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  1. -- https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-continues-to-explore-support-for-new-digital-assets-37c9737546b0
  2. As there are lot of cryptocurrency exchanges, I consider Kraken Exchange as the best exchange.It has low transaction fees and provides high financial security. Read the complete review article at COINPEDIA.
  3. Dear Ripple & Crypto community! We invite you all to try out early but a handy version of ExchangeRates.Pro: the one and only cryptocurrency price comparison in 255 countries! What makes ExchangeRates.Pro so special: We compare prices of ~300 exchanges, adding new ones almost daily. All types of exchanges are presented in our list: Trading Platforms, P2P Marketplaces, Brokers, etc... Our staff thoroughly checks every exchange before listing to make sure each and everyone is trustworthy; there is a rating system, etc, etc... The price of Ripple, Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, BCH, whatever is calculated including all the fees exchange takes. Trust all the numbers you see @ exchangerates.pro! You are welcome to check XRP and 33 other Cryptocurrencies vs 152 fiat currencies in 255 countries. We list buying/selling crypto offers in 300+ payment systems and banks worldwide! It's the same easy to compare "crypto <> crypto" rates at all the exchanges we support. XRP to ETH or XLM to DOGE, whatever you need we'll find the perfect exchange for you! Last but not least, we have super-user-friendly UI, even a complete newbie won't be lost here. How to use ExchangeRates.Pro: There is nothing easier: Enter https://exchangerates.pro/?to_currency=XRP and you'll see all the best rates to buy Ripple in your country (and local currency, if there are such offers at the moment). In most of the cases, that's all you need If you need to, you may change the country, currencies selection, etc. You may also choose an exact payment system or bank you prefer using. You can specify the amount you plan to exchange to choose the most profitable exchange considering the minimum/maximum fees/amounts (if any), etc. You may sort and filter the offers based on your preferences - rating, KYC requirements, etcetera... We also recommend to create an account (takes 5 seconds max) to have all your preferences and settings kept at our server, whatever device you use at the moment. Links: https://exchangerates.pro awaits you! https://exchangerates.pro/cryptocurrencies/xrp/ you are also welcome to check the top XRP exchanges listing Follow our social media to stay aware of the new features and promos (it's our early days, remember ) https://twitter.com/pro_rates https://t.me/exchangeratespro https://www.facebook.com/exchangeratespro/ Don't forget to share ExchangeRates.Pro with your friends, everybody deserves to buy Crypto with the best rate! Let us know what do you think about the service; what features we should add first, what cryptos, exchanges, payment systems/bank, etc. are most important for you. We welcome all the feedback!!!
  4. Blog URL: https://xrpcommunity.blog/xrp-by-the-numbers-2/ If you're a 'numbers person,' you are in luck: Today's blog is all about the key statistics of XRP! I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  5. This has been posted about 2 .1 millions times in the Chat. Never Keep your XRP on a Exchange. When will you ever learn??? Now when the whole Market is shaking it is more important than ever. Exhanges will "die" some of them are just for you to loose your DA+s. Zen
  6. Guest

    CasinoCoin Exchanges

    CasinoCoin now trading on : https://www.bitrue.com/trade/csc_xrp https://www.bitrue.com/trade/csc_btc https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/BTC/CSC https://www.nuex.com/exchange/market/CSC_XRP https://www.nlexch.com/markets/cscbtc https://whitebit.com/ << NEW CSC/USD and CSC/EUR
  7. The last month has been a correction for the ages. This blog talks about some of those red numbers, and cover why I believe that XRP has the greatest opportunity for a fast recovery. You will also learn about the latest exchanges to add XRP, escrow news, and what's happening in the XRP community. I hope you enjoy the read - please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other social media platform - and thanks for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  8. https://dailyhodl.com/2018/07/05/breakthrough-south-korea-will-officially-legalize-cryptocurrency-and-blockchain-based-industries/
  9. As if this space didn't have enough problems already: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-regulators-demand-trading-data-from-bitcoin-exchanges-in-manipulation-probe-2018-06-08 I remember when the first BTC futures contract expired, how BTC's price just happen to take a dive a day or two before that. Fishy stuff? - maybe. The BTC contracts are settled in cash, so one possible way to game the system I suppose is to buy BTC prior to expiration gradually, increase the price, then sell it as price is doing good, and then dump most of it shortly prior to expiration, then when contract(s) expire you cash them out, so you "win twice", or if too much capital is required to move the price of BTC by buying it, you just make it look like the price went down (on exchanges if that's even possible) so you can at least cash out on the BTC futures contract(s) without having to buy BTC in the first place. There are different possible ways to game the system, but I don't know how they would do it...BTC has high marketcap and I don't know if one exchange, even a big one, has power to manipulate the price to that extent, and even if they were able to, the manipulation might be obvious.
