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  1. Hi all, On the 13th of Oct 2018, someone managed to hack my account on Kraken and sent all my XRP (about 85,000) to a Binance wallet. **** edit **** I've previously reported here the details of the 2 transactions used by the hacker to move the coins, but I've decided to delete them from this post upon suggestion by the moderator **** edit **** I've contacted Binance support on the same day, and I got asked to provide more evidence before they would proceed locking that account, which I promptly did. However, as of today, Binance support team is yet to provide a clear answer on where the XRP are. So far they've only reassured me that they are still working on my case in the attempt to track the stolen funds. Shouldn't they know if the coins are still on their exchange in the frozen account? At the beginning they mentioned the presence of funds in that account but they never specify how much. Now they are saying that they are trying to track the funds. If they locked the account with funds in there, I'm expecting them to be in possess of the funds but when I ask them precise questions at this regard, they never provide a clear answer. Is anyone able to check where the funds might be if I provide the wallet address and destination tag of the hacker Binance account? Can anyone from the Ripple team be in touch with Binance and check if they are in posses of the funds? I've already contacted the local authorities in Italy, but maybe there is a more appropriate entity which can handle the case. Any suggestion is welcomed. Unfortunately Kraken response was pretty useless as they refused to provide support of any kind. Their level of security is quite low as I got several emails asking to approve withdrawal addresses I never triggered. These requests came from a different IP than my one, but Kraken failed to warn me. Eventually I ended up approving the not legit XRP Binance wallet after the hacker was continuously cancelling the withdrawals I tried to submit against the correct address. I hope more and more people can learn from my bad experience and avoid storing their crypto on Kraken.
  2. A marathon runner knows what it takes to go the distance - much like the stakeholder organizations championing XRP adoption. In my latest blog entry, I describe the latest progress & news items in the XRP ecosystem, including a new Canadian exchange listing, my perspective on the AMA with David Schwartz and Asheesh Birla, and news about XRP Community developments. I hope you enjoy this latest article: Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other social media platform or venue - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  3. Kraken just started accepting domestic deposits from US Banks. It required a tier 3 level, wire routing number (not the one on checks), and following their instructions. I received notice from Kraken they had resolved their internal issues late Tuesday and initiated a deposit. Wednesday, I sent a wire transfer from my bank. It was credited to my account this morning. I was able to purchase XPR and get confirmation in just a couple of minutes. YEAH!!!
  4. The last reported trade on their site was at 10:14am with the last price stuck at $1.28152. Also you can't place any sell or buy orders. Can anyone else who uses it confirm?
  5. lrjackson

    Kraken back up

    Got this email from kraken a few minutes ago The Kraken website and trading is now back online, following the recent scheduled downtime necessary to upgrade our infrastructure. All client funds are safe and secure. Please take note of some important information below: Trading All orders have been cancelled prior to trading resuming Trading pairs launched with no orders on the books All funds in previously open orders have been returned to your available balance Margin positions will remain open Margin liquidations will be paused for at least 48 hours Creation of new margin positions is disabled for at least 48 hours Caution: Clients should be extremely careful with market orders and double-check limit order prices in an illiquid market Funding Withdrawals are now disabled and will remain disabled for a minimum of 12 hours (during this time we will be monitoring the new system for anomalies) For fiat or crypto deposits (initiated before, during or following the downtime) please allow a minimum of 2 additional business days for funds to be credited Fees All unleveraged trades will be charged zero fees until January 31, 2018 (UTC) Margin position open and rollover fees are reduced to 0.005% until January 31, 2018(UTC) New Accounts and Tier Upgrades Verifications of new accounts will be delayed and are our lowest priority Tier upgrades of existing accounts have priority above new accounts Note: If you are applying for a Tier 4 account or need help with OTC, please indicate this in your support request Questions and/or Bug Bounty Please get help or report detected bugs by submitting a request at https://support.kraken.com We apologize for the uncertainty our downtime has caused. The scheduled downtime was to replace our old trading engine with a brand new trading engine - an improvement that customers have long asked for and that we have long been working hard on. We still have some more work to do before the new trading engine is as good as we want it to be, but this week’s replacement was an important first step to having a better trading experience. Our system is replicated in development, where all tests passed. However when the new engine was moved to the production environment, regression tests picked up a condition that proved quite difficult to track down. Further insight into the downtime and a description of actions we plan to take in order to improve the client experience will be provided via a retrospective Kraken blog post, to be published in the coming days. With trading now resumed, the engine’s performance is being closely monitored. The site will come down if needed, which may occur with little to no notice. Please continue to refer to https://status.kraken.com for real-time updates and important announcements over the next few days. Lastly, in appreciation for your loyalty to Kraken, we are activating zero fee trading for all clients(across non-margin trades) starting now and lasting through the end of this month.
  6. As many of you know, Kraken has been down for a ridiculous 36 hours. Since there's been lots of price movement during this period, what do you think will happen to the XRP price when it's back? Love them or hate them, Kraken is a fairly large exchange and many have been locked out screaming at their computers as the price has moved by as much as 75 cents. Curious if many will rush to buy/sell once they're back.
  7. maverick00345

