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  1. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cryptocurrency-tether-used-boost-bitcoin-191710239.html Nothing we all probably don't already know, but it's interesting that the concerns around manipulation is definitely being studied and simulated at an academic level.
  2. As if this space didn't have enough problems already: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-regulators-demand-trading-data-from-bitcoin-exchanges-in-manipulation-probe-2018-06-08 I remember when the first BTC futures contract expired, how BTC's price just happen to take a dive a day or two before that. Fishy stuff? - maybe. The BTC contracts are settled in cash, so one possible way to game the system I suppose is to buy BTC prior to expiration gradually, increase the price, then sell it as price is doing good, and then dump most of it shortly prior to expiration, then when contract(s) expire you cash them out, so you "win twice", or if too much capital is required to move the price of BTC by buying it, you just make it look like the price went down (on exchanges if that's even possible) so you can at least cash out on the BTC futures contract(s) without having to buy BTC in the first place. There are different possible ways to game the system, but I don't know how they would do it...BTC has high marketcap and I don't know if one exchange, even a big one, has power to manipulate the price to that extent, and even if they were able to, the manipulation might be obvious.
  3. I hadn't heard about this... could have contributed to the overall crypto market slump. Bitcoin Price Falls https://www.ccn.com/how-bitfinexs-tax-requirement-may-have-contributed-to-the-bitcoin-price-correction/ "On May 17, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange Bitfinex officially asked its users to submit tax IDs and social security numbers that could be utilized by government agencies in the countries its users are based into tax gains recorded in the cryptocurrency market." “We request that you complete the appropriate self-certification form and upload it to your Bitfinex account by May 24, 2018, at the latest. If you are a US person or an entity with at least one 25 percent owner who is a US person, please complete the appropriate FATCA form. You are required to provide us with such information,” said Bitfinex." "The period in which Bitfinex sent out its official statement to its clients coincided with the fall in the price of bitcoin on May 17, when the bitcoin price reached a two-month low at $7,925. It is highly likely that the price drop of bitcoin was largely caused by Bitfinex and the sell-off of investors on the platform trading the bitcoin-to-USD pair."
  4. It has been a bit of a wonder, why is XRP coupled with BTC? While some may reason that many purchase BTC to get XRP and there is therefore a correlation, this doesn't seem to fully explain the phenomenon; I can say for certain that I have never sold a single Drop of XRP just because BTC fell. I'm sure many on this forum many can say the same. So why does the price fall when BTC falls? I remember when my friend tried to convince me to invest in ETH when it was under 100 dollars. I got a phone call from him. It was before I got into any crypto... "So there is this thing called Etherium and it's like Bitcoin, but it is not Bitcoin." I replied, "I don't know. I'm not getting into Bitcoin... na, I think I'll stay away." "But it's not like Bitcoin," my friend went on not really being able to explain how not. But I wasn't interested in getting into Bitcoin. I had my experience with trying to mine from my computer which ended up being a waste of my time. I wasn't going to get into some "bitcoin lite," a Bitcoin that wasn't really a bitcoin, or some "fake" form of Bitcoin. Therefore, I stayed away at first until he convinced me to just downloaded this app called coinbase. "It's free anyway." Eventually, I found my way to Ripple. The point here is that someone who is not informed of what makes XRP different and unique from the others will look at xrp as an "alt-coin." Not just because that's what they are referred to as, but because in many people's mind BTC is the king, and everything else is second or third rate. Not because it's at the top of coin market cap, but because if you have to explain xrp to someone, most probably you would start explaining it in the context of Bitcoin, so people see Bitcoin as the first, and the forever-gold-standard. There are people online who are informed on the topic of Bitcoin, but regarding xrp they're woefully ignorant, but they have no idea of it. They assume that they can fully understand XRP in the context of Bitcoin. Therefore, they talk about XRP as if it needs the same or very similar characteristics as Bitcoin (pre-mined, owned by a company, working with institutions, blah, blah...) This is because they continue to see xrp as if they were looking at BTC. In regard to the general crypto population, if BTC price is higher, then they start testing some of the so-called alt-coins: "Oh great Bitcoin is up! Crypto must be doing good. I heard something about some alt-coin it's called xrp. I heard Banks use it. Sounds interesting." But if BTC is going down, then people assume that the alt-coins can't be too much better. The thought is, "got to get out if the Bitcoin market. Things don't look safe in the market now. Time to sell my alt-coins. Brad Garlinghouse was once remarking how the whole market was down because of fear of regulation. His point was that only the coins that would be hurt by regulations should be down, but instead the whole market was down. In my opinion, news of regulation should really push up the price of XRP. Instead people viewed the "Bitcoin" market as a whole. The thought process was something like, "if Bitcoin will be regulated, that wont be good for it or any other crypto." The coupling of XRP with BTC is only in people's minds. Think about it, if XRP was the first on the scene, it would be seen as the standard. We also would not use the term "wallet" or "cryptocurrency." Maybe we'd use "keys" and "digital assets" instead. The whole idea of these digital assets being a currency is only because the maker of the first crypto was actually try to make a currency, and as you may already know, your wallets have nothing in them besides for you keys. There is no currency or assest in them. A "key ring" would be a more appropriate term for a hardware wallet. The point is XRP is seen as a BTC lite. To decouple, XRP needs to be seen as a digital asset in its own right.
