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  1. repost as deleted by mod, sorry for my dirty words in my initial post. I guess: the leaked video is true and there were insider trading when pumping to $3.8, and coinbase need to avoid the trouble of insider trading. So after XRP price drop and days pass, coinbase will announce XRP added. Prediction: end of January, 2018. Now the insider have no profit, so nobody complain about insider trading. After all, no insider try to make a loss by their inside informations.
  2. Coinbase Exchange Review Investors keen on digital currencies need a platform on which to trade them. This Coinbase exchange review will give newcomers a few important pointers on how to interact with blockchain and store digital currency, as well as serve as a basic Coinbase buying guide. Coinbase is a global digital asset exchange company (GDAX) that serves as a platform to trade (buy and sell) and store digital currencies. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Coinbase is the official exchange for Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Read Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/coinbase-exchange-review-things-know-buying-cryptocurrency/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=coinbase
  3. Hi Guys, i am not sure if it has been posted before but when i read it, i found report reassuring about xrp's future on Coinbase. Do let me know what you think.. ? https://www.finder.com.au/xrp-on-coinbase "The price of Ripple may be dropping, but there are still plenty of reasons why you can still invest in XRP on Coinbase. OPINION Is it? Isn’t it? There are millions of people invested either way in finding out whether Ripple (XRP) is coming to Coinbase or not, and neither the company behind the altcoin nor the world’s biggest exchange is making it easy. If previous history is any indication, the arrival of Ripple on Coinbase would double its value within hours. That’s what happens when your item comes up for sale on one of the world’s biggest retailers. It becomes substantially easier to acquire and it becomes exposed to a substantially larger audience. List of exchanges that allow you to buy Ripple In a market where price fluctuates based on supply and demand, the impact is instant and immense. The price of Ripple will go sky-high; it will go to the moon, if it arrives on Coinbase. Rewind time to the turn of the New Year and Ripple seemed a certainty for Coinbase. It was one of – but certainly not the only – the reasons why the value of Ripple soared dramatically. Then water fell upon the flame, and with it, the value of Ripple dropped. But investors need not be disheartened; there remain a number of signposts that point to XRP on Coinbase in the near future. The chain of events for XRP on Coinbase? Way back in 2015, the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, blew altcoins off as a waste of time. You can see his Tweet above. At the time, Bitcoin was worth US$218 a pop and it owned 81% of the market cap share. Now it’s worth US$14,500 a pop, but despite the humungous growth, its share of the market cap is down to 33%. Things have changed. They didn’t really begin to change until the last four months of 2017, either. In this time the market cap – which refers to the total amount of money invested into cryptocurrencies – rose from US$120 billion on September 15, to US$814 billion by the turn of the New Year. That’s 680% growth. The previous 680% growth period took 10 months and prior to that, it had taken three years to grow 680%. What these two pieces of information tell us is that not only has interest boomed, but it’s been doing so in the altcoins. Yes, it’s true that Bitcoin has done all the heavy-lifting and remains by far and away the dominant cryptocurrency; it’s lost 50% of its market cap share in the process. For an exchange, any exchange, to look at that data and to bet against altcoins would be bad business. Because if you don’t follow the market, the market will move to somewhere that does. Crypto news for 11 Jan 2018 Perhaps that’s why Brian Armstrong changed his stance. On December 15, 2017, he revealed the following: Everything started here with Bitcoin about five-years ago, but it’s now turned out that there are dozens of these digital currencies. In fact, I think there are 50 to 100 now with a market cap over US$100 million. It’s almost becoming Stock Market 2.0 if you want to think of it that way. The ones that are the most exciting to us that we have on the platform today are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, but there’s many more that are going to be added to the platform in 2018 and I think this is going to be a really exciting space for all kinds of institutional investors to make money. Whenever we’ve looked to add a new asset to the platform, we look at a number of factors. We released our GDAX new asset trading policy just a few weeks ago to give you an insight into how we do this. We look at what the regulatory risk is, do some due diligence on the team, do a security audit of the coin, [examine] what the customer demand is and consider all those factors before adding it to the platform. – Brian Armstrong, CEO, Coinbase This is a confirmation that altcoins will be coming to Coinbase in 2018 – not just one or two but “many more.” A deeper look into the new trading policy also reveals