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  1. It has been implied here that Ripple has been limited in marketing and facilitating XRP and related products for end users because of the the FinCEN enforcement action against Ripple in 2015. While it was originally believed that RippleTrade was shut down because Ripple was pivoting (I believe SnapSwap's announcement to stop XRP/BTC support involved some wording like this), it has been implied here, and I have recently assumed, that the FinCEN agreement required Ripple to shut down RippleTrade and discontinue support of products/services targeting end users. With a quick google search you'll find this page which summarizes the whole ordeal. Linked on that page is the actual settle agreement signed by Ripple and FinCEN (here). To my surprise the settlement agreement in no way seems to directly limit Ripple's ability to provide products and services to end users. Take this statement on the twelfth page of the settlement agreement for example. "Within 30 days of the date of this agreement, Ripple Labs and XRP II will move its service known as Ripple Trade... and any such functional equivalent, to a money services business that is registered with FinCEN" In no way does this sound like Ripple had to shut down Ripple trade (end user focused products), in fact, the continuation of this product/service is implied. While Ripple no doubt was required to comply with stricter oversight because of this agreement, it seems that they are still subject to this stricter oversight due to the fact that XRP II is still selling XRP and therefore functioning as a MSB. For a TLDR version of Ripple's requirements, read the twelfth page of the settlement agreement which lists the "Remedial Framework" Ripple agrees to comply with. If I am understanding the settlement correctly, it seems Ripple decided to stop supporting end users because of the additional AML compliance risk such support would require. Since this decision was optional, it seems there are two immediate and important implications: Ripple doesn't need to wait until May 2018 to provide products and services to end users. Ripple can market XRP and RCL without restrictions related to this agreement If I am incorrect in my understanding, I would like to know why. If I am correct, I'd like to see Ripple continue more and more to publicly support XRP/RCL.
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