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  1. I have been thinking of the concept of offering ripple IOUs through a redeemable prepaid card sold via a mixture of retailers an online sales. For a while, I was thinking of different methods of attempting this use case which had large attack vectors, for example a database full of redemption codes could be compromised. This also does not take into account the security issues on the issuers' end, where as redemption codes could be redeemed before sale among other malicious possibilities. Instead of creating a complicated back end system for redemption, I have settled on a concept of creating paper IOUs for redemption of ripple IOUs by issuing branded cards of various denominations which must be mailed back to the operator for destruction after processing a Ripple payment. The prerequisites would be a set of instructions for filling out a form, some marketing information, logo of the Gateway, an a pamper proof seal in each card which unfolds when broken to reveal the form. The recipient would include their ripple address (or the address of the recipient), the full name, address, phone number, and email address which the operator must confirm the identity of before processing payments in accordance to some jurisdiction's financial regulations. Depending on the printing costs of a logo, some instructions, marketing information, a small form, an small folding cards glued in place with a tamper-proof seal, I do believe that Gateways have the ability to enter into a niche portion of the prepaid solutions industry an have the potential to boost growth greatly if successfully partnered with a distributor to market their prepaid deposit method(s).
  2. Hi, This question is all for those who missed the boat getting into bitcoin when bitcoin was priced way below 1 cent back in 2009. The question is: "How did YOU handled the news of Bitcoin's existence when you first heard about Bitcoin on national News when it was priced at $1,100 back in 2013". Me personally, initially it didn't do nothing to me, I saw it as another "gold" well a digital "gold" that was probably worthy to getting into and investing in it in anticipation of it rising to much higher than $10,000 per BTC or higher, and yes it would have reached that high only if it was not for the Mt. Gox hack. but I did not invest in it, THANKFULLY, lots of people lost serious money buying bitcoin at $1,100 but my Uncle who is a professional Forex trader did lost a considerable amount of dollars after he bought in at $950 in a successive limit order, he saw that it had potential of reaching much higher. Today he has since recovered every bit of the dollars he had lost in Bitcoin, but NOT with bitcoin, but FOREX trading. He is still holding the very same bitcoins that he has purchased and he has not touched them according to what he has told me. It was only after I was googling about bitcoin after hearing it on national news that it hit me, the realization of how easy it was for ME to get bitcoins back in 2009 and how hard it was to get the very same bitcoins in 2013 with the same mining software you could have used back in 2009. Yes, I did got sad, but did not got depressed, I put Bitcoin in my back burner and just forgot about it knowing there was not much I could have done in 2013 anymore save for actually buying bitcoins which I did NOT (and that decision proved to be wise much later on in February of 2014 when Mt. Gox got hacked, and again with Bitstamp got partially Hacked). My cousin, now that was a totally different scenario, he got very depressed, sad, lost his motivation, started sleeping the whole day and waking up very late, frequent crying, and a self realization that he probably lost the only chance he had at becoming a millionaire or a billionaire in a technological area that he enjoyed given him being a computer tech and a great deal of time he spent using a computer in any given day, the realization of all the time he spent on forums, searching online how to make extra money, googling, etc and not even a hint of Bitcoin really got to him, (a billionaire??!! well maybe, perhaps leaving a dedicated computer cpu mining 24/7 all year long and in perpetuity and undisturbed back in 2009, like whose gonna have done that, for that you would have to have had a great faith that Bitcoin was going to be valued 100,000%+ of its value at a time a Bitcoin was only valued much less than perhaps $0.0035?), well thankfully today he is a very happy person and is back at being productive again., hopefully he will become a millionaire one day, but its now going to happen with Bitcoin, perhaps opening up his own franchise, expanding his business, or something of that nature. Now, let us hear YOUR story. --- Please consider donating XRP's to my wallet. I also accept any assets such as USD, BTC, any IOU'rKMCBRBk5weo8mMbibfk4PnGSYAdq2TEdt Thank you for your donations. Your donations is highly appreciated and will be used to foster many of my own internal and external projects and experiments.