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  1. BitrueOfficial

    4 New XRP Trading Pairs Added on Bitrue

    Dear XRPChat users, Greetings! This is Bitrue Exchange (www.bitrue.com). we have shared our news about on-boarding all XRP trading pairs in 2019 before. Now we have supported 9 New Trading pairs from Jan. 1st. including: TRX, XLM, NEO, GAS, OMG(have been added 1 week ago), HOT, NPXS, DNT and PRO. Bitrue will keep listing new coins & tokens in the next few months. Please do not hesitate to tell us your expected trading pair. The more popular the trading pair is, the sooner it comes live. Keep running XRP!
  2. Hello all Ripple fanastics! This is Bitrue exchange(www.bitrue.com), it's our pleasure to share our lateset news with you all;) We are excited to announce that Bitrue will be on-boarding all XRP trading pairs in 2019! Already support BTC, USDT, ETH, BCH, ETC, GTO, GUSD, KNC, LINK, LTC, PAX, QKC, TUSD, WAN, WTC, ZRX pairs with XRP! Will add 5 most popular pairs at first! According to Community reaction, the first 5 would be TRX, XLM, NEO, GAS and OMG! The trading pairs have been listed on our exhange now! We also want to hear your opinions about which XRP trading pair you'd like to see in bitrue in the next week? ONE MORE THING: All xrp-related trading pairs could enjoy trading discount up to 50% Comment below so we can hear your voices! Our social portal: https://twitter.com/BitrueOfficial/status/1078226928434204674 Bitrue Website: https://www.bitrue.com/
  3. Hello all Ripple fanastics! This is Bitrue exchange(www.bitrue.com), it's our pleasure to share our lateset news with you all;) We are excited to announce that Bitrue will be on-boarding all XRP trading pairs in 2019! Already support BTC, USDT, ETH, BCH, ETC, GTO, GUSD, KNC, LINK, LTC, PAX, QKC, TUSD, WAN, WTC, ZRX pairs with XRP! Will add 5 most popular pairs at first! According to Community reaction, the first 5 would be TRX, XLM, NEO, GAS and OMG! The trading pairs will be listed on our exhange in 2019 1st week! We also want to hear your opinions about which XRP trading pair you'd like to see in bitrue? Comment below so we can hear your voices! Our social portal: http://bit.ly/2CBPfhK Bitrue Website: http://bit.ly/2F87WMN
  4. Guava Digital Assets Exchange NIGERIA'S PREMIER DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE We help people learn about, invest in and manage digital assets About Us Making guava as user-friendly as possible was one of our primary aims The vast majority of digital assets are stored in off-line vaults; our platform is in use by over thirty organizations and has never been hacked We will continue to streamline our processes to give you the fastest cash deposits & withdrawals possible We built guava for everyone. It works just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops When you need help, reach out to our friendly support staff who are always ready to guide you through Holiday Bonus!! We are currently offering our first set of users before the new year ZERO FEES on all XRP trades on the Exchange Buy Now! How it works in 3 easy steps Sign up for a free guava wallet and then complete our super easy verification process Send money to your account from all major banks in Nigeria Buy some XRP and start participating in the digital economy. Sign Up Now!
  5. Lucid

    XRP to USD...how?

