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  1. I hope I am not taking up too much of your time. I am looking to set up my Win7 pc to be Linux. I need to have the most security, and a decent GUI. I understand that the majority of what is to be done through Linux will be code based (like cmd.), but if there is a secure, easier to use feature, I am all ears. I am also up for learning how to use it. What do I need from my pc? Absolute control. I need security, and redundancy. I am looking to take my XRP offline, into a cold wallet so an exchange can't flub it up. How do I go about this!? Do I do clean install>AV install>update>set up Virtual Machine (on a USB to isolate my wallet)>Install AV>Update VM>Set up Wallet> Sync> Test send to wallet> Send when confirmed? I have two ledger nano s "wallets" though I have been told that the XRP isn't actually stored in the "wallet", but the Ledger is used to give permission when wishing to move to or from the "wallet". Too much misleading information out there! Anywho, thank you for your time!
  2. I don't know if you have read this article, but I would say this is one of the best speculative posts that I have read. It is well worth the read, and I feel it can give you a peek at what we are probably about to experience
  3. EDIT: I made assumptions, so I corrected them. (Correction) Okay, from what I have read and heard, it would seem that POLO is currently working against XRP's rise. They don't want people to spread news about XRP in the trollbox so they ban anyone who says anything in favor of XRP, but they will allow other people to spread FUD AND misinformation without banning them. I have witnessed this, and others have taken screen-shots to back it up. (Assumption) Either they are heavily invested in BTC and ETH (because, lets face it, when they go on a tear we don't see anything "strange" happening) or they are screwing people over when the price goes up, selling from their own wallet and effectively cutting off any upward momentum while simultaneously lining their pockets. Totally possible, right? (Possible, but the "evidence" doesn't say it is absolutely true.) My question is: if it can be proven that they are manipulating the market to THEIR advantage vs letting it grow, what can be done about it?How can this be proven? Do any of you have input on this particular situation? I guess it could be very difficult to prove, but then even if you did, there is no stopping people from putting their money there.
  4. A few days ago, I migrate my wallet from RippleTrade to GateHub, then I exchange some XRP to BTC, the issuer is called RippleChina, when I want to change BTC to CNY, the issuer told me they didn't issue BTC, why my XRP would change to BTC issued by RippleChina, can I get back my XRP? this is the transaction chain:
  5. Nice article about the Billions of Ripple and the recent 40x grow and a normal 2 digits price raise of XRP. They also mention Ripple's succesfull former Yahoo CEO. Yes XRP slowly enters the (financial) MSM. And therefor more funds will flow to our precious little coin.
  6. Hello Everyone, I am new to XRP, Ripple, and this excellent chat community. I would like to bring up an issue I am having when attempting to purchase XRP. I feel this is having an impact (although it may be very small) on the current price and downtrend. I recently purchased a nice portion of XRP on the Poloniex exchange using BTC. This process was extremely easy because I am familiar with the exchange and had BTC available for the trade. I got in at .36 and am very happy in my long position. After my initial purchase I decided I wanted to make another XRP purchase. Keep in mind this was at least 3 days ago when the price was much higher than it is right now. Unfortunately I am running into the following roadblocks: My first plan of action was to open an account with Kraken as they offer USD to XRP transactions. I was and am still very excited about this. I followed all the steps to get my account verified... and it is still pending 4 days later. On their website they say account verification typically takes 48 hours. Searching the forums and support it appears some people are still waiting for account verification 9 days later. I continue to patiently wait as this is my preferred method to purchase XRP. So patience aside and with the dip in XRP to the low/mid 20's this morning I decided to try option #2. I've had a Coinbase account for a long time and went there to purchase BTC. The plan was to then transfer the BTC to Poliniex and make the XRP trade. Should be easy right? Nope - Coinbase had a disclaimer stating newly acquired BTC will take 7 days before showing up in my account... yikes. So now I am back to square one lol. I am standing here with a large wad of USD and I cannot purchase XRP. I am patiently waiting on Kraken and now considering other exchanges that offer USD to XRP purchases. Of course I am all ears for a better solution if you have one. I wanted to bring up my dilemma because as someone trading altcoins the past few years I did not expect to be in this position. Now imagine someone looking to purchase XRP for the first time... yikes. So what now? What if BTC continues going through the roof as some people predict? Will all of the excitement and new purchases push the 7 day delay even further? If so how long will a BTC purchase take in the future? What about the exchanges and the rush of new accounts? I have now idea how long before my Kraken account is fully verified but they are already behind schedule in a major way. If it takes a person over a week to purchase XRP right now... any ideas on how long it will take in the future? It seems crazy to word the question in this way but XRP is at the mercy of these things unfortunately. I would love to walk up to a Ripple machine right now and buy XRP directly... at its current price, without delay. I wanted to share my experience and bring up these questions because I believe this having a negative impact on the value of XRP. I am not necessarily looking to have my questions answered but am bringing up questions someone new to the BTC XRP ALTCOIN world may have. Please keep in mind I wanted to purchase additional XRP days ago when the price was much higher... hopefully I can make a purchase sometime this or next week... who knows what the price will be then. I believe in Ripple and XRP and want them (and us) to succeed. Have a great day everyone and thank you in advance for the great insights and information already provided on this site.
