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  1. Are we getting another dip next week or will price of Ripple rise???
  2. Fake News Fake News lol

    I been reading some journalist articles about #Ripple and 80% is bogus.... What I'm getting to is if you have knowledge about a subject, story, item, good,service,etc then read an article about the thing you have knowledge about you come to learn its mostly bogus. So most of the things we read or see on tv is more bogus than true. You have so much influxuation of this on twitter and other social media that bogus news is running wild to people. Its very frightening if you look at the bigger picture.
  3. I have been in crypto for a while. But I had never really bothered to withdraw since am a long term hodlr. I am currently based in Africa. So last week I got to thinking that what would happen if I needed my money incase of an emergency for example. So yesterday I tried making a small withdrawal and I was really impressed by the power of the blockchain and its possibilities. I signed up to BitPesa a few weeks ago and it so happened that the verification of my account was completed this week. So yesterday I go to my computer and signed into an exchange where I converted some XRP to bitcoin then sent it to BitPesa and wouldnt you know it. Less than 30 minutes later I had my money not in my bank account but on my phone and in my native currency and I could make whatever payments I wanted like bills. Am pretty sure if I had enough money I would have been able to buy a new car or even a house while sitted on my bed in my pyjamas using mobile money on my phone. Now I doubt BitPesa are using ripple but imagine if they were. It would be instantaneous and I was overwhelmed by the possibilities that came to mind and how the blockchain is really going to revolutionize the world if used to its full potential. Am honestly imagining how Africa will be transformed by this tech as more and more people gain instant access to the global financial scene. Even though the transaction took 30 minutes and cost me more than 8 bucks I must say I was impressed although they can do so much better by using ripple. Then not only would they be faster but the costs would reduce as well. Big things are surely on the way.
  4. When there is RED everywhere, i think a big announcement from Ripple such as SBI VC start date, or XRP listing date would help as SBI is a big platform and not only it will show constant support for XRP it will also show that even if S Korea and China are not helping cryptos, Japan is going to support innovation and new type of financial products and markets. What do you guys think... ???
  5. Over the past 24 hours I've seen at least 3 or 4 members of our community posting questions and concerns about XRP and the price that it might be capable of achieving one day. I know there has been endless discussion on this topic, especially in regards to market cap, but I wanted to share my take on the possibilities... especially with so many people freaking out about the current price of XRP! This is my first ever blog. I've pasted the content below, but you can see it on my Wordpress page here: https://moonlambo.wordpress.com/2018/01/14/xrp-how-much-will-it-be-worth/ I'm absolutely addicted to learning about XRP & Ripple, and following developments in the market place. This has become my new favorite interest, hobby, obsession, so I'm going to participate in the XRP in a bigger way moving forward. I'll also be launching a Youtube channel in the near future which will primarily cover Ripple & XRP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XRP: How Much Will it be Worth? moonlambo Uncategorized January 14, 2018 By: Matt (Moon Lambo) Speculation on the future price of XRP is not short in supply. While frequenting social media I regularly find members of the XRP community stating, sometimes arbitrarily, what they believe the maximum price for a single XRP coin could one day be. While no one could possibly know what the timeline for growth and adoption of the coin will look like, it is possible to make a reasonable price limit prediction if we’re only considering it’s primary use case as a bridge currency for cross-border settlement of payments. Scope of the Market It’s important to understand the current volume of monetary transactions on a macro scale. Speaking in terms of order of magnitude, the dollars transferred in the cross-border payment market dwarfs the value of every market in existence. SWIFT, arguably the market leader, transfers about $1.25 quadrillion per year. CHIPS transfers about $400 trillion per year, and Fedwire transfers about $900 trillion per year. This adds up to roughly $2.55 quadrillion transferred annually, or about $9.8 trillion worth of transactions each business day. Perhaps the greatest pain point financial institutions face when processing cross-border payments is sourcing the liquidity necessary to make such transactions possible. As recently as the end of 2015, balances tied up globally in nostro accounts exceeded $27 trillion. Ripple is working tirelessly to position XRP as the premiere source for on-tap liquidity and the fastest option for settlement of payments. As such, XRP is poised to solve what is, on an annual basis, a multi-quadrillion