  10. troyag99

    SBI and XRP

    If SBI launches one or two exchanges with XRP as the pillar for the exchange how would that affect the price of XRP say on Binance; is there any direct correlation for the price to go up on Binance or other exchanges?
  11. Just in case you missed it. The results could throw out some interesting details on what exchanges are/aren't doing to help the market.
  12. Find yourself checking your phone incessantly? You're not alone! Today's blog is about the mobile trend and it's effect on xrp! In addition, there is some news about exchanges, interesting poll results, and a new video of JoelKatz and Justmoon. Hope you enjoy - please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  13. Is anyone else currently experiencing issues with Bitstamp?
  14. Hello everyone, All members of the SHUFFLUP team are traders and long-time crypto enthusiasts. All of us had our money stuck in several exchanges for several months in the past. Most of the times we were lucky and got our money back but rest it was hard luck. The reasons for such incidents were diverse, some of the times the crypto transfer was delayed due to technical errors on part of the exchange or we had sent crypto to a frozen exchange wallet. Many of us lost funds to scam exchanges in the past which use many tricks to loot money from us. Yet we see these exchanges doing good business till today. We have identified that the main reason for it is that people are complaining that there is dearth of information as to which exchanges are worth dealing with. User feedbacks are scattered here and there in different crypto forums and there is not a single one-stop platform which dedicates itself to containing the feedbacks of users about the different exchanges in which they are trading. Often traders choose an exchange to trade but later their chosen exchanges turn out to steal money from them or have no proper customer support or trade scam coins. On top of it, almost all of the exchanges do not provide an API to understand which of the wallets/markets are frozen at a certain time or whether they have halted any withdrawal for any coin/token or whether they are going through any maintenance. Even some of the exchanges take exorbitant amount of withdrawal and deposit fees and there is no way we can understand what is going on with an exchange, realtime. Hence we have dedicated a platform where you will be able to upvote/downvote or cast a neutral vote on the exchanges in which you trade and also comment on the reason for your vote. Our platform also contains a unique DB of more than 300 reviews gathered from different crypto forums and we currently support 126 exchanges, ranked according to the maximum number of upvotes. We are still working on it and the Review database is nowhere close to perfection. Hence we are asking for your help, please vent all your grudges using this tool and if you are satisfied with any of the exchanges do mention it as well. To make it as reliable as possible we have added two small requirements to review an exchange 1. you have to register with us. 2. you have to add one of your crypto social profiles(bitcointalk.org / cryptocompare/ xrp chat). We have listed 126 exchanges to review for all of you. Also please if you encounter any technical glitch or a frozen wallet or an under maintenance exchange or withdrawal problem with any exchange we request you to report it realtime. If you ask us "why should I provide these information?" - Then our answer would be that we should always fight together against these exchanges as these are our hard earned money. If we help others by giving information then others will also do the same. Please share all your trading experiences in different exchanges with us and we request you to share this page in your social media(bitcointalk.org / cryptocompare/ xrp chat) and with your friends. In the meantime we will enhance the database by jotting down all the scattered reviews from all over the internet. Let's make this a movement so that none of us have to lose our money to these scammy exchanges again! The link to ranking page - https://www.shufflup.org/exchanges_feedback.php The link to a particular exchange review - https://www.shufflup.org/feedback_public.php?exchng=Binance Our platform is under active development and we will add functionality based on your requirement. Please leave us suggestions/feedback and queries we will add that functionality as early as possible. Regards.
  15. How will current hodlers of #XRP be able to legally redeem their XRP for fiat in the future if there is no valid KYC/AML trail for the 2017/2018-era crypto exchanges which they purchased their XRP from originally? My concern is that fiat Gateways in the future will not accept XRP which does not have a complete KYC documentation trail for each address which it has been held by. Or do the KYC/AML laws only require that the individual / account who wants to buy the fiat IOU's provide KYC information about themselves to that Gateway? Thanks for any help in better understanding this. https://ripple.com/build/gateway-guide/
  16. https://www.ccn.com/ripple-ceo-cryptocurrency-market-outsized-reaction-sec-announcement/ “More My POV on the SEC statement today – the market is having an outsized reaction. Exchanges ultimately have three options ahead of them: de-list ICOs, register, or close. Certainly big implications for ETH given ERC20 tokens,” said Garlinghouse. As Garlinghouse emphasized, the SEC’s decision to require exchanges to register with the agency for listing ERC20 tokens or ICOs only impacts tokens launched on top of the Ethereum network that are considered as securities by the SEC. On February 6, in a senate hearing, SEC chairman Jay Clayton noted that there exists a clear difference between ICO tokens and cryptocurrencies. Clayton explained that while ICOs are securities, others are “true cryptocurrencies.”
