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  1. https://www.coindesk.com/central-banks-cryptocurrency-and-the-quest-to-dematerialize-money/ This article was posted early September and the information here is very pertinent to the Ripple situation without mentioning Ripple at all: I've emboldened the key areas that xrp currently faces to most of our knowledge. As stated under market readiness it will take a few years for regulation to be set in place for a crypto to be readily used by citizens and the banks themselves. The infrastructure still needs to be built. As far as distribution, how banks will get their xrp is still up in the air unfortunately. We know they can get it from Ripple or they can get it from an exchange. But we don't know how they will use xrp if they don't need to hold it to use it in a transaction. That's a point of regulation that must be addressed. But there are more problems: Central Banks...the key to xrp's success lies in their hands. Unless Ripple can get them on board and build regulation on top of giving open license to a digital asset company to move money freely through a digital token we may not see any impetus for xrp to appreciate at all. Now there is still more good news to come that's been hinted at but this article accurately shows point blank the wall xrp must climb to succeed.
  2. A good read to make you think... https://steemit.com/ethereum/@cryptoportfolio/how-to-be-prepared-for-cryptocurrency-bubble-burst Crypto is the future...no doubt but...
  3. This is a live, updated chart of the price of XRP against the events occurring at swell by ripple. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/nt6yfCf0-Swell-by-Ripple-Play-by-Play-Analysis/
  4. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/daily-ripple-price-forecast-despite-setback-singapore-ensure-2-xrp-price-target/
  5. After PBoC visited Ripple and announced the banning of crypto trading in china now this news is next haha.....second coincidence 😹😸 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-26/singapore-cryptocurrency-firms-facing-bank-account-closures?cmpId=flipboard
  6. Jamie Dimon Strike Again

    He's just another hater of crypto https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/22/bitcoin-jpmorgans-jamie-dimon-lays-into-bitcoin-again.html But Guess what??? Ripple is the answer Mr. Dimon.
  7. http://thediplomat.com/2017/09/chinas-crackdown-on-cryptocurrency-trading-a-sign-of-things-to-come/ Key point: As I've stated before, China is removing all competition to facilitate it's own token. Though maybe they'll use xrp externally for remittance they will definitely use their own token within the country to boost their economy and control the flow of money.
  8. Given the current events I've been thinking lately about Ripple's vision to pair up with financial institutions and doing things right, now it all makes sense. TBH the crypto space will never be decentralised per se, the blockchain network (RCL) is decentralised to keep the info secure and private, but we'll always need to have a physical place where you can trade FIAT for cryptocurrencies/tokens/digital assets. Exchanges will then be exposed to regulations from central governments, whether you like it or not. All these new ICO's with fake promises only cause collateral damage for those who are actually trying to do a change in the world. And that's the main reason why governments like China are starting to act upon the possible outcome which is lots of people loosing money with ICO scams trying to make a quick buck. Just think about it, if tomorrow the US Government decides to follow the steps of the Chinese government of banning crypto exchanges to "save the economy from another financial bubble" we're all screwed. How would we then convert our Crypto into FIAT again? Would it lead to people selling their assets p2p through events/meetups? Back to using the deep web to follow the crypto dream? It's time to put our efforts as a community to support those who are really working to keep the economy stable and paired up with the FI's, it's time to spread the word about Ripple & XRP I'm more than happy to hear your opinions about this topic and also to discuss about the purpose of any ICO that's just a copy of what $BTC $LTC $ETH $XRP are trying to achieve @Hodor @JoelKatz @TiffanyHayden And as always, KEEP HODLING R A V I N T O L X
  9. “Digital tokens like bitcoin, ethereum that are stateless, do not have sovereign endorsement, a qualified issuing body or a country’s trust, are not legal currencies and should not be spoken of as digital currencies,” he said. “They can become a tool for illegal fund flows and investment deals.” He said there should be a distinction between digital currencies, which were being studied and developed by authorities such as the Chinese central bank, and digital tokens such as bitcoin. Digital currencies developed by authorities could be used for good, with the right regulation, he said. -Li Lihui, a senior official at the National Internet Finance Association of China and a former president of the Bank of China https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/09/china-may-be-getting-ready-to-ban-bitcoin/
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/www.pymnts.com/news/international/2017/china-to-close-bitcoin-cryptocurrency-exchanges/amp/ My two cents on this is that the Chinese government wants to move into the crypto space using ripple after their visit a few weeks ago. Being that the government there has eyes and control over so much it's no surprise they are eliminating all competition. Sad as it is if they are in fact keen on using xrp to facilitate their crypto control over the banks, huge returns could be coming quite soon
  11. Former Chairman of Federal Reserve to Speak at Blockchain Conference
  12. Greetings! My latest blog entry talks about how Ripple is keeping focused on its goal even amidst the grand chaos that Bitcoin is creating lately. I hope you enjoy the read. Leave any feedback positive or negative below, and please feel free to share on other media! My blog announcements on other media: Reddit Twitter Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP Speculation Thread
  13. This is my new blog! I was inspired by an XRPChat conversation where JoelKatz pointed out that crypto might make it more difficult to finance war! I think the original conversation is here: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/8156-econ-101-question-central-banks-using-crypto/?do=findComment&comment=77746 I hope you enjoy! Please leave any positive or negative feedback below (or facts/spelling/grammar corrections). And, as always, please feel free to share my blog on other media or with a friend! My blog announcement(s) on other media: Reddit Twitter Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP Speculation Thread
  14. Hi all, I really feel like there is a lot of work being done by the Ripple team under the hood. This past week I have seen references to Ripple potentially working with Visa, PayPal and the European Payments Coucil. If these claims were to be true I feel it would have a huge positive impact on XRP price. I I feel that these aspects coupled with the actual action of SBI using ripple and xrp being locked into escrow towards the end of the year can really push the price to $5. Any other thoughts are always welcome. Thanks ??
  15. This is hilarious