the other factors that are considered before XRP on Coinbase could become validated. Taking into account Armstrong’s quote above and that policy, I’ve pulled out the following key indicators. Not all of them must be met, and meeting them doesn’t guarantee addition, but it provides the best indication of what altcoins are on Coinbase’s radar. Is the altcoin legal under U.S. security laws? Does the coin have a clear and compelling reason to exist? Does it push cryptocurrency technology forward and can it scale over time? Is the project scheme structure transparent? What are the altcoin’s levels of security and liquidity? Is the team behind it well run and reputable? What is the customer demand for the altcoin? Does it align with Coinbase’s values, which general manager Adam White described as "promoting our mission of creating an open financial system for the world"? What happened when Bitcoin Cash launched on Coinbase? A week later, on 19 December, Coinbase brought Bitcoin Cash to its platform. The value of the coin instantly skyrocketed. In 45-hours it rose from US$1899.86 to US$4147.46 (218% growth) – such is the influence of the exchange. You can see the jump in the table above. However, by 21 December, claims had emerged of insider trading to the point where Coinbase suspended activity on Bitcoin Cash to investigate. Forbes reported the evidence as damning at the time. Within a week of being outwardly public about plans to bring altcoins to Coinbase, the risk of providing too much information was clear. The market was too volatile and any spike in value immediately preceding the arrival of a new altcoin would carry a “guilty under proved innocent” stigma. Lessons had been learned. By the end of December, the cryptocurrency community was backing XRP on Coinbase hard. Video footage emerged of Coinbase beta testers apparently showing Ripple being traded on the dashboard. This, in conjunction with other factors, saw Ripple’s value start to climb hard. Between 29 December and 4 January 4, its value rose from US$1.44 to US$3.81 – up 265%. If the original rumours of a first week of January launch of XRP on Coinbase were true, it became untenable. Ripple’s arrival on Coinbase needed to come on the dip to avoid allegations of insider trading. So water was poured on the flames. While no specific reference was made to XRP on Coinbase, or Ripple in general, the following statement was published on 5 December by the company: We wanted to give our customers details about our process for adding new assets to our trading platform. Our mission is to be the most trusted and easy-to-use digital currency exchange. We believe sharing this process with our customers is an essential part of building that trust. A few months ago we released our Digital Asset Framework which highlights our criteria for supporting new assets. You can read our framework here. A committee of internal experts is responsible for determining whether and when new assets will be added to the platform in accordance with our framework. These individuals — and all employees at Coinbase — are subject to confidentiality and trading restrictions. Coinbase will announce the addition of new assets only via our blog post or other official channels. As of the date of this statement, we have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or Coinbase. Any statement to the contrary is untrue and not authorized by the company. In short, the statement says: “there will be no insider trading, we promise.” Note the use of the word “trust” twice in the opening paragraph as an indicator of this statement's political intent. Note the desire to state and state hard that the company is aware of and sticks to confidentiality and trading restrictions. And note the confirmation that anything you read elsewhere is untrue. The technical term for this kind of statement is “covering your ***". Which is why XRP on Coinbase is still a thing. There is nothing in Coinbase’s second statement that contradicts Armstrong’s initial announcement from mid-December. The company is bringing altcoins to Coinbase in 2018. It has published a public checklist of factors that could impact the altcoins selected so you can play along and tick them off with the watchdogs. (It’ a checklist Ripple passes with ease.) But in releasing this statement at all, Coinbase has effectively acknowledged that it cannot make the move in an environment where it can be accused of insider trading. Statements like the one released on 5 December therefore serve a dual purpose. It covers all bases, and it sends the altcoin to be added into a timely decline. The reasons for putting XRP on Coinbase greatly diminish the reasons against. The demand is high – currently it’s the third biggest cryptocurrency in existence. Its application is relevant and mainstream, in that it can replace the currently archaic systems for transferring currency across borders. It has a company behind it to drive that application and manage its PR, and ultimately, its fees are way lower than Bitcoin, its transactions occur in just a fraction of the time, and the initial buy-in is way more palatable to fringe investors. Ultimately XRP on Coinbase is smart business. And it’s in the exchange’s best interest to be proactive in moving this and other rising altcoins to its exchange as quickly as possible, before the people look for them elsewhere.
