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  1. Sometimes I come across these tweets from @JoelKatz and @TiffanyHayden (and others) that grasp the XRP (and other) concept so sharp, or answer the fud so vigorous, they should be put on a tile. And that's exactly want I'm gonna do 😊: Gather the best ones, have them printed in on transparant stickers and distribute them to all of you. With those, everybody can stick some nice #XRP tile-wisdom / aphorism in their toilet, on tiles at their friends' house or in every restaurant you visit. This should be fun and some nice community #XRP marketing 😉. So, if you come across one or remember a good one, put the link here or DM me about it! And if there is anybody that wants to contribute (do basic design, ideas how to distribute them (for example put them for nearly nothing on some sticker webshop), etc) please let me know as well. Just to get the idea, here are a few of the last days:
  2. Advertise XRP here!

    Dear Ripple community. I have launched a website where people can advertise crypto and blockchain products, services and media channels. If you want to receive more crypto and blockchain community attention to your coin - grab and advertising block for Ripple on https://cryptopiece.com/ If you need any assistance I will gladly guide you through the process. Kind regards, -Crypto Piece
  3. http://markets.businessinsider.com/currencies/news/ripple-hires-facebook-communications-manager-2017-12-1011580387
  4. Any bartenders in this forum or you know one? I just got this "crazy" idea about how to spread the word. And increase the awarness of Ripple and XRP to the public. Create a new drink or shot. Name it Ripple or XRP. Criteras that have to be met: 1. It has to be blue. 2. A taste hard to forget. 3. You will absoloutely want one more, after the first one.
  5. By the end of the year, CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) announced yesterday that it will introduce Bitcoin Futures contracts to their customers. CME Group handles more than $1 Quadrillion worth of trading volumes per year. The fact that they will now introduce these contracts implies an FI legitimacy of regulatory oversight to crypto assets. This introduction will also boost the liquidity of the whole (?) crypto market by opening the market to many more interested players. In my opinion, the players include the good, the bad and the ugly: FI's legacy modeling may now begin to impact how markets move to a much greater degree. When do you think this will spin out to benefit XRP?
  6. While their was undoubtedly a lot of good that came out of SWELL (I think everyone would be shocked if a bunch of great relationships/partnerships didn't transpire), it's pretty evident that a lot of people on the consumer side of things (for example, some in the XRP community) lost faith in Ripple and feel mislead. So much so that Brad Garlinghouse (CEO) had to hold an impromptu Q and A session the morning of the last day of the conference. That speaks volumes. We don't know the entire story or what went on behind the scenes (did something fall through at the last minute???), so I don't want to be too critical. However, this also isn't the first misstep by Ripple's marketing team, so I don't think we can write this off as a one-off event either. Whether you personally disagree with people critical of ripple or not is irrelevant. The bottom line is that this "miscommunication" had negative consequences and was entirely avoidable. Assuming no last minute catastrophe that we aren't aware of, EXPECTATIONS to the XRP community, and the crypto community in general, by Ripple's marketing team as well as CEO Brad Garlinghouse on Quora were not managed properly. Without insider knowledge, we don't know exactly why the miscommunication occurred. Let's look into a few possible reasons why. Please keep in mind these are simply possibilities. It could also be none of these. This is more-or-less just food for thought that serves to set-up the main point of this thread (the state of Ripple's marketing infrastructure): 1. The executives (Garlinghouse, etc.), while very strong on both the technology and sales front, place little importance on marketing. Hence, why their isn't a Chief Marketing Officer. 2. The marketing department is completely overloaded. Remember, they have to market from both a Business-to-business angle (e.g., banks) and a Business-to-consumer angle (e.g., the people on XRP chat, the people that invest in cryptos, etc.). 3. The marketing department lacks proper experience and know-how. To reiterate, I'm not making accusations. I don't know the answer(s). What I did do though is look through LinkedIn to get a better idea of Ripple's commitment to marketing. For the record, this was not an enjoyable task. I don't like having to pull out the microscope. However, let's not forget that a large part of Ripple's funding comes from us. Ripple sells XRP and we buy it. In the last quarter, Ripple sold $32.6 million worth of XRP into open markets. XRP holders are an integral part of Ripple's success. We are helping to pay for operations. We are helping to pay salaries. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. Because of this, I'd argue that it's our responsibility to ask Ripple hard questions like the below. If Ripple is the company we all think and hope it is, then hard questions shouldn't phase them. In fact, Ripple should be happy to have such dedicated, passionate followers. Finally, please remember that the questions below are based-off of data pulled from Linked In. I very well could be be missing some key information (I'd be very surprised if I'm not). I'd also ask that we remember that we don't know everything that happened behind the scenes. Because this is a sensitive subject, please be respectful in your comments. QUESTIONS (and remember, we're told Ripple has a multi-billion dollar "War Chest," so money shouldn't really be an issue) *Excluding designers, why does a company with offices on 4 continents only have around 8 employees dedicated to marketing? *How are only 8 employees supposed to execute marketing plans for both B2B (e.g., financial institutions) and B2C (e.g., crypto community)? *Why does Ripple not have a Chief Marketing Officer? Does the marketing department have a "voice" during Executive meetings? *Should it be a concern that no Ripple marketer has more than 10 or so years of experience? *Is it probable that a person with only 10 or so years experience (and no past experience leading a marketing department) can successfully lead the marketing efforts of a global corporation that seeks to revolutionize the multi-trillion dollar financial industry? Or, would Ripple be in a better position if someone with more global marketing experience as well as a distinguished track record were leading the marketing efforts? To sum it up, Ripple's technology, sales, etc. departments appear to be top-notch. However, Ripple's commitment to marketing appears to be lagging. If I simply have bad info from Linked In, I look forward to apologizing. I really hope this is the case. Once again, please be respectful with your responses. At the end of the day, we're all on the same team.
  7. I've just volunteered to give someone a few of my XRP because they missed out on being one of the first ten people that were going to be given some LINK tokens by a guy who posted a photo of the LINK / SWIFT architecture. I saw an opportunity to give Ripple a chance to compete at a "bottoms up" level during the conferences next week. I brainstormed. Here's what I've come up with. I'm putting my money where my mouth is, right where my conviction lives with XRP. I'm not sure how much I'll put into this marketing promo for SWELL but over the next four days, I'm going to offer a few XRP to people who respond to my posts in various places. I'm considering matching what Gatehub used to do (or do they still offer incentives to sign up?), a 20 XRP delivery to a person's XRP address if they'll 1) simply look at the overview I intend to put into a .pdf and post; 2) sign up here at XRPChat and 3) reply with an opinion on why they would choose SWIFT over XRP or XRP over SWIFT. Three questions to the zerpers here: 1) What would you highlight in a short blurb to a skeptical public? 2) Would you consider throwing a 100 or more XRP into a pool beyond the 1000 or more that I plan to "put in play" for the marketing leading into SWELL? 3) Will I be creating any sort of legal issue that you're aware of by conducting a give-away like this? Sure could use good insights. ....brain, no longer storming.
  8. When someone is in need of help, I step into a telephone booth and change to my super hero costume. RIPPLE TO THE MOON! my super hero costume.
  9. https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/2017/06/30/ripple-the-mainstream-financial-technology-company-that-your-parents-dont-understand/ This is my latest blog entry. Basically, I rant about how it's really challenging explaining Ripple's technology to the masses... or even family or friends! I also make a point of bitching about the fact that I can't buy Ripple swag! Please feel free to quote, share, link to, or otherwise use the content. All feedback, positive or negative is entirely welcome on this thread Let's get the word out about Ripple and XRP - they do payments the best!
  10. What I think. Pure speculation: The Price of XRP won't really (beyond $1) go up until about 100 banks have adopted and implemented Ripple (hopefully with use of XRP). I think a low XRP price might be more attractive for banks. (Because they have to buy XRP's to make the transfers happen), so Ripple is now onboarding as much banks as possible. This is more easy with a low XRP price...so they keep it low... Once 100 banks are on board (today 30?) they will release XRP price and that's the moment the price might skyrocket. Why 100? Because somebody at HQ said 100 like I would.
