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Found 55 results
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  1. Just in case you missed it. The results could throw out some interesting details on what exchanges are/aren't doing to help the market.
  2. Join this discussion and introduce yourself and life being a crypto enthusiastic. You can share your experience and knowledge in this field.
  3. Soon to open on July 2018 to canadians offering precious metals, crypto and fiat currencies https://preciouswallet.io/
  4. I made this site where you can win Crypto by getting the top five high scores in a puzzle game. The site also serves as a learning resource for people new to Crypto. If you play make sure to read the rules. If you play without registering on the site your score will not be submitted. The plan is to also have it serve as a place to submit user generated fan art/fiction. I haven't optimised it for mobiles yet so it doesn't display as I would like it but it's a work in progress. I'm open to any and all suggestions. www.dayofcrypto.com
  5. Hi there, due to the expected regulations we likely see more restrictions regarding ICOs, anonymous Coins and all those Coins, which does not really have a reasonable use case. In order to make ICOs more secure they are connected with real equity and bound by smart contracts: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/19/kevin-oleary-new-york-city-hotel-hopes-to-launch-400-million-dollar-coin-offering.html I guess, anonymous Coins will vanish into dark corners while more and more exchanges will ban them: https://news.bitcoin.com/coincheck-drops-anonymous-monero-dash-zcash/ Bitcoin could be in whole other trouble and likely face regulation issues: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/20/child-abuse-imagery-bitcoin-blockchain-illegal-content Regards!
  6. Sporx

    Launching my site and channel

    Hey folks, Forgive me if this isn't allowed but I just wanted to get it out there that I will be launching my website venture cryptochaincentral.com sometime in March. It will be dedicated to crypto in general but with a main informational nudge towards Ripple XRP as that is the crypto I am most informed on. I will have a shop, articles, videos, blog, recommendations among other things. Ripple will be my main content focus. In the meantime I am launching my youtube channel where i'll be giving some basic tutorials along with my reaction to news and thoughts in general. Also, if anyone has any ideas for something they think sites aren't really addressing yet or just something cool they want to see, I am all ears for ideas as well. Any support is appreciated, right now that would be subscribing to my youtube channel. Content will be out in the coming days and weeks. I'm starting basically from scratch here and just trying to spread the word. Thanks guys and again any support or subscribers would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Good afternoon, I consult you, the idea that I have is: A security and private validation mechanism. Using the free code of ripple and xrp, from there create a new cryptocurrency. 1st it's possible ? 2nd. what is the beginning? Where do you start? 3rd Is there a basic guide or tutorial to follow? And if it is very complicated or not possible, how do I implement a test scenario to use ripple? Thank you very much and greetings
  8. J.P. Morgan Perspectives Decrypting Cryptocurrencies: Technology, Applications and Challenges (page 40-44) This is obviously praising with ripple http://forum.gipsyteam.ru/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=566108
  9. I'm not very tech savvy, but I'm curious what some of the more experienced users think about this project? https://projectpai.com/ https://medium.com/project-pai/oben-and-qtum-join-forces-to-build-blockchain-lab-to-nurture-innovation-and-research-13d4c83f71a8 I stumbled across it a while back watching the CEO on fox. It seems they're launching your AI on a blockchain and there is also going to be a coin? Is this the future? What do we think about this? Any futurists have some insight?
  10. HenryHole


    Hi fellow UK ZERPERS... For those of you who are into it, BBC Panorama tonight is titled ‘Who Wants to be a Bitcoin Millionaire?’ could be total FUD for Crypto but I would be interested to see the BBC’s Liberal analysis of Cryptocurrency to see if they truly understand the fundamentals of what Bitcoin was originally designed to achieve. Also be great if our Lil’ Zerps get a mention too #XRPtheStanrard
  11. Hi all, I started in crypto in spring 2015 with some reading and opening some accounts. At the end of 2016 i did my first investment steps starting with cloudmining Bitcoin. Begin 2017 i bought XRP, ETH, LTC and some other coins. Begin spring i bought a Zcash and Ethereum miner and started to shorttrade on exchanges. During that time i learned a lot about almost all of crypto. In summer 2017 i was well experienced and could see which coins/networks will grow the coming time. I enlarged my XRP, LTC and ETH investment during that time. I sold all my other coins. But in June 2017 i came accross a article about a cryptocoin which was launched late September 2017, called KIN coin. I was never really interested in ICO's, but this one caught my attention. I started reading and researching the Kin coin white paper and doing some research on Kik.... I got in on the ICO in september. Although the ICO wasn't really done well, the Kin coin team seems to better there communications and started bringing professional communications on there progress. Since november they are communicating on there roadmap almost every three days. The Kin coin community is growing fast on Facebook, Reddit andTelegram. In december the Kin coin team told everybody that they will move from the Ethereum Blockchain to the Stellar Blockchain(at this time they are going to use both). After that communication the price shoot up fast almost 10X the ICO price. At this time its 1/4 of that price and holding. Personally i think this is the only new Crypto coin which really can shake up the Social media platforms with there ideas. Kik app has 300 million subscribed member and 15 million active daily users. This means that crypto will be brought to a very large young consumer base without the difficulties of going into crypto. The Kik app is easily to download on the app stores and the Kin coin wallet is inside it, ready for use. Besides the Kik app, Kincoin will be also available true there SDK program(Software Development Kitt) which is open source. So Everybody could use the software to place it inside other apps or new ones. The Kin coin reward engine is build to reward people who are going to build Kin coin apps or reward Kik users for almost everything you can think of. In March 2018 the development team will announce partnerships with other companies. I can tell much more but i will place some links to more detailed info on Kin coin: Give it some time to read... https://medium.com/kinfoundation https://medium.com/kin-contributors https://www.facebook.com/groups/493794851001545/ https://www.reddit.com/r/KinFoundation/ I would love to hear some opinions on Kin coin. I am very biased on the subject but i like to know..
  12. milkisforbabies

    When did you get into XRP?

