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  1. ...is xrp's potential for being used as "reserves." I came across this article that discusses the concept of "forex reserves:" http://www.nbdpress.com/articles/2017-06-08/2632.html Before reading this article, I've heard the concept of xrp "reserves" being purchased by individual companies or market makers as a tool for managing risk and being able to profit from volatility. (source: _https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/5280-valuation-models-xrp-the-digital-currency-vs-ripple-the-company/?do=findComment&comment=50182_) The concept was always part of a larger topic, and I guess I made a mental note and just kind of said to myself "Well, yeah, that would be cool. I wonder if that would happen with a large retailer like Amazon that does international commerce." I left it there in my thinking, like a shiny bauble that might get my attention again at some point in the future. After all, I'm focused on the big fish - the possibility of RCL taking over for SWIFT. And then I read a simple group of words from this article, and realized I'd been missing the power of a concept all these years. Here's the snippet: Did you catch that amount of USD that China uses for the sole purpose of ForEx? 3.05 trillion. The Concept Nation-state federal reserves will usually carry the main unit of currency used to make ForEx transfers. And currently, US Dollars are the de-facto currency used to do those transfers. What is SAFE? (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Administration_of_Foreign_Exchange) USD is Currently King of Reserves So how do we arrive at how much USD some other countries might just "store?" To do this, we need to compare the relative size of China's economy with other nations, and do the multiplication. Let's do this with a few different countries where Ripple has already established trade pairings: GDP of China: 11,218,281 ---> 3 trillion in reserves Japan: 4,938,644 ---> 1.3 trillion in reserves? UK: 2,629,188 ---> .7 trillion in reserves? India: 2,256,397 ---> .6 trillion in reserves? South Korea: 1,411,246 ---> .37 trillion in reserves? Basically, we can roughly estimate that these combined countries store approximately 6 trillion USD in reserves. Also, consider the fact that I'm not even considering businesses within these countries. Large companies tend to want to keep their own reserves of USD for exchange as well. And these companies can store very large quantities of USD in their corporate treasuries as well. I don't *think* nations would ever store a digital asset issued by a private company as a reserve, or if they did, it would be for boutique purposes most likely. A more likely scenario under the current system would be central reserves creating their own IOU on RCL. However, we can use the concept of "reserve" to understand how very large companies might want to snap up XRP at large quantities. So now, go back to the articles here on XRPChat where JoelKatz was talking about the concept of "reserves," and now three of his points should make more sense: (source: _https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/5280-valuation-models-xrp-the-digital-currency-vs-ripple-the-company/?do=findComment&comment=50182_) This is the way currency "reserves" work now for nations - and for large companies - and it is a very exciting prospect for XRP! What About the Future For World Reserve Currencies? There is a possibility that XRP could play a role in national reserves: In an exciting development, a report by the UN Conference on Trade and Development calls for abandoning the US Dollar s the single reserve currency. It says that the new reserve system should (Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-dollar-reserves-un-idUSTRE65S40620100629 ) The report goes even further: IMF Connection to Ripple So now we see the connection to the IMF, and now we can understand much better what Chris Larsen (and Ripple's) role *might* involve with the IMF Advisory Committee. If the SDR's are going to operate using a "basket of currencies", what technology do you think is best for representing that basket using an IMF-backed, redeemable IOU? Seriously? This type of usage couldn't be a better fit for RCL and XRP. Is your crypto portfolio on the right side of history? ###### DISCLAIMERS ###### THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE PLEASE DO NOT TRADE CRYPTO WITH LEVERAGE I DO NOT HAVE ANY INSIDE INFORMATION I STILL OWN MTG CARDS
  2. Hello What do you think are the implications of this news..both partners of Ripple.. America Express finally allowed into the Chinese market..LianLian as a partner https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-economy-americanexpress-idUSKCN1NE0T7?utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_content=5be55f5c04d3015e049aec60&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
  3. The Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (CCID) is a government organisation responsible for monthly reviewing blockchain projects based on the following criteria: The project should have its own independent main chain The node can be freely created It should have a published block explorer where block information can easily be tracked; Open source code The project’s website page is available and the project’s team member can be contacted. Being a scientific research institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the CCID has a strong overall strength in the information industry research and policy-making, software testing and other related fields. Here (article) you can find more information about this organisation eo. Here is their sixth and latest report: Interesting to see Bitcoin so low while it is said that Bitcoin is primarily controlled by Chinese miners. To bad they rated Ripple in stead of XRP?