  11. This morning I noticed a post that had bubbled to the top of the "active posts" list. And there it was - something that reminded me how this community is stronger than other crypto communities. We are starting to be much more organized than we used to be, and our moderators here on the forum are not just passive observers... they volunteered because they truly want to grow this community, and grow XRP usage. XRPChat Mods don't just "talk", they walk the talk. Listen to your own critical thinking. Do your own research. Find out the true comparison of the crypto products and make your choice. But never stop believing in your choice if you've taken those steps. And in the meantime, there's a movement starting here on the forum to organize and do tangible activities that will support XRP price. I think that this is a key difference in our strategy that we can do, if we're just a little more organized about it. I will defer to others like @tomxcs for specifics and links to the specific activities that we're thinking of. I volunteered to participate in an "open debate" style of activity that will be moderated by @Mercury I need to do much more. I plan on marketing on other sites much more actively, and to participate in every campaign that I can to get XRP "added" to additional exchanges, or to be directly supported better by existing ones. When you come across an activity that makes sense to you, please volunteer for it; individually we might be marginally effective. As a community, we become an unstoppable horde. PS: One of my current favorites is to get Coinbase to add direct support for XRP PS#2: If you have additional ideas, please post on @tomxcs's post, not this one. Also, if you have an idea, please also state what you see are logical "next steps", or what you can do to make it happen, if possible. There's a LOT of "ideas" out there, but we're looking for volunteers to lead these things as well. (If people do start posting here, I'll just consolidate the list later and re-post the information over on @tomxcs's thread)
  12. This is for Ripple team. Please tell us why you have not created a social media marketing team. Why doesn't your marketing seem to be very active when compared to ETH? The community would like to see a more pro active behavior from your marketing department. Please kindly let us know. Thanks,
  13. It has been implied here that Ripple has been limited in marketing and facilitating XRP and related products for end users because of the the FinCEN enforcement action against Ripple in 2015. While it was originally believed that RippleTrade was shut down because Ripple was pivoting (I believe SnapSwap's announcement to stop XRP/BTC support involved some wording like this), it has been implied here, and I have recently assumed, that the FinCEN agreement required Ripple to shut down RippleTrade and discontinue support of products/services targeting end users. With a quick google search you'll find this page which summarizes the whole ordeal. Linked on that page is the actual settle agreement signed by Ripple and FinCEN (here). To my surprise the settlement agreement in no way seems to directly limit Ripple's ability to provide products and services to end users. Take this statement on the twelfth page of the settlement agreement for example. "Within 30 days of the date of this agreement, Ripple Labs and XRP II will move its service known as Ripple Trade... and any such functional equivalent, to a money services business that is registered with FinCEN" In no way does this sound like Ripple had to shut down Ripple trade (end user focused products), in fact, the continuation of this product/service is implied. While Ripple no doubt was required to comply with stricter oversight because of this agreement, it seems that they are still subject to this stricter oversight due to the fact that XRP II is still selling XRP and therefore functioning as a MSB. For a TLDR version of Ripple's requirements, read the twelfth page of the settlement agreement which lists the "Remedial Framework" Ripple agrees to comply with. If I am understanding the settlement correctly, it seems Ripple decided to stop supporting end users because of the additional AML compliance risk such support would require. Since this decision was optional, it seems there are two immediate and important implications: Ripple doesn't need to wait until May 2018 to provide products and services to end users. Ripple can market XRP and RCL without restrictions related to this agreement If I am incorrect in my understanding, I would like to know why. If I am correct, I'd like to see Ripple continue more and more to publicly support XRP/RCL.
  14. http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/105911/ripple
  15. First advertisement platform that accepts Ripple! place banner ads, create faucets or earn free coins. At www.fauceting.com, earners can get free Ripple and advertisers can promote website by creating or sponsoring faucets. Project just started this week!