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  1. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/casinocoin/ https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/CasinoCoin-CSC Ranked 200 on CMC
  2. Source : https://casinocoin.org/q3-summary-and-a-look-forward-to-the-rest-of-q4-and-beyond/
  3. https://www.scribd.com/document/382976135/CasinoCoin-A-CryptoSpective-Review
  4. https://blockpublisher.com/gamble-your-heart-away-with-the-casinocoin/ CSC Trading & Price Speculation : https://www.cscchat.com/forum/12-topics/
  5. https://blockpublisher.com/gamble-your-heart-away-with-the-casinocoin/ CSC Trading & Price Speculation : https://www.cscchat.com/forum/12-topics/
  6. So i'm sure you have seen the form talk about CasinoCoin. if not..... clean your glasses. Last month on the 20th of June. I wrote a post about CasinoCoin at 5sats and why it's at a great price right now. As 1,000,000 CSC was about $500 bucks. Right now 1,000,000 CSC is $ 823.00 bucks. The CasinoCoin Team just recently added Lydia Barbara, Head of Innovation Strategy at Microgaming. To there adviser board. Microgaming Software Systems Ltd is a privately held Isle of Man based software development company which claims to have released the first genuine online casino in 1994. The company is one of the leading software providers to the online gambling industry. Online casino operators such as the Carmen Media Group, Fortune Lounge Group, 32Red, and the Palace Group are among those who use Microgaming's software. The company has now developed into the largest software gaming company in the world and is currently operating 120 different casinos and 40 rooms of poker playing gaming. Put it on your crypto watch-list! *DYOR* (This Is Not Trading Advice)
  7. CryptoSpective

    How to Get Started with CasinoCoin

    If you've heard a lot about CasinoCoin ( Built on a modified code of XRP) but still have not invested in it, the following photo/text blog will give you all what you need to get started, from buying your CSC to storing it in your CSC wallet! Enjoy! https://medium.com/@cryptospective.ta/how-to-get-started-with-casinocoin-5a8e4d6529df
  8. You may have recently heard a lot of buzz about "CasinoCoin", a blockchain based payment solution for the regulate online gambling industry, built on a modified code of "Ripple" constituting KYC's, AML and Responsible Gaming Limit measures that satisfies regulators! Learn more about "CasinoCoin" at : www.casinocoin.org , or feel free to read our original review of "CasinoCoin" at : https://steemit.com/casinocoin/@cryptospective/casinocoin-a-cryptospective-review Recently, CasinoCoin announced through their official twitter account the Joining of Lydia Barbara , "Head of Innovation Strategy" at UK's top Online Gambling provider "Microgaming" to their Advisory Board. Because this is BIG NEWS, we at Cryptospective have decided to analyze the announcement and conclude where this may take CasinoCoin in the near future! Enjoy reading the article titled Microgaming's "Head of Innovation Strategy"- Lydia Barbara , Joins CasinoCoin's Advisory Board! How Big is This?! : on steemit : https://steemit.com/casinocoin/@cryptospective/microgaming-s-head-of-innovation-strategy-lydia-barbara-joins-casinocoin-s-advisory-board-how-big-is-this or view directly from Canva: https://www.canva.com/design/DACy9fdVZoI/w0ti3osxhPuG327O2KLo-Q/view?utm_content=DACy9fdVZoI&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton
  9. Jasperlite


    Hello I am Jasperlite from the CasinoCoin Discord Page (aka bitcoincowboy - twitter. jasperlite on reddit, imgur, discord and others). Thought I would drop by and provide some quick links to assist with your DYOR. I am not a member of or work for the CSC foundation. I'm just along time bag holder and community member. Website casinocoin.org Concise article describing CSC. https://steemit.com/casinocoin/@cryptospective/casinocoin-a-cryptospective-review?sort=author_reputation Discord page casinocoin.chat Short video about CSC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NGiwEKs5VY Fireside chat video with Andre the Lead Developer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rk42b0S8aw as always don't take my word for it and DYOR. CSC primary purpose will be to facilitate transfer funds between Gamblers, Operator (casino) and Processor(money changers). This will be facilitated via the Bank Roll Manager which is a mobile csc wallet with built in KYC (provided by Jumio), AML and ability to purchase csc with fiat through the BRM. With additional features coming later. The BRM provides a seamless integration between all entiies to ensure proper sharing or KYC and AML info. This will make the experience for the Gambler seamless and easy in addition to saving operators/processors money on their cost of operations as well reducing eliminating fines due to AML and KYC. So it is a win - win for everyone. CSC has already approved as a currency by the Govt of Malta and has offices in Malta and Isle of Man. Please join our discord page for additional info or to answer any questions that you may have.
  10. The NEW CasinoCoin forum has moved to http://cscchat.com This club shall remain open, as there is lots good info here about CasinoCoin. All new information and announcements will be published at http://cscchat.com if your invested in CasinoCoin come say hello
  11. Why we chose Ripple : https://medium.com/@CSCFoundation/https-medium-com-cscfoundation-why-we-chose-ripple-b72760c69270
  12. Guest

