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  1. Many crypto traders use to track the value of assets. Unfortunately the data for Ripple markets is not entirely up to date and they don't represent the individual markets in a discernible way. See: Notice that many of the markets are listed as "Ripple Gateways", this gives the impression that these gateways are managed by Ripple which they are not (contributes to the belief that RCL is centralized). They also robs worthy gateways of advertising (where is Gatehub?). You can request that coinmarketcap label the gateways accurately and add additional gateways to their Ripple markets using this form: (you can also simple click the link at the bottom of CMC).
  2. As mentioned by @D-fault123 in the chat, had an interesting glitch today. XRP realized all our dreams and then some by jumping to $3.9M per coin, then subsequently disappearing off the site. This may be affectionately remembered as the AM era (after million).
  3. See screenshot below 😎 This is a very nice prediction for 2018 imo 😁
  4. Now I believe I know why other smaller currencies are increasing in value and that is over the concern over the scaling issue with Bitcoin and the process of increasing the 1mb block size to deal with future growth. There could be a panic that this will be a problem with the peer to peer network. Like always there is panic and investors sell and now they are placing their profits into these smaller digital currencies in hopes of keeping their profits by holding with other dc's. I could be wrong but this is what I think is going on.