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  1. As everyone who is in the crypto market is aware, china has now implemented a Ban on Exchanges. As such CNY money is being removed from the System over the next few weeks and Exchanges have been notified to liquidate and transfer money into a Bank Account. Most likely Big Brother in China is wanting an audit on the money. Many Crypto-currency Expert are expecting the following due to increase in sale supply due to the Chinese Directive we will expect some pressure on the Price on BTC. Many People are looking at a range from 3000 > 3500 during this time but expect the sales tap to finish off by the end of the month as all chinese exchanges will cease operations and no further sales orders can be completed. With China Sell off ending we should expect price recovery in October. So what does this mean for XRP, well the average BTC to XRP trade price is about 0.00005 BTC for XRP giving us a price range if my range for BTC to be correct as 0.15 USD to 17.5 USD Considering Swell is in October i would expect some price appreciation coming into the conference as we are expecting: 1. Further Partnership Announcements 2. SBI Ripple Asia perhaps going live with XRP 3. XRP 55 Billion escrow should be happening by End of Year 2017. So Lets all - Keep Calm and Buy XRP Happy to clarify if there is any further questions...
  2. Circle Trading's OTC service handles trades that are minimum hundreds of thousands of dollars transactions, as opposed to retail exchange activity. The service is focused on core cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ether, XRP, Ethereum Classic, Z-cash, Bitcoin Cash and litecoin. https://amp.ibtimes.co.uk/circle-pushes-otc-crypto-trading-launches-france-italy-adds-group-payments-1639908
  3. “Digital tokens like bitcoin, ethereum that are stateless, do not have sovereign endorsement, a qualified issuing body or a country’s trust, are not legal currencies and should not be spoken of as digital currencies,” he said. “They can become a tool for illegal fund flows and investment deals.” He said there should be a distinction between digital currencies, which were being studied and developed by authorities such as the Chinese central bank, and digital tokens such as bitcoin. Digital currencies developed by authorities could be used for good, with the right regulation, he said. -Li Lihui, a senior official at the National Internet Finance Association of China and a former president of the Bank of China https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/09/china-may-be-getting-ready-to-ban-bitcoin/
  4. XRP has been performing better than any of the other top alts vs BTC over the past week. The only reason it's down vs USD is because BTC is down vs USD. If you look at their charts vs USD side by side they look nearly identical. XRP is the only major alt to actually have movements up vs BTC during this latest BTC sale off. Until the banks go live its looking like BTC will rule the price. But, XRP is doing way better then it used to during these things.
  5. Cloud-based accounting software company Xero has announced that its users can now send cross-border payments using bitcoin technology thanks to a partnership with B2B payments company, Veem. The solidifies a strong year for Veem, who in 2017, having raised $24 million USD, rebranded to Veem from Align Commerce, and integrated their services with Intuit Quickbooks. https://news.bitcoin.com/xero-to-offer-cross-border-payments-through-bitcoin-partnership-with-veem/?utm_source=Xero to Offer Cross-Border&utm_medium=telegram&utm_campaign=Telegram Channel
  6. Came across this on the BBC this morning. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41080478 "But Mr Claasen sounded a note of caution, urging people not to invest "more than they can afford". "To be honest Bitcoin is not a great form of cash right now. Don't think of it as cash, think of it as a digital form of gold that enables you to save outside of the current financial climate," he said. He blamed the currency's recent volatility of the currency on "unsophisticated investors"."
  7. Ok so the way I understand a transaction using XRP from say someone in Japan transferring 100 yen to a bank in Thailand. A transfers money from his bank in japan, Japanese bank buys 100 yen worth of xrp, Japanese bank transfers the xrp to Thailand bank, Thailand bank sells the 100 yen worth of xrp for bhat, which is deposited in A's account. Now say they are doing $1 billion in daily transactions like this, which is nothing, I think SWIFT does $50 billion daily Now where is the bank getting the xrp???? do they already own it or are they going into the market??? if they are going into the market then the FLOAT has to cover all the transactions, WAIT no not the FLOAT but the average daily volume!!!! so take Apple they have a float of about 5 billion shares and about 23 million trade daily that's half a percent. Google's float is 600 million and about 1 million trade daily or .16 %. Right now xrp has a float of about 38 billion and 870 million traded today or about 2.2% of the float. If 2.2% of the float has to cover all the daily transactions are you kidding me!!!! That would push the price to over a dollar on $1 billion in daily transactions just to cover those daily transactions. Also as the price increases the float might decrease decreases. Now more XRP will be released from the lock up amount but if volume of transactions increases we are looking a a tremendous price increase. Given possible projected daily volume of transactions and the actual available amount of xrp that is trade,d I'm starting to see how $100 per token might be a realistic estimate if not an underestimate of xrp's value. Maybe I'm wrong - If I am someone please correct me.
