation/ I would love to hear some opinions on Kin coin. I am very biased on the subject but i like to know..
  5. Kraken just started accepting domestic deposits from US Banks. It required a tier 3 level, wire routing number (not the one on checks), and following their instructions. I received notice from Kraken they had resolved their internal issues late Tuesday and initiated a deposit. Wednesday, I sent a wire transfer from my bank. It was credited to my account this morning. I was able to purchase XPR and get confirmation in just a couple of minutes. YEAH!!!
  6. Hello, I'm ripplescave - a rather bland allusion to Plato's theory of the cave. I'm the caveman diacovering the world of ripple. Hence the name. Now that we got that out of the way (and before anyone tells me to use the search function - spoiler - I have), I have a few Qs. I'm having a fair bit of trouble duly visualizing how xRapid works. I have read several of David Swartz's responses, I've scoured ripple's website, I've seen some diagrams here and there, but I've yet to get a fully laymen run down of the logistics behind how payments are transferred using XRP via the xRapid system. This is my understanding thus far: 1. Bank A receives request to send EUR over to Bank B in, say, Italy, of the amount of €10,000,000. (Let's assume that 1 EUR = 1.25 USD) 2. Bank A buys $12,500,000 USD worth of XRP on the open market from exchange ABC. 3. Bank A then transfers XRP to Bank B via xRapid. 4. xRapid sources liquidity through a "liquidity partner" [from my understanding the LP has the same utility as that of a market maker for stocks] 5. xRapid sources closest LP to Bank B and transfers XRP at (desireably) higher spread to Bank B. 6. Bank B receives XRP and sells for EUR instantaneously on open market. From this exercise arises a few obvious questions. 1. If XRP considerably within the time the LP receives it, isn't this bad for them? They would then transfer XRP at a loss. Is this just risk that the business must undertake on a day to day basis in order to operate? 2. What incentive is there for an LP to be an LP? I still don't see how they make their money in this system. 2. I get that the transfer of XRP is instantaneous using the xRapid system but isn't the withdrawal of fiat from exchanges that the Banks trade with taking the same time as it would today? Do banks get same day cash settlements via exchanges when they try to withdraw their EUR/USD/etc in today's environment? I am not sure as to how this function works. 4. Why would LPs want to bear the risk of holding a reserve of XYZ currency? Aren't they opening themselves up to massive fx risk? If not then how are they protected? Those are the most immediate questions I have for now and I am looking forward to an insight and intelligent discussion that can hopefully shed some light for many who may or may not have the same questions that I do. cheers
  7. Hello, I am new to Ripple and thought the best (easiest) place to get started would be Gatehub. However, the whole process is very confusing and unclear, and I am not sure exactly how it works and how long it takes; I apologize in advance as I understand similar questions might have already been asked, but still could not make sense of it. First of all, how does the 20XRP minimum requirement work, and how can I start trading XRP if I need XRP to start trading? Secondly, I already own BTC and thought I would transfer them over so that I keep everything in one place. Also figured I could then use those BTC to buy the initial 20XRP required. However, when I click on the "Deposit/Receive" link in the picture below Nothing happens, as my browser (tried with both Internet Explorer and Chrome) gets stuck on the page below Has this happened to anyone else before? Is it a technical issue caused by something on my end, or could it be due to activation issues on Gatehub's side? Thanks everyone!
