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  1. This is my latest blog entry. A lot of crypto investors don't really think beyond a small "play" on Polo where they try to cash in on a hot crypto that's "going parabolic". But if you're looking to make an investment that has the most future potential, you have to see entire future trends and markets well ahead of time, like Ripple tends to do with uncanny accuracy, in my opinion. Let me know if you agree / disagree, and feel free to share as much as you like! Reddit: Twitter:
  2. I think we need more end-user applications for XRP! I don't think Ripple should change course at all - they've got to continue along with their current laser focus on banks; but I think XRP investors can fund some exciting new applications - either with new ICOs, or with other funding sources! Let me know if you agree / disagree with my points, and please - by all means - feel free to share or link to my blog! Thanks in advance for any feedback or sharing! Reddit: Twitter:
  3. This is my latest blog; I'm doing two things with this entry: Explaining XRP, its history and function Connecting why its good for XRP Leave comments and let me know if you like / dislike it, and feel free to share it as much as you want on other media! Reddit: Twitter:
  4. Its getting hot in here. A you can see with RCL's name change to XRP Ledger, We are entering the final phase. Think hard people, all we are waiting for is a fi, bank, or enterprise PARTNER OR CUSTOMER in a certain area to commence a trial of XRP transfer. Once they source it (purchase XRP), supply and demand, as well as sentiment will spike the price. Rinse, repeat with another partner, price spikes again. keep doing this until price is at very high levels to be able to accommodate huge transfers. As an example, India receives 69Bn a year in remittances from its workers living abroad (retail). At current prices It would take all of the crypto to accommodate these transfers. But one day when the price of one XRP is $____, XRP will be able to handle it. This is 1 country...Has your head exploded yet? Remwmber, our purchases are tiny in comparison to what the banks, etc, will be sourcing. Remember again, our crypro has a specific use case. it was always meant for them. We just get to tag along on the ride of our lives. all my opinion, invest at your own risk. Do your own due diligence. Dont invest what you cant afford to lose. I could be wrong. BUT I COULD BE VERY, VERY, RIGHT
  5. I wonder that too, but the fact that Bitcoin acceptance by retailer is so low and even getting smaller is not encouraging.... Even just dropped Bitcoin forever.
  6. What your opinion on this? If there are no fork, Bitcoin price should go up again with xrp?
  7. Hello Gentlemen and Ladies, Since we are all being impacted by the Bitcoin Segwit2x change, I would like to kindly ask you for 1 minute of your precious time and vote for yes/no to the Sigwit2x change. It looks like that they are only listening to the miners but what about us? vote here or I will run this poll in every social media I can remember but please help spread the word feel free to copy and send the link. There are no catches or soliciting, I just would like for this to be a 100% collaborative decision. Miners, Exchanges and Customers should be heard. Thanks a lot.
  8. I found this article helpful when trying to figure out the August 1st bitcoin "deadline".
  9. Bank of Albania’s Warning The Bank of Albania, which is the Balkan country’s central bank, issued a public notice warning Albanians of the risks related to the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The bank wrote: The Bank of Albania has not licensed any financial entity whose activities include the use of virtual currencies…therefore these activities are not subject to the regulatory and supervisory framework by the Bank of Albania.
  10. Very interesting article from a big law firm in Canada. French version will be posted in the French section.
  11. Article intéressant d'une firme importante au Canada.
  12. Blog entry number ... ?? This one is a "polite as I can make it" request to Brian Armstrong to add XRP support to Coinbase. I'm open to other ideas on how to get support for XRP on coinbase - I just think that it's too big of an exchange (at present, anyway) for us to ignore. Lots of investor money is currently flowing through there into BTC, LTC, and ETH, but not XRP! I think it's way past time. Please let me know what you think about the open letter, and of course, feel free to share as much as possible over other media!