  8. My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask but I'm willing to take the chance that some here have a few extra "tidbits of Bitcoin" that might help Houston. As an investor in XRP, I look for use cases and for ways to leverage what XRP and Ripple offer. Some here might remember that I consulted with a start-up regarding their vision to create a global company that takes investment profit and distributes a user-defined part of the profits to socially responsible issues. (full disclosure, after consulting with them re: XRP I invested in the company. ) Today, in partnership with them (www.OnePebble.com), I've set up a Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund with donations coming via Bitcoin. ALL donations (no administrative hold-back) go to helping people get through this monster storm. I'm hoping some of the zerpers here might consider taking some "tidbits" of their bitcoin stash and help OnePebble have a bigger ripple effect on its giving model. The company put up a webpage for this project earlier this afternoon. The website identifying support for Hurricane Harvey: www.onepebble.com/hurricane-harvey/ If you're so inclined, donate Your Bitcoin to Hurricane Harvey Relief: 36FtbFrRgTHxntuB4LtTxVGC4Y4yEmZ2MU Thanks for considering it.
  9. Hilarious. This thing trades like a manipulated penny stock. When a glimmer of news comes out, a group pumps the crap out of this to get momentum going and then dumps this into collapse. This thing is so thinly traded that $5 million in sales of xrp or about 1/1,000 of the float can crash it 10%. I'd say what hurts Ripple's reputation the most is it's connection to xrp. Maybe (hopefully) once the market matures this will stop, (also I'm ****** I was out of town and missed exiting on this pump) and XRP can get a little credibility. If I was Ripple CEO I'd try to stabilize the price, wouldn't take much $100 million or so but I doubt they have that much cash. The valuation of xrp is way out of wack, the tail is totally wagging the dog in this case.
  10. Time to Rack in More

    When i typed those keywords i felt like pulling my hairs and kicking the politicians of crypto currencies but then i realise the scalibility problems are real (not a issue anymore) and its getting worse day by day. Ripple will tackle all the drawbacks so i am racking in more ripples. I AM ALL IN RIPPLE NOW .. I WILL RACK IN MORE.
  11. Investment Value

    Question re: future of XRP and it's value as an investment vehicle. When I look at what Limited understanding I have about XRP and Ripple, I am puzzled by the notion that holding large volume of XRP would ever be as valuable as say, the equivalent value of BTC. These are my assumptions: Assume banks are becoming ripple customers in order to use Ripple for Bank-to-Bank transfers;(this is the stated business model and seems to be confirmed by the number of conventional banks involved with the currency.) With that stated purpose, a bank would be able to move large amounts of USD easily with fewer XRP say if XRP were ever to reach BTC values. (So at $5k per XRP the bank only has to transfer 200 XRP to move $1 Million USD, and that seems to be efficient and easier.) But once moved, if the bank's customer wants to withdraw $1M USD, then the bank has to convert the XRP to have the cash on hand, which means Ripple allows immediate Bank-to-Bank transfers but creates great risk for bank balance sheets. Assume for a moment that this issue cannot be solved - and that the sole reason for using Ripple is to make Bank-to-Bank transfers faster and more secure, but "efficiency and ease" aren't the goal. In that circumstance it is more practical for banks to keep the value of XRP as close to the USD as possible, if not under $1 USD to factor in the bank's fees for the transfer. So to keep the numbers round, transferring $1 USD = 0.99 XRP. Then, balance sheets are a lot cleaner with less risk of the bank being shorthanded because XRPis = or <USD. Now Assume that Ripple Labs' holding 60% of the coins is being done in order to be able to control the value of XRP (i.e. flood the market when price gets too high.) And the 60% they're holding is described to customer banks as their insurance policy to guard against inflation of the XRP value. Assume that XRP as a consumer payment method (for example accepted currency by Alibaba and transacted with AliPay) would also argue for the value to be held to a very (relative to BTC) low value because consumer transactions require a value easily obtainable. Now my question: if the above assumptions are true, and it makes sense for XRP to stay closer to the value of USD, is there reason to believe the value of XRP will ever exceed $1 USD? Just wondering where my understanding lapses ... so I can understand the XRP investment logic. I'm holding a reasonable number of coins and deciding whether to continue to increase investments. Contributions appreciated.
  12. XRP all the way!!! I just converted all my BTC in XRP Bought BTC for 883euros/BTC a long time ago And i just converted all of them but why? that is very simple after alot of research in differences of most of the common coins i concluded that ripple is the best company in many ways that you can't even compare with the others in almost every aspect for now and the future For a long term investment this is the best way to fellow
  13. Start trading XRPUSD https://admiralmarkets.com/start-trading/contract-specifications/instrument/xrpusd
  14. my fellow xrp'ers any idea where the bottom is???. thought it was .00005. then it hit .00004, then it hit .000038, anyone think we're going in the .00002's . Tried to catch this falling knife three times got cut each time. .000025 and it will have erased all gains from this run, overshoot and we are back at january levels, people that wish they bought in at .000012 might just get that chance again.