  4. I have bought with a credit card in the past with coinbase and then exchanged for XRP. I went into coinbase this am to hopefully buy some more, but it indicated I needed to verify my identity by adding a picture ID. After uploading my photo's it indicated it would send me an email verification that they have verified my identity. Anyone know if this is a new level of security they have added for credit card purchases and how long it usually takes them to verify after uploading photos?
  5. So I am trying to get any Ripples or Ethereum in my GateHub account for a few days now, without any success. Here is so far what I did: 1. Coinbase Using my creditcard I bought Ethereum on Coinbase. I thougth that using Coinbase I would be able to send the Ethereum to another Exchange platform (like BitSane), to Exchange it for Ripples (XRP). At least, that is what I read everywhere so that seems to be the way to go. It took a few hours but after 5 hours more or less the money was transfered to BitSane. 2. Bitsane At Bitsane I tried exchanging the Ethereum for XRP, but after about 4 hours my order was still pending so I canceled it and tried to pass it to GateHub. Bitsane was having a lot of trouble already, like Kraken, LiteBit (well, any platform I tried so far), I guess because of the amount of traffic these days. So I did not have much faith left, that my order would be accepted anytime soon. 3. GateHub So, before actually trying Bitsane I already tried getting an account at GateHub but I had trouble with my SMS verification. I tried again and this time it finally worked. So I needed to pass the money to my wallet on GateHub. I stumbled upon ShapeShift so I thought I should give it a try. 4. ShapeShift So I tried passing my Ethereum from Bitsane, using ShapeShift, to GateHub using the "Precise" method, I entered my Ethereum wallet in case everything fails so they can return the Ethereum. So far everything seemed to be fine: https://shapeshift.io/#/status/618854b6-cc42-4697-989c-29f810f10111 3 green checkmarks. 5. Money never received After 24 hours, my money is still not received by GateHub, AND my Ethereum wallet seems to be filled again. The balance is about 0.2 ETH, which supposed to be empty. 6. Bitsane Balance empty Bitsane shows an empty balance, while etherscan.io shows me a filled wallet. I cannot access the wallet, cause Bitsane holds the Secret keys. So I am not able to try sending it again or whatever. I entered various tickets, but I do not get any response, tried to send them an e-mail also. 7. Rest of Ethereum straight to GateHub Now I was able to actually complete my account on GateHub, I was able to generate an Ethereum address as well, where I can send more Ethereum to. So I did. I logged in at Coinbase and send the rest of my Ethereum straight to GateHub. Now I receive emails that my trust line is not activated...... GateHub verified my account so that does not seem to be the problem. As far as I read online my wallet is disabled and I HAVE to send actually XRP to my account to activate it before I can receive any Ethereum or whatever. So, I was able to send a couple of hundred euros to GateHub, which all were not received yet. I am afraid that if I try a third party to activate my wallet, I will loose another hundred euros without success. So any advice over here? I already send tickets to ShapeShift, GateHub and Bitsane but they all do not respond.
  6. https://blog.coinbase.com/our-process-for-adding-new-assets-f97b7ba65bea
  7. Stocks, commodities and..... Currencies fluctuate based on an insane amount of factors, Crypto -XRP is no different. So why all the freak out? Whats so hilarious to me are the folks who, in the light of hard fact and visual evidence deny the use case for XRP. On one board a zerpinite posted three videos showing people (consumers) at various places on the globe actually using XRP to purchase real goods and services and yet all the BTC drone could do was attack him personally. No evidence based response on how BTC or even BCH or ETH or LTC or ADA or XLM nope not anything else was nearly so much more functional...... No visual use case presented, no company sited, no consumer nothing. My guess is (as many are pointing out) Coinbase wants to nip any insider trading rumors in the bud. Even if that not the case here, XRP is going to move higher no matter what, people want it, banks want it, it fits for a 21st and beyond global currency model. here let me help: Close your eyes, Breathe, Relax (X3)
  8. Hello, long time lurker first time poster. I have been an XRP holder since July 2017 and have grown ever enamored with Ripple and their end goals. I believe this company and by proxy, XRP, will grow organically as their ideals become recognized and implemented on a global scale. To this end I have been seeing a massive amount of speculation and FOMO in regards to Coinbase. I use Coinbase, as I am sure many people do, to get FIAT into the market space and believe it will be a wonderful addition for everyone. What I don't want to see happen is people put Coinbase on a pedestal and base their investment future on one exchange addition, regardless of the potential influx of capital. If Coinbase chooses to add XRP it will be on their time frame and could potentially disappoint many people who have placed a magical time frame of 1/8/18 or the end of January. Please take a breath and realize the massive and beautiful growth that has happened over the past year and hold on for a hopefully fun and fulfilling ride.
