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  1. Hello folks, I just noticed a super annoying/worrying behaviour when logging into Gatehub. Check the attachment. I get an email and have to confirm the link I received. The first time this was ok. Now I see it every time I log in. Is this on purpose? Is there a bug? Is this a phishing mechanism from an attacker? On my end all looks good but I am still worried. Please provide some information and background. All the best, Tim.
  2. In today's blog, the retrospective of XRP and Ripple finishes with a closer look at our prior year, 2017. We've come a long way, and 2017 demonstrates that in spades. This blog will cover key code updates for XRP, the controv ersial topic of anonymous payments, community promotions, and XRP's own version of the "Bitcoin Pizza Guy," which is known more as the "XRP Jacket Guy." (He knows who he is!) And for those of you that are new, I wax nostalgic about the old RippleTrade wallet - something only fellow XRP veterans will appreciate. No retelling of 2017 for Ripple and XRP would be complete without discussing SWELL and the Central Bank Summit on Blockchain hosted by Ripple. I hope you enjoy the read - please leave any feedback below! Feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  3. I see the option to trade xrp for xau (bpg) on gatehub, but I don't see how to add a gateway for it. I have found links to the bpg website as well as another website called gbi. Has anyone ever received physical gold from either? Very curious as both websites seem pretty outdated. https://bpgrefining.com/ http://www.bullioninternational.com/digital-physical-gold/
  4. To our valued GateHub community, As we continue to expand our global reach we are making changes to improve the user experience of our platform. In the last few months, our support system was faced with an overwhelming influx of support request which resulted in a large backlog. We are currently working on our backlog in order to respond to every request as accurately as possible. In order to prevent delays in the future, we have focused on optimizing the support process and user experience. We thank you for enduring with us as we continue to do our best to provide an outstanding service. Follow us on social media We will keep you updated here and via Twitter (@GateHub) and Facebook.
  5. With our growing base of users and a bigger demand, the need for a better and faster customer service increased. We heard your comments, complaints, and suggestions and decided to expand our team with new members dedicated to making GateHub experience better for our users, have a faster response time, and informing you more frequently about GateHub and cryptocurrency related topics. Customers and your satisfaction is our number one priority and therefore we strive to improve our services. Our new Community Manager Ursa will be joining us in our quest, to build a bridge between you guys and our team, and a better community all around. She and the rest of our GateHub team will try and surely succeed in bringing your question and concerns to life and help solve them as soon as possible. You can reach us via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, XrpChat, and Reddit. Also for any support related questions, you can contact us on our support site: https://support.gatehub.net/hc/en-us. Have a great day! GateHub Team
  6. boldhead

    GateHub review

    Hello everybody, This is my first post, but it might be an interesting one for the community if we exchange our ideas (if this is not done before). Historically GateHub was always recommended to store your XRP and it even was the next generation of the official ripple wallet when Ripple Labs stopped this. Now I have been reading all around and it is review very negatively and not trustworthy. what are your opinions? Looking forward to the feedback
  7. Thanks in advance for participating
  8. Has anyone else noticed that Gatehub is not available again? Damn that exchange!!!!!
  9. There is NO official GateHub mobile app at the time being. It has come to our attention that there is GateHub app by "MIT Service" available on Google Play Store. DO NOT USE THIS APP!! - GateHub team
  10. Is this GateHub's ETC account? rsXAifedPJ3ESTgSHJ5XzrXw6oYD8Uha7x Or maybe it's this one? rDAN8tzydyNfnNf2bfUQY6iR96UbpvNsze And are they going to fund prefork ETH holders with equivalent ETC or what? Once again @gatehub is failing on the messaging. Why don't they send out newsletters or something?