  7. Seriously, there was no. New. Announcement. Check for news. Check out nikb's twitter He will keep you up to date on this stuff. Be patient. It isn't just about price, but implementation. Just. Be. Patient.
  8. New user here. Apologies if I'm posting/asking in the wrong part of the forum. I've been a long time Ripple holder and earned most of my XRP back in the days where they were given away through the computing for good project. My plan is to hold long term. Today I noticed in the Gatehub wallet that the math seems odd. When cycling through the different options for "Wallet Net Worth" the values are accurate for XRP and the USD value seems to be in line with the current market price (I also own some FMM that gives me daily XRP deposits). However, when I switch to BTC the balance jumps to a number that is much larger than makes sense to me. Based on current trading, the amount of BTC value it shows would be about 43 times more than my USD net worth is showing. Hopefully my explanation is making sense here. My questions would be: Does anyone else have odd balances for BTC net worth on Gatehub? Is this a bug? Is FMM worth more than I thought? This is not a huge issue since I'm holding long term, but it did raise my curiosity a bit. Thanks for any feedback provided!
  9. I. Raspberry Pi - Buy your Supplies and putting it together a) Building the Rpi Operating System and booting it up II. Choosing Your Operating System III. Creating a Secure Partition IV. Encrypting your Wallet Partition Let's take a few points of data first as we develop this for the beginner 1. Because "beginner" is defined, we have to make the paranoia level low. This shall mean a wallet which is encrypted but may not require "Nuke" abilities, triple encryption or even physical keys. We can add those later in intermediate and expert levels. 2. A cold wallet is the exact same as any other wallet except that it exists on a computer that never touches the internet. Now my first problem in the beginning was "how the hell does that work?" but it is easiest explained as such: With all digital coin transactions there are basically two "signatures" required. One of them is considered "Public" and the other one is considered "Private. The "Private" one is the baaaaaaaad one that if stolen you can say bye bye money. So a Cold Wallet has that Private signature included where as the copy of that wallet which is on a computer which is also on the internet, does not have that Private key included. So on the Internet computer you can transfer money around but you basically do not have that final authority for that transaction to go out. It is like getting a signature from your manager to do something but he also needs to get a signature from finance or the boss to complete the request. So on that Internet computer, you can save the transaction request as a file on a USB stick. You then turn on the Cold Wallet computer which is never connected to the internet and then upload that file which is called an "Unsigned" transaction and using your wallet you can "Sign" the transaction therefore making it complete. Then you save that same file again as you have now edited it and run that USB stick back over to the internet computer and upload that same file to that wallet and then send the transaction out. Then your money is sent to its destination or "Withdrawn." I hope that is clear as it took me a while to understand it. We will go over that in more detail when we get our Wallet computer up and running. The cold wallet computer never touches the internet because that is the ONLY way to guarantee that you do not get a wallet hunting virus, a hacker invasion or any other type of compromise that can steal that "Private Signature." All of the parts which consist of this Cold Wallet which should be locked away are: a. The wallet computer b. The paper copy of the Private Key and the Restore Key c. The digital copy, if any, of those same keys. I hope that this was explained well for you because when I was learning it, lots of people explained it also but I never really understood it until I built one and used it. in PART 2 I will