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  1. I've been a part of this Forum for a while and wanted to share a useful site I found which allows your to track and view all the coins you are interested in (if you put them as favorites) and real-time changes in your balance (if you put api). It works off tradeview charts and has all the indicators it uses as well. It also offers a Cryptoticker chrome extension where you can view price changes! The website is called "Coinigy" and it is free to use for 1 month (and if you like it, you can subscribe or just use the free features) - my referral link is https://www.coinigy.com/?r=b8b41cea I've attached some pictures bellow so you can see its uses and judge yourself if its useful: General trade view + market watch view Your portfolio summary (if you upload your API) - I've blanked out my balances
  2. Big money making it happen. Seeing it's success should be a boon to other potential hedges to utilize for as their base currency also. All money will eventually flow through xrp. #xrpthestandard
  3. EDIT: AS OF THIS MORNING I WAS ALLOWED WITH WITHDRAW ALL 500 XRP WITHIN A MINUTE AFTER CONFIRMING THE EMAIL ________________________________________ You are currently only able to BUY XRP from cex.io, and cannot withdraw - after contacting support it seems they don't have a timeline on when the implementation is, so you're really locked to their walled garden. If you're someone like me who keeps the bulk of their monies offline, I would highly suggest looking at other markets. My current strategy is using Coinbase's GDAX -> Bitsane Market trading to squeeze the other cryptos to get a gain on XRP -> Cold wallet, and now I have 500 frozen XRP in CEX.IO because I am a dumb-dumb and wanted to see what market pricing is elsewhere, but can't move ANY of my XRP off CEX Just a heads up
  4. It will, trust me, the Crypto Bubble will Burst. Looking at history all bubbles burst. And new Bubbles will appear. - I am forever blowing Bubbles, part of the Human Nature, right? Back to topic - When the Crypto bubble bursts. A lot will loose and vanish for ever. Some will survive the Burst and Bloom, when it is done. Others will still be around, in the shadows. So, here is the question, or rather the question of a prediction. - When the Crypto bubble bursts? - Name the 5 cryptos, that you think will play a major role as an asset of Economic Value after the burst?
  5. This comes from reddit.com/r/Ripple, and was posted and is being commented on within the last 24 hours if I'm not mistaken. An interesting exchange, involving @JoelKatz trying to explain some of the XRP sales dynamics and influencing factors on its price. Monthly XRP sales vs Ripple's media releases
  6. XRP And Ripple doubt!!

    /Hi Guys!! I´m very new here, almost 2 minutes!!, and i got a question!! Actually, I just got here to ask the Pros!!! Here goes: The Ripple company or the xrp coin is backed by whom? Is there any kind of insurance, or any USD bank account backing the xpr issued coins? If we use the XRP coin into our operations, how can i make sure that liquidity is guaranteed? or if the acquirers can sell their coins? if yes, how this can be evidenced? thanks guys!!
  7. Hoping for the safe zone . That .22 break is important for ripple . Just a personal opinion .
  8. Hi All, @Hodlor @R8102V1D2D I would like to enter in the market but I did not have time to buy at the last correction (market cap to 60 last Sunday). i would like to now (also if no one can predict) 1) if this correction was for August 1st 2) if on august 1st there will be another correction from almost 90 now back to 60 less or the market now will come back to 117 and more with out any more correction. 3) it could be nice for me if the market want back to 40 so I can enter in a good position. What is your Opinion. should i but now or wait? what will happen on august? Thank you
  9. https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/ Yes, it's me. After some prodding from xrpchat forum members, I'm finally moving my blogs to an actual blog platform... but I'll still be incessantly sharing my opinion here like normal! Let me know what you think of the first off-xrpchat blog post. Hodor!
  10. EXCHANGES THAT WILL LIST XRP VERY SOON: 1) Bitso, 2) Coinone, 3) bitbank, 4) SCI’s BuyBitcoin, 5) AlphaPoint 6) Quoine’s QRYPTOS. 7) Bitsane 8) SBI Virtual Currencies (later this year) "Ripple announced its partnership with BitGo earlier this year to make it easier for payment providers and banks to use XRP for global payments." - https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:9MNVeFv7QywJ:https://coinreport.net/xrp-listed-six-exchanges/+&cd=2&hl=it&ct=clnk&gl=it - https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/blockchain-exchange-bitsane-introduces-ripple-trading-at-consensus-2017 And I remind to you all that also korean Bithumb (XRP already added) and chinese biggest exchanges are going to list Ripple's XRP: Now XRP have just ro rise. I can't stand anymore that red minus sing, seeing also these great news.
  11. The news: https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/exchange/ethereum-trading-coming-chinese-bitcoin-exchange-huobi/ The good for Ripple\XRP: "The exchange also lists future additions like Monero, XRP and Dash." According to Huobi's chart XRP will be the next just after Litecoin. OKcoin should follow the same path too (but this is just a speculation). This price-sensitive news explains Ethereum gains in latest 24 houres (https://www.ethnews.com/chinese-digital-currency-exchanges-huobi-and-okcoin-to-list-ether). So expect XRP gains too. When? Soon.