    Could not buy Ripple on gatehub.

    Hi all I just started this account today. I signed on gatehub to purchase ripple. I already have a coinbase account. I want to trade some ETC to buy ripple. If i understand correctly , if you use gatehub account you have to setup a trust line to enable trading from one currency to other. But after doing that I get an unknown error(screenshot attached) while setting trust line. My account is verified on gatehub but I have not uploaded my address proof documents for identity verification. Did anybody have this problem? As an alternative I tried setting up account on Kraken ,but to trade ripple coins you need to have your account verified which for me it says the feature is not available for me. Please help!! Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I have created multiple accounts on Kraken with the same outcome. I was told by Kraken support to create a new account (I made two) with no luck. When I click on "Get verified" it says feature disabled. I am at a Tier "0," but do not know how to change that. Anyone having the same issues? Please let me know how I can resolve this problem. Thank you for your time.
  9. Dear Ripple-Community, I was wondering about the required 25 xrp for new wallets/addresses (which are fixed and can not be sold?): In Kraken for example u have to klick generate new address for the xrp´s. Is this Kraken XRP-deposit adress inside of my Kraken-account also going to require these 25 xrp to be activated? 2nd Question: What is the natural and safest way to have a wallet/address in the ripple "network"? By natural I mean kinda like downloading the Ethereum client and generating an address. In ethereum for me it was the client or myetherwallet.co*. I realize there is something similar to that for Ripple but I also know that long time ago there was an original ripple client (which is gone). BR S
  10. When i first started looking into XRP i came across Coinbase. I used it for a while and for Direct Credit/Debit card transactions it was the only one i could find that didnt require me to jump through hoops. So i used it.. Then i found out today that Changelly actually has a similar feature to let you buy XRP directly with your debit card. but the numbers seemed way off so i decided to look at the math and see the yield % for some simple methods of buying XRP. Hopefully this can save some new people some money. (At the time of this post the price of XRP is $0.221 XRP/USD... Given that figure. $500 dollars of ripple would be worth 2262.44 Ripple Coins.) Changelly A $500 purchase using Changelly with a Credit/Debit card will net you 1,512.62 XRP. XRP Loss = 749.82 XRP. Total Fee = $165 USD Total Yield = 66% Coinbase A $500 purchase using a Credit/Debit card on Coinbase will net you 2,034.77 XRP. (500 dollars worth of litecoin = 6.17 LTC transferred out of Coinbase to Changelly) XRP Loss = 227.67 XRP Total Fee = $50 USD Total Yield = 89% When Transferred to Kraken instead of Changelly Transferring the 6.17 LTC to Kraken and converting it to Bitcoin will net you 0.10622 XBT. Transferring the BTC to XRP will net you with 2167.75 XRP XRP Loss = 94.69 Total Fee = $21 USD Total Yield = 96% The biggest fee here is the $19.18 from Coinbase's Credit/Debit Card fee. This fee is a lot less if you use USD deposit from your bank account but i dont recommend doing this on Coinbase because the process takes 5 to 8 days. Needless to say... Using Changelly for a credit card transaction or really probably any transaction is just wasting your money. This information may be fairly obvious to some of you but it wasnt to me when i first started and maybe this can save some people some money and net them some more RIPPLE
  11. Hello XRP family, I just wanted to say that with all trust I begin to trade euro to xrp on kraken, Tier 3 verification very fast (less than a day) first deposit fund 1000euro made 11th december credited on my account 10 hours later, that's very nice I bought for 5000 xrp. But all turn wrong when I made a second deposit fund about 4000 euro on 13th december, I could see that the deposit appear in my deposit limit but wasnt credited to my fund, 4000 euro status was (on hold) and because of that like an idiot I search for a phone number for contacting kraken, and guess what I was trapped and f*u**ed by scam pishing, so I lost my 5000 xrp, and I contact the support of kraken to tell about that and they disable my account for my security so now I am with 5000xrp stollen and 4000 euro that are blocked