explain how to actually build and program a COLD WALLET. I will describe 3 different setups, one with a Raspberry Pi , another with a garbage Linux computer and maybe one with Windows. My problem with Windows is that it is so unreal unsecure that no password will save you from me getting into it. Windows is basically the victim OS that all hackers use to learn hacking simply because when demonstrating hacking methods, they tend to work easier and more often on a Windows system. So securing it will not be dependant on the operating system itself but instead another media. II. Raspberry Pi First I shall discuss building a Micro Computer Raspberry Pi. So far RPi will only hold Bitcoins as the other wallets do not seem compatible with the ARM CPU, however this design shall leave the option open further down the road for you to use it as a Ripple or other wallet as that particular tech advances. Since wallets are simply software, they do have minimum specs required to operate. For the RPi I will be using Bitcoin Armory as the wallet but first we must build a safe machine EDIT: There are some users here that are running Ripple Wallets successfully on a Raspberry Pi which is cool as ***** for you guys. We will build a secure machine first then install these wallets Buying your supplies: For those whom are unfamiliar with a Raspberry Pi it is basically the simplest form of your computer in a tiny package. It is a little larger than a credit card and can technically run from batteries if you had to, but it generally plugs into the wall. The operating system runs from an SDCARD making this package ultra small and thus easy to hide or store for a cold wallet. There are a few versions of the Pi all the way up to 3B+ which include Wifi on the mainboard. That is significant for us as a security problem but not a severe issue as the 3B+ has more RAM and a better CPU so tends to be faster and a better choice for us. The RPi 2B has no Wifi On board so is still a good option. Just go with the 3B+ which is the most current and the better buy. An RPi today is under $50 with the SDCard, the Pi and the power supply. So plan to spend at least that much. Best to get them from Amazon so that you can avoid the eBay clones. You will need a power supply which is a micro USB with an output of 5v 3A. Basically do a search for Raspberry Pi 3 power supply and you should get the right one. Next you will need a microSD card. A Sandisk Ultra 16GB will be perfect. You can go as low as 8GB but the Ultra is important because of the speed. If you get a el'cheap-o sdcard to store your money on, it may turn out to be the most expensive sdcard of your life so don't be stingy. You should be looking at under $10 for a 16GB card. Now this is important to know about the Raspberry Pi series. There is NO power button to turn it on and off. It comes on as soon as it gets power. In most cases that is baaaaaad as your operating system is running when you unplug it. It is very important to go through the shutdown sequence in any operating system when turning your Pi off. There are shutdown accessories that can be bought and assembled but I would not consider that "Beginner" level tech. We can add that later if y'all like. Next we will setup the operating system. I will tell you which one to choose and why.....
  10. Is there any negotiating room in the big, big room of finance to accomodate both seemingly opposite groups into a "frenemy" or coopetition model that works for both as each tries to change the way international banking is done?
  12. Welcome newbs! If you were wanting to know the difference between weak hands, stable hands and strong hands then look no further! See, weak hands are people who can't hold onto their investment. Example:
  13. In navolging van techcrunch, plaatst ook GeenStijl zusje daskapital een positief verhaal over de $2000 BTC en noemt daarna de op 1 na grootste cryptocoin XRP die 1000% gestegen is laatste maand. Extr aandacht is extra cash. Een eerder artikel op daskapital zette mij (helaas wat te laat, had het liever eerder ontdekt) op de XRP trein. Nu zit ik er in en ben van plan lang te blijven.
