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Found 3 results
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  1. Not new(s), but still a brilliant yet simple idea, IMO, that I just wanted to reshare and see if anyone knows of any progress on, or implementations of, the BitMint concept. Essentially it's a "digital claim check" on dollars (or any cash/asset). But the money can be tethered or "fused with" contracts inside the actual units, unlike say bitcoins that only represent generic accounting units. So you can do some very clever, game-changing things with these conditions attached, e.g. loyalty schemes, time-sensitive money, fraud tracking, disaster recovery money (@Haydentiff) , etc. Or in Gideon's words, "No one can sever the connection between the money and its disposition." Check it out:
  2. I have very kindly been given express permission via email from Gideon to share one of his older books (from 2014, so still quite new), which I attach here in PDF format. It's absolutely worth a read; it's simply the clearest and most profound line of thinking I've come across in this space since first discovering Bitcoin and then shortly thereafter Ripple – but potentially perhaps even more transformative. Here's an excerpt to get your juices flowing. Enjoy! The Dawn of Digital Currency: Five Hundred Years Since the Last Time Money Changed Form (Columns, Essays, Technology) by Gideon Samid
  3. How Digital Currencies Will Cascade up to a Global Stable Currency The Fundamental Framework for the Money of the Future The whole of Chapter 20 is online for free, here: Google Books 'Tethered Money' goes into the tethering concept in more depth: E-book Amazon (paperback/e-book)