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Found 14 results
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  1. Loso

    CoolWallet S

    CoolWallet S is the World's first wireless cold storage device! With it's slim and sleek design it possesses the look and feel of a credit card, fitting perfectly in any wallet. The CoolWallet S is completely wireless and works seamlessly with any iPhone or Android device. Each CoolWallet S is equipped with military grade security, protecting up to five accounts that can each hold an unlimited amount of supported coins. Features Supports BIP-32 and BIP-44 2FA Enabled Secure Element Chip Engraved Waterproof, Durable, and Flexible Bluetooth Enabled Credit Card Size e-Paper Display iOS and Android Devices Compatible 2 Hour Charge Time with 2-3 Week Battery Life Multi-Coin Support
  2. Dear Fellow Ripplers and Crypto Experts, Can someone please help me by providing DETAILED step-by-step advice on the following?: 1.) What is the SAFEST way to transfer XRP from a Paper Wallet (Cold Storage) to Ledger Nano S WITHOUT EXPOSING my private key/s on the internet? This is my goal. 2.) Am I able to transfer XRP directly from the paper wallet (cold storage) to the Ledger Nano S OR will I be required to transfer the XRP to an intermediary desktop wallet first (such as RIPPEX or TOAST) and then transfer XRP from the intermediary wallet (such as RIPPEX or TOAST) to Ledger Nano S? FYI: I am not interested in using a hosted wallet such as Gatehub. 3.) Assuming that I need to transfer to an intermediary desktop wallet first (such as Rippex or Toast), is there a way to accomplish this WITHOUT EXPOSING my private key/s on the internet? If so, how? 4.) When transferring XRP from a paper wallet to a desktop wallet (such as Rippex or Toast), will my original paper wallet keys (public and private) stay the same or will the desktop wallet provide new keys? Also, when transferring XRP from a desktop wallet (such as Rippex or Toast) to the Ledger Nano S, will my keys (public and private) change again or will they remain the same? I searched online and the tutorials but could not find exactly what I'm looking for. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Blacksite-Wallet.io IS NOT affiliated nor do we even know Blackwallet.co BLACKWALLET.CO HAS BEEN HACKED! You can no longer log in as the webmaster has locked the htaccess to prevent more leakage but this should never have happened in the first place. This makes me insane. I can't stand for one, this website has a similar name as our service, but two, the security behind these clowns were so ignorant, they had no business securing their dogs, much less your savings. To all my newbies.... DUDES I am so sorry that this coin storage and security is so complicated. It seems that no matter where you turn, nothing is safe. Regardless of whether you are storing your coins with BlackSite-Wallet.io in Cold Storage or if you are storing them yourself, the only acceptable method is not on any network connected device at all. There is a phenomenal amount of consideration that must be considered before you choose to store your own coins. Ask anything you want but get as much information as possible so that you understand how to be your own safety officer. I explain in my newest blog article about how this happened and how we prevent the same thing from happening to you. Good luck guys. https://blacksite-wallet.io/article?id=11
  4. Has anyone ever used https://github.com/jatchili/minimalist-ripple-client ? I'd like to transfer my XRP to a paper wallet and forget about it. Can someone confirm anything missing in these steps? Download the code (from the link above) Disconnect from the Internet Generate an address and private key and print out. Delete any files and clear browser cache Transfer XRP to wallet address (this part is terrifying to be honest) Thoughts? I'm running OSX latest.
  5. I tried to use GitHub minimalist ripple client but there's something there that doesn't work well Can somebody suggests me another safe paper wallet for Ripple money? Thanks in advance
  6. MrPeanutBelly

