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  1. Many of the points here seemed obvious long ago but glad to see them getting more attention.
  2. Recently, there has been some talk about the possibility of the Bitcoin block chain “forking” or splitting into two chains. If the fork happens, GateHub Fifth is prepared. Read our official statement on the blog:
  3. Sounds like another problem for Bitcoin. How does PoW stay decentralized when one party has access to hardware that's 20% more efficient than the rest?
  4. One of the areas where Bitcoin has been shining over Ripple and other cryptocurrencies is in trade between digital assets. With SBI now partnered with Ripple and Kraken, this could be about to change. If Ripple continues to build and take advantage of its banking partnerships in Asia and around the world, XRP will no doubt become the major bridge currency for trade between fiat. If the new bank-backed exchanges really do have XRP as the bridge between all assets, both digital and fiat, then XRP's dominance within both spaces will be assured. At the moment, Bitcoin is really the only link people have to the other cryptocurrencies. Much of bitcoins recent growth could be attributed to growth of the space in general and its role as bridge currency. With Bitcoins current issues and the unique position held by Ripple's XRP, that could be about to shift.
  5. on* *as I've suggested several times in the Zerpbox
  6. Hello Ripplers, We at Rippex are very proud to announce our internationalization - yes! Ripple’s RCL is gaining awareness lately and we think this is an excellent moment to invite everyone to join us. About Rippex Rippex was founded in 2014 as a pioneer, being the first ripple gateway for BRL and one of the first distributed ledger startups in Brazil. Since its foundation it has been delivering reliable services to happy and loyal customers. An year after its foundation, Rippex welcomed 2 of the former leaders of PagSeguro, the biggest e-commerce PSP in Brazil to compose its business development team. Since its foundation Rippex developed connections in the local market, participated in fintech events as speaker and today it is the main Ripple-related name in LATAM. We have been recognized as one of the leading companies in payments and cryptos in Brazil. Rippex is developing other projects related to payments and financial services that should be announced this year. The Rippex team is passionate about distributed ledgers and the impact they can have on how we live our lives. Follow us on: What is the Rippex Bridge? It is an automated two way bridge between the Bitcoin Blockchain and the Ripple Consensus Ledger that completely ignores and never has any kind of contact with users’ secret keys. It allows Bitcoin holders to deposit BTC.Rippex (BTC issued by Rippex in RCL) in a Ripple account and Ripple accounts to send Bitcoins to a Bitcoin account using whatever assets they hold that has some liquidity against XRP. Why use the Rippex Bridge? Simplicity and interoperability are key features for traders, especially heavy traders that have to manage several accounts in different exchanges using GUI or bots. Rippex Bridge requires no API integrations, only configurations on the Rippex account from time to time. Once the Rippex account is properly configured, traders can send bitcoin from/to exchanges to/from Ripple Accounts unlimited times without having to login at Rippex again. Used along with our desktop wallet or any other application that keep private keys locally, traders can move BTC between Ripple, exchanges and personal bitcoin wallets very easily. How does it work? Create and configure your accounts Create a Rippex account at and wait for the account validation; Rippex accounts don’t store neither bitcoin nor Ripple secret keys; Create a Ripple account using whatever wallet you want and activate it (we offer a desktop wallet so users can manage their keys locally); BRL users may get some XRPs from our giveaway to activate their Ripple accounts; Depositing Bitcoins (see this article in our beautiful help center) Add your Ripple account to your Rippex account; Create a trustline for our BTC issuing address: rKxKhXZCeSDsbkyB8DVgxpjy5AHubFkMFe; After some minutes you will see