    ? this is happening right now https://web.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012261796364
  16. Interesting read

  17. This is question mainly for Ripple employees who have better knowledge then us. @JoelKatz If Golem and SONM, projects on ethereum that are supposed to be super computers get run on 100 million computers, are our secret keys safe? I know that one ripple employee said that quantum computers are not all mighty, but 100 mil regular (or later 100 mil quantum) computers connected to 1 network are much stronger then quantum computer. Could they hack our secret keys? What if you use Ledger Nano S, I know you have to confirm transactoin on stick, but still if someone hacks secret key your Nano is worthless. How safe is Nano Ledger S in such case? If that would happen, then all cryptos would lose value immediately. So question is, how safe are our secret keys if attacker uses 100 million connected computers to hack them? What would be best protection against that? Thank you in advance
  18. ############################################## DISCLAIMERS: THIS IS NOT INVESTING ADVICE I AM NOT A GOOD TECHNICAL ANALYST! DO NOT BUY CRYPTO WITH LEVERAGE ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ############################################## Before I started researching yesterday, I had a nagging question: "Is the insane level of 1 billion dollars per day flowing into crypto continuing, or has it declined?" The answer is: Not only is it continuing, it's tripled. Yeah, 3 billion is flowing into crypto, on average, every day this week. Here are those "average flow per day" statistics I massaged based on data from (source: https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/) So is that sustainable? The answer is yes, and it's increasing. Except for one week, the average daily flow into crypto has increased week-over-week. During this week, the average daily flow into crypto-currencies totaled roughly 3 billion. If we see this trend continue, that means that we can expect to see an increasing amount flow into the crypto-currency market next week as well. So not only can we expect to continue to see this daily amount continue, it looks like it's increasing. What does this mean for XRP Price? If we account for an increase in the daily average of roughly 15 percent, this will result in a price of over one dollar for XRP *: *Corrected to use week ending on 5/21/2017 as a base after realizing that using 6/2 would not result in a whole new week for the 6/4 figures Keep in mind that the average daily crypto investment has been increasing by much more than 15 percent week over week in May. I predicted that June would "get crazy," only I don't think I really knew how crazy it might get! I Don't Trust Your Positivity... Okay then. The most conservative estimate *in my view* is that the daily average continues unchanged, or even decreases - even though we know it's increasing. A zero percent increase in the average daily investment in XRP will result in a price of 81 cents at the end of June according to my spreadsheet. When I showed my calculations to a friend this morning, he challenged me to put in a negative growth rate for the average daily investment in XRP. That negative numbers still resulted in an XRP price of over 51 cents. Do your own research on https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/, and let me know if you arrive at similar conclusions!
  19. The CryptoCommunity Slack