  12. Despite the last sell off math proves it without doubts. While everyone is talking about Goldman Sachs' ~75% pre-mined scam (thanks to their inside advertising)... XRP is the best crypto in the LAST 12 MONTHS: On the 30 MAY 2016 its value was 0,005734 USD. Now its value is: 0,22 USD. It's a 3737% gain. XRP is the best crypto YEAR TO DATE too: On the 1 JANUARY 2017 its value was 0,006523 USD. Now its value is: 0,22 USD. It's a 3273% gain. Compared to ETH (Ethereum-overvalued-overrated-overtalked-scam): LAST 12 MONTHS: 12,56 vs 200 USD -> 1492% gain. YEAR TO DATE: 7,98 vs 200 USD -> 2406% gain. LAST MONTH MAX REACHED VALUE COMPARISON: XRP -> 0,42 USD -> LAST 12 MONTHS: 7225% theorical maxxed gain obtained --> YTD: 6339% theorical maxxed gain obtained ETHEREUM -> 225,06 USD -> LAST 12 MONTHS: 1692% theorical maxxed gain obtained --> YTD: 2720% theorical maxxed gain obtained All datas are taken from: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ So don't worry about latest days. Ripple is still dominating and will even more in the future, seeing premises and seeing great governance behind it, much better than Goldman Sachs hidden hand that made the 'crisis' through its speculation manouvers around the world. ETH is just another banksters speculation and won't last. XRP will. JUST MY TWO CENTS OF COURSE.
  13. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/keeping-xrp-exchange-wallets-fuels-market-volatility/ Quoted: "The XRP price has seen quite a bit of negative momentum as of late. That is not entirely surprising, considering all currencies and assets lost value. The recent Bitcoin price drop is not doing the markets any favors. However, exchange users make life easier for market manipulators by keeping coins on online platforms. Stagnant coins can also create leverage for market traders, which needs to be avoided. Get Your XRP Balances Off Exchanges Although it may not seem like it, there are decent XRP wallets out there. Storing funds in an exchange is the most convenient option. However, Ledger enabled hardware wallet support for XRP. Anyone who wants to be a long-term XRP investor needs to move funds to a wallet they control themselves. An exchange or online wallet simply isn’t worth it. More specifically, so many people keeping funds in exchange wallets create more opportunities for margin traders. It is of the utmost importance the coin supply across exchanges is reduced to a minimum. XRP is not your average cryptocurrency investment by any means. It will not double in value overnight, nor should it. Storing funds offline has proven to be challenging for XRP holders. The Ledger Nano S is perhaps the best solution out there, although it is not free. There is also the official Ripple paper wallet website, which could be useful to some. Never keep any asset or currency in an exchange whatsoever, as it only leads to more price volatility. Moreover, panic selling ensues when too many people keep funds on an exchange as well. Everyone who wants to trade XRP on a frequent basis should keep it on an exchange. However, these people will facilitate volatility as well, which needs to be taken into account. Your funds is not your sole property when it is kept on an exchange. Moreover, you have no control over the money if you’re not the only one controlling the private key. Everyone needs to keep this in mind at all times."
  14. I noticed over the last 36 hours that the character of orders in the Order Books has changed. No longer are uptrends and downtrends driven by 50 - 100 BTC orders that magically appear and disappear, always a few bids below or above the orders that are actually being executed. Now, the Order books are filled with 200 - 600 BTC orders about a penny below and above, to about 600 - 2000+ BTC orders about 2 cents below and above. These orders are not disappearing, whether the market is going up, or down. The whole market seems to have suddenly changed. I don't know what is caused this, other than leaked secret news that is pending, Consensus, or whatever. Has anyone else noticed this? Any comments?
  15. Been in Crypto trading a while. new to XRP Chat. The elephant in the room, based on trading patterns, is that someone (or group) is dumping big time and that is artificially holding down the price. Given the strange distribution (yeah 50b escrow is a start but lot's still floating around.) I think the smart money sees that insiders are taking profits. Nothing wrong with that but they run the risk of turning off investors at a serious inflection point in altcoin perception. Seems really obvious to me what is happening. One solution is a clear statement / transparency from major holders about selling. this happens in regulated markets where 5% owners have to report transactions. There is no lockout, either. So much criticism about XRP is about the 60% hold of asset in their pocket and escrow is step in right direction, more disclosure would go a long way.
  16. About time to scale RCL

    So during this uptrend, while happy for all the price appreciation, it also put RCL to test. We have noticed slags, transaction timeouts, failures and much more. I am sure many here can vet it. not too bad though., for example when i was trying to send payments, it would fail 2 times and third time it would go through. However, i feel the network definitely needs scaling. Infact decentralization IS and Should be a big deal. A big news in the alt community. Hence, i recommend ripple comes with a 'grand' decentralization plan ( Like getting 100 universities ready to hold validators and then announcing time and date when all of those 100 join the UNL and so on ) This would achieve many things. 1.) Would remediation the thoughts and complain of large community participants that it is not truly decentralized. 2.) Decentralize without risk, as every validator is run by a responsible university and following recommendations by ripple. 3.) and offcourse improve network. Just my 2 cents ( now that ripple is past 10 cents :-) ) between note that this is a very nice way to do things that bitcoin failed at. everyone knows china-mining , market cornering etc... If We announce RCL decentralization in a big way, co-ordinate and make it happen with validators in major universities, institutes, law offices, companies 'and' others.. and make sure this is published properly, it would put ripple right on top with decentralization claims and solidity the standard. Ripple also shoudl by all means make ti a big deal. this is "Responsible" Decentralization - unlike bitcoin and others... Kindly, R8 ( PS : @miguel @Tim @JoelKatz @warpaul @nikb) - Hope u guys get to see this and take inputs back. Thanks in advance.
  17. https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/ripple-targeting-entirely-different-market-bitcoin/ I couldn't believe that this is still happening in 2017.... I loved it that the author emphasized how low our market cap still is compared to Bitcoin. There's a lot of room to grow!
  18. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-and-xrp-can-cut-banks-global-settlement-costs-up-to-60-percent/