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  1. Large custodian fees from Coinbase for hedge funds and institutional investors vying for exposure to digital ccys/cryptos starting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. Over 100 hedge funds have been created in the past year exclusively to trade digital currency. By some estimates there is $10B of institutional money waiting on the sidelines to invest in digital currency today... Hmmm, XRP with 4% market share equates to $400m or 2b XRP tokens ... by my estimates, the $10b of new money is only a small slither of new money expected to be invested in cryptos within the next 3-5 years. https://custody.coinbase.com/
  2. UK Reuter news is attached below ... It is coming once crypto futures are set up on the CME ... firstly, we will see infamous Bitcoin and possibly others like XRP (hmmm, Miguel Vias was formerly employed there) with the desire for a weighting/allocation of funds for the institutional funds/investors ... With gross aum/funds under management of all asset classes topping $200t (incl unlicensed underground managers), a very small slither (say $1t which is half of 1%) allocated to the new crypto market would go a long way to support higher valuations across the board ... surely, XRP will unhitch from the current 20 cent level as more and more money managers join the bandwagon ... does XRP want a piece of this action with 4% or more market share of the crypto market? Hmm, do we have sufficient supply/liquidity of XRPs in the coming 3-5 years while funds are starting to set up ... only one way up in XRP valuation to meet investors' appetite ... https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-investment-summit-man-group/man-group-says-bitcoin-futures-would-draw-it-toward-cryptocurrencies-idUKKBN1DE232 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-14/massive-hedge-fund-ceo-ready-add-bitcoin-investment-universe http://www.reuters.com/article/us-investment-summit-novogratz/big-money-is-coming-to-bitcoin-ex-fortress-executive-novogratz-idUSKBN1DD2RE?feedType=RSS&feedName=summit_news&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  3. Where do you guys get crypto trading insight??? I find twitter feeds to be very informative. On TWITTER I follow: for Ripple/XRP news @bgarlinghouse, @miguelvias,@patgriffin9, @marcus_treacher, @_emschwartz, @chrislarsensf, @patgriffin9, @justmoon, @RippleLabs, @RippleStream, @Ripple @TplusZero and of course the great - @JoelKatz For other crypto I follow: @bobbyclee, @officialmcafee, @CryptoCX, @Blockchain, @Bitcoin, @ChartsCrypto, @Coinmarketcal, @aantonop Any suggestions for good XRP and blockchain info??
  4. Big money is starting to pour into cryptos from money managers of mutual funds, hedge/macro funds, pension/retirement and institutional funds ... http://www.reuters.com/article/us-investment-summit-novogratz/big-money-is-coming-to-bitcoin-ex-fortress-executive-novogratz-idUSKBN1DD2RE?feedType=RSS&feedName=summit_news&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Interestingly, Bitcoin is the largest and easiest to trade into while other cryptos like XRP will need time to accumulate holdings without material impact on pricing ... bank and securities house proprietary traders are eyeing this lucrative crypto market as another alternative asset class so it is expected that more money will flow in especially as keen retail investors are placing more money/support of cryptos market. Ripple's XRP token will need to ensure that it receives its fair weighting (ie, $8b / $200b) of 4% or more once Bitcoin prices subside ... https://coinmarketcap.com/
  5. In recent days, we saw the moon ship for Bitcoin Cash as pundits reduce holdings of Bitcoin Core following the uneventful SegWit2x fork and latest Bitcoin Gold creation. Interestingly, I am as confused as other Bitcoin investors not knowing which B coin will become some store of speculative value (not for payments though). While Cash has better prospects due to block size and speed, security is likely compromised which can only mean more forks down the road. Not sure about Gold but this newest creation may crater following release unless there's a clear utility. So, I sold all of my infamous Bitcoins/derivations. Since I sold all of my Ethereum position about two weeks, I am left puzzled on where to park these funds and will continue to hold fiat for now. Coming to mind is my top pick, XRP that I still hold a chunky position in for hodl. However, there are some issues shared by other investors who had also transitioning out from Bitcoin/Cash to other altcoins (not XRP). Besides the belief that XRP is a bank coin, the issue enters around stability vs volatility. Most speculators desire volatility unlike XRP stuck around $0.20 much like Tether around $1. From a bank perspective, this bodes well for stability and for use as a payment currency bridge however, many banks would simply wait for adoption of XRP since they know that XRP will not move much. If XRP was more volatile, both banks and speculators would crave for the FOMO which is what we most desires especially for Ripple for liquidity purpose. Having sat on the banker's side, I fully understand the need to maintain stability for XRP but, this is coming at a cost even for banks that move at a snail pace. As much as I prefer, Ripple is losing its time to gain traction and confidence with XRP. Based on its market price, daily volume and movements against other altcoins, this is a fair statement. Looking at the shifting of money away from Bitcoin xxx, the message is clear in that money is not moving into XRP as compared with other altcoins (eg., Dash, Litecoin, etc). I will look to park more funds into XRP but will wait for more support and higher volumes at xxx price before doubling up with my unexpected proceeds from Bitcoin's forking fiasco ... In my humble opinion, BTC will continue to trend lower along with Cash and Gold so ... either crypto speculators, money/fund managers and institutional investors hold fiat (very unlikely) or will shift into one of the altcoins (most likely) ... the million dollar question is which one ... my top choice is XRP if confidence is restored (ie., confirmation of 55b escrow, maintain prior highs around $0.40, new partnerships, etc). Current price movements from all cryptos ... https://coinmarketcap.com
