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  1. After my last disastrous foray into community services (not many people liked the idea and I fell badly foul of Ripple Intellectual Property law, thanks for the warning guys!), I thought I would have another crack. This time it is pretty simple: 1. Sign up to the website - www.cryptoprizecompetition.com 2. Answer 3 questions correctly - all the questions are XRP related so if you have read the latest hodor articles then you should be fine.... 3. Go into the prize draw to win 1000 XRP! There is a coupon for 1 free entry per activated wallet - enter FREEXRP at the checkout. See terms and conditions for full details. For those of you worried about phishing and what not then just use a different email address and password to what you normally do. In addition your wallet address is public knowledge so no need to worry about giving these details away as they are available openly! Now I`m a member of the community trying to make the XRP ecosystem a bit more exciting and fun so please any advice or help is gratefully accepted. Also if you want to say mean things then please ensure they are constructive! All the best and any questions then just ask. RippleGambler
  2. Hi everyone, I've been browsing these forums since this past May; however, I haven't decided to make an account until now. I have high hopes for the SWELL Conference and for both the short and long term future of Ripple as a company and for XRP as a cryptocurrency. I'm ecstatic and excited to join this community, and I hope that I'll be able to continue learning from you all while participating on these forums. Already, I've learned so much from the daily discussions and nuance that we delve into, and I'm enthusiastic to be a part of them myself. Here's to a bright future! To the moon!
  3. Our community boasts a wide variety of skilled people. While we are waiting for Miguel & Co., perhaps, someone would be interested in making a report of our own? If you are interested: What points would you like the report to cover? What should the report have most - stats/chart, time-line of press releases vs price fluctuations, etc? Will you be interested to take part in writing it or just reading? Thought to post it in off-topic, but it's not exactly off-topic.
  4. XRP myth buster

    Hello folks, recently in the zerpbox there has been talked about an idea to approach FUD spreading. I liked the idea to have some page that is community curated and can be used as reference, especially when debating with FUDsters and newcomers. I think a simple page with around twenty bullet points and corresponding descriptions/answers would do the trick. All the information are out there in the forums already, or at least in the heads of the hive mind. Putting our experiences and insights together would be pretty beneficial for XRP and the community. - What do you think about this idea? - Would you like to participate on this? - Would it be good to have it curated by the community? - Should Ripple Labs themselves do this? - Would Ripple Labs allow this or think it is a good idea? - How should this look like in detail? My answers to the questions above: > What do you think about this idea? I think this would be really good, because it would help keeping arguments up. Having a simple reference you can point people to would be great. > Would you like to participate on this? Yes, I would also like to drive this a little bit. > Would it be good to have it curated by the community? Yes. The community is always way ahead of the FUD and actually on the very frontier. We have the argument. We have the opponents right in front of us. > Should Ripple Labs themselves do this? Uncertain. I think they should to a certain extend. The problem is often that somebody who wants to sell something is not as trustable to hold up the argument to sell something, because this somebody is the one winning the most out of selling something. Even though most of the community members are somehow invested into XRP, it would be good to have a document combining different viewpoints and opinions besides the biggest stakeholder. It would be good though if Ripple Labs would support this somehow. > Would Ripple Labs allow this or think it is a good idea? I do not know. Insiders please chime in here. > How should this look like in detail? IMO Github pages or a simple repository would do the trick. Everybody could create PRs for new content or content changes. This would be transparent to everybody. That way we could easily manage changes and keep track of the history. All the best, Tim.
  5. This is a continuation of @tomxcs' topic here:https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/3735-community-initiatives-for-ripple-and-xrp/#comment-37659 INTRODUCTION: Wallets are a foundational component to cryptocurrency as users require a secure method for storing them. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I've never used one for XRP despite having held XRP since late 2014. A typical response to a new member typically goes something like this; "Rippex is a popular choice, but I can't confirm that personally". Non-techinical individuals like myself are therefore subject to two alternatives. 1. Trust that your XRP is safe on an exchange 2. Trust that the wallet/client you're using isn't malicious. This results in barriers to entry, limiting the rate at which Ripple and XRP are adopted. To resolve this I would like to propose... ABSTRACT: Consolidate the technical efforts of this community to produce an XRP Community Audited, Sourced, and Endorsed, Open-Source Wallet (dare we call it XCASE?) INITIAL DELIVERABLES: Determine if there is a good idea (a worthy goal for this topic, please chime in). Does the closed-source BitGo wallet coming out soon eliminate a need for an open-source alternative? Any thoughts @cmbartley @Malloy @Dizer @Graine @lucky @kanaas @tomb @rippleric @papa @Apollo @Hodor @namini or anyone else? Identify technical individuals or organizations willing to 1. audit the code 2. sign off on it's security 3. update as required Tagging in potential individuals here: @T8493 @Professor Hantzen @xtrapower @jn_r @tulo @ripplerm @jatchili@karlos @yxxyun @Duke67 Tagging in potential organizations here: @Warbler @Rippex @RafOlP@enej @gregor @gatehub Ripple Employees (are there limitations that prevent individual contribution?): @JoelKatz @nikb @mDuo13 @shekenahglory @Tim @warpaul If I missed someone, please tag below and I will add. Assuming #1 is cleared and sufficient hands are raised for #2... Schedule an initial meeting to: Develop management structure Identify an existing wallet to utilize as the codebase Determine a preferred communication platform Schedule regular community conference calls/online meet ups to execute I look forward to this topic being labeled <SUCCESS> by @Mercury @tomxcs or @karlos!
  6. The CryptoCommunity Slack

    I just want to share the invitation link to the cryptocommunity Slack group: https://crypto.typeform.com/to/ahJtmF. I am one of the four administrators of this community of about 650 people interested in crypto. The ripple-xrp channel has about 600 members at this time. If you have not used Slack before, it is like IRC 2.0. Channel, group, and direct messages can be sent to your inbox depending upon your notification settings, so if you join a few channels and do not wish to chat, you will still get some news every now an then in your inbox.