  4. Precision is a necessary ingredient for sustained success in any field; I discuss why this is, and cover the latest about crypto regulation and the headline developments about xRapid. In addition, two wallets - one a hardware wallet - announce that they are adding support for XRP. Also, read to discover exciting community developments such as the ability for the public to run their own queries against a database of XRP transactions. I hope you enjoy today's read & please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend or family & on any other platform that you wish - and thanks for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  5. https://www.coindesk.com/worlds-largest-bank-eyes-faster-asset-exchange-with-blockchain/ Not Ripple tech at this moment yet it's a confirmation the use case is very real.
  6. Find yourself checking your phone incessantly? You're not alone! Today's blog is about the mobile trend and it's effect on xrp! In addition, there is some news about exchanges, interesting poll results, and a new video of JoelKatz and Justmoon. Hope you enjoy - please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  7. This is my first post on this forum, so I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the members of this great community and my privilege to be part of the XRP army. At the outset, I generally do not condone baseless speculation. However, 1. I don't consider the facts below as "baseless", and 2. I'm merely raising a question to anyone in the forum with macroeconomic insight. With the advent of the Petro-Yuan futures a few days ago, the efforts and intentions by China are clear: to internationalize its currency and force its trading partners to accept Yuan for its oil purchases. What's more, since some of the oil exporting nations are hesitant to sell their product in Yuan, China is making gold convertible to Yuan as source liquidity for the oil purchase. Some economist say it is the beginning of the end of the petrodollar, others say the price of Gold will skyrocket. I'm not an economist so I wouldn't know, but the purchasing mechanics of this revelation in oil commerce sounded all too familiar to me when I first read about it; i.e. Fiat -> gold -> Fiat for oil. An increasing gold value will not only come naturally, but "a higher price/liquidity also means we can target higher value payments" - to use the words of the great @JoelKatz At the same time, we know that Ripple is progressively pursuing a position in China. From the latest @Hodor blog: "..understand that China just decided to opt for a licensing approach for fintech firms wishing to enter the payments space in China". A move that would legitimize/institutionalize the Chinese adopted fintech infrastructure of the future. Hodor continues: "I think this move by China’s regulatory bodies is a direct result of momentum that has clearly been building behind Ripple’s strategy of closely advising the worlds’ central banks", "[Ripple] has also hosted a delegation from China’s central bank" For those that don't know, China is the world's largest importer of oil with not nearly enough gold to back up their oil demand. To continue listing of relevant facts, Saudi Arabia (incidentally the world's largest exporter of oil) and its central bank, SAMA, have signed a deal with Ripple back in February to manage cross-boarder payments. The Arab Exchange Market Secretary General, Fadi Khalaf, said that United Arab Emirate banks are aiming for a similar agreement. (UAE is the 5th largest exporter of oil). Im not trying to prove what is probably a non-existent connection. My questions are the following: Are we witnessing a blockchain-backed, oil commerce infrastructure in the making? (Does that even make sense?) Knowing that China might soon no longer buy oil in any currency except its own, and for the oil exporting nations that will shy away from accepting Yuan as a payment, would China lose out or benefit from utilizing a digital asset to source liquidity for oil trade in lieu of gold? What role could XRP play and what impact would it have on the exporting States? China is responsible for 8 out of 45 millions barrels a day of global oil imports, with oil futures trade being 30x the physical oil trade. At 65$ a barrel, what would that daily volume do to the XRP price? Hope to get some insightful feedback and good discussion. In the meantime (3 days later) this: https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/04/ripple-partners-bpg-emetal-digital-stock-exchange-metal/ #justsaying
  8. It's my 100th Hodor Blog! In this latest blog entry, I connect the dots on China, and discuss fascinating wallet stats. Also, Ripple's deal with Cambridge is profiled by the prestigious Nilson Report. Hope you enjoy & please leave any feedback below: Also, please feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other social media platform - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  9. As of Thursday morning, ETH prices are up 0.43% against the U.S. dollar and the Ethereum to USD exchange rate is around $870.60. China’s crypto crackdown goes international? Blockchain startups receive SEC subpoenas CFTC lets employees trade cryptos Read Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ethereum/ethereum-price-forecast-china-sec-probe-cftc-rules-change/?utm_source=rp.etoro&utm_medium=referral
  10. moey91

    Chinese New Year ?