  5. According to IMF's Global Financial Stability Report: A Bumpy Road Ahead XRP is the least dependent on BTC compared to Monero, Ethereum and Litecoin. See added image and the full report can be found here. http://www.imf.org/en/Publications/GFSR/Issues/2018/04/02/Global-Financial-Stability-Report-April-2018 There are a number of interesting topics they address, but I haven't had the time to go through it all. If someone wants a break from staring at the prices, be my guest and go find so more interesting stuff
  6. I have been watching the price action on GDAX lately, I zoomed to see outstanding sell orders. Interesting thing is there are only 5000 BTCs offered all the way up to 12,000 USD/BTC price and for a total of around 50M USD. Now, if someone were to buy 50M USD worth of BTC now, we would end up with a BTC price of 12,000 hypothetically speaking. Given BTC's transitivity to the rest of the crypto market, the entire market cap could go up by 50% , bringing the market cap to 480 billion USDs and all of this happens just by one party pumping 50M USD into the market. *Of course other exchanges will have sell orders as well and many people will dump when they see the price go up, but we will also have FOMO purchases coming in and short positions being liquidated, so even for at least a few hours if not days we will see a massive increase in overall value in crypto market all at a cost of only 50M USD.
  7. First off I am bullish on XRP and the whole crypto market. I believe that eventually we will look back on this time and talk about how much our accounts were down and how we stuck with it and "look at us now" But in the mean time, how are you guys dealing with the stress. I basically at an entire cake last night and also I'm pretty much a daily kratom user at this point. Anyone else got any stories re: coping mechanisms.
  8. Lambos are coming after tax season ... https://ethereumworldnews.com/1-10-and-24-48-per-ripple-xrp-price-predictions/ https://ethereumworldnews.com/ripple-xrp-and-its-1-00-price-is-not-far/
  9. Judging the psychology of the community based on the posts it seems we are nearing a bottom. On FB and Twitter everything is so negative. Youtube is making joke videos about crypto - etc. If you post something in a crypto group 9 out of 10 responses will be about the despair and giving up- it sucks, it's a fraud, it's worthless, it's garbage, blah blah blah. People are hating it. Picked up so litecoin yesterday might pick up some more litecoin here.
  10. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@supercrypto1/4th-dimension-bitcoin-manipulation-cartel-price-suppression-is-the-goal Could all be conspiracy theorist illuminati BS, but all theories have a basis in reality. it also strengthens our need to be unpegged from BTC.
  11. With this type of post I may be completely wrong or maybe completely Right, please bear with me, just sharing my thought. (Ratio of usable bitcoin whales/retails holders is somewhere around 80/10 or close, just guessing) Imagine you are a bitcoin Whale and you have lets say.... 100k Bitcoin. Including you and your group/friend whales you have about 2M Bitcoins. Now in past few months, after the ATH, you foresee the tides turning. You realise that bitcoin has a very realistic chances of going to Zero with all the regulations creeping up everywhere and ripple will be the future or other regulated blockchain coins/products. It may take a while, months.... may be couple of years, but its going to happen. Now the question is, What do you do? Scenario 1- Every man/woman/child for himself and start dumping bitcoin for ripple or USD. This will cause chaos and no one will be able to Unload all coins, also you won't be able to get your coin's worth anyway. All whales loses. Scenario 2- Make a whale pool and systematically start pumping and dumping the bitcoins slowly to others (avg joe). Meanwhile slowly keep increasing your stash of ripple.... by gaining from weak hands. Obviously you have to program the bots in a way to keep the price within acceptable range for sometime, while you slowly unload all you Bitcoins for Maximum possible price and getting Xrp in lowest possible price, hence maximizing your profits. Soon you become xrp whale from bitcoin whale. Supporting facts- 1) As you all know and stated- -- BTC goes up : XRP goes up but less. --BTC goes down : XRP goes down more. 2) There are always fake sell as well as buy walls of same amount on all exchanges to keep the price exactly within the acceptable range so as to work in tandem with other currency bots. (I can attach screenshots if someone failed to see this) These two points mathematically supports this theory. And if its true, we'll see xrp mooning/lamboing/cabining or in my case bmwM3ing suddenly pretty much coinciding with falling/decoupling btc. So, either you can read and disregard this which is ok..... or may be you will remember reading it somewhere in few months and comeback to it. Only time will tell. Thanks for entertaining me. Personal views appreciated. @RegalChicken @zenkert @XRPisVELOCITY @ReformedEquityTrader @ElChupaThingy78 and others.
