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Found 7 results
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  1. Hi Guys. I just saw bit of information on XRP Distribution strategy by Ripple. I think this is updated information because i did not see it before at XRP Portal page. If market conditions permit, we expect our company to hold approximately 50 billion XRP by the end of 2021. This schedule is indicative and discretionary. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE:64,439,207,292 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS:35,558,046,921*
  2. Based on a discussion in another thread I would like to propose the following idea to @Tim, @miguel, @nikb, @JoelKatz, @Vinnie Price is determined by Supply and Demand. As long as both of these are unclear the market as a whole will not invest into XRP. After all a sudden large inflow of XRP could significantly affect XRP price. The so-called Sword of Damocles effect. We understand that Ripple cannot disclose what’s happening behind the scenes in terms of new partnerships, parties about to live, OTC schemes etc. thus limiting investor view on Demand development. You could disclose a time based distribution plan giving insight into the Supply side however as long as Demand development is unclear it is still impossible to take a view on price development. If the Supply rate is more than Demand growth the price will still be negatively affected. Therefore please consider a price driven distribution plan. If XRP price reaches X USD (or EUR, JPY, whatever.) then Y amount of XRP will be released. Then to the next price point etc. This way Supply will track Demand without Ripple needing to disclose sensitive information. This gives the market a good idea of how the price can develop. Preferably this distribution plan is automated in an Escrow format. To fund your operations you can reserve a fixed amount of XRP for ‘free’ distribution. This amount should however be small enough not to disturb the above dynamic. What do you guys think?
  3. It was surprising not to see a sharp drop off in Bitcoin after the SEC rejected Gemini's ETF proposal. I believe this rejection - and more importantly the STILL not resolved Bitcoin blocksize debate - has led to altcoins' value surging. If the blocksize debate continues unresolved, it offers potential for XRP to benefit from investors moving out of Bitcoin but wanting to stay in cryptocurrencies. Let me be realistic to start with, a reallocation away from Bitcoin is unlikely to benefit XRP as much as altcoins with limited supply that can be pumped up to the investor's great profit on the exchanges. Looking at coinmarketcap I do believe the recent surges in first Dash and now Monero has been partly driven by money taken out of Bitcoin looking for a profitable home. I think it will happen again with other altcoins with small market caps, because a move a half a billion dollars away is peanuts to Bitcoin, but if some of that goes to a small altcoin that altcoin's marketcap can multiply. Now I don't think this will happen in an identical way with XRP because the supply is so big, and one would think Ripple would take the opportunity of an appreciable price rise to sell thereby capping gains. But I definitely do believe a reallocation of money to alternative cryptocurrencies that but for the unresolved Bitcoin blocksize debate would have gone to Bitcoin is an opportunity for XRP to moderately increase in price. I'd almost think it would be yet another failure of communication, marketing and messaging to the cryptocurrency community by XRP enthusiasts and Ripple if XRP does not rise in value appreciably on Bitcoin decline or stagnation. My view is we've got to continue to talk amongst ourselves on xrpchat, but more than anything we've got to talk to cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have never been involved in XRP and to the general population of internet users interested in cryptocurrency whether they have bought or not. I would view the channels to this as Reddit and Bitcointalk, with appropriate moderation so that idealogically fixated holders of POW coins don't fill up the thread with "it's a premine <expletive> <explitive> scam". I am very busy working right now and I won't do it today, but on the weekend or early next week I'll probably open a thread on Reddit. At this stage my angle would be to suggest XRP as suitable for people to allocate a small percentage of their crypto holdings with a view to long term possibility of appreciation, notwithstanding it is more likely than not that promise will not be realised. I'd be interested in hearing the xrpchat community's views.
  4. No expert in this but the following idea occurred to me. The market doesn't have any idea about how many XRP will be distributed in the (near) future, about what’s happening behind the scenes, about OTC schemes etc. Given the huge amount of XRP’s which could potentially flow into the market at any time it’s no wonder XRP price is where it is at the moment. So we need a transparent distribution plan (as requested many times before). Preferably in an Escrow format so that people in the market don’t have to trust Ripple keeping its word. Personally I trust Ripple however I am not so sure about the market as a whole though. Instead of a time driven distribution plan which still doesn’t solve the ‘whats happening behind the scenes’ aspect (thus limited view on supply AND demand development) why not a distribution based on price development. X amount of XRP will be distributed into the market at a price level of Y etc. This in my view could result in a ‘increasing mining difficulty’ dynamic but without the mining. Is there merit in such an approach?
  5. Some fun distribution facts: In 2015 Ripple distributed ~2B XRP In 2016 they distributed ~2.4B XRP In the 28 days between 12/11/16 and 1/8/17 Ripple distributed 976,978,200 XRP with little effect on the price. In the first 7 days of this year, 433,260,487 XRP were distributed. Here are the historical numbers courtesy of @GiantGox:配布の内訳/ It will be interesting to see if Ripple will stick to their goal of holding ~50B XRP in 2020. Once the MM incentive kicks in that may be hard to maintain.
  6. Why would they hold onto it? Maybe they know something we don't. You only hold onto something if you think that it has worth or value. Let me know what you think, guys.
  7. Here a quick graph, I only had a few dates for XRP to compare with Bitcoin, but its interesting still: Overall the supply of BTC has increased a lot more compared to XRP. Its strange because I always hear the objection XRP has this vast supply side, that can come crashing down at any time. When really the supply of XRP has been slower than BTC, and Jeds and the founders XRP are also locked up. Nobody seems to worry that Satoshi might one day come and flood the bitcoin market with 1 million coins? If of the figures are wrong, please let me know.