    So Chinese New Year ends on the 21st of Feb could we see some market movement once the holiday has finished?
  11. Can the crypto markets safely put regulations in the rear-view mirror in 2018. Short answer: Yes. You'll have to read my blog to discover why I'm so confident that regulation will not impact crypto or XRP in 2018. Hope you enjoy - please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other media - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  12. Apologies for the long post but the Lian Lian announcement needs to be unpacked a bit because I find this fascinating and pretty exciting stuff. Happy to have the ideas tested a bit by the smart cookies on XRPChat. TL;DR? How Ripple is triggering a battle to become the new banking superpower in Asia. A key issue for China is their concern about currency outflows so any organisation that simplifies international remittance at a retail level will be under the spotlight. They know that wealthy Chinese nationals are using HK as a gateway to move funds out of China and they need to control that outflow. Some countries are making that job easier for China as part of trade negotiations - e.g. Australia imposed strict foreign investment rules that has had an immediate impact on foreign (read Chinese) investment in the Australian property market. That's not the whole story because the Chinese can't simply throw the baby out with the bathwater here. The Chinese have spent the better part of the last 40 years building up close economic ties and foreign investment in ASEAN, African and South American nations so international remittance becomes a very, very big deal. The Central Committee will therefore be watching this experiment very carefully. Why "experiment"? Since the Deng era, the Chinese government has been conducting all types of regional economic experiments in "Special Economic Zones". They often let the region run them on an informal basis (nods and winks) even where the practice is contrary to national laws. Then they sit back and watch to see how it plays out. One of the earliest examples were those conducted by Xi Zhongxun in Guandong Province in 1979. Who's Xi Zhongxun, you ask? Xi Zhongxun was the father of the PRC's current president, Xi Jinping. Xi therefore grew up in a region that was the Great Southern Gateway to Hong Kong and the West and a study case for testing capitalist ideas. That context should provide us with a clear pointer for where Xi and the Central Committee is heading with this. If this experiment is successful and avoids major financial pitfalls and adverse societal impact, any prohibitions mysteriously lift (sometimes without announcement) and we see the experiment converted into national policy. The acceleration after that is then unleashed (which is why I believe the introduction of xRapid won't be gradual, it will be sudden and explosive). The Chinese Government moves so quickly on regulation/de-regulation you can get whip-lash trying to keep up. Or worse, you wake up and find yourself in jail. What we are watching is effectively a banking technology arms race: we see a resurgent Shinzo Abe working the international circuit like you wouldn't believe, spruiking the Japanese economic recovery and drumming up support to have Japan become a Westerner-friendly counter-balance to China in Asia. The moves by SBI and Japanese FIs are significant for Ripple and XRP because it forces China/HK to play catch up and they won't like it for two main reasons: bare-knuckle nationalism and the battle to become a banking superpower in Asia. Singapore is the next one to watch. Thanks to the nature of Chinese politics and history, they can afford to calculate in generations, not years. Japan is more or less a single-party state so its political elite are effectively in the same position of strength. As is Singapore. All of this levels out the playing field and puts the heat on China who are, nonetheless, masters of the (very) long game. I bet the Central Committee is scrambling to formulate a coherent policy as we speak because they can't afford to be late to the party when the tectonic plates are shifting (apologies for the mixed metaphors). Luckily for us, they have the best and brightest working long hours to test the various scenarios including this "little experiment" being run by Lian Lian. I've stopped eating popcorn. It's just too much.
  13. Check the link and translation below (!). Any experience around on that Chinese website and / or the mentioned bank? https://coinsforest.com/p/6440/
  14. I came across this link.... I am not sure if its true, its NOT officially confirmed by Ripple of International media... https://coinsforest.com/p/6440/ 北京市に本店を置く中華人民共和国第3の商業銀行であり、世界第5位にランクされる中国銀行はフィンテック計画を発表した。 同銀行は、今後リップルの技術を国際決済に取り入れると明かした。 大手金融企業のリップル技術導入は着々と広まっている。リップル社の技術を使うことで「低い手数料で、即座に送金し、リアルタイムで双方が確認」することが出来る。 ⇒「セキュリティ状況から取引所を選ぶ」を読む I translated above text into my native language and it mentioned that Ripple is going to work with The Bank of China (third largest bank) Would be nice >> But its not official....