  14. Such a great post - mandatory read IMO
  15. This is what I am going to post in the comment sections of articles that are spreading FUD, as well as people saying things that aren't true. Feel free to copy/paste it, as well as make corrections/add stuff. If you want to know about Ripple Labs (RL) and XRP, maybe you should exercise Due Diligence. These comments about how XRP is a scam or how they are just propping up the Financial Institutions just show how ignorant most people actually are. There is a REAL-WORLD ISSUE regarding transferring money. Bitcoin is NOT the answer. You want to talk about decentralization? How is it that 5 MINING POOLS control over 51% of Bitcoin? Or Ethereum's 3 MINING POOLS!? You call THAT decentralization? There will ALWAYS be a mining entity that can get a great deal on electricity consumption, and when you take into consideration the COST of mining, from an environmental standpoint it is such a waste and socially irresponsible! It is like burning a LOT of oil to produce electricity that will be used to pump less oil than it takes to run it. As far as how XRP can become MORE decentralized than Bitcoin, Ripple Labs has vowed that for every 2 Validator Nodes created by other trusted companies, Ripple Labs will take down 1 of their 25 Validator Nodes. BOOM! All you hear about from BTC supporters is how awesome BTC is. But you don't hear how the miners can screw everything up if they choose to do so with a fork or reversed transactions! Oh, and XRP is NOT PRE-MINED! Transactions are in the thousands/s (able to be scaled to match the throughput of VISA!), and the average transaction takes <8 seconds. You are able to store value on XRP! "If you want to support and empower the incumbents of the corrupt ba(n)king system instead of the people, invest in ripple." Really? People should be pushing for transparency, and if the Ripple Consensus Ledger/Interledger Protocol is widely adopted, don't you think that "the people" should ALSO push for transparency vs. having private ledgers? Obviously there needs to be protocols in place to protect privacy, but that ALSO doesn't necessitate an unquestionable belief that banks are always acting in the best interest of the public. I'd LOVE to know if the banks we are using are funding illegal/immoral agendas. Overall, I think that most people miss the forest for the trees: they see a price increase and say, "WHOA! That isn't natural!" XRP was undervalued this entire time. There were regulatory problems, and they jumped through EVERY hoop needed in order to change the world. In my opinion, most of the negative articles authored, and untrue comments made about Ripple Labs and XRP stem from a.) a general misunderstanding/ignorance of what Ripple Labs and XRP are all about, and b.) people who are heavily invested in other cryptos, including Bitcoin, and are threatened by RL's success as well the technological advancements made that show BTC is antiquated. Currently, there are over 200k backlogged transactions, and the cost of mining BTC is increasing.
  16. Creating a Cold Wallet On an Active MAC This is a new topic for those of us that have MACs. Technically you can create a cold wallet environment even while your MAC is not cold. THe main issue is securing your wallets from hackers. A hacker can gain access to your machine either through the internet or via physical access. YES there is a such a thing as a MAC virus for you funny smart guys that are saying that right now. So yes a virus can attack your wallet BUT here is what is great about a OSX or Unix System.... it is a closed system which means that if your Adobe gets infected, then just throw it away because your OS is fine. But there is a little bit more to be considered and that is the action of the User. Some things to remember when your Wallet is Open in the Wild: 1. You must disconnect from any network and Bluetooth. 2. You must not copy and paste anything to your wallet except possible the address but definitely NOT the secret key as it will be save in your clipboard and possibly in your Keychain. 3. Finally you NEVER "Remember" and data involved with your Wallet. otherwise there is no point. A mac is much harder to acquire data than a Windows computer but still, the bad guy must know that you have a wallet first then they must know where to find it. Then they can jump through your security loops. Now I only recommend doing this if you at least have FileVault on and if you have the personal firewall on and set to stealth. You can also install LilSnitch to tell you when something is outgoing and make sure it gets blocked. But if you disconnect from networks prior to decrypting your wallet, then make sure that you lock it again before you reconnect, then you will be fine. So this is how I have my MACs setup. THis is of course what I recommend the most. I actually have two separate passwords to open my User partition. I have a FileVault password which encrypts the entire SSD drive. Then I have a separate User Password which encrypts my User fold or account. THen I have a dynamic Encrypted Folder that holds my Wallets. Here are the specs for my Wallet Folder: Dynamic DMG (means it is resizable) 256bit encryption with a PINCODEKEY combination which is a pincode that I know combined with a physical password key. Combined they form the password to decrypt the DMG folder. Then in side of that are my BTC Armory Wallets that have their own passwords and encryption along with now my Ripple wallets. Hell with all of that, I would post my Encrypted DMG on the internet for the world to download because it will take a full time of NEVER to