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Found 10 results
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  1. My latest blog entry! I cover Ripple's progress in Asia and talk about the sheer size of this market. Feel free to link to the blog, tweet it, quote it, whatever! Thanks for reading.
  2. The lists of articles will help you. I have collected it from and If you wish to buy Ripple using USD, read this article, please inform other friends if this methods works or not. If you wish to buy Ripple using INR, read this. It will definitely work. So, basically, you will transfer your Bitcoin to Poloniex, Kraken, Bitstamp etc. Here is link to assist you Now, offers you Ripple directly using Rupee before that read this two articles. You are welcomed to comment if you need more help.
  3. For those that have relatives or friends India that want to jump on the Ripple train:
  4. Imagine, for a moment, it's autumn of 2018. You wake up, turn on your television, and see channel after channel showing shots of the New York Stock Exchange, with news anchors nervously discussing the morning's developments: the stock market is crashing. Panic is in the air. Everyone remembers the housing and banking crisis ten years before. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt are the order of the day. Will the contagion spread? The above scenario is obviously fictional--I'm certainly no Nostradamus. But it's not implausible. The global economy last tanked in 2008. Before that, 1999-2000. Before that, 1991-1992. In very rough terms, these have happened every 8-10 years in recent history. Could we make it another 3 or 4 years? Certainly. Past performance is no indicator, and all that. Nonetheless, at some point we will see another economic crash. This is not a matter of "if", but "when." That said, the last time the market crashed, Bitcoin wasn't even a thing. We have no real template for what the cryptocurrency market looks like in the middle of a crash. Will investors treat crypto as a safe-haven, as they do precious metals? Or will investors begin pulling their funds out of crypto as uncertainty rises and panic strikes the other markets? Will it be something in between, with a slump, but of lesser severity? Or something else entirely? I recently posed this question to a friend of mine who has been in Bitcoin and a few other coins since around 2013. While he agrees that there's no way to know for sure -- "even gold isn't acting like gold, lately" he noted -- he suggested looking at Venezuela and India for clues. "Crypto is gaining a foothold in those places," he observed, however "the main issue is the technological sophistication of the populace." A few anecdotes I've picked up over the past several months lend some credence to this theory; although, anecdotes should never substitute for hard data (which I'm lacking). South Korea might serve as a second -- albeit more controversial -- example. Another investor friend of mine pointed to the turmoil and uncertainty on the Korean Peninsula, from domestic political turmoil to the ever-looming threat across the DMZ to the north. In her view, these factors helped drive the strong demand for first Bitcoin and then XRP in recent weeks, as investors looked for safe-havens. Does this theory have legs? I don't have enough information to answer that question. I'd love to hear from some of our Korean members for further insights. A third friend talked about the role regulation has played in Japan in driving demand. It's been suggested that so-called "bitcoin laws" have helped boost investor confidence in crypto in Japan, and he speculated that we could see very different reactions in different countries, based on the regulatory climate. "In countries where there are strong protections in place," he said, "we might see investors treat it more as a safe-haven and a hedge against inflation. In countries without such laws, though, who knows? It's anyone's guess." Ultimately, I don't have an answer. This isn't going to be one of those sorts of posts. Instead, I'm posing the question, hoping we can all gain insights from the discussion. Thoughts?
  5. Nikb at chatbox pointed there's a new verified validator ✔ * - nHU3LPuLpHaWWjCN3Y4eWJ4DPMtibJNN4SMxR1VnqtCmAQpsW4jP Welcome to BTCXIndia, India's leading Bitcoin Exchange.
  6. "I also believe central banks may include cyber-currencies (such as bitcoin) in their reserves. If you think that’s mad, consider that mankind has long sought scarcity – be it with shells, stones or metallic elements – to store wealth. Now the money-printing taboo has been broken by yet another generation, it makes sense to use complex computer algorithms to ensure that only a certain amount of a particular currency unit can ever exist."
  7. News on Ripple in India ... “Our target is to get one or two banks in the country. And from India, I expect an actual transaction by May,” said Rao.
  8. Lots of interesting stuff to read:
  9. I dont know if it has been posted recently but I just found out article below. It states India is biggest recipient of foreign remittances and lots of banks have shown interest in Ripple during Dilip Rao's trip to india. Please read the full article below and let me know what you guys think...
  10. Hi Guys Just curious to know if there are many people in India who are aware of ripple... XRP....