  15. Run One 03/07/17 .00000566 Start of Run 04/01/17 .0000718 Top of Run 04/22/17 .0000277 Settled down around Run Two 04/26/17 .0000268 Start of Run 05/17/17 .000243 Top of Run 08/15/17 .00004 Where we are now. So seems to go up about 10x-12x - then down 2x-6x. Or if we consider this one run - 47x to the upside.If this repeated again (would be nice but don't hold your breath) Would put us at about .002btc or around $7.50 with fall back to $2-$1.50. I"m out at $5.
  16. "Best players prevail" http://uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUKKBN1AQ0IM
  17. @miguel Dear Miguel, I loved your interview and believe Ripple has chosen the right person for the job. You mentioned that you would like to increase the XRP demand in order to increase the price but I am sorry to say that at this moment this statement is very contradictory because to do that you have to make sure that buying xrp should be piece of cake for new customers but infact it is not easily available to people who are seriously interested in buying them, they have to go through hoops and hoops of cryptos and fiats to buy xrp which sometimes puts serious buyers off. I will give you my own example. I am in Australia ( in which you are working with multiple banks (but still dont have any website directly offering xrp, which is a shame to be honest. I paid 8% in fee and charges (including forex and bank fee and charges ) which could be saved, had xrp been available in Aud. @miguelI do not consider myself wise enough to tell you about your business but if that is ok with you, i would like to add my two cents. In order for people to trust you with their money i think (among other important things) two things are must (apart from stability of price ofcourse ) (1) Easily availability (even gold is useless if interested buyers can not buy that ) (2) trustworthy wallets to store their xrp ( I love gatehub but most of the conservative customers would probably prefer if their banks or companies supported by their banks can store them. (example Coinbase supported by Westpac ). Keep doing a good job mate.
  18. We're just getting started. XRP's time will come; and given all the positive news, probably a lot sooner than later. #XRPtheStandard #2theMoon
  19. Looks like we finally found a bottom on the 200 day EMA against BTC - Seems like a good base for the next jump. Oh I'm so happy to see Green!!!
  20. Possible BTC manipulation by Bitfinex.
  21. #Ethereum Price Support The past 2-3 days were good for ETH price as it moved above the $230 level against the US Dollar. It traded higher and broke the $260 resistance to gain pace towards $270. The price traded as high as $270.84 recently before facing offers. Later, a correction wave was initiated, and the price moved below the $265 level. There was a break below a rising and contracting triangle pattern at $260 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. https://goo.gl/ryogJC
  22. Are We Buying Here

    Got some btc in my pocket from the bcc fork. So what to do with it. Anyone buying XRP at these levels or are we picking up something else. Someone recommended QBIQ, to me an EOS looks interesting also Antshares might be worth buying - Any Ideas or should I pick up XRP here - Which horses are gonna run the fastest????
  23. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are getting an extra spotlight these days because of the Bitcoin Cash fork. I think this is a huge opportunity to use this momentum and let the the world, and especially financial institutions and investors, realize what went on and why Ripple is so right on their different path. Some journalist should pick this up! Ingredients: - Segwit gives Bitcoin 1.6 - 2 times the speed; nice but still nowhere near a requirement Financial Institutions would demand to consider switching to it - Bigger blocksize could be better, but the way they seem to have made their point is to fill Bitcoins mempools with spam transactions, slowing it even more. Financial Institutions dont want to rely on a infrastructure where sabbotage is used, nor a never ending debate on directions - A big part of the debate above was based on wrong incentives: mining for as much money as possible. In adition, Asicboost could have made mining easier, but also less profitable. And so, directions on that where getting that option of the table as well also part of the hidden agenda - .. Many of these things would be very unlikely with Ripple: it has Spam protection, people do not mine for money yet everybody can run a validator through which it's far more decentralized now than Bitcoins big mining pools with way too much power. Ripple by far has the largest transaction speed available that make the tiny speed acceleration debates on Bitcoin almost pathetic, and even when Ripple at some point should need even more speed, this would be decided responsibly and with only one incentive: serving their clients at their best needs. Anyway, @Hodor, @JoelKatz and all others, how about getting this perspective on the front page of some recognized financial medium using this fork momentum?
  24. According to this analysis, if XRP remains in the .1740 zone (which we are), we could be seeing a reversal of the downward trend. https://cointelegraph.com/news/price-analysis-august-1-bitcoin-ethereum-ripple-litecoin-ethereum-classic
  25. Guys, An ideia hit me so let me throw a curved ball here. What are the odds XRP will move up or down within the next few days while the BTC SegWit2x or BIP91 dust is in the air? Do you think that for a few days just for a FEW DAYS, XRP and other alt coins will have no direction? In that case, I'm thinking about converting myXRP position to BTC, receive my credit in BCC and immediately after the fork, I will buy my XRP position back? What do you think about this plan? High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk, Not Worth it, etc. Cheers,