  17. During the past one month, many of our users reached out to us and asked for a tool to track volatility and pump-dump events of crypto currencies. So we decided to build one to help the traders and from now on, you will be able to track the unpredictability of the crypto currency market. Our premium users will have access to the volatility ranking of top 1000 highly-traded coins for the current 1 hour and 24 hour period. Additionally, they will receive email alerts for the following: 1) An alert every 15 minutes with 20 most and least volatile coins of the past 1 hour. 2) They will get notified whenever their selected favorite coin/coins(you can select upto 5) become highly volatile! You can checkout our pricing plans here: https://www.shufflup.org/volatility_pricing.php We have made access to 7 days, 1month, 6 months and 1 year volatility rankings of more than 1500 coins free so that you can get a hang of the product! Check it out here: https://www.shufflup.org/volatility_vol.php https://www.shufflup.org/volatility.php https://www.shufflup.org/volatility_unstable.php You can now check the volatility ranking of Ripple by visiting : https://www.shufflup.org/currencies_public.php?curr=Ripple (XRP) This will help you to know which coin is PUMPING or DUMPING at a very early stage if you track volatility of the coin, as in the event of PUMP or DUMP price fluctuates very rapidly resulting in an increased volatility. Please consult https://www.shufflup.org/faq.php to learn more about the product or comment on this thread. We sincerely hope that this tool will help traders to reduce the risk of loss and help them to make more wise investment decisions. Adding the screenshots of the pages which can be accessed only by our premium users! Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  18. Here I have shared ... Different ways to buy NEO Cryptocurrency How to Buy NEO Coin: Step-By-Step Guide https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/neo/buy-neo-cryptocurrency-neo-coin-5-different-ways-explained/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  19. https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2018/02/01/bittrex-ceo-will-us-dollar-trading/amp/
  20. https://blog.revolut.com/revolut-launches-easiest-fastest-way-to-buy-cryptocurrencies/ Currently, the platform doesn't support XRP - only Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin - however; it facilitates trading into cryptocurrencies from 25 different fiat currencies. So why do we care? Here's the video that was shared on their Facebook page. At 37:45 they mention a meeting with Ripple "next week", so I presume that has now happened. I think it's likely that Revolut will support XRP trading in future, which would be a major boon in terms of decoupling XRP from BTC trading! Further, Revolut has now positioned itself as the most efficient way for UK traders to get into cryptos (no more flipping through EUR/USD/BTC), removing many unnecessary barriers to entry. I'm trying to find out some further information on the listing of XRP on the Revolut platform. Any contributions would be great.
  21. 'Sup rverybody How fast are new exchange accounts being activated as of now? After the bull run I was reading that it takes weeks to get through the KYC/AML process. Any progress? Just curious. Thx for sharing.
  22. created a news aggregator for exchanges for personal use but over the time it became very important for me so thought it would be useful for you too. The coinbase rumour and their announcement of not listing Ripple had a great impact on Ripple's price. Hence, it is very important to track all the news about exchanges. Track all important news about 125 exchanges from all over the world: https://www.shufflup.org/newsaggregator.php Get to know about a coin a particular exchange is listing, whether any exchange is going through maintainance and many more in one place!
  23. Having moved since I opened my BITSTAMP account to buy XRP In the middle of the night, I woke up with in a cold sweat. Where is my scannable or 16 digit Bitstamp and authenticator codes. I can't find them anywhere. What happens if I lose my phone. Can someone tell me what to do to get them back or a new code. I invested all my available cash in this project and can't sleep thinking I won't have access to it.
  24. This blog post is Part One of a double feature for Thursday, January 11, 2018. Red across the board in crypto. The latest xRapid news. Big XRP purchases. The first escrow release. The addition of DMM to the list of XRP exchanges. My latest blog covers all this and other information you need to know. I hope you enjoy the read - please leave all comments below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other media or platform & thank you for doing so! Blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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