dollar problem. The implicit value of the opportunity at hand cannot be overstated. Breaking Down the Numbers Let that data sink in for a moment. Roughly $27 trillion is parked in transactional accounts at this very moment to facilitate the transfer & settlement of the comparably smaller figure of $9.8 trillion on a daily basis. That means that XRP will need to have a market cap of $9.8 trillion just to accommodate the average daily transactions of all cross border payments systems in order to achieve 100% market share. While I don’t find it reasonable to predict XRP will be used for all payments within this market, at the outset of this blog I cited my goal as pegging a reasonable upper limit to the value of XRP. This assumes 100% dominance. Here goes: There are currently 38,739,144,847 XRP coins in circulation at the time of this writing. I’ll round up to 39 billion for the sake of simpler calculations Assume a market cap of $27 trillion for XRP which is the value that is already in nostro accounts today. To determine the value of each individual coin we divide the market cap by total circulating supply, or $27 trillion divided by 39 billion. That comes out to a value of $692.30 for each XRP coin. That’s the number; $692.30 per XRP. That was calculated using the most accurate estimates available based on knowable data, and only considers it’s use case as a mechanism for cross-border settlements by financial institutions. That being said, this figure doesn’t do much to help us determine what the true value of XRP might be one day because too many things are unknowable. The reason $27 trillion is sitting in nostro accounts just waiting to be used to facilitate payment transactions is that it currently takes upwards of 5 days for a transaction to settle, and the demand for transactions ebbs and flows. Thus, financial institutions must have much more money sitting idle in transactional accounts than they think they’ll need, just in case. Compare that 5 day transaction time with XRP which takes a mere 4 seconds to settle transactions. I find it reasonable to speculate that not much more than the average daily value of transactions, $9.8 trillion, would need to be held in the form of XRP if financial institutions adopt the technology. That would mean a lower upper limit when speculating about the future value of XRP than if $27 trillion were still needed to be on hand for liquidity. However, if XRP became the standard for transactions, you could expect an increase in the volume of cross border transactions. Put simply, the speed and low cost of XRP sourced transactions would create an unknowable amount of new demand which would increase the XRP market cap, and with it the value of each coin. A Moving Target The trouble with price speculation is that the value of the factors that are needed for calculations are always changing. In December 2017 Ripple placed 55 billion XRP in escrow and will release a maximum of 1 billion XRP per month until the entire supply is in the market one day. This will radically change the amount of XRP in circulation over time. The implications of such? The point at which the supply of XRP meets the demand of the market will change regularly and will result in a continually shifting equilibrium price. However, it’s also true that with every single transfer of XRP, a tiny amount of it is shredded forever, decreasing the supply slowly over time and making it more valuable. Store of Value At the outset I stated that it’s easy to make a reasonable price limit prediction if we’re only considering XRP’s value as a bridge currency for cross-border transactions. What I didn’t mention until now is that I believe it’s silly to think about the potential of XRP exclusively in such terms. How many of you have considered that to date, XRP’s primary use is as a store of value? That vast majority of XRP in circulation is not currently held by financial institutions. It’s held by people like you and me: speculative investors. Bitcoin is currently being treated as a digital version of gold, so why can’t the same be true for XRP? It’s my contention that as demand for XRP soars over time, people will treat it like they treat gold. I believe that the market cap of XRP will one day soar to the trillions, supplanting Bitcoin of it’s current position as the number one digital asset in the world. If financial institutions adopt XRP en masse this year, it could be number one before the end of 2018. Such a development would dramatically increase the visibility of XRP and would only serve to spur mass adoption of XRP as a store of value. What could that mean for the value of XRP? Consider this: The market cap for gold is about $7.8 trillion If XRP one day matches the value that gold is today, that adds an additional value of $200 per XRP based on the current circulating supply of the coin Additional Applications of XRP The number of real world use cases for XRP is seemingly endless. What if major credit card companies used XRP to settle their transactions? A few weeks ago, a blogger named “Crowd Conscious” wrote a piece about what would happen to the value of XRP if Visa & Mastercard jumped on the Ripple bandwagon. I’ll link to the blog below in case you’d like to take a look at how the numbers were crunched, but here