on my account, IKraken "Michelle from support team" told me that a security member will contact me "SHORTLY" but no answer. I know a lot people are writiing on kraken support but I wish I could have help faster, maybe if I didnt say that a had scam phishing problem I will not be with a blocked account and losing the opportunity to buy XRP when they were at under 0.40, who will refund all the loss and the time that I am losing... The thing I want to know why my second deposit fund was on hold because I have Tier 3 verification and 250'000 fund limit that's why I asked Tier 3 and I trust a lot kraken when I started to trade, Maybe was better to wait for bitstamp verification, I was too happy to have my verfication controlled very fast. And also if the money was credited and not on hold I didnt need to look after a phone number or contact, is that not normal for a big website trade like kraken to have a phone number for important issue it's like they dont care of had no time to do it from 2011 to make a phone number service and have a faster customer service and also I dont want to talk about all errors I get when trying to trade or make something on my account. I write so many message to kraken support to open back my account, because I am losing every opportunity to buy xrp, now for me its late to buy xrp, it was interesting to buy it at 0.20 -0.37 So just to say kraken is trustworthy at least on some point, but I will need a very good reason why my second deposit was on hold because if it was like the first deposit I will never be in this situation, Losing 1000 euro it's not ok but it's not the end of my life but to disable my account with thousands of euro on hold and dont take quickly contact with me... I dont know what to say. What if I was with 100'000 euro on my account. I think Tier 3 customers deserve way more attention and better and faster support from kraken. I know for the scam it's my fault, I dont know what was I thinking when doing that, but seriously why my deposit was on hold, and why I didnt get an answer about that before looking for the scam number. It's true you can all say I was impatient, but that's not normal for a trade website where people are buying and selling huge amount and information, and the kraken plateform doesnt have a fast support like banks when you lose your credit card or someone is trying to scam you. Think about that, I hope there are not so many people in my case, It's sad because I started on kraken with all my heart and now I seriously thinking that they will not answer or very late. Also that's very weird that on google chrome when looking "Kraken phone number" it not appears every time the "Kraken does not have phone number support" it appears a huge amount of scam phone numbers, If only I did saw the Kraken does not have phone number support before calling these trash scams.
  12. ACCOUNT HAS FINALLY BEEN CREDITED SINCE I SUBMITTED THIS POST. HOWEVER, IT TOOK NEARLY 12 HOURS FOR A SINGLE CONFIRMATION. as I said in the title: XRP sent from Poloniex currently has 0/1 confirmation for over 5 hours (it's showed up on the receiving end), Is this normal? did poloniex pay too low of a fee? how long could it take for a single confirmation when normally it's nearly instant? thx for your help!
  13. Does it worries only me, but recently Kraken is just worse than Poloniex: Orders are not placed, no guaranteed that they will or not and etc. Price difference in XRP vs Other exchanges is huge e.g. now world is 0.30-0.31 USD, Kraken is 0.26-0.27 Thoughts?
  14. I have been wondering recently about the execution of smart contracts in the exchange platforms like bitstamp, or kraken for trading purposes. I know that people use bots to facilitate day trading, but is it also possible to set smart contracts or some kind of script based on a certain algorithm for the execution of trade order. ?
  15. I'm new to the purchasing of cryptos and am having trouble on Kraken. I transferred my BTC that I got on Coinbase to my wallet and into Kraken. When I try to purchase XRP I get the following message - "Your order may have failed. Please refresh the page and check your order. Contact support if necessary." I have tried finding something similar here with no luck. Kraken sent me some half-assed response that didn't address my issue and I'm waiting for a follow up response. I have already initiated my verification on BitStamp and might be moving there if I can't get an answer regarding Kraken soon. Thanks for any help.
  16. veneruzzo

