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  1. I just want to share the invitation link to the cryptocommunity Slack group: I am one of the four administrators of this community of about 650 people interested in crypto. The ripple-xrp channel has about 600 members at this time. If you have not used Slack before, it is like IRC 2.0. Channel, group, and direct messages can be sent to your inbox depending upon your notification settings, so if you join a few channels and do not wish to chat, you will still get some news every now an then in your inbox.
  2. I have created an alternative ZerpBox that could replace the current one which Karlos will be disabling on the 5th of June. This ZerpBox does not seek to replace XRPchat forum. All important information and discussions must still be posted here. This ZerpBox will be running on Discord which is similar to Slack but with inbuilt apps for Android & IoS (ZerpBox addicts rejoice!) Discord does also have the ability to run VOIP channels for which voice conversations can be enabled, or moderated discussions can take place. (Imagine a voice interview with Ripple staff while the rest of us listen in!) I don't intend to run extensive moderation, but will be contacting a generous number of guys here to volunteer. Channels will likely grow organically over time as the mods see fit. Discord downloads - Invite Link for ZerpBox -
  3. Okay, serious question here: Why is the zerp box closed down? I would say that the best way to stop all of the cross-talk about other currencies, would be to ignore those that are talking about it. Kindly redirect them back to the conversation at hand: facts, news, speculation. I also will say that it is GOOD to talk about other coins, but not so much in the zerp box. If people wish to discuss the potential of another investment, start a thread with a very good headline and if other people also want to talk about it they will join the conversation. The zerp box is a great place for sharing information. Maybe there should be two rooms, and if people are spamming the zerp box with questions regarding alt coins then they could be kindly reminded to join the alt box. Please bring it back.... I miss it