is the bottom line: If XRP were used by Visa it would increase the value of each XRP by $229.742 If XRP were used by Mastercard it would increase the value of each XRP by $90.35 The party doesn’t stop there. Ripple recently announced that 3 out of the 5 largest money transfer companies in the world have committed to using XRP. Days after this announcement it was confirmed that one of those companies is Moneygram. Western Union & PayPal are two additional names that have been floating around as potential early adopters of XRP. Be patient; time will reveal all business entities that plan to team up with Ripple and utilize XRP. In reality just about any company that is transferring money could use XRP to settle payments, which is why everything I’ve written about in this particular blog entry is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine if companies like Amazon, Walmart, Uber, and eBay began using XRP. I’ve already cited several examples above, where numbers have been crunched, and if combined then in theory could push the price of a single XRP to over $1,000. Not that I believe this is exactly how things will play out, but the point of this exercise is to help people to understand that we have barely scratched the surface of the use cases for XRP. As such, I believe that the average investor has no earthly idea of the potential of what they just threw their money in. While Ripple’s core message is that they believe XRP should be the standard for cross border payment settlements, the truth is that there are and endless number of uses that would increase the value of XRP far beyond what it could ever be if it were only to be used by financial institutions. How much could XRP be worth one day? As Ripple’s lead cryptographer David Schwartz once wrote, it “Depends on how big you want to dream.” DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what has been written here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. You need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.
  6. The article itself is a sheep in wolf's clothing lol. So much fud.
  7. Hey guys, i've been watching XRP now for 6 months now and anyone that is invested or is thinking about investing into this cryptocurrency should find this video of great use to them - Some people see a couple of red candles and start selling like mad, this is just a clear display of not being able to control your emotions and if you can't control your emotions, then you can't control your money ENJOY! Jake, ITM FOREX CEO
  8. Hi - I'm new to Crypto and I'm using Coinbase to buy Bitcoin. I'm then sending it to my Gatehub wallet and then exchanging for XRP. I noticed that during this exchange the fee was 20%. WOW. Is there a better/cheaper option? Is it better to buy XRP with other Crypto such as ETH or LTC? Any help/feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Nobody seems to understand XRP

    XRP must be able to stand upon its own two feet in response to hard queries, hard questions, well founded critique etc. I authored a previous post that set out to do this and failed. Most responders also did by failing to answer my question and engaging in insecure rhetoric. A couple reponses were excellent and gave me some gold veined leads to dig–I thank you for that. One reason I've avoided crypto (since my bitcoin days years gone by) is because of the speculators involved. The masses have come and fouled the waters turbid with their violently bullish and "get rich quick" propaganda. Take a tour of youtube et al. If anyone here has traded stocks or been a apart of message boards involving a specific stock/company then you will find that the message boards and communities involved in cryptocurrency speculation closely mirror pennystock chat boards with wild prognostications, employees pumping, and fits of rage directed at any non-believer by way of screed. These behavior types scare away even the credulous. Now, XRP has absolutely nothing to do with banks or institutional remittance. Nothing. Those transactions run on a separate system called Xcurrent. I'm baffled that many here refuse to acknowledge this and perpetually talk about XRP absorbing the globes swift and forex. That is false and flagrantly ignorant of the facts. My question was "What advantages does XRP [which runs on the completely separate network called Xrapid] have that other cryptos cannot emulate/copy or eventually get?" We all know Xcurrent will do very well and replace many remittance company networks and possibly swift. They [Ripple] will have no issue finding major companies that want a faster, safer and cheaper method of transfer all the while making accounting easier and chopping unnecessary jobs. Hell, the network might allow major banks to chop Visa/Mastercard from expensive debit/credit card branding by running transactions on Xcurrent. Got it, but that has zero to do with XRP. Is it the nodes and developer tools that are great on Xrapid? Because Ethereum is light years ahead in that department with a robust and endless community of developers everywhere(at least that is what I see). Is it the centralized safety that could allow consumer protections, ability to stop launderers/hackers etc? Is it the well educated and itelligent management? What? I want to know what