  8. Hello, I was trying to figure out how I go about activating my new account. I have read several different ways to go about doing this but I have not had any luck whatsoever. If anyone could give me any input I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! rHJBxH91qZ7SWBuLcbg8mCXyDDZULoHweH
  9. Hi, I am extremely new to crypto market. Made my first investment($500) 3 weeks ago in BTC because that's the only thing I knew about. Read a few posts and watched videos and decided to sell BTC when the future related push happened and jumped my ship into Ripple and bought approx. 1500 coins at .38 AUD. It shot to AUD 1.4 so FOMO kicked in and I bought another 1000 at AUD 1. Now, I can see that it is on its way downward. The money that I have put in is 10% of my savings so not worried about losing it as such. Did I buy at correct milestones or should I sell and rebuy when it hits in the range of 0.6 AUD and then HOLD or should I just leave it alone. Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, I am in the cryptoworld for 4 months and lost a lot of money. €800,— became €200,—. A lot of classic faults i make: -day trading (all in) -fud and fomo -not reading the forum. 1,5 month ago I was gooing all in for XRP. Reading a lot on this fantastic forum. (Regalchicken, Hodor and a lot of other XRP fans) talking about hodl, break out and buy more. (Much better than red*t and shitcointalk) After de lock up, I waited for the moon (nothing happend). 2 weeks ago, I sold all my XRP fot a other coin. Nice 10% profit. But the feeling , loosing a good friend stays. Believe it or not a few hours before the break out, i bought XRP back. What then happens: ??? It was a very expensive lesson for me. For now, I hodl XRP for a long time. I love you guys (and a few girls) and XRP. Edwin
  11. Hi all! I just joined to vent. I started looking into cryptos when bitcoin hit 15k. I had read about xrp/ripple and liked what I saw. Figured it was good long term investment worth a couple of thousand to invest in. Spent a week researching and looked like bitstamp was a good exchange so I made an account. Still waiting to get verified. I was more concerned about fees. I also made a Coinbase account figured I could buy bitcoin there trading on Gdax as the fees are lower. Coinbase verified me right away but gdax did not. Still waiting on a reply to not having a way to send them a pic of me. Now xrp is up 300% when I started the process. By the time I get money in there I’m figuring it will be too late. Venting didn’t make me feel better. I was going to trade bitcoin for xrp from gdax to bitstamp.
  12. Hi all. Just wanted to briefly introduce myself. Like a lot of the new members, I've only just got into the crypto currency world hoping to make a few quid along the way. I guess the rising price of bitcoin has got alot of interest from people, even those that have no idea what crypto currency is. I was one of those. I didn't know much about it, so I listened to a few podcasts, read articles and forums for days until I felt like I knew the basics. Then reading more into ripple/XRP it just sounds very promising - the company has actual goals and looks like if they ever gets fully implemented into banking systems, could really improve things. I actually first heard of ripple about 3 or 4 months ago but never looked into it unfortunately. I would have been able to get more XRP for my money, but I'm not too gutted about it. I'm just glad I got in before the takeoff. I see there's a lot of hype and speculation that 2018 will bring big things for ripple, so I think I got in just in time. I understand it's all a risk and most of us are betting on speculative ideas, but the ripple technology sounds too good for the banks to pass up on. So that's why I decided to join all of you in the hopes that it takes off, and us, the believers will be rewarded in the end.
  13. Hey all!!! My name is John and I decided to join up to XRP Chat to get a feel for what the real people on the ground level think about XRP. I was playing around on Youtube and getting some information, but it feels like many of those people may be sponsored one way or the other (or selling some sort of “investment courses”). I was thinking about dropping $1,000 on it, but I wanted to know where you guys really foresee it going in the future. I’ve read all of the stories about average Joes who bought a couple hundred Bitcoin early on that have since retired…and I don’t want to miss that chance again. To look at XRP and the fact that it is looking to coincide with the existing banking system gives me a good feeling…..so please please please lend me your opinions on it! Thanks all! John
  14. Red Belly Blockchain can process more than 660,000 transactions per second on 300 machines in a single data centre!! Read the post: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/university-sydneys-red-belly-blockchain-scales-660000-transactionssec/
  15. So I am new to all of this cryptocurrency. I just set up my first wallet with Gatehub, got my account verified, and began trying to transfer USD from FlashFX to my ripple address. FlashFX alerted me that I needed to establish a trustline, and in following the tutorials I can find out where to go to enter details. But I cannot work out for the life of me what the public address is that I enter so that the payment clears. Every google search has turned up empty. This is probably a super simple fix but I need help to work this out. Thanks in advance!