    issues with transfer funds

    HI guys, I have one question. I'm new at gatehub, and i want to transfer xrp that i bought on kraken to gatehub. The validation of the wallet on gatehub is still pending. I tried to transfer funds from kraken with the offered address to deposit xrp on my wallet but with no success... so my question is... do i have to wait till the authorization is complete (it takes really long) or is possible to transfer xrp from kraken to gatehub no matter if the authorization is pending or not? Thank you very much
  17. Hi, I just read Kraken delisting XRP/CAD pair. I did a wire transfer of 1000 Canadian dollar to Kraken today. Will it be converted to US dollars automatically or they will send me my money back. Any idea?
  18. On exchanges such as Kraken, I notice that they may ask for proof of source of funds for withdrawals. What is this, is it difficult to get and may stifle the withdrawal process? https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000459648-What-is-a-proof-of-source-of-funds-
  19. Hi, I can't login to Kraken, getting Error520 (most of time) and Error525, Error504 messages. Is it working for anyone on the forum right now?
  20. bobsmith

    How to fund account

    Hi all, I have Tier 3 verification on Kraken and just got my account verified on Gatehub. I want to fund my Gatehub wallet from my US bank account but it says I need 20 XRP in my wallet. Does this imply I'll be able to use a service on Gatehub to wire money once my account has 20 XRP? Seems like a catch 22 that I need XRP in my wallet to do anything but I can't do anything without having any XRP! Kraken is giving me an "insufficient documentation" error when I attempt to deposit money. I have already sent a support request to Kraken on this issue but have not yet heard back. My bank account has been approved by Kraken too so I know I have the correct account and routing numbers entered. All this being said, how can I most most cost efficiently fund my Gatehub wallet with XRP? My goal is to set up multiple cold wallets that each hold XRP and retain my Gatehub wallet to make any other exchange trades with other currencies. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  21. Vacek_aka_Luschka

    Kraken - Safe to hold XRP ?

    All, I see this topic has been kicked around before, but am still unclear of a decent answer. I'm using Kraken to purchase and store my XRP's. I have 2 factor authentication turned on for all aspects, along with a 16 character password which is solid (upper/lower/numbers/special characters) Is this sufficient to hold a fairly large investment in XRP ? ($5000 currently) Thanks for any and all thoughts.
  22. Once again, any time an event occurs that causes large volumes, the site goes down. Most unfortunate...
  23. I've been trading XRP/CAD on Kraken, and have been largely successful getting what I've been after using limit orders and waiting for them to be filled. I am however noticing some patterns of buying/selling that I'm certain are not human generated(?). The trades below in the image, would be in the range of $10cdn each ... and often I see the same pattern for 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 XRP which is $2>.22c .... I've also seen myself putting an order in for say .221000 and immediately there is a smaller order generated for .221001. If I then delete the original and make it .2219001 , an order then gets created that may be like .2219002 Any advice what to do when I see this going on? It seems to be an ever sliding scale to see if people will bite at a certain price. How do I combat this? (or can I)
  24. Vacek_aka_Luschka

    Large Kraken Withdrawals

    Just an FYI. I sent Kraken support a somewhat forward thinking question, nut nonetheless wanted to understand their position. I asked that if in the near or even distant future I had say $5,000,000 in CAD currency I wanted to withdraw, how we could handle it. At the moment I'm verified to Tier 4 but that only allows $500k per month in fiat withdrawals. It would pain me to do 500k a month for 10 months. I'll share the answer here, once I know what they have to say. I received a reply already that they had to forward it to another department for the answer I know I can spread things amongst multiple exchanges as an option, but be much easier to do one transaction just one time in one place.