Xrapid-XRP can do to justify a lead position (#1-#3) amongst crypto. It's centralized and US based so that makes it somewhat anathema to foreign governments outside the West. Exemplary–I can tell you why Monero is viable: because it's subversive and untraceable which means that the recession proof underworld will use/need it. I can tell you why Ether is viable: because the development communty is enormous and "smart contracts" allow you to do anything. I cannot tell you why Bitcoin is viable because it is not: it has the branding set atop a slow expensive network that consumes too much energy and is controlled by a monopoly of miners and exchanges. It is manipulable (see N. Korea along with their cyberhacking and missle launch calendar) and wallets/exchanges are [too]hackable. Bitcoin is following a path like Napster, Atari, Netscape and everything 1999 (along with the fate of the guy that sang the song). XRP? I cannot say. I'm hoping you can help fill this paragraph in for a curious neophyte. XRP in Xrapid is viable because______________________________________________________________________________________. Postscript: please don't bother reponding with immature threats of XRP absorbing the worlds swift remittance, XRP going to $100-$1000, name calling with violently bullish undertones, desperate offers to buy my small XRP holdings for <$2 or anything else that transposes itself into a nervous speculative laugh that ends- "[T]o da moon!" And to anyone that does- whisper-wisk-slither-thunder-rush-wham! Applause. Postscript 2: I'm a writer and hoping for some good responses so I can post them on a seperate well-known and high traffic site.
  10. https://www.change.org/p/support-ripple-com-reduce-the-20-xrp-wallet-minimum-to-encourage-smaller-investors?recruiter=846073090&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive From the page itself "Community and investors interested in the XRP tokens are asking a lot about the 20 XRP minimum required to activate a wallet. They also are a bit concerned about that amount being stuck and it becomes more of a concern as the value of XRP is gaining momentum. We request Ripple Labs to reduce the 20 XRP minimum so that more smaller investors can join in and the cost doesn’t become prohibitive for them. "
  11. The top-performing stock market last year (excluding Venezuela with a 3,884 percent gain due to rampant inflation) was Zimbabwe with a 117.7 percent advance, while the top cryptocurrency Ripple, left Zimbabwe in the dust with an eye-popping 28,963 percent return. Ripple ended 2016 at $0.0065 and by Dec. 31, 2017 had risen to $2.25. By the end of 2017 Ripple has overtaken Ethereum as the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, at $77.1 bln and $72.9 bln, respectively. Although still far behind Bitcoin’s approximately $248.3 bln market capitalization, they are rising fast. The market capitalization of Ripple is up approximately 31,637 percent from a year ago and Ethereum has increased around 1,300 percent. A distant third is Bitcoin, up 447 percent over the past 12 months. https://cointelegraph.com/news/2017-market-performance-crypto-vs-stocks
  12. Ripple's transaction costs are virtually nothing compared to credit/debit fees. Let's say the fees were as low as 20 cents per transaction... TRANSACTION COST - 0.00001 XRP CURRENT PRICE (1 RIPPLE/XRP) = $1.95 MEANING 0.00001 XRP = $0.00000195 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If 1 Ripple = $100 TRANSACTION COST - 0.00001 XRP MEANING 0.00001 XRP = $0.0001000 These are ridiculously low compared to regular fees we use today. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transaction costs only change when there is an unusually high load. Ripple current market cap is also at #2 in cryptocurrencies at $87,306,798,133. XRP current price is listed at $2.25. The reason the market cap is so high is because of the big supply of 38,739,144,847 XRP. Bitcoin's market cap is currently $16,775,262 while 1 BTC is $13,834.40 and other cryptocurrencies have small market caps with high prices like BTC also. This means that only big masses can quickly fluctuate the price of XRP due to the gigantic market. Unlike the other currencies where smaller amounts of people can impact the price quickly When XRP is stable within the next few months after the people waiting for transactions from coinbase etc. It has a chance at being the top, most-stable currency behind FIAT (Not saying it will replace FIAT, but Ripple is doing things here). It can be used to make FIAT transactions much quicker and reduce costs for everyone. My reason of giving XRP at $100 as an example is because that's what I realistically I think it can reach with a lot of hype. If it gets very mainstream it can be a totally different story we all know you can't predict what goes on. It can easily hit higher prices and be just as stable. XRP transactions per second = 1500 BTC transactions per second = 3.3-7 (according to wiki, even if at 200, XRP is way way faster, this is the same for other cryptocurrencies) A very good point at why Ripple will be successful. This is completely theoretical from a couple minutes of thought that my brother initiated. Just wanted to share. Give some input! EDIT: If you read this early read it again, had a few typos lol.