  12. So I know there was a lot of excitement being thrown around yesterday when Abra announced their new trading platform that supports 20 digital assets (including XRP) and plans to support an additional 10 more digital assets shortly. It looked like a really awesome opportunity to jump into XRP for a lot of people, but it didn't take long to find a serious catch. As of right now it does not appear that buying XRP or any other non-BTC asset on the Abra platform actually results in you owning those digital assets. You instead own a bitcoin-backed software contract with Abra @ the price of the "purchase". Straight from the terms of service: https://www.abra.com/terms-of-service/ Just wanted to get this out there for anyone jumping into the Abra trading platform with both feet. I still haven't quite figured out how they would resolve contracts against XRP if BTC were to crash and XRP were to sky rocket in value. Or maybe it's a really cool way to use multi-sig wallets that no one has ever thought of before. Either way I'm hoping this thread and the ensuing discussion can shed some light about the concept and what is actually going on behind the scenes. Edit1: More information regarding the Abra multi-sig wallets and the design they are using for their trading platform.
  13. Notably, as UseTheBitcoin reports, at the moment, the next court proceeding for Mt. Gox is not scheduled until September the 18th, 2018. Before that date, Mr Kobayashi would not be able to sell the remaining Bitcoins. That may lead to a reduction of volatility in the markets, at least until September. After an ugly week last week, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are now back in the red again and Bitcoin holding just positive from Friday's close... https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-12/1130et-bitcoin-battering-continues
  14. Looks like Robinhood is adding cryptocurrency trading in Feb. This is huge for the space in general, especially since "95% of their users said they would invest in crypto if they offered it". They also will charge no fees, which is a welcome change. They are initially only trading BTC and ETH, but XRP is on their list of tracked coins, so there is potential for a future listing there. Article: https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/25/free-cryptocurrency-trading-app/
  15. Information for our US customers: you are no longer required to submit information to customs control for larger withdrawals of gold bullion - upon your request all gold bars (redemption of XAU into physical gold bullion on Gatehub) will be shipped domestically either out of #NYC or #Dallas. We have soft-launched the service so your gold bullion will be dispatched within 3 days.
  16. Hi guys. Do you think its Facebook that may be in line for partnerships with Ripple as they recently hired the big marketing guy from facebook and Ripple has history/trend of hiring people from companies that become partners in future, example Miguel from CME, lots of ex government employees etc. http://markets.businessinsider.com/currencies/news/ripple-hires-facebook-communications-manager-2017-12-1011580387
  17. Trading almost any coin feels EXACTLY like trading Bitcoin. I find myself having to do tons of research on Bitcoin just so I can increase my odds of trading XRP more cautiously. To trade, you really have to forget XRP's fundamentals altogether in the short term, and just focus on the factors that have an impact on Bitcoin, such that you increase your chances of selling high and buying low. Mark my words, at some point when analysts look back at what's happening now, they will label this as the biggest market manipulation in human history. But it would probably be too late to hold the culprits accountable.
  18. One more way to cash out your bitcoins and other crypto-currencies: use the #GateHub service allowing you to instantly convert your digital money into XAU IOUs. BPG.XAU IOUs are redeemable in #gold. Minimum redemption amount is 10 XAU in its multiples. Terms and conditions apply https://www.gatehub.net/gateways/bpg/
  19. Welcome to crypto - --- Crazy price drops. Where is the BOTTOM??? How is everyone coping??? Personally, I've turned to binge eating.
  20. https://theindependentrepublic.com/2018/02/02/ripple-xrp-bitcoin-price-dropping/
  21. bookworm

    Crypto Bank Run(?)

