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  1. Seeing there are a number of people in here interested in how to use charts to their benefit, I figure I'd make a Topic on charts specifically for XRP.. First rule: Charts do not decide the price of XRP. Don't think that by drawing an arrow pointing upward, that the price is going to follow your opinion. That's my first complaint with TA. Sites such as Tradingview.com has hundreds of users plotting fancy charts like the one below in which the users constantly 'conclude' that the price is going to go up (blue arrows). This is NOT the purpose of technical analysis. TA's main purpose is to convince yourself to hold while your investment price is dropping. This concept is rarely mentioned in TA websites. Second rule: When drawing a chart, don't draw what you WANT to see. Draw what is there and then interpret it to the best of your ability. Third rule: TA is extremely powerful and accurate once you learn how to use it. Someone once said, the reason so many people dont like TA is because they dont understand it. Very true. Fourth rule: Keep the chart as simple as possible (refer to Rule #1) Fifth rule: You will not always be correct. Although chart analysis can assist in your investment decisions, TA is not 100% accurate (just like everything else in life). Do not plot a chart, draw some lines, sell your house, and put it all on XRP because you think the chart is going to make you a million dollars. This is not the purpose of TA. Sixth rule: DO NOT INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE.
  2. The below image is the one day chart. Each candle represents one day... makes sense Looking at it... it looks amazing. To the emotional, not knowing what theyre doing, probably shouldnt be investing in the first place individual, it looks horrible....but why? XRP must not go straight up. We were at .20.. had a run. The chart MUST reset. there is no other option. it MUST reset. Several people in here said it accurately even before the drop, that XRP is going to drop... and it did. Remember the symmetrical patterns which occurred? Look closely at the chart. Now, the huge run up is the start of the next one. Hidden in plain sight. We're fine.