    How do you convert you XRP to USD? There are many exchange sites but I can't find websites that convert XRP straight to USD. You'll first have to convert your XRP to BTC and in that case you'll have to pay double taxes (at least in the US)! Who knows exchange sites that convert your XRP straight to USD? Am I the only one who is afraid that you cannot trade your XRP back into dollars/euros/etc?
  6. https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-strives-forward-with-changelly-supporting-the-cryptocurrency-with-usd-and-eur-pairing/
  7. Hi Guys, Seems like Coinbase is not making a lot of right decisions lately, I think its arrogance and overconfidence that is stopping them from taking right decisions. Found this interesting article, which states they couldnt find enough customers for their overhyped index funds, and are ditching the idea. Competition is already making things tough for them and i really hope the other exchanges take them over big time, because they really didnt make the xrp hodlers lives easy with their attitude. "Coinbase Ditches Its Index Fund in Favor of a New Retail Feature" Coinbase – one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the U.S. – is nixing its index fund designed for accredited investors and shifting its focus to a new retail product, The Block reports https://theblockcrypto.com/2018/10/11/coinbase-is-shutting-down-its-fund-aimed-at-big-investors-as-it-pivots-to-a-new-retail-product/ . Coinbase first announced its fund back in March of 2018. The project was designed to give institutional investors easy access to the digital currency market by offering them an index that represents a basket of Coinbase’s listed assets. During this time, Coinbase representatives stated that they were “seeing strong demand from institutional and high net worth individuals.” However, now the index fund has failed to attract an appropriate number of clients. Coinbase was reportedly unable to garner necessary revenue from the project and has since decided to move on to other endeavors. The latest retail product entitled the Coinbase Bundle, launched at the end of September. Using the feature, investors can purchase an assortment of the coins offered on Coinbase with one click. Minimum purchases begin at $25. Differing from an index fund, Coinbase Bundle does not offer fixed methodologies, nor does it provide rebalancing options. This is not the first feature of its kind. Circle introduced its clients to a similar product entitled Circle Invest, which allows users to buy up to 11 different tokens in a single investment. Circle also sports a lower purchasing minimum of merely $10. While the product has garnered solid reviews on Apple’s App Store, it remains unpopular amongst everyday users, and currently holds the #734 spot amongst finance apps according to App Annie. Founded in 2012, Coinbase is a broad company that covers trading,institutional brokerage and venture capital. It has amassed more than 20 million users, though active user activity has fallen by roughly 80 percent this year." "The company has worked hard to expand its team and has brought several renowned figures from the financial and tech industries on board, including former Instinet CEO Jonathan Kellner. Kellner will lead institutional sales and support for Coinbase beginning in 2019. He will work with the exchange to build an over-the-counter trading business, allowing Coinbase to better compete with exchanges such as itBit, Gemini and Kraken. Furthermore, the company is looking to hire 100 additional employees for its New York office, where they’ll join a campaign to bring more Wall Street vendors to the crypto industry. Recently, representatives havestated their desire to employ roughly 1,000 individuals by the end of the year."
  8. Xtremcoin

    Xtremcoin Pro

    Xtremcoin Pro working with popular cryptocurrency with Euro, Dolar and Turkish Lira. Try it now. CryptoCurrency Exchange
  9. This looks interesting. I added a few things from Abra's website, too. https://ripplenews.tech/2018/09/05/abra-now-allows-cryptocurrencies-trading-via-bank-accounts/ https://www.abra.com/ "Abra is the only app in the world that allows you to buy, store, and invest in 28 cryptocurrencies all-in-one place securely. Fund your account using bank transfer, credit/debit card, bitcoin or litecoin and start investing in cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ether, Monero & more." "The wallet is unique because it is not custodial, in which the cryptocurrencies and the private key of the portfolio are held directly by the user. The Abra model is 100% peer-to-peer, with no intermediaries who can ever hold, manage or touch user funds at any time in any transaction." "Previously, Abra portfolios were financed by bank transfers in the United States, as well as by American Express, Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards worldwide. Officially, Abra’s European bank transfers will take place using the SEPA guidelines. Within SEPA, several European member countries will also be able to deposit fiat national currency in addition to the euro. The SEPA area includes the 28 members of the European Union as well as four members of the European Free Trade Association (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands). , Belgium, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovak Republic, Denmark, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Malta, Kingdom United and Croatia, Iceland, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino)." Fees: Add funds via bank- Free Add funds via US-based AMEX card-4% Add funds via teller (Philippines)- Up to 2%*** Add funds via Bitcoin- Free Add funds via Litecoin- Free Withdraw via bank- Free Withdraw via teller (Philippines)- Up to 2%*** Withdraw via Bitcoin Network- fee Withdraw via Litecoin Network- fee An exchange between any 2 currencies- Free Send funds to another Abra wallet- Free
  10. Criptohub confirmed as first exchange to list Allvor! New Brazilian exchange will list Allvor on July 25.
  11. Hello community, Our solution is a next generation cryptocurrency trading platform, introducing Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) to revolutionise the current trading environment by providing a trustworthy, transparent, safe, and reliable place to exchange ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies that are foreseen to evolve in the future. One of Founders is Gregor Gololicic (ex-CTO of Gatehub). With him we will use experience gained from Ripple blockchain and implement it in the new cryptocurrency trading platform, to provide more trading PAIRS for XRP. We will also accept XRP in ICO phase, which starts on November 6. Thank you, tokens https://www.tokens.net
  12. Ozzie getting in the game Australia’s First Regulated Crypto Exchange Adds Ripple XRP Support July 8, 2018 7:00 by Pratik Makadiya https://btcmanager.com/australias-first-regulated-crypto-exchange-adds-ripple-xrp-support/ "CEO Adrian Przelozny said “The addition of XRP is in line with our strategy of adding high-quality digital currencies in a thoughtful and measured way. There is a wide universe of digital currencies out there now, but to be listed on Independent Reserve they need to meet a range of criteria including quality, stability and volume metrics. Our clientele has been requesting XRP, and we felt this timing was right to offer it to them.” "Independent Reserve is AUSTRAC-approved cryptocurrency exchange and reportedly the first fully authorized trading desk in the country."
  13. Xtremcoin