    In recent weeks, it was the perfect storm with CMC, Korean authorities, Coincheck, Bitfinex/Tethering and now Indian authorities to name a few. With another day of double digit losses, one wonders whether Tether is the final nail to all cryptos incl XRP as it seems to point to complex schemes to accelerate crypto prices incl BTC and others. Based on cmc (below), you can refer to the top few cryptos. What if investors decide to run for the exits? Will the crypto exchanges survive? How about the trading houses with CFD and margin loaned to investors? How will our regulators jump in after losses mount from exchanges, fraud and customers. Although, I am a XRP hodl it would seem like people are exiting or reducing their positions in most cryptos given the run up in prices in the recent few years. For example, BTC, ETH and XRP were only about $1000, $10 and $0.006 respectively last year so the recent prices of $20k, $1k and $3 seem surreal. Surely, another red double digit day or few will lead to fiat withdrawal issues given excessive liquidity demands. For example, 10% BTC ~$12-14b across all exchanges worst case. The Tether/Bitfinex issue should’ve resulted in flippening from Tether to Bitcoin/altcoins BUT what we saw was a complete bloodshed as people may be flippening but are also exiting in real fiat. This is the real concern unlike prior crypto sell offs. Based on the law of supply and demand, what we saw in most of 2017 was due to new money coming in. This led to steep crypto price rises. Now it appears to be the opposite as few/little new money is making it into the market. But redemptions to fiat (not other tokens) is occurring. I tend to believe that the institutional investors and big whales are adopting a wait and see before returning ... unfortunately, this would mean gloomy faces as we hodl ride out the storm. Or for weaker hands, running for the exits and returning when sentiment returns ...
  22. A growing number of big U.S. credit-card issuers are deciding they don’t want to finance a falling knife. JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp., the nation’s two largest banks, said they’re halting purchases of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on their credit cards. JPMorgan, which will implement the ban Saturday, doesn’t want the credit risk associated with the transactions, said Mary Jane Rogers, a spokeswoman for the firm. Bank of America told staff in a memo that it will start declining credit card transactions with known crypto exchanges today. The policy applies to all personal and business credit cards issued by the bank. The move doesn’t affect debit cards, according to Betty Riess, a spokeswoman for the Charlotte, North Carolina-based lender. Allowing purchases of cryptocurrencies can create big headaches for card lenders, which can be left on the hook if a borrower bets wrong and can’t repay. Banks also are required by regulators to monitor customer transactions for signs of money laundering. For more on cryptocurrencies, check out the Decrypted podcast: But cutting off card purchases has big implications for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, potentially making it more difficult for an enthusiastic public to jump into that market. Citigroup Inc., the nation’s third-biggest bank, is still reviewing its policy. Capital One Financial Corp. and Discover Financial Services previously said they aren’t supporting the transactions. Discover Chief Executive Officer David Nelms was dismissive of financing cryptocurrency transactions during an interview last month, noting that could change depending on customer demand. For now, “it’s crooks that are trying to get money out of China or wherever,” he said of those trying to use the currencies. Full story here :JPMorgan, BofA Ban Cryptocurrency Transactions on Credit Cards Look like party is over
  23. At the present momentum, Bitcoin will likely continue downward spiral dragging the entire market down. Since all cryptos are red, it is clear that most are selling for fiat (USD, EUR, etc). This will only depress all markets as if this is a bank run with everyone exiting cryptos for physical cash. Exchanges will likely become insolvent and illiquid very quickly which will only lead to burnt speculators and cries for even more stiffer regulations as feedback loop of more and more exchange blowups/regulations would only blowup the crypto market further down the tubes. While all of this is going on, as hodl of XRP, Ripple must try to decouple for flippening by releasing positive partnership and how XRP differs from the pact (ie., not purely speculative but actually usage as settlement ccy with real NY license). If successful, this would put a floor on the depression and perhaps may even lead to a XRP price rise from flippening. Lack of action would simply cause all tokens (incl XRP) to trend along with BTC which at this point faces fud (fear, uncertainty and doubt) ...
  24. meatgrinder

    Correlation xrp/btc

    First of all, a big hello from switzerland to all of you I'm a hodler and I'm not worried about the dip because i do believe in the zerps but I have e general question. why is the price of xrp so much correlated to btc? i know the most exchanges pair xrp and btc but it seems to me, the movements are exactly the same. is it possible, that all the good news cause a lot of xrp buying but it doesnt show in xrp price because of the correlation? i mean in this case it seems to me that all the good news don't matter at all and we only have to hope that btc is going up. at least for the moment, as long as this correlation is a fact. i can't imagine that people are selling xrp because btc is falling and buying xrp because btc is rising always in the same amount. i mean if you want to buy xrp und you have to buy btc first to trade it to xrp and hodl them, the price should not be affectet by people who sell btc, because no xrp is sold. I apologize if this has been asked a lot before and would like to understand this