  11. Hopefully someone can give me some direction here. I opened a GateHub yesterday, received verification, and set up trust for GateHub Fifth with the idea to transfer some of my ETH from Coinbase to GateHub and purchase XRP. Needless to say it has been very frustrating. I received confirmation emails from Coinbase of the transfer but there have been no funds posted in my GateHub wallet. I went to Etherscan and traced the transaction. My ETH is now in some other wallet! 0xA1cb7c6056ca3924B452f9ED016776dd7C4bcE5a Is this normal? My Gatehub account has 20 XRP in it. Am I doing something incorrectly? I really appreciate any help in advance! Mojo
  12. Hello XRP community, we are one of rare projects working together with the Ripple token XRP. Please share your views and questions regarding QUA / QuantumProject.org. Our goal is to push trading between XRP and QUA. Also we will provide liquidity on QAU and push forward XRP tokens. Please read post: http://blog.gatehub.net/post/161749683192/gatehub-enters-into-partnership-with-quantum
  13. Having no news from Gatehub regarding my corporate account verification, I decided to visit their London office yesterday. The 88-90 Hatton Garden is a building where you can find a collection of doors/ offices. There is a main entry door with a code. However, you can get in quite easily because there is a lot of activity, people coming in and out from the building. The name Gatehub appears nowhere. The only name you will find at the suite 48 (4th floor) is Morwood Leyland. I knocked on the door many times. No answers. Then I decided to knock on the door in front of their office. A man opened the door. - Hi - Hello - Sorry to bother you but do you know if the company Gatehub is in the suite 48? - No idea, the only thing I know is that people coming to the suite 48 is quite rare, I would say once or twice a month. End of the story Wanted to share this with you guys. Peace
  14. Has anyone else tried to exchange XRP back to USD at gatehub? I did a test with one XRP, and they quote no fee, yet I got 2 USD. XRP currently trading at 2.68. Basically highway robbery
  15. I recently used Gatehub to submit a sell order using their “trade” option. To my surprise, what I thought was a stop loss sell order executed immediately rather than executing at the price I had indicated. The price I wanted to sell at was 2.15, in case the price dipped down too low. Instead it was immediately filled at the current rate of 2.47. I had also set up a buy order at around 2. So, I’m not sure what the difference there is between using their exchange vs trade? I think I’m going to transfer my assets to Poloniex as it seems they have more robust trading options rather than the limited options Gatehub offers.
  16. Question here. I had just over 20 xrp in my Gatehub account (I moved the rest to my Ledger) but I sent another small purchase of ETH to Gatehub and was going to exchange it, but now my Gatehub account is for some reason showing only 19.9897 xrp in my account so it won't let me trade my ETH for XRP because it says I have insufficient reserve. WTH? Why would my XRP reserve have gone down? Did it pay some other hidden fee out of it? I would think the $30 worth of ETH Gatehub took from me would have covered all the fees? Now I'm wishing I would have tried Shapeshift straight to my wallet from coinbase...
  17. maverick00345

    Could not buy Ripple on gatehub.

    Hi all I just started this account today. I signed on gatehub to purchase ripple. I already have a coinbase account. I want to trade some ETC to buy ripple. If i understand correctly , if you use gatehub account you have to setup a trust line to enable trading from one currency to other. But after doing that I get an unknown error(screenshot attached) while setting trust line. My account is verified on gatehub but I have not uploaded my address proof documents for identity verification. Did anybody have this problem? As an alternative I tried setting up account on Kraken ,but to trade ripple coins you need to have your account verified which for me it says the feature is not available for me. Please help!! Thanks in advance
  18. Hi - I'm new to Crypto and I'm using Coinbase to buy Bitcoin. I'm then sending it to my Gatehub wallet and then exchanging for XRP. I noticed that during this exchange the fee was 20%. WOW. Is there a better/cheaper option? Is it better to buy XRP with other Crypto such as ETH or LTC? Any help/feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  19. So I am trying to get any Ripples or Ethereum in my GateHub account for a few days now, without any success. Here is so far what I did: 1. Coinbase Using my creditcard I bought Ethereum on Coinbase. I thougth that using Coinbase I would be able to send the Ethereum to another Exchange platform (like BitSane), to Exchange it for Ripples (XRP). At least, that is what I read everywhere so that seems to be the way to go. It took a few hours but after 5 hours more or less the money was transfered to BitSane. 2. Bitsane At Bitsane I tried exchanging the Ethereum for XRP, but after about 4 hours my order was still pending so I canceled it and tried to pass it to GateHub. Bitsane was having a lot of trouble already, like Kraken, LiteBit (well, any platform I tried so far), I guess because of the amount of traffic these days. So I did not have much faith left, that my order would be accepted anytime soon. 3. GateHub So, before actually trying Bitsane I already tried getting an account at GateHub but I had trouble with my SMS verification. I tried again and this time it finally worked. So I needed to pass the money to my wallet on GateHub. I stumbled upon ShapeShift so I thought I should give it a try. 4. ShapeShift So I tried passing my Ethereum from Bitsane, using ShapeShift, to GateHub using the "Precise" method, I entered my Ethereum wallet in case everything fails so they can return the Ethereum. So far everything seemed to be fine: https://shapeshift.io/#/status/618854b6-cc42-4697-989c-29f810f10111 3 green checkmarks. 5. Money never received After 24 hours, my money is still not received by GateHub, AND my Ethereum wallet seems to be filled again. The balance is about 0.2 ETH, which supposed to be empty. 6. Bitsane Balance empty Bitsane shows an empty balance, while etherscan.io shows me a filled wallet. I cannot access the wallet, cause Bitsane holds the Secret keys. So I am not able to try sending it again or whatever. I entered various tickets, but I do not get any response, tried to send them an e-mail also. 7. Rest of Ethereum straight to GateHub Now I was able to actually complete my account on GateHub, I was able to generate an Ethereum address as well, where I can send more Ethereum to. So I did. I logged in at Coinbase and send the rest of my Ethereum straight to GateHub. Now I receive emails that my trust line is not activated...... GateHub verified my account so that does not seem to be the problem. As far as I read online my wallet is disabled and I HAVE to send actually XRP to my account to activate it before I can receive any Ethereum or whatever. So, I was able to send a couple of hundred euros to GateHub, which all were not received yet. I am afraid that if I try a third party to activate my wallet, I will loose another hundred euros without success. So any advice over here? I already send tickets to ShapeShift, GateHub and Bitsane but they all do not respond.