  9. So those of you that have experience with Coinbase... is this legit?
  10. Time to vent again. Today I got verified with Bitstamp. Yay! They accept credit cards to buy xrp from us customers! Yay! Credit card company charges 3% foreign transaction fee, Bitstamp charges flat 5% fee. Booo! Started this whole process a month ago when xrp was a quarter. 2500 would have gotten me 10000 xrp. Now I get 1250. still haven’t got a wallet yet because I don’t know what the hell im doing. Too chicken to leave the xrp on Bitstamp . I’m too cheap to let 8 percent get flushed down the toilet but if I use coinbase(been verified) to buy bitcoin using my bank it takes a week from what I’ve read and then xrp will be 10.00. I’m just getting mad about being so far behind. Any suggestions/help on what to do would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Finally verified on Bitstamp

    I just got verified on Bitstamp today after 4 weeks. I’m already verified on Coinbase. My plan was to purchase bitcoin on coinbase and trade it for xrp on Bitstamp. Now what do I do? I know I need a wallet. I was going to buy a ledger nano s and transfer the xrp to that. I plan on long term not frequent trading. I need a wallet until I get the ledger nano s and not sure what I should do in the meantime. I started the process when xrp was 0.25 and was planning on buying 10000 xrp. Looks like I’m not buying that much now! Does anyone have any ideas on how I should start?
  12. Would Coinbase need to change their Asset Guidelines to list XRP ? I'm assuming that Coinbase would have to change their digital asset guidelines to have XRP on the exchange - with their view of it being a centralized token. https://www.gdax.com/static/digital-asset-framework-2017-11.pdf Here's another Twitter comment I read... but I did not think XRP was a ERC-20 token? In any case - I've also always thought that Coinbase had a negative view of XRP after comments by Brian Armstrong over the years about it being a distraction - and other comments I've heard him make. Granted that was a few years back and times have changed, but still my feeling is that being listed on Coinbase inst going to happen. I also think the disaster that was the BCH launch delayed any new token listing for some time. What's the chances you feel of it being listed on Coinbase in first half of 2018? 10% I think.
  13. Besides the obvious Coinbase, I think we need a couple more fiat-crypto exchanges that are already dealing with millions in Bitcoin transactions. Here's a few I know of that are missing XRP/fiat pairs: Gemini - very nice UI, more user friendly than GDAX Luno - very nice UI, similar to Coinbase Quoinex - trade volume mostly from Japan and parts of Asia Coinhako - southeast asia Revolut - online-only bank Bitflyer - Japan & US Any others that you are familiar with in your country/region that allow fiat deposits but currently only deal with BTC/ETH/LTC/BCH? We can't only rely on Bitstamp! Also, Ripple needs to update this page https://ripple.com/xrp/buy-xrp/ (missing Bitfinex, CEX, Exmo, Etoro, etc. unless Ripple thinks those services are scammy and deliberately left them out)
  14. Forbes website has an article about someone possibly involved in insider trading for BCH on coinbase, using Reddit to "spread the word". https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnkoetsier/2017/12/25/alleged-bitcoin-cash-insider-trading-discovered-via-coinbase-with-potential-8x-return/amp/ I'm not even sure what to think of it, but here's the story.
  15. https://hacked.com/ripple-xrp-surges-on-coinbase-rumors/ Old news but still, all we know is that xrp is most likely to be added to coinbase judging on its recent price bump. If that happens am pretty sure people who hodled would be rewarded well. Plus we also have Korean and Chinese banks testing ripple technology till 31st Jan. So once they hop in we might see a good price surge.. again 😂
  16. Greetings all, First-time poster and just moments after Bitcoin Cash was added to Coinbase. This makes me hopeful for Ripple, just hope this happens before the New Year.