    I gifted XRP

    Hey everyone, I sorta already posted this on /r/ripple but they didn't seem very interested. Maybe you guys are. If not, carry on ! I've been lurking this and /r/ripple since mid may and got into ripple at about .14! At that point I told my brother and girlfriend about Ripple and how I believe that they may be on to something! Now my brother also wanted to invest in Ripple but isn't very tech-savvy, so he couldn't really figure out how to buy them. I would've gladly helped him but I didn't fully understand it at the time myself and he is currently residing in another country with different rules and payment methods.. I also got a little paranoid after reading lots of people getting hacked and losing all of their investments (be it Ripple, Bitcoin or ETH). So I started reading about paper wallets and found a paper wallet for Ripple. It did the job of generating a public key and secret key with QR codes but it seemed a little .. bland to just print that out. So I looked further and stomped into bitcoinpaperwallet.com. The creator has a pretty awesome and neat design for paper wallets but unfortunately, no support for XRP. So I downloaded the template and started making my own paper wallet design using the trifold design template. I coded a simple HTML template, ripped some art from the official ripple site, hacked together some javascript and voila! A Ripple paper wallet generator! Generator: https://droopram.github.io/RipplePaperWallet/ (I strongly advise you to download directly from source and not use the online version!) Source: https://github.com/droopram/RipplePaperWallet TL;DR: I made a tri-fold paper wallet for Ripple so I can gift it to my loved ones. I used simple masking tape for the private key part for now, I'm still waiting on my fancy hologram stickers to arrive. I also laminated the paper for extra strength. PS: The back says bitcoin on the photo, but I already fixed this typo :).
  7. Would any early adopters care to share their experiences with the Ledger Nano S now that it supports XRP? Thanks in advance.
  8. With the increasing value of my XRP holdings I am contemplating of setting up some cold wallets. I know the drill. Generate a key pair on an offline computer. Store the secret key on a USB stick and on paper. Transfer funds to the public key. Here is my question. I don't have the programming skills to verify the code on the key pair generators offered. How can I be sure they are not simply generating key pairs from a pre-defined (and therefore compromised) set? It would be really nice if Ripple could supply a key pair generator. Most likely the others are trustworthy as well but I have no way to verify this.
  9. Hi to all the ripple community , im very happy with the new heights of XRP but what im concern the most is about how to store XRP the safest way possible. some people choose to store XRP with the exchanges like Kraken , Poloniex , Gatehub, etc. 1) is there a video from a reputable member showing how to create a cold storage for XRP step by step ? [Found this video but is very old , can someone good make an updated video step by step of how to make a cold wallet please!!!] 2) is enough by having 2 factor authentication using Gatehub ? [Tips to make Gatehub Acc More secure] 3) Adding Trust or Removing Trust on Gatehub? 3) is there any cons about cold storage of XRP? Please some security experts share your opinions . thanks
  10. Something is still puzzling me about cold storage. How is it possible to generate a key pair offline and then be able to send XRP to the RCL? How does the RCL know about the key pair? Or does the RCL store based on the public key and only the secret key can unlock it. In other words the secret key is not on the RCL. Please can someone explain this to me? Also I would like to understand better how storage via e.g. Nano Ledger S is safer than working via a computer. In both cases you will be online when transacting. What is the principle here?
  11. meeekz

    Ripple Client

    What is the safest way to store XRP for long term 2-5 years? Does a desktop client exist with no KYC requirement?
  12. We have worked this bug out, which affected some of the core functions of the app - payments and conversion. The app still has some other minor bugs but it is pretty handy for those willing to keep their keys local and private. Although we will not pro-actively develop this project all by ourselves - because we are developing other things (very cool things!) - we are happy to have a wallet that accomplishes the day-by-day missions while supporting good privacy. Now we all can pay and trade using an UI, just by having a secret key. We invite the community to fork and develop it, or submit pull requests, including cool end user features like federation protocol, UI improvements, QR codes, updates in the base code, etc. If there is activity around this application, we will be glad to contribute too. Since Ripple stated they will no longer support this project, we will keep it in a different repository, here: https://github.com/rippex/ripple-client-desktop We suggest that everyone using the wallet or offering links to download it should upgrade to this new version since the mentioned bug caused an error in SendMax's calculation, creating the risk of paying more than desired when dealing with extremely illiquid assets. For those who dont want to build from the repo, we offer builds in this page: https://rippex.net/carteira-ripple.php#/ Just extract them and enjoy. EDIT: ( Following @karlos suggestion, we will provide an english version of the download page. I think we wont be able to do it this week, so for those who dont know whats happening, after you choose your version, what you see is a disclaimer, that says you are aware of the risks. The green button is "agree". )
  13. Guest


    Ripple Pre-posthumous Obituaries and Scam Warnings Just how many times can Ripple be pronounced dead? A look back at the wonderful world of mud flinging. 30 million ledger closes, zero forks, huge market cap, five years and counting..