  20. Does anyone know of any localripple type website which can be used for wallet activation. I cannot use normal exchanges since my account not validated on either and i dont have any crypto. XRP is my first one. If someone can guide me to the correct place i can use paypal or credit card. The bithomb site is charging insanely high amount for 20XRP. I hope the offence level is reduced since i modified my post. I dont need any free donation but want to buy XRP easily (not for double the market price). Thanks
  21. Dear all, This is just a thread to report issues withdrawing BTC from Gatehub Fifth to a native BTC wallet. I initiated a request on 12/29 which was accepted immediately by the network but after 1 day no sign of the tx on the BTC blockchain. I created a ticket through the gatehub.net chat box and got a ticket number with some automated standard email. 3 days later (1/2) still no sign of the BTC tx. I responded to the automated email and asked an update about my ticket. 24H later (1/3) still no response. I then went to the dedicated website (support.gatehub.net powered by zendesk) and created a secondary ticket basically copy/pasting my initial request (just to cover the remote case that my initial ticket did not flow properly into their systems since i had created it through the chatbox) There i am with no info. I went to Twitter/Facebook and saw massive amount of people basically complaining about the same thing. And it seems that Gatehub is basically on radio silence. This is of course the worst course of action and even an overload of new users should not prevent them from at least acknowledging the issue. They actually took the time to sent a happy new year to everyone on twitter which is ridiculous and only increased the amount of anger since they basically totally ignore customers complaints at the same time and do not respond to a single message. It's obvious that they will lose a lot of customers once and IF they go through their backlog. Note that Chris Larsen is a shareholder of it so they are not supposed to be totally scammy... If you have been encountering similar issue and/or if you have managed to get some info from Gatehub over the last few days thanks for sharing here!!
  22. Hi All Anyone explain why Gate hub are keeping the XRP rate so low on their exchange???? how is one meant to sell XRP at the right price without losing so much money ! Is there any exchanges which allow you to transfer XRP into their wallet and sell for the real market value ? The only reason why I went with GateHub is you get access to the Secret key for the Ripple Ledger which is meant to give me full control compared to most online exchanges keeping this information from you as your XRP is in their wallet with a ID tag against, (if they wanted to they could sell all) I am not a big investor but would love to know the most economical way of selling when I do ? Any advice much appreciated. Happy Thursday -
  23. Congratulations everyone for XRP crossing $3.00 mark, I am late on the XRP train but still managed to get few at an average of $1.42 I have all my XRP in the gatehub wallet (not a lot only 1102.87 ) I am perplexled how they are evaluating my wallets net worth I have set trust to 2 gateways USD and ETH so it means 60 XRP are locked. Here is whats disturbing for me Wallet Networth 1102.87 XRP Wallet Net Worh 2100.95 USD Wallet Net Worth 3.16 ETH Plz can someone explain me how they are doing these calculations and what they mean . I will be exteremely thankful.
  24. I just was scrolling down Gatehub on twitter and someone posted a letter from Compenies House. Can someone tell me what such a letter means ? I attached the picture.
  25. Hey all, the Title is self explanatory, i am looking for an alternative to Gatehub for my XRP. Preferably one that does not take me 4 weeks to verify and that can either easily Sell for EUR or trade to ETH. Any and all tips are most welcome Cheers, Duro