    Firesidechat (Q&A)

    Fireside Q&A with John June 19th - summary of questions and answers from the video that were sadly lost Question 1: There has been a lot of chatter related to the land based market recently. Has the timeline for targeting the land based market jumped forward, for any reason? If so, what solutions is CasinoCoin targeting in the land based arena? Answer 1: The land-based market was something that came up unexpectedly as we were approached by a couple suppliers in Las Vegas. They had heard about CasinoCoin and are very interested in our technology. Question 2: With the delay of the BRM and what it looks to be the delay of CRNs, what is the foundation doing to keep people interested and the price stable? No news besides community stuff that investors don't really care about. Answer 2: The community we have knows, for better or worse, we do not overpromise and we will be honest, sometimes to a fault. If they have stuck with us thus far, they know the deal and we appreciate their patience - keep an eye on us for the next 60-90 days Question 3: How did the meetings this past month go? Any interesting things that could be shared? Answer 3: The London team meetings went well. The biggest benefit is simply having the team in the same room - which we only get to do every few months. One of the most difficult things is that the team are located all over the place, although each person has been hand picked for their role, so in a way it's a trade off. Our next team meeting will be in September in Malta, where we'll not only have another chance to work together, but also meet with important people and parties from crypto and gaming that reside in Malta. On the business meetings, also very well. There were a lot of them! What we're proud of is that to many gaming industry people, we're known as the guys with the good tech. We've positioned ourselves well in that respect. There are lots of conversations happening about CSC in online and land-based gaming. Our initial focus is still to get the BRM out the door for online gaming, but if we can continue to build some momentum behind the scenes, the app will eventually have utility in land-based too. Question 4: What can the community do to assist the foundation, is there anything they can dive into? Answer 4: The community has been great at creating a positive environment, which John highlighted as a rare thing and should not be undervalued. He asked the community to continue being positive and welcoming. He also thanked them for their support and patience. Question 5: CSC is run like a non crypto business in a crypto filed. Do you belie the non-crypto marketing approach the foundation will be effective in generating excitement and users in an already crowded space? Is the lack of marketing due to not having a released product? Answer 5: Once we have a live product, that we believe is ready for the mass market, we will flip the switch into promotional mode. Until then we are sticking with our ethos to only announcing and promote (hype if you choose) when we are ready to deliver, not a second before. Question 6: What is the number one concern that potential partners have raised about the implementation of CasinoCoin? Answer 6: Price volatility and the related risk this represents to the operator's bottom line. Question 7: Whats the deal with "white label"? Will the tech and coin be available to 3rd parties developing use cases outside gaming sector? Answer 7: The Foundation is currently only focused on the gaming sector even though they have been approached by other groups asking us to consult and build them a similar blockchain; that may be something the Foundation explores in the future, but for now, we are focused on gaming. We have a great reputation amongst our regulatory partners, like IOM and Malta for being highly knowledgable and are perceived as the 'tech heads' amongst the current set of gaming focused projects. Question 8: There are some great established names in the gambling industry acting as advisors to CasinoCoin. Are you able to comment on the extent of their involvement and input re the growth and future of CasinoCoin? Answer 8: John talks the advisors regularly, and they bring immense value to the Foundation - especially around gambling and online casino, since the hand picked CasinoCoin Foundation team is more experienced with poker in comparison to casino. Question 9: With the release of the BRM and the CRNs will you be doing anything to market your products better? Answer 9: Yes, this is one of the things we talked about during our London meetings. We are waiting for our tech and partners - we do not want to hype and will only market when we have something worth talking about. We are preparing and it's really an issue of 'pushing the button' when everything is in place. We don't / won't PR for PR's sake. Question 10: There was a live question about bounty's Answer 10: (during fireside) We are actively reviewing bounty suggestions and will be updating that information soon - keep your eyes out . (since fireside) a few bounty's have been launched - check blog and announcement channel if you have not seen these Question 11:There are a lot more new team members to the Foundation, when will the website be updated with their information? Answer 11: (during fireside) We are working on a series of content that will showcase more about the Foundation team and their backgrounds. (after fireside) Mo confirmed he is building the team page - to launch in the near future. This will showcase team members who aren't on board of trustees or advisors (e.g. Ash/Luke/Courtney/Mo/Donna) Question 12: Are any operators, anywhere, testing this out yet? If so, what's has their feedback been? Answer 12: Yes, we have operators testing, and the feedback about the tech has been positive - still a long way to go though. Question 13: Is the BRM going to be mobile only, or will it accommodate desktop players as well? Answer 13: It will accommodate both desktop and mobile, but a great deal of online gaming is done on mobile devices.
  13. Page's 12 & 13 has the full article : https://egr.global/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/EGR-Crypto-2018.pdf
  14. https://www.ccn.com/casinocoin-launches-mobile-wallet/ https://blockonomi.com/casinocoin-mobile-wallet/
  15. Hello, i bought some csc casinocoin, it says its based on the ripple blockchain, does that mean i can store it in a ripple wallet? Thanks