  13. Can someone send me 20 XRP, I'll pay him how much 20 XRP are worth The reason im asking this is because in order for me to buy ripple i need to wait 5+ days for my account to get verified so im just wondering if someone can buy me 20 xrp's
  14. What is the best way to secure zerps between those two or are there any other approaches?
  15. Not only are they handling bitcoin futures in the states for cboe but now they want to open an exchange. They are hiring/ looking for a team to help them develop and get the securities around digital assets in place. It doesn't specifically mention Ripple but if I was a betting man lol, I'd say Ripple is all over this like bees on honey. Gonna see real big money coming by June 2018. Hold on to your pants for the boom. Can't get anymore wall street than this.
  16. Hi everyone, Firstly a disclaimer: I am NOT trying to avoid paying my fair share of taxes. However, what if I don't have to pay them? Basically the way I see it is that capital gains tax applies to cryptos in Australia the same way that it applies to stocks. If you hold your crypto for under a year and sell for a profit, the full CGT rate applies. However, if you hold for longer than a year, you are entitled to a 50% discount on the CGT amount. No issue there. My query is the following part of the tax treatment of cryptos in Australia. Where they say "bitcoin" they are referring to cryptocurrencies in general. (Full webpage here: https://www.ato.gov.au/General/Gen/Tax-treatment-of-crypto-currencies-in-Australia---specifically-bitcoin/): ---------Begin quote-------- Disposing of bitcoin acquired for investment If you have acquired bitcoin as an investment, but you are not carrying on a business of bitcoin investment, you will not be assessed on any profits resulting from the sale or allowed any deductions for any losses made. If your transactions amount to a profit-making undertaking or plan then the profits on disposal of the bitcoin will be assessable income. Capital gains tax may apply to personal transactions. Note: There are no GST consequences where the bitcoin is not supplied or acquired in the course or furtherance of an enterprise you are carrying on. ---------End quote-------- Now I'm not sure about you, but the message seems fairly plain: You don't have to pay taxes on cryptocurrencies acquired "as an investment." My take on this is that you only get CGT taxed if you're trading in and out of cryptos for fiat (i.e. "trading" like a day-trader, stockmarket trader or for profit-making endeavours) or if you're using them for "personal transactions" - i.e. using cryptos for personal consumption. (They say that the latter tax only kicks in at $10000 worth of crypto.) So basically my take is that if you've "invested" in cryptos then you are tax exempt on disposal of them. The questions is: what do they mean by "investment"? My gut-feel is that the tax office doesn't want to miss out on collecting your other taxes if your investment goes bad - in which case you can do a write-off on your profits elsewhere. But what if your investment does well? I honestly think this is a loop-hole which might get closed off soon enough. I may even seek a tax ruling on this, since I basically buy and hold and feel I fit into this "investment" category. Cheers, Trippy
  17. Hi, I am extremely new to crypto market. Made my first investment($500) 3 weeks ago in BTC because that's the only thing I knew about. Read a few posts and watched videos and decided to sell BTC when the future related push happened and jumped my ship into Ripple and bought approx. 1500 coins at .38 AUD. It shot to AUD 1.4 so FOMO kicked in and I bought another 1000 at AUD 1. Now, I can see that it is on its way downward. The money that I have put in is 10% of my savings so not worried about losing it as such. Did I buy at correct milestones or should I sell and rebuy when it hits in the range of 0.6 AUD and then HOLD or should I just leave it alone. Thanks
  18. Hello from Turkey.

    Hi , all guys , im registered
  19. Net Neutrality and Crypto

    (Apologies for US centric question) Do you think the current vote on Net Neutrality has potential to impact Crypto Currency as it is primarily online? Are the transmission lines for institutions like Coinbase somewhat immune given the business model? Could mining be supressed/"taxed" by an ISP? Just curious and ignorant.