    I just want to share the invitation link to the cryptocommunity Slack group: https://crypto.typeform.com/to/ahJtmF. I am one of the four administrators of this community of about 650 people interested in crypto. The ripple-xrp channel has about 600 members at this time. If you have not used Slack before, it is like IRC 2.0. Channel, group, and direct messages can be sent to your inbox depending upon your notification settings, so if you join a few channels and do not wish to chat, you will still get some news every now an then in your inbox.
  20. To cheer you up during the current dip. Hang in there and HODL
  21. I was going to title this thread "Its Not a Bubble!", but I thought the reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous line from Kindergarten Cop might be lost on some readers... I kind of feel like Arnold did when people keep saying "we're in a bubble." My reaction is astonishment. If anything, it's a "bubbling trend" at best, but its definitely not a singular bubble. Singular bubbles burst, and then they go back to the previous state. There are many different parabolic valuations happening with individual ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), and in the crypto-currency space in general. It's a massive influx of capital that is starting to look like a permanent shift in where people are storing value. I don't think there is a "bubble", because I don't foresee these people going "back" to traditional finance anytime soon. Capital Flight (source: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/capitalflight.asp ) So that's the official & traditional definition of capital flight. But to see how it applies in 2017, it's not just about geographic flight. It's about the money itself. Bitcoin made it possible to create a store of value that is fiat-independent and extremely resistant to government control. Anybody worldwide can own XRP, for example. And we know that, long-term, XRP is only going in one direction with regards to value. So why would investors continue to pour money into markets which are now being measured at greater and greater value against fiat, when they're smart enough to understand that inflation is occurring regardless of the official information that's being communicated? The smart ones are getting out of the traditional markets first. They've done the math and seen others get very wealthy with parabolic returns on Poloniex. Yes, it's possible for them as well - it's possible for any of us. Who's Money Is It? It's difficult to get large amounts of money directly into the crypto-currency space. As most of you have discovered, you must first deal with a transfer to ... Bitcoin, usually ... and then transfer those to an exchange where you can purchase any other type of crypto-currency. This is not a system where large amounts go unnoticed. If you're a whale trader and you want to be sneaky about things, it's very difficult due to the fact that the first steps into the system are very easily tracked by exchanges. Even given these issues, the "big money" is starting to take notice, and investment bankers and venture capitalists are starting to place their bets as well. The big risk-takers got in back in 2014, but the other more mainstream investment bankers are now on notice about the potential returns. And... it's a good bet that their customers want in on some of these headline-making returns. (source: https://moneymorning.com/2014/04/11/check-out-whos-investing-in-bitcoin-now/) One reporter tried to grasp the magnitude of the capital flight taking place, flowing into bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. (source: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-experience-flow-new-money-mainstream-attention/ ) Notice the mention of South Korea? That's the country where, to trade any Bitcoin or crypto, one of the KYC procedures is a face-to-face interview. What's driving South Korean's to overcome even these incredible barriers to entry and pay an exorbitant mark-up on Bitcoin? Political Unrest, and increasing tensions with North Korea! (source: http://thebitcoinexaminer.com/bitcoin-price-hits-3800-in-south-korea-factors-of-arbitrage-cryptocoinsnews/ ) These sorts of anecdotal observations lead me to believe that it's the common "small potatoes" investor that's putting their fiat into crypto-currency. Are We Done? 83 billion might seem like a lot of international value. It's not. Its literally a blip on the radar screen of international value. Some individual companies have market capitalization larger than all of the money in crypto-currency. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_public_corporations_by_market_capitalization ) We are at the beginning, not the end! We've "gone parabolic" twice now. It will happen multiple times again. If you're a trader, place your bets, but remember where your "smart money" should be when it comes to the long-term investment that will integrate with the current banking infrastructure of the world. Make sure your "stash" is safely stored in XRP!
  22. Newbie in XRP and CRYPTOcurrency.

    Hello, I'm Didier from Belgium. I see that the ripple is very low.. so i bought some.. But now, to know i want to know any events planned this year? Is there good or bad news about the Ripple, i hear everywhere that this will not succeed because that banks are owners. And cryptocurrency is special because of decentralisation. Thanks. Didier
  23. I'm voluntary provocative but, look all the charts... I mean, all the other altcoin's charts. Since the end of April / start of May 2017, they all pumped hard. They all made +100%... +500%... etc. I do believe cryptos are in their early stage, and investments will flow more than that. I do believe this market is like the forex 3.0 and will far exceed all our projections, even if it's largest part could be speculation. I have no doubt that ripple is an amazing technology with great future, but... Look all the charts ! We are just another crypto. Your opinion ?
  24. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/11/bitcoin-price-1800-record-high.html And the experts believe Japan's appetite for crypto is driving at least part of it: For me, given XRP's imminent penetration into the Asian - and specifically Japanese - market, that spells very good news indeed for the near future of XRP!