  13. This tweet strongly reminds me the famous Bitcoin Pizza story: "the notorious Bitcoin Pizza Day. On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a developer, paid $10,000 BTC for two pizzas from the Papa John’s franchise. Every year on this date, people celebrate this historic transaction that would cost $4.4 million USD at today’s current rates for 16 slices of pizza." Who agrees to establish a new tradition here - "Ripple Jet Fuel Day"? According to the tweet it would be July 10. History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes!
  14. I. Raspberry Pi - Buy your Supplies and putting it together a) Building the Rpi Operating System and booting it up II. Choosing Your Operating System III. Creating a Secure Partition IV. Encrypting your Wallet Partition Let's take a few points of data first as we develop this for the beginner 1. Because "beginner" is defined, we have to make the paranoia level low. This shall mean a wallet which is encrypted but may not require "Nuke" abilities, triple encryption or even physical keys. We can add those later in intermediate and expert levels. 2. A cold wallet is the exact same as any other wallet except that it exists on a computer that never touches the internet. Now my first problem in the beginning was "how the hell does that work?" but it is easiest explained as such: With all digital coin transactions there are basically two "signatures" required. One of them is considered "Public" and the other one is considered "Private. The "Private" one is the baaaaaaaad one that if stolen you can say bye bye money. So a Cold Wallet has that Private signature included where as the copy of that wallet which is on a computer which is also on the internet, does not have that Private key included. So on the Internet computer you can transfer money around but you basically do not have that final authority for that transaction to go out. It is like getting a signature from your manager to do something but he also needs to get a signature from finance or the boss to complete the request. So on that Internet computer, you can save the transaction request as a file on a USB stick. You then turn on the Cold Wallet computer which is never connected to the internet and then upload that file which is called an "Unsigned" transaction and using your wallet you can "Sign" the transaction therefore making it complete. Then you save that same file again as you have now edited it and run that USB stick back over to the internet computer and upload that same file to that wallet and then send the transaction out. Then your money is sent to its destination or "Withdrawn." I hope that is clear as it took me a while to understand it. We will go over that in more detail when we get our Wallet computer up and running. The cold wallet computer never touches the internet because that is the ONLY way to guarantee that you do not get a wallet hunting virus, a hacker invasion or any other type of compromise that can steal that "Private Signature." All of the parts which consist of this Cold Wallet which should be locked away are: a. The wallet computer b. The paper copy of the Private Key and the Restore Key c. The digital copy, if any, of those same keys. I hope that this was explained well for you because when I was learning it, lots of people explained it also but I never really understood it until I built one and used it. in PART 2 I will explain how to actually build and program a COLD WALLET. I will describe 3 different setups, one with a Raspberry Pi , another with a garbage Linux computer and maybe one with Windows. My problem with Windows is that it is so unreal unsecure that no password will save you from me getting into it. Windows is basically the victim OS that all hackers use to learn hacking simply because when demonstrating hacking methods, they tend to work easier and more often on a Windows system. So securing it will not be dependant on the operating system itself but instead another media. II. Raspberry Pi First I shall discuss building a Micro Computer Raspberry Pi. So far RPi will only hold Bitcoins as the other wallets do not seem compatible with the ARM CPU, however this design shall leave the option open further down the road for you to use it as a Ripple or other wallet as that particular tech advances. Since wallets are simply software, they do have minimum specs required to operate. For the RPi I will be using Bitcoin Armory as the wallet but first we must build a safe machine EDIT: There are some users here that are running Ripple Wallets successfully on a Raspberry Pi which is cool as ***** for you guys. We will build a secure machine first then install these wallets Buying your supplies: For those whom are unfamiliar with a Raspberry Pi it is basically the simplest form of your computer in a tiny