    Xtremcoin (Türkiye)

    https://www.xtremcoin.com The under construction! It allows for the first time in Turkey to buy and sell with Turkish Liras and Ripple (XRP). At the same time, Exchange offers wallet application. It is also possible to process transactions with many other crypto currencies. The first transfer experiment was successfully carried out on 13/10/2017. Please remember, it is still in construction.
  14. https://www.globaltechinsights.com/bithumb-hacked-south-korean-crypto-currency-exchange-loses-30million/ South Korean Exchange got hacked. & m worried about my investments. Because of such hacks market is become very vulnerable to loss.
  15. Hello all. I apologize in advance if this question is in the wrong place or repetitive...I'm new and, frankly, not really sure where to put this question in the context of the available topics. So I've experimented by buying a basket of IOU's representing different currencies and even bitcoin by using https://www.theworldexchange.net ledger interface, and now I have them just sitting in my XRP wallet. So I understand obviously how to send XRP from wallets to exchanges and such, that's simple...but I don't see any option for these IOU's. I see each has its' own unique address that I assume I could send to, and I guess that's another question. Exchanges: Which ones support and will redeem IOU's representing Dollars, Yen or Bitcoin for example? How can I send these IOU's properly from wallet to wallet? How will I know what addresses to use? How will I know they will be "honored" by the exchange? Is there anything special I need to do with the destination tag or invoice ID? If I send real bitcoin to an IOU address, will the ledger understand what to do, or would that get me screwed? (Not that I want to use Bitcoin, but this is for science.) If the question is repetitive I hope you'll be gentle with me and guide me to the proper resources. Thanks in advance!
  16. I think, Ripple Labs should seriously consider to start it's own new regulated cryptoexchange in the US. The Winklevoss twins did the same with Gemini some years ago. Instead of waiting fruitlessly for others like Coinbase, Ripple could fund a new regulated US-exchange together with interested banks and payment providers as funding partners. They have a lot of revenue through direct and indirect XRP-sales. In Q4 alone they sold XRP for 95 Million USD. There is enough money to start an exchange and promote it.
  17. Hey all, Noticed no one posted the news yet, but the official QuadrigaCX reddit account confirmed that they'll be adding XRP soon. With Coinsquare already confirmed Canadians won't have anymore barriers to purchasing and withdrawing funds relevant to their XRP investment!
  18. anichhangani

    Ripple XRP listed on wazirx

    Although they don't have much liquidity at the moment, it's a great step in the right direction. https://medium.com/wazirx/newfeaturealert-xrp-on-wazirx-5c42e662e75f
  19. RIPe

    Cashing In

    I know how to buy XRP, how to trade XRP, and store XRP. I would like to hear suggestions on how to cash it in. At this time, I can only think of going to Binance, trading XRP to BTC, ETH, or LTC, or even BCH (all the coins supported by coinbase right now), then send it to COINBASE or GDAX (for lesser fees), then withdraw it to my bank account. Do you guys have a better way?
  20. With all the constant banter about being listed/not be listed on Coinbase I have not heard anyone's thoughts expressing that Ripple MAY BE THE ONES putting the kibosh on XRP listing. Coinbase is not a recognized regulated exchange. Since Ripple works with and not against why would they jeopardize that relationship? https://www.sec.gov/fast-answers/divisionsmarketregmrexchangesshtml.html
  21. Hi Ripple community Im interested in creating a remittance based business and am trying to figure out how xRapid provides liquidity. The reason i ask is that the destination country has no exchange that lists XRP.. so no way of converting the XRP into fiat or into another cryptocurrency. So how would xRapid solve this issue?
  22. Hey... Here is the Review Of "eToro Exchange" In this eToro exchange review, we’ll discuss the cryptocurrency aspect of eToro including the eToro pros and cons, how to buy on eToro, how to sell on eToro, how to deposit money on eToro, how to withdraw from eToro, how to deposit with PayPal, and other frequently asked questions. Know More Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency-exchanges/etoro/exchange-review-things-know-selecting-best-social-trading-platform/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  23. I have done many transactions on many Exchanges But Personally, I found "BitFinex" very friendly... I would advise you, folks, to use it. For That, I have shared a full information about Bitfinex Exchange... Really Helpfull. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency-exchanges/bitfinex/exchange-review-bitfinex-legit-trustworthy/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  24. Hey Guys do you have experience with quoinnex? Any one who deposited crypto there?