open any of it . So lets get to it: Step ONE: Lets (further) secure your Mac by separating the User Account form the FileVault. First a variable for you. Lets say my combination of a PIN code that I know with a YUBIKEY code usb will represent my entire password (25 char) as PINYUK. First we must change the entire user account to the same password as the FileVault password which will be the really inconvenient PINYUK. (don't worry we will fix that later). Open your System Setting App and select User & Groups. Change your password. (If you want to know more about how a YUBIKEY functions, let me know) but make this password really long and very hard to remember. And do not worry, If you forget it, you will just NEVER get back into your MAC I of course forgot to tell you to do this after you enable Filevault but if you did not already have it enabled, now is the time to do it. Here is the bad news, if you did not have it enabled before, then you must wait until it is completed with the encryption before we can move on. You can still use your MAC but you can not make and more of these changes until it is done. Once all is done, you must shutdown the computer fully and then reboot. This is where you must enter that really inconvenient password to make sure that it works. At this point I do believe it will only ask you once as your filevault and user password are still connected. Apple wanted to convenience you but as far as I am concerned that have denied you of a possible second layer of security. If iCloud or anything else wants you to update or if your keychain wants to update, then deny them and we do not want this password to go out in the wild nor do we want the convenience of using such a fine password for our other accounts. Step Two: Resetting the User account password. So now lets separate your User account. For this you will need to open the Terminal App. Open your Finder -> Utilities -> Terminal. Now enter this: sudo -i You will be asked to enter your CURRENT user password which is still that really long bad one. Next enter this command passwd USERNAME Now you will be asked to enter the new password. Enter whatever your user password was before or make a new one but this does not have to be so impossible because you will use it constantly. [[ OPTIONAL: while we are at it, this is an extra step but I highly recommend it. We should change the ROOT password also as that will command and override your entire computer. It should be a different password then your User password and your Filevault pass. But it should be rememberable because the one time you might need it, you will want it. Enter in the terminal: passwd root And now enter the new password for the ROOT user. ]] Now completely shutdown and then restart. Now you should first be asked for your PINYUK password. It will decrypt your MAC and then ask for the password to the USER account. It should be the new password that we just gave at the terminal. If it works, then Perfect!!! If not, then maybe you need to ask me or a MAC buddy. Step Three: Creating your Encrypted Directory So now we can create this awesome encrypted directory called a Sparse Bundle DMG. Go to Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility Next go to File -> New Image -> Blank Image Now make all of the settings like you see in the Pic Finally We must select the Encryption Type and of course we are going to pick the best Enter the password. Thats It !! Now on your desktop you will find your Crypto DMG Folder that will act like a Hard Drive. Double click on it and you will be asked for your password to open it. Once you open it, you will see the CryptoE Hard Drive on the Desktop. It should look like an external hard drive or USB stick. There is where you will save your full wallets for now and in the future. Best of all is that it is already 500mb but it will automatically grow. Even better is that you do not have to keep it on the MAC, though I would, but you can make a copy on a USB stick and then lock that stick away when you bury Grandma or use it to beat some gun wielding bad guy so that it will get locked up in Police Evidence. At least you will have a secure backup. Even better you can easily just do what I do when my Windows Hard Drives fail and I really need my pictures and music back: Dear NSA Managers, I have recently lost my hard drives due to Windows errors. Would you please send me your copy of my data? Thanks Ken For an actual full Cold Linux Machine, check out my other tutorials here. Send some Ripple my way if you feel the need to upgrade my coffee fund
  17. So it seems that even though BTC has over 200,000 pending transactions, the price is staying relatively constant. I assume that the large influx of transactions is also ironically the reason the price is not dropping. So now my thought is about the relationship between XRP and BTC. It appears that a large if not main reason for the BTC transactions is because of Ripples growth and people therefore using BTC as a uniform trade currency to buy XRP and other altcoins. Though not the intended main purpose of BTC, it seems that Bitcoin is largely used as the currency for trading altcoins. If services are created where XRP and other coins can be bought with USD, EUR CNY etc. (coinBase and XRP are reportedly in talks) and BTC no longer serves as that intermediary currency, do you believe that BTC's price will fall? To me the delayed transactions of BTC exposed a major flaw in the system that they have not seemed to address. As XRP approaches BTC's market cap, if people are able to directly buy XRP I see BTC losing a lot of support. Thoughts?