package. It is a little larger than a credit card and can technically run from batteries if you had to, but it generally plugs into the wall. The operating system runs from an SDCARD making this package ultra small and thus easy to hide or store for a cold wallet. There are a few versions of the Pi all the way up to 3B+ which include Wifi on the mainboard. That is significant for us as a security problem but not a severe issue as the 3B+ has more RAM and a better CPU so tends to be faster and a better choice for us. The RPi 2B has no Wifi On board so is still a good option. Just go with the 3B+ which is the most current and the better buy. An RPi today is under $50 with the SDCard, the Pi and the power supply. So plan to spend at least that much. Best to get them from Amazon so that you can avoid the eBay clones. You will need a power supply which is a micro USB with an output of 5v 3A. Basically do a search for Raspberry Pi 3 power supply and you should get the right one. Next you will need a microSD card. A Sandisk Ultra 16GB will be perfect. You can go as low as 8GB but the Ultra is important because of the speed. If you get a el'cheap-o sdcard to store your money on, it may turn out to be the most expensive sdcard of your life so don't be stingy. You should be looking at under $10 for a 16GB card. Now this is important to know about the Raspberry Pi series. There is NO power button to turn it on and off. It comes on as soon as it gets power. In most cases that is baaaaaad as your operating system is running when you unplug it. It is very important to go through the shutdown sequence in any operating system when turning your Pi off. There are shutdown accessories that can be bought and assembled but I would not consider that "Beginner" level tech. We can add that later if y'all like. Next we will setup the operating system. I will tell you which one to choose and why.....
  15. The article I'm sitting came out about 12 hours ago. The way I'm reading it is that ripple will only be able to work with no competing banks. An that's fine for me.. in the article they are talking about using Bitcoin in the block chain tech.. I was hoping they would start pushing xrp harder. Anyways. Please read this and let me know what you think.
  17. My wife and I just watched an interview with a guy by the name of Clif High *sounds like a pseudonym*. In this video, he calls XRP a "ponzi scheme" and states that "any coin that is not mineable raises red flags for me. XRP is pre-mined..." at which point I stopped really listening to what he said. This last statement alone shows that he has NO idea what XRP is about, yet, this video will circulate online as "truth" *and many people will take it as such* while spreading misinformation. Feel free to correct him.
  18. Ran across this article by "newsandviews" on Steemit.....gave me a good laugh, but it is so true. Article:
  19. Latest blog entry for those interested. Topic: I was trolled on Reddit when a poster asked "what if banks never use xrp?" Instead of trying to convince them of the use case that we all believe in - XRP used as a bridge asset - I accepted their troll challenge and talked about why XRP is still awesome even without considering it as a bridge currency. Feel free to share, link, tweet, or otherwise share as you want - the more the better. Also, please feel free to leave positive or negative feedback below!
  20. MUST READ !!! Why 1 XRP (ripple) will be worth at least $200 per coin : I have studied every cryptocoin and it is the one wih the most potential. It might take years , but I think ripple (XRP) market cap will reach at least $20 trillion , probably much more , because XRP-ripple is a deflationary store of value , a very fast currency and a payment protocol. So 1 XRP could be worth at least $200. Here's why : Let's compare it to GOLD & bitcoin : As you know gold is not very convinient (it's heavy , you can't pay with it) , but still , its market cap is over $7.5 trillion (ripple market cap is now 10 billion = $0.01 trillion) . We don't know what the total supply will be , and a small portion of gold doesn't get destroyed each time it's exchanged like XRP. In addition , banks don't need gold to make cheaper , faster and more reliable cross border payments. So XRP is really undervalued. A bit like the internet in 1993. It existed but nobody really had it. And history have proven that sometimes in one week a chart can rise more than in the past 5 years. We could also compare it to bitcoin. Bitcoin transaction fees are way more expensive , much slower , and bitcoin is less deflationary than ripple , but still market cap is higher. So XRP is really undervalued again and bitcoin dominance is decreasing. Altoins are surging , charts are skyrocketing. In addition , governements all over the world are priting