  17. Hopefully someone can give me some direction here. I opened a GateHub yesterday, received verification, and set up trust for GateHub Fifth with the idea to transfer some of my ETH from Coinbase to GateHub and purchase XRP. Needless to say it has been very frustrating. I received confirmation emails from Coinbase of the transfer but there have been no funds posted in my GateHub wallet. I went to Etherscan and traced the transaction. My ETH is now in some other wallet! 0xA1cb7c6056ca3924B452f9ED016776dd7C4bcE5a Is this normal? My Gatehub account has 20 XRP in it. Am I doing something incorrectly? I really appreciate any help in advance! Mojo

    Hey there fellas! I am new here obviously and have been looking at XRP since last Friday. I signed up for Gatehub and wanted to buy 1000 XRP but needed to wait for my information to be verified. Needless to say, I have missed out on the huge run up from the 20's last week to over 80 cents this week. Pretty disappointing... Regardless, I have a few serious questions for this community. Why the sudden run up this week? There has been no new news as far as I know. Why isn't the community concerned about inflation. There will be 1 Billion XRP hitting the market every month for the next 55 months according to the escrow policy ripple set up. It is unlikely there will be enough buyers to keep the price up each month. Can someone enlighten me on how we can keep the price up with this kind of supply (inflation) hitting the market on a monthly basis? With 100 billion XRP in total (majority not in circulation yet), I have general concerns about the massive overall supply. The only thing countering this is the concept of Ripple penetrating a multi-trillion dollar international money transfer industry which SWIFT dominates. What is keeping SWIFT from creating a crypto to fight off competitors? Why is it so hard to buy XRP!!! I just want to buy a chunk using my debit card or a simple ACH transfer. Gatehub requires international wire transfer which is pricey. I'm in the process of buying BTC on coinbase and transferring that to Gatehub to then trade it for XRP. Insanely complicated process to enter into this blockchain currency which is designed to make things SIMPLE. GLTA and I look forward to your thoughts. -CryptoMaster1000
  19. Feel free to delete if this has already been posted. A friend of min just sent me this, first link is to a temp page for coinbase that's been indexed. it reads: Buy Ripple XRP. Buy Ripple XRP. Work in progress. Buy XRP using Coinbase https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=site%3Acoinbase.com+ripple&oq=site%3Acoinbase.com+ripple&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i58.6223j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Also a link to the cached site https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3AakCLAdoB5WUJ%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.coinbase.com%2Fexternal_redirect%3Flink%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.ripple-xrp.nl%2Fcoinbase%3FreturnFromOauth%3Dtrue%26signature%3D15e99ea4319592a31429da45d072af21fd6fa665e0f7891bc05bb97edab82aaf%26timestamp%3D1511779746 &cd=1&hl=nl&ct=clnk&gl=nl Who knows?
  20. Missing the boat!

    Hi all! I just joined to vent. I started looking into cryptos when bitcoin hit 15k. I had read about xrp/ripple and liked what I saw. Figured it was good long term investment worth a couple of thousand to invest in. Spent a week researching and looked like bitstamp was a good exchange so I made an account. Still waiting to get verified. I was more concerned about fees. I also made a Coinbase account figured I could buy bitcoin there trading on Gdax as the fees are lower. Coinbase verified me right away but gdax did not. Still waiting on a reply to not having a way to send them a pic of me. Now xrp is up 300% when I started the process. By the time I get money in there I’m figuring it will be too late. Venting didn’t make me feel better. I was going to trade bitcoin for xrp from gdax to bitstamp.
  21. Link to article here: https://fintechinsidernews.com/posts/LhbeHMLk22nvHrSNM/coinbase-to-add-many-more-altcoins-in-2018 Ripple has to be a prime candidate to be included on the Coinbase platform. Interested to hear your thoughts....
  22. Rippex Ripple Wallet question

    I am a newbie in all this cryptocurrency business. I now have a few hundred XRP in my Rippex Ripple Wallet and plan on keeping them long term. However, I want to understand the reverse process for future use, but cannot find any chat or email support for the Ripple Wallet. I need to know precisely how to convert my XRP (in Ripple Wallet) back to bitcoin (I used Binance) and then to USD (I used CoinBase). The Ripple Wallet asks for Binance 'destination tag' and I don't don't where to find that. I've attached a screenshot from my Ripple Wallet in the hopes this might help. Thanks, in advance, for your help or guidance to a really good detailed tutorial that will cover my specific question.
  23. Coinbase Tweet Any idea what this means, could it be XRPrelated?