  6. One of the biggest original "sales" points regarding most cryptos in general and BTC in particular seemed to be its decentralisation. The notion that a valuable currency was not controlled by any government or central bank and therefore could not be manipulated in a world where people were seeking a way to circumvent these systems would of course be highly attractive. In early days this notion stood true and to a certain extent there still is some truth in that. However with the volume of mining taking place in China and the largest pools controlling such a large portion of the mining process, is there not an argument to say the currency is no longer decentralised at all and now more along the lines of (say...) a board of directors in a public company who also hold a large portion of its shares? Its a strange analogy I know but you only have to look at the size of the mining pools and operations in China to realise that there must be a significant amount of control coming out of the likes of AntPool/Bixin/ et al. Now obviously the developers also have some control in decisions but the point I make is, the notion of "free market, decentralised control spread across a global network" is quite frankly no longer true. Pressure may be applied by other smaller pools to sway decisions, but ultimately the party with the largest stake can and will make decisions that affect the rest of the network and thereby the value of the currency. Now here is the kicker, without wanting to sound derogatory, crypto "fanboys" in the market have made accusations towards Ripple and XRP that it is not decentralised as its supply can be controlled by Ripple (regardless of the upcoming escrow deposit, there is truth in this statement to some degree which cannot be ignored). The point though, is that with the likes of Bitcoin designed to circumvent the financial system and Ripple taking the opposite approach to work in harmony with it, surely this has long term implications that speak to the integrity of both currencies? What I mean is, ultimately, if the large BTC mining pools became too large, lets say there comes a day where the top three pools controlled around 75% of the mining process, is there not a danger of that being recognised as "hang on a minute...why are only these groups able to make strong gains from this process?" I could be miles out here and would love to be corrected...but in theory and the worst case scenario, could this present a collapse of BTC??!!
  7. Fork Cancelled.will find a better link
  8. I believe we are at the beginning of a bull market in Bitcoin and Crypto which should last for around 3-5 years. Right now Bitcoin still remains an Esoteric Market, with even less attention being paid to the alt coins. I know some people that have never even heard of Bitcoin and those that I know that have heard of it, do not understand it or own any (other than one person and two I have told personally). Bitcoin is set to be trading on the Futures market by the end of this year (cash settlement puke) And I'm sure ETF's will follow. In the US alone there are about 9500 mutual funds controlling $16 Trillion. None of these fund managers are opening Coinbase Accounts to acquire assets for their funds. Once Financial instruments are created so that the main stream institutional investors and individuals can enter the market, without the need for tech knowledge, the market should go nuclear. I'd liken our present stage to Apple or Google just moving out of the garages where they were founded. I would guess all the main alts will participate to some extent and likely surpass the percentages gains made by bitcoin. I'd guess there will be many fortunes made in the next few years. XRP should be one of the main players in the frenzy which will ensue. Hell - This is going to be fun.
  9. I've said it a few times, "How can it be a bubble if no one owns it". Personally, I know of only one other person (other than those I told) that knows anything about bitcoin. Usually when I mention it, people have heard of it but: 1. They don't even have an idea of what it is, ("Isn't that Internet Money???") is the response I usually get 2. They don't own any. 3. They have no idea how to get it. AND THIS IS BITCOIN - Ripple, Ethereum, NEO - start mentioning there are "other bitcoins" and peoples eyes glaze over. I don't think we have left the innovator stage yet. Here is a Forbes Article that 68% of Americans have no knowledge of Ethereum!!! Good years are coming!!! https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnkoetsier/2017/10/31/3-out-of-4-americans-have-never-heard-of-an-ico-68-have-no-knowledge-of-ethereum/#5bfe49695a79
  10. Well guys it's gut check time for all alt coin holders. Everything is taking a beating versus BTC. So guys remember in 2013 when from June 2013- Dec 2013 BTC went from $100-$1200, 12X - but LTC went from $1.70 to $40, 23x. Think we're in for that kind of run. I doubt the alts get left out. 2018 is gonna be a good year.
  11. Everyone noticed the low trading volume during the last days. I guess most investors are waiting for news from Ripple (expected escrow, new partnerships, live currency exchanges, ...) but they might also be waiting for the coming btc forks to happen; see how things turn before chosing where to invest. I have to admit I am not sure to fully understand the possible effects on XRP if forks are a success or a failure. Does anyone has an opinion about it?