  18. i sent 0.0795 btc from my gatehub fifth wallet to nicehash earlier today, and it hasn't appeared in the nicehash account. i've had no problems with this before, and have traced it back to the last btc account that sends it through. this is where the btc is right now: my transaction is this: does anyone know why its delayed? as you can see there are heaps of others waiting for theirs too
  19. Hi Guys, i am new to crypto trading. I have deposited 0.02012 btc from Gatehub to Kraken and 0.01848 from Luno to Kraken a bit later. the issue I have is that it is still not showing in my kraken account and its been about 24 hours now. on Gatehub it's showing that the transaction was successful but i don't see anything on Kraken. An 2 hours ago my Luno deposit is showing in my Kraken account as confirming. Any idea why it's taken so long as i haven't had this issue before. I am trying to buy XRP and gate hub gave me issues so i transferred my btc to kraken. I tryed to contact gatehub and kraken support but no response yet. Will someone be able to assist or point me in the right direction? i realy want to invest in XRP and can only buy more at the end of the moth, but seeing that XRP is going to the moon i am sceard i am going to miss the train if i can only deposit at the end of the moth again. Deposit details: GateHub: From: roS6rBNE7g9Ve9qg6ikxJtYidXTpnTp To: 33QSBhu6aDHtFYcbXFxRpt4hSpH8saBXp3 Ammount: 0.0201 TX Hash: 371D8D863F4716E80D77CEE5E5141CDF7BB7CD7036F76AED7D201B6DB7A57FB6 Luno: To: 3JkLzA9QoisPDuQm6NYYsqMR6SXc8PeL31 Ammount: 0.01848 Transaction ID: c84903a734f25105aafc92386d41f5041c56c9af91fe6442c6caa70bfa1f9db2
  20. Hello, I'm curious as how to transfer xrp from gatehub to changelly, so I can exchange for btc and then move to coinbase to sell. Also, are there cold wallets for xrp?
  21. Hi all, Take a peek at this article: Which SO much makes the case for a ledger-based systems like XRP. Of course "believers" may still want to wait for a day to get confirmation, and pay $1 per transaction... yet everything has got its tipping point, and this BTC stuff is getting a bit out of hand, isn't it? Beating The Clock - yeah, the Ripple network does!
  22. Hi Guys. I just saw bit of information on XRP Distribution strategy by Ripple. I think this is updated information because i did not see it before at XRP Portal page. If market conditions permit, we expect our company to hold approximately 50 billion XRP by the end of 2021. This schedule is indicative and discretionary. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE:64,439,207,292 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS:35,558,046,921*
  23. I hope someone here can help. I've been trying to withdraw BTC from my Gatehub account for a few days and I've contacted Gatehub support, all to no avail. I have an account on Gatehub and my primary wallet specifies I have 49.9608 XRP in it, and 0.0363 BTC in a 'trustline'(?) called SnapSwap. (See the attached jpg.) I want to withdraw all the BTC to an external BTC address. It seems I need to get the BTC out of the SnapSwap trustline and into where? so I can send it out. I've created a contact with my BTC address so I can select that under "Send Payment", but when I specify the amount of BTC it says my account has insufficient funds or the receiver doesn't accept BTC. So how do I get my BTC to a place where I can send it out? Thanks,
  24. @tomb @AmericanXRP If you both watched the entire video you will realize a) XAGATE has a unique opportunity to potentially partner with Silver Bullet SIlver Shield to create an innovative alliance we are both part of the sound money movement (what an awesome typo now it is a proper thread now!) c) we are both part of the liberty movement d) how can you not see this? f) please watch TruthNeverTold's Son's of Liberty Academy then and wake up or watch the content on his channel an perhaps reread my content then f) study monetary history and quantity currency vs sound money cyclic rotation of free market dominance. Too long for the chat box of course. Gives us all an opportunity to properly discuss. Maybe get Chris Duane, David Morgan, Mike Maloney, @JoelKatz, @nikb @mDuo13 in here too with @Vinnie (??). The absolute best PR stunt right now would be Brad and Chris to respond to this thread.