  16. hello I'm very new to cryptocurrency and i just wanted to start investing because it seemed interesting. The first mistake that i have done is that i transferred few bitcoins to gatehub's hosted wallet hoping that i could later exchange them for ripples. My main intention was to buy new ripples and watch if they could really grow into something big. But I'm unable to transfer as i got the error " Wallet not on vault" when i tried to transfer btc from hosted wallet to ripple wallet. I have two questions. Is this because my account is not verified and thus i dont have btc gateway to my ripple wallet and thus i cannot deposit btc directly into it for xrp ? or else is it just that my ripple wallet is not funded with "20" xrp and thus its not activated ? Will i be able to transfer my btc in hosted wallet to my ripple wallet after i get activated ? If its all about non-activated account I would be very thankful if someone helped me out by activating my ripple wallet . Please help me through to get my bitcoins out of it as they are charging way too high for btc transfers to other wallet. If you could send me 25 xrp to my wallet, please message me their ripple address . ill refund them with 35 xrp. you can report me if I dont do so. sorry for the long post . and here is my ripple address. rU1o7gnGTQbYULk6USEcgArP6ygtMMd3Bx Ram Abhilash thanks in advance, ram
  17. Johnxrp

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm John from South America and current xrp hodler. I hope we can share our knowledge and have fun! Cheers!
  18. Completed making our Rippex Wallet today, very excited Will secure our Secret Key as we have secured our offline Bitcoin / Ethereum Private Keys. Ripple software looks much more accessible than everyone says. Great to see a great community here, and very visually-appealing forum software! - Gamerbits Team
  19. I don't understand where XRP stands now and ripple.com is confusing right now. Are these all new coins or what the heck??
  20. busyj

    New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm just like you all excited, and I am investing in ripple for quite some time. I hope that we all become thousandaires or better millionaires in a few years! Cheers
  21. This is my latest blog entry: I talk about Ripple's new product offerings for XRP amid the Bitcoin Fork drama I think it's indicative of Ripple's marketing strategy to chart their own course and separate themselves from the other crypto-currencies on the same day (roughly) that the Bitcoin fork is happening. I don't believe in coincidences. Let me know if you like the blog entry / don't like it or in-between. Also, please feel free to share it on other media! Reddit Twitter
  22. Asking for assistance funding new wallet. I will gladly pass on the favor to the next requestor. I need 20XRP to get started. My address is as follows, rJ8XwmsLdS9WhGWbk1AptBxMwqE9FMo5Qp Thanks so much in advance
  23. Hi Guys, I'm a newbie here. Honestly I've never bought any crypto currencies but would like to start buying XRP. I've done some research but would be very thankful to any suggestions.. I kinda need to be pointed in the right direction here. Any help and advice is appreciated. Does anyone know if this is a good plan for a first timer? 1.) Create coinbase.com account and buy Bitcoin with USD 2.) Create Poloniex.com account and transfer Bitcoin to poloniex.com account 3.) Begin trading through Poloniex.com account. Or, integrate Coinigy.com with Poloniex.com and trade there.. Again total new guy at this so any help is appreciated.
  24. Hey Guys! I don't know if you heard about Tezos (https://www.tezos.com/), which is a new cryptocoin to be lauched. If you check the site at this you will find few information - you can basically sign up to find out the date of a fundraiser, which should be these days, or according to the site sometime in June. There is also a quite detailed description on their past and their aims (https://www.tezos.com/static/papers/Tezos_Overview.pdf), what they'd think they achieved with Tezos and what their plans are, together with the details of the fundraiser - this one clearly seems to be something much closer to a "garage company". Just a few quick details: What is it? It's another decentralised blockchain with a new formal verification method. Status: They are doing a fundraiser for the development of their company. Price: Price of tezos will be circa 1 BTC = 5,000 XTZ (Tezos) - with some additional bonuses of 5-10-20% depending on the timing of your investment during the 2 week fundraiser I opened this topic so we could share some information on this, if anybody know some new details or so - I didn't dig in myself too deeply but I did check this and that. There seems to be a potential in it so it would be worth checking. My questions - which I hope some of you might know the answers from other mediums: When should Tezos be available on the "market" - any of the exchanges online? At what price should it start trading? At fundraiser investment it will cost $0.36 per piece. What is the number of Tezos that they are planning to issue? Would you invest in Tezos? Have a great one! BB
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