  20. Good evening everyone! Just wanted to share a small story with you. I'm 23 and have a family. Never had much support from my parents and I only got where I am from me. So my decision to enter crypto was for that reason; to get my family in a better financial position. I've researched and kept up with Ripple for months. The first time I saw Ripple it was 3c. I had all the means to invest a small amount, but didn't because I thought I'd have to wire, which I thought was a huge hassle. Two weeks after that the price went to 18c per. I was mad, like others who had made the same mistake. I began researching exchanges and also learning more about the concept behind Ripple. Finally, I got into Ripple via an exchange. Overall, I made a few thousand off of it, and decided to risk going into another coin. I've since held three or four other coins. Most recently, I'm holding MANA, which has an interesting use case of it's own. That being said, none of the other coins have stacked to Ripple. The team is great, the idea is solid, and the use case is there and already prominent in the banking and FI industry. Think logically. Between AMEX, Cuallix, more than 100 banks already planning to use or already using the tech, etc, Ripple is here to stay. It's features, advantages, and benefits outweigh those of almost every other coin. It's the coin I've always felt the most secure in holding. Yes, the price isn't volatile and the gains aren't huge as of late, but that doesn't matter to me. I'd much rather hold it long term than something like IOTA, which I've also held recently. It's odd and confusing watching a coin that has barely anything functioning properly surpass something like Ripple. I honestly could find no supporting documentation to their team's claims, which scared me; along with the level of professionalism of the team. But if you look at the forums, you can see the level of intelligence put into the investment, which speaks for itself. Sheep leading the herd to the cliff, had the cliff existed in that case. Just wanted to let people know that after holding other coins, I can tell you I'm still 100% Ripple in the end. It just makes since to me. My only regret will be if I miss out before I can get back in. Thank you for reading.
  21. Tax crypto

    guys what do do you think about paying Taxes for crypto trade? Does somebody has some experience with that?
  22. Hey there fellow XRPChatters, I have been playing around with an idea for some time already and reading @Hodors' blog continuously has given me the conviction to go ahead and 'feel the waters' on the idea. As you know, the crypto space is having momentum after momentum, just look at today's results, WOW! And for the foreseeable future this will probably go on. I think we are still relatively far from mainstream adoption but we are surely heading that way. This also means that general attention to the crypto space is growing. As the whole space is in some way still in a 'wild west' stage, information from a lot of information providers is very selective and colored. I think that this area of information providing and educating the mass (the high rise in speculators) is still very green and open to new and serious initiatives. Hodor is doing a spectacular job with his blog and I think taking those basics in to a web channel format would have great potential. Before informing of the specific idea and intention I would like to know who would be willing to participate in this endeavor. Involvement could be in different ways, like participating as information provider and taking care of it's posting on the website on to acting as an anchor that brings the information live on screen and/or participates in live discussions. Also technical experts in maintaining the website are very welcome! You can react by posting here or by sending me a message. Thanks!
  23. It will, trust me, the Crypto Bubble will Burst. Looking at history all bubbles burst. And new Bubbles will appear. - I am forever blowing Bubbles, part of the Human Nature, right? Back to topic - When the Crypto bubble bursts. A lot will loose and vanish for ever. Some will survive the Burst and Bloom, when it is done. Others will still be around, in the shadows. So, here is the question, or rather the question of a prediction. - When the Crypto bubble bursts? - Name the 5 cryptos, that you think will play a major role as an asset of Economic Value after the burst?
  24. New Book - Cryptoassets

    Just wanted to point you to a new Books recently published. Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond By Chris Burniske (Author),‎ Jack Tatar (Author). And, yes, Ripple is in it. Haven´t read it though. Just stumpled upon it. https://www.amazon.com/Cryptoassets-Innovative-Investors-Bitcoin-Beyond/dp/1260026671