  12. By the end of the year, CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) announced yesterday that it will introduce Bitcoin Futures contracts to their customers. CME Group handles more than $1 Quadrillion worth of trading volumes per year. The fact that they will now introduce these contracts implies an FI legitimacy of regulatory oversight to crypto assets. This introduction will also boost the liquidity of the whole (?) crypto market by opening the market to many more interested players. In my opinion, the players include the good, the bad and the ugly: FI's legacy modeling may now begin to impact how markets move to a much greater degree. When do you think this will spin out to benefit XRP?
  13. Anyone in this group that holds BTC - what's your plan for your segwit-2 fork coins. Keep them? Get XRP or Something Else?
  14. Has anyone received Bitcoin Gold? If so what are your plans, Keep, Trade for More XRP or something else??
  15. When will an exchange open up with XRP as the gateway coin the way BTC is now? With its claim as the fastest coin on the market, is seems like a no brainer. If there were an exchange where every coin flowed into and out of xrp it would give it an extremely obvious and immediate use case. Last year when SBI partnered with Kraken https://news.bitcoin.com/sbi-kraken-announce-multi-million-dollar-deal/ and then announced that it was opening an exchange https://www.coindesk.com/sbi-first-bank-backed-digital-currency-exchange/ I thought for sure that because of SBI Ripple Asia... that an XRP based exchange was exactly what was about to happen. It makes too much sense.... and yet, no news. Does anyone have any articles that point to this happening at some point or give a timeline to that kind of liquidity boost?
  16. https://www.nu.nl/beurs/4962740/veel-meer-nederlandse-beleggers-stappen-in-bitcoin.html
  17. What are everyone's thoughts about the current situation, where the rush for BTC, seemingly due to positioning for the fork, is sucking the tide out from XRP and Swell (and to be fair, most other coins beside LTC < why LTC?. I'm sure we're all a bit disappointed - personally, not so much that a couple of cents are falling off, but more that it has further to retrace when the price comes back. With Swell in a couple of days, but the BTG fork in almost two weeks, when do you foresee (yes, if only we all had that capability) the major fluctuations, in BTC and XRP to come? Let's just hope than when the BTC dump comes as soon as they get their free BTG it will go into XRP and this doesn't just turn out to be the biggest crypto market pump and dump ever, with everything tanking in BTC's shadow as in the past.
  18. To me this news is HUGE. The company is succeeding and XRP is being used as intended. But if this is what they are announcing now. What could they possibly announce at SWELL??? Honestly I would think the price should be taking off on this news alone. Super optimistic for XRP now. Any thoughts on what Swell could hold??? https://bankinnovation.net/2017/10/ripple-blockchain-network-passes-100-members-xrp-to-be-used-as-liquidity-tool/
  19. If lock up occurs what is the chain reaction? I want everyone's opinion here. 1. Lenders will feel more comfortable using Ripple to move funds from destination A to B. 2. 3. 4.
  20. What a stunning collapse across the board. Is this all Bitcoin Gold's doing (everyone dumping alts to get BTG) looks like it's pretty well coordinated though. This drop is across the board. I'm suspecting it can't last for long but Hey, I've been wrong before. BTC way to Fork in the middle of so many thing happening. Swell is going to be totally overshadowed. Any thoughts.
  21. Based on latest coinmarket stats, it is clear that new fiat money is being pumped into XRP and also BTC. Coincidentally, one can assume sell-off/swap of other altcoins into XRP and BTC but based on the daily vol statistics, new money is being converted from fiat (e.g., Korean won) into both XRP and BTC. Perhaps, this is a result of large fish/elephants from fund house, institutional managers or large individual HNW players. Of worthy note is the drop in BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and whether recent Bitcoin fork(s) hamper prospects ... BTW, the XRP volumes are well over $500m or about 2b XRP tokens (out of about 38b in supply pre-lockup). I recall limited supply (over 5b XRPS at most) readily available given most XRPs held by insiders, partners, contributing banks, staff and MMs. Thus, it is great to see the price velocity based on the elasticity of demand. If this pented up demand continues and even normalises in excess of $200m daily volume, we will see even larger price surges in run up to the Swell conference. Happy days ... https://coinmarketcap.com https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/#markets
  22. So nice to wake up to XRP trading over 5700, lets see how the trend pans out over the day!
  23. Hi all Can someone explain if doubling your money via this mechanism is currently reasonable (assuming current BTC prices and costs). Can you explain mining in short? And, lastly, what do you think of this, I mean, would you put your money there? https://www.waitcoin.com
  24. SBI Virtual Currencies — not currently operating, SBI says it plans to list BTC and XRP for trade against the yen. Parent company SBI Group is one of the world's largest integrated financial network groups and one of Asia's largest venture capital institutions. https://bravenewcoin.com/news/japans-financial-services-agency-approves-first-bitcoin-exchanges/
  25. Bollinger Bands are tight - MACD on day chart is bullish - XRP is ready to explode. I'm not a fan of what the guys have been liking on twitter lately (knock it off guys not everyone supports BLM and some of us support the President don't alienate us with unnecessary stuff you're employees of Ripple) but that aside, I know when a chart is setting up for an epic run. Honestly If this doesn't break $1 maybe $2 in next month I will be surprised. $10 is my moon shot and I think it is possible by next year.