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  1. This is a continuation of @tomxcs' topic here: INTRODUCTION: Wallets are a foundational component to cryptocurrency as users require a secure method for storing them. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I've never used one for XRP despite having held XRP since late 2014. A typical response to a new member typically goes something like this; "Rippex is a popular choice, but I can't confirm that personally". Non-techinical individuals like myself are therefore subject to two alternatives. 1. Trust that your XRP is safe on an exchange 2. Trust that the wallet/client you're using isn't malicious. This results in barriers to entry, limiting the rate at which Ripple and XRP are adopted. To resolve this I would like to propose... ABSTRACT: Consolidate the technical efforts of this community to produce an XRP Community Audited, Sourced, and Endorsed, Open-Source Wallet (dare we call it XCASE?) INITIAL DELIVERABLES: Determine if there is a good idea (a worthy goal for this topic, please chime in). Does the closed-source BitGo wallet coming out soon eliminate a need for an open-source alternative? Any thoughts @cmbartley @Malloy @Dizer @Graine @lucky @kanaas @tomb @rippleric @papa @Apollo @Hodor @namini or anyone else? Identify technical individuals or organizations willing to 1. audit the code 2. sign off on it's security 3. update as required Tagging in potential individuals here: @T8493 @Professor Hantzen @xtrapower @jn_r @tulo @ripplerm @jatchili@karlos @yxxyun @Duke67 Tagging in potential organizations here: @Warbler @Rippex @RafOlP@enej @gregor @gatehub Ripple Employees (are there limitations that prevent individual contribution?): @JoelKatz @nikb @mDuo13 @shekenahglory @Tim @warpaul If I missed someone, please tag below and I will add. Assuming #1 is cleared and sufficient hands are raised for #2... Schedule an initial meeting to: Develop management structure Identify an existing wallet to utilize as the codebase Determine a preferred communication platform Schedule regular community conference calls/online meet ups to execute I look forward to this topic being labeled <SUCCESS> by @Mercury @tomxcs or @karlos!
  2. I just want to share the invitation link to the cryptocommunity Slack group: I am one of the four administrators of this community of about 650 people interested in crypto. The ripple-xrp channel has about 600 members at this time. If you have not used Slack before, it is like IRC 2.0. Channel, group, and direct messages can be sent to your inbox depending upon your notification settings, so if you join a few channels and do not wish to chat, you will still get some news every now an then in your inbox.