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Found 13 results
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  1. For the third day in a row, I've noticed that the coinbase Buy Bitcoin price is about $70 USD lower than the last trade price for Bitcoin on Poloniex. Does anyone have any comments? At this very moment, it's: Poloniex: $1319.85 coinbase: $1253.58 Something just doesn't make sense. Any comments?
  2. This is from Kraken commenting here "FDIC insurance only protects USD deposits from the possible failure of the bank holding the funds. It does not cover any problems with the exchange such as a hack and does not cover the loss of bitcoin or any other digital asset. Further, it may only apply up to a $250k cap on the master account and not per user." #xrpsafehaven
  3. I've just currently set up coinbase bittrex and gatehub per the instructions of one of the users here who helped me he is also fairly new and we have been working together to try to figure this out so I thought I would post this question I am trying to figure out how and if I can convert my US dollars in gatehub to xrp or how do I buy xrp with US dollars so that I can unlock my gate Hub account I would appreciate any help I can get thank you
  5. Decred uses an interesting mix of PoW/PoS:
  6. Well what a great start of 2017!! XRP may get listed on GDAX and Coinbase. Here is the blog post from Brian Armstrong. Coinbase is open for business for more coins to be listed in 2017. Completing our transition to becoming a digital currency company (not just a Bitcoin company) Brian Armstrong. Here is the rest of the story.
  7. Coinbase CEO Wants Your Vote
  8. Although I'm sure they disagree with the IRS's move here, I'm betting Ripple is happy they no longer have individual customer-facing products and don't sell XRP to individuals either:
  10. Would be great if @gatehub could somehow get Coinbase to establish a Ripple account with a trustline. There are too many steps involved with trying to turn US fiat into XRP.