  15. goblockchain

    Ripple China?

    Appears that Ripple is going to set up another joint venture, Ripple China soon or it's in progress. Head of China operation and Sr. solution director jobs opening, https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs/#head-of-china-operations
  16. I dont know if it has been posted already but there has been an agreement between SBI VC and China huobi and it seems to me the all pieces of puzzles are coming together with more and more countries joining the game, and ultimately will help XRP being SBI's major partner. "Develop virtual currency related business in Asian region centering on ChinaHuobiFubby Notice of basic agreement on capital and business tie-up with group"
  17. I dont know if it has been posted already but there has been an agreement between SBI VC and China huobi and it seems to me the all pieces of puzzles are coming together with more and more countries joining the game, and ultimately will help XRP being SBI's major partner. "Develop virtual currency related business in Asian region centering on ChinaHuobiFubby Notice of basic agreement on capital and business tie-up with group"
  18. www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/news/pdf/2017/1207_a_en.pdf Thoughts...?
  19. Ripple is expanding quickly: It is entering a collection of other countries and continents, enlarging the reach of XRP. In my Black Friday blog entry, I analyze the impacts of Ripple's transformation in the past few months, and determine the impacts on XRP price and liquidity. I also provide a preview of possible announcements in the remaining month of 2017, and early 2018! Hope you enjoy the read; please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share on social media and with anybody & thanks for doing so! My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/Cryptocurrency Reddit r/Cryptomarkets Reddit r/XRP Bitcointalk altcoin subforum (TBD) Bitcointalk XRP Speculation Thread (TBD)
  20. Question out there for anyone who may know... with this new chinese exhange coming online to trade xrp/BTC, how does that work from an XRP liquidity standpoint? Does the exhange call you Ripple and ask for a specific amount of xrp that is then sold at market rates, possibly netting the exhange some healthy profit? are the XRPs loaned? Is the exhange only like a gatekeeper between Ripple’s stash and the open market? Who owns the initial XRPs being traded once it opens? also, once it gets going donthey rely on the market to provide xrp for their liquidity or do they occasionally call Ripple and request more? was just curious about the sppecifics in an event such as a new exhange opening.
  21. Found this. But cannot read Chinese, just Ripple https://www.zb.com/i/blog?item=24
  22. Ripple is focused on building the Pacific Rim XRP market. I discuss each of the largest players and break down XRP volume impacts. Want to know about SBI (both of them?) You'll have to read for yourself! After researching and writing this blog entry, I am very bullish on XRP's Asia volume in the next 3-6 months. Hope you enjoy the read - leave any feedback below & as always, please feel free to share with others or on other sites and media. Thank you for reading! My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  23. Does anyone believe that Ripple may announce something with China during the Swell conference? Here are my top 3 reasons: 1. Ripple talks with PBoC https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-talks-with-peoples-bank-of-china-key-to-chinese-blockchain-market 2. Ripple wants to comply with banks and government regulations After studying why Western companies such as Facebook and Google which failed to penetrate the Chinese markets and Western companies that have successfully penetrated the Chinese market, such as Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Morgan Stanley, Nike, it became clear that there are many western companies that have found success in China. The main reason I believe why some western companies fail to penetrate the Chinese market is because they fundamentally encourage people to challenge the authority of the Chinese government. For example while Google had operations in China they deliberately allowed users to search for sites that discussed China's human rights violations despite requests from the government to block such sites. Contrary to this, Ripple wants to work with the Chinese government much like Apple and Microsoft as seen with their talks with PBoC and willingness to comply with banks and government interests. 3. Ripple and Alipay If you have a Unix machine, open the terminal and type "curl -Is alipay.ripple.com", you'll see a 200 OK response. Could this mean a partnership between Alipay and Ripple? It does not mean Alipay is running a validator node but someone at Ripple must have approved of the domain "alipay.ripple.com" and it's highly unlikely that they approved the domain without the consent of Alipay in advance. Any opinions on this? Is there something I'm missing? Always searching for alternative view points