money at unprecedented speed , and the national debts are skyrocketing so it should lead to faster inflation. People will look for better ways to keep their money uninflated , and nowadays , cryptocurrencies are a better investment than real estate , stocks or commodities. And ripple is the best of them. . Investing in cryptocurrencies is less complicated , you can cash out at any moment , it has no rollover fee , no margin call , and it's more profitable than traditional investments. XRP price will grow thanks to banks (there are $180 trillion worth of cross-border payments made every year , and that number could be much higher if it was instant) , also thanks to investors , private wealthy bank accounts ($152 trillion in 2014) , and thanks to users that want to prevent themselves from frozen funds , bankruptcy of the bank (see recent exemple in Italy , July 26 2017) , have instant-cheap transactions , or "tax evasion" for rich users. Compared to its two rivals Bitcoin and Ethereum , Ripple is also less complicated (user friendly wallet , easier to understand..) , cheaper to use (much lower transaction fees) and cheaper to buy ( it costs a few cents) , much faster (money is transfered in seconds vs most of the time minutes or hours for eth and btc) , much more eco-friendly (no mining) and so much more scalable ( It can handle 1000 transactions per second and soon as much as VISA , bitcoin can only handle 3-5 per second and ethereum 15/s). It has no hacking history , no hard fork history , no bad reputation , it has a max supply (unlike ethereum) and XRP is the only currency that has no counterparty risk for banks. This lowers settlement costs because no nostro accounts are requiered , intermediary banks are not needed anymore. Finally , many big banks and institutions from all over the world partnered with Ripple with plans to deploy global money transfers over a blockchain in 2018. SBI Ripple Asia announced that a consortium of 47 banks have successfully completed a pilot implementation of Ripple in Japan using a cloud-based payments platform. As a result, the consortium has confirmed that it will move into commercial phase. For now a few banks are already using ripple network to power real-time payments for their customers like the Thailand-based bank SBC , for remittance flows between Japan and Thailand. Many more banks should follow. Ripple is also partnering with Bank of America , Santanders , UBS , BBVA , NBAD etc Ripple is also backed by Google and many other professional investment companies. It could replace the slow , outdated and expensive SWIFT technology. And of course , as you know fiat currencies are inflationary and so they lose value each year. In 1970 you could buy so much more with $100 than you can now. So why not store money in XRP? Some technical facts : XRP is a bridge currency , it can process any currency or cryptocurrency. It also aims to be more decentralized than bitcoin in the near future. XRP also has a new york virtual currency licence. 55 billion XRP will also be locked up in escrow to ensure certainty of total XRP supply. Ripple can also reduce the cost of domestic transactions. Ripple is not russian like ethereum and not from an anonymous person like bitcoin. It's a san francisco-based start up. Can you imagine if you had bought bitcoins at $0.30 or $2 in 2010 ? Would you sell bitcoin for $10 ? Or even 50$ ? of course not. Of course I'm not a financial adviser. Do your own research. My advice would be to be patient and just HOLD IT and wait for it to reach at least $100 or you might regret selling too early. Trading is worst than gambling if you do it enough , most of you will lose money. You can store XRP on the official ripple wallet : Check out this video : Any opinion?
  21. With the removal of the Japanese Consumption Tax (8%) as of July 1st and SBI's plan to open another exchange SBI MAX . Any thoughts about how this will impact XRP movement? i.e. volume, price, exposure, etc. I'd liked to 'hear' your thoughts.
  22. I take a tangential turn into *speculation land* in this installment. What I've found is that "everybody has a number" when they think of the future price and market capitalization of XRP, even if they don't admit it publicly. In this post, I'm taking a look at the progress from Jan 1 to ... yesterday, and then where it might point for end-of-year market capitalization. As usual, feel free to link to it, tweet it, repeat it, quote it, whatever you feel you need to do! And of course, thanks for any and all feedback - whether you agree or disagree! Oh, and lest I forget... with this post, I added warnings - in red - to my blog post, and I'll repeat them below:
  24. I was just curious because I noticed most people who have money in xrp are going full out long. Any of y'all microtrading the trends?