    Just trying to get a gage for the community. Where you pre-swell conference or post? Forgive me if something like this has already been posted. Cheers!
  13. Does anyone else believe part of this stock selloff will be moving into crypto? I mean I liquidated the rest of my stocks in September to buy more XRP.. I personally know a couple wall street guys who actually sold all their crypto when Bitcoin hit 19k. They are starting to buy back in big now but with many smaller orders to prevent a huge spike.. From what I am hearing and seeing it does look like a huge shift is starting. What do you guys think?
  14. Not sure if anyone posted it yet... https://www.banking.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2018/2/virtual-currencies-the-oversight-role-of-the-u-s-securities-and-exchange-commission-and-the-u-s-commodity-futures-trading-commission
  15. Ripple was one of the ones that had the most hype in the beginning of January as a Coinbase addition. Many people thought this may preempt BCH in making it to Coinbase. https://btcmanager.com/likely-additions-coinbase-2018-ripple-monero-dash/
  16. HenryHole

    RobinHood - Early Sign Ups...

    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/29/more-than-1-million-people-sign-up-for-early-access-to-robinhoods-new-crypto-trading-service.html Not sure if this has already been posted but there is huge interest in fee-free Crypto trading (1,000,000 people in 4 days)... Lets hope this brings some money into XRP! What are peoples thoughts? Will people on XRPChat be using RobinHood?
  17. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/911750/Ripple-value-price-market-cryptocurrency-Bitcoin-Ethereum-Litecoin-BitOasis-Middle-East No real substance to the speculation.... But it's good to see some of the MSM in the UK taking note of some of the stories which usually only circulate in specialist media. #XRPtheStandard
  18. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/bitcoin-latest-updates-uk-regulation-theresa-may-control-ban-digital-currencies-cryptocurrencies-a8177631.html An Intersting article in the independent... Theresa May thinking of Regulating Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading.... 'If you are putting your money into Bitcoin, be prepared to lose all your money' If into XRP however...
  19. Has anyone here done any research on the crowdsale of BRD tokens for the decentralized Bread app which aims to provide decentralized banking services around the world on its app? Thanks
  20. HI guys, in my opinion pending announcements of xrp will separate it from rest of the herd, right now BTC and Eth only has bad news coming from all sides, if you look at things closely there is no such bad news xrp related, its only going down because the others are dragging it with them, but xrp has lots of announcements in pipeline which will only impact xrp price, and may very well take it to 1st spot if other currencies keep going down. XRP's listing on Coinbase may take it to new highs but it would not impact other big coins as much as they are already listed on Coinbase. When will that happen..? nobody knows, but as you are aware that its possible anytime. SBI exchange launch and xrp listing is also a big one, as i read somewhere that SBI has 35 million accounts, which can be huge. Coinsquare is also going to list xrp as per interview of their CEO and it being Canada's one of the most reputed exchanges, should have some impact on price as well. Other two companies like Moneygram are also soon to be declared otherwise Brad would not have even mentioned it. Plus there could be many more surprises who we are not even aware of yet. I really hope the whole crypto space improves but i think that will be unrealistic to expect that as all of us know that there are hundreds of Cr****p coins that dont even deserve to be listed, yet they are trading at more than few dollars, they need to come down and taken care of by the rule of law and that will make the investors realize, which are the coins that deserve their money to be put into. Lets hope for the best and fingers crossed XRP should reach new highs. Disclaimer- Above is only opinion and is not financial advice, please do your own research before you invest your funds as crypto currency is a highly speculative area, so please do not put what you can not afford to lose 100%.
  21. Are we getting another dip next week or will price of Ripple rise???
  22. RippleIsTheFuture

    Fake News Fake News lol

    I been reading some journalist articles about #Ripple and 80% is bogus.... What I'm getting to is if you have knowledge about a subject, story, item, good,service,etc then read an article about the thing you have knowledge about you come to learn its mostly bogus. So most of the things we read or see on tv is more bogus than true. You have so much influxuation of this on twitter and other social media that bogus news is running wild to people. Its very frightening if you look at the bigger picture.
  23. I have been in crypto for a while. But I had never really bothered to withdraw since am a long term hodlr. I am currently based in Africa. So last week I got to thinking that what would happen if I needed my money incase of an emergency for example. So yesterday I tried making a small withdrawal and I was really impressed by the power of the blockchain and its possibilities. I signed up to BitPesa a few weeks ago and it so happened that the verification of my account was completed this week. So yesterday I go to my computer and signed into an exchange where I converted some XRP to bitcoin then sent it to BitPesa and wouldnt you know it. Less than 30 minutes later I had my money not in my bank account but on my phone and in my native currency and I could make whatever payments I wanted like bills. Am pretty sure if I had enough money I would have been able to buy a new car or even a house while sitted on my bed in my pyjamas using mobile money on my phone. Now I doubt BitPesa are using ripple but imagine if they were. It would be instantaneous and I was overwhelmed by the possibilities that came to mind and how the blockchain is really going to revolutionize the world if used to its full potential. Am honestly imagining how Africa will be transformed by this tech as more and more people gain instant access to the global financial scene. Even though the transaction took 30 minutes and cost me more than 8 bucks I must say I was impressed although they can do so much better by using ripple. Then not only would they be faster but the costs would reduce as well. Big things are surely on the way.