    Stranger Things

    I don't know maybe it's just me but the last couple of days XRP trading on Bitstamp look very strange for me. I look closer on bid/ask and I got the impression that the price is artificially held in 2.00-2.40 range. Usually "ASK" moved up on momentum with an increase in supply. Yesterday and today they try to lower "ASK" but all the purchases go from ASK side. And how about that: 1 min XRP Chart from Bitstamp. Usual volume 25-75K per min. 14:35 (UTC -5) 1.048M per min and price only moved from $2.13 to $2.18
  4. Hey guys, i've been watching XRP now for 6 months now and anyone that is invested or is thinking about investing into this cryptocurrency should find this video of great use to them - Some people see a couple of red candles and start selling like mad, this is just a clear display of not being able to control your emotions and if you can't control your emotions, then you can't control your money ENJOY! Jake, ITM FOREX CEO
  5. Currently in the Bitstamp app , when you are viewing XRP, on the trade view it shows the axis on the right as Bitcoin values in numbers like 15000, 16000, 17000 etc. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  6. If you look on the chart today, what do you see? More green candles to come? I am sceptical. The D1 looks good, the H1 is something like an upward trend, but the M5 seems to topple.
  7. Someone I know who is an amazing chartist and a millionaire from his own investments drew this today. Notice he drew it even before the escrow information was revealed AND when the price was still dropping. Thoughts?
  8. This is a nice one for the masochist amoung us: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/nt6yfCf0-Swell-by-Ripple-Play-by-Play-Analysis/ Well, not that I care much -as stated elsewhere too- but the least one can say, is that the SWELL meetings get traded. (By the weak hands, that is.)
  9. XRP has been performing better than any of the other top alts vs BTC over the past week. The only reason it's down vs USD is because BTC is down vs USD. If you look at their charts vs USD side by side they look nearly identical. XRP is the only major alt to actually have movements up vs BTC during this latest BTC sale off. Until the banks go live its looking like BTC will rule the price. But, XRP is doing way better then it used to during these things.
  10. Those that know me are aware that I look for entries on breakouts of ranges, former highs and lows etc and have a tendency so spot very fast scalping moves calling some of them on the Zerpbox. So we have been in a range since the high @ 42c and the swing low of that high at 12c featured below, the low generated a good support level at around the 21/22c area and the high a good resistance area at around 31/32c which day traders might look to make entries on. We needed to break up of 32c a couple of weeks ago some of you might remember people talking about that level as being key. Whats happened since is the main range has created a couple of smaller ranges all visible in the polo screen shot below. Now I hate chart patterns but all these smaller ranges failing to break have generated a symmetrical triangle which has a high probability of a break upwards (apparently). Just an insight.... Haraldo
  11. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ripple-technical-analysis-06272017-triangle-breakdown/
  12. If you are looking for technical analysis videos and charts of Ripple follow me over at Twitter, and check the videos out at YouTube. That being said; Ripple has been in a channel trade between 0.26-0.30 for the past 10 days; it has been building strong support in this range while waiting for the MACD to flip bullish on the day chart; still setting up for rally; it is building strong legs. Here is today's analysis: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChartsCrypto Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4dVJFvNNL_YxYWB71Cp7Ow
  13. Maybe breaking out of Flag? Any thoughts
  14. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-27/visualizing-expanding-universe-cryptocurrencies The author impartially stated the main use case of XRP: Here's the chart that tells the reason why your investment in XRP is the smart long-term bet: I don't like the concept of anybody losing money - I hope those in bitcoin are transferring it as fast as they can to a crypt-currency with a future... XRP People!
  15. Hello guys! Last week I was looking at Bitcoin Chart and its astonishing Bull Market Range from: $2.5 (2011) - $1160 (2014). So, I remembered something I read some years ago that teaches one to have patience and do not lose his position in a great bull market - it`s about one chapter of the "The Zurich Axioms" and the link bellow sums up the idea behind it: http://www.tischendorf.com/2009/07/02/jesse-livermore-advice-how-to-trade-in-a-bull-market/ One should make an experience: open the bitcoin chart and try to imagine that you don`t know the next bar at right. Don`t you fell, in many moments, that you have to sell when it gives you a 10 X profit in hand? Or 20X profit? Think about, we are talking about a 430X the price... and even if you are positioned at $10 it`s more than 100X...So, if you did, you could stay in the beginning of the bull run and never and ever again make the profit you should do being patient and not moving. Many times we have the hope to sell and buy again in lower prices but thinking better and realistic: in a fast bull market it`s almost impossible you don`t lose the train. Take a look at Bitcoin Chart again (I know you`ve looked many times to it dreaming about how you`ll be happy if XRPs make half off this, even a quarter): https://www.tradingview.com/chart/?symbol=BITSTAMP%3ABTCUSD I made this post because I believe that sometime XRP will start a great bull market and if it become true we are the people who are best positioned. I know that the book I`m quoting is in many ways arguable but in other ways make some sense (It think this case is one of them). I apologize for my poor english, specially when writing, but I hope you guys will understand my point off view. God bless you and good sunday!
  16. Does somebody know of a handy chart that will simply identify by "~" name the accounts with the biggest sales of XRP for a given day? I think this would give me - and potentially many others - a handle on who is creating the supply in the current XRP bear market. I think this is important from several perspectives: If the supply is being created by Ripple Laps wallets, then that has implications for the community to understand how much per day they are dumping on the market. If the supply is being created by Ripple Labs employees or large XRP holders (former founding members of Ripple Labs, e.g.), then that also has implications for the community. If the supply is being created by investors within the community or other large volume traders not associated with Ripple Labs, then that is probably less problematic for the long-term outlook. Does anybody know of a chart that targets this information?
  17. Guest


    Ripple Pre-posthumous Obituaries and Scam Warnings Just how many times can Ripple be pronounced dead? A look back at the wonderful world of mud flinging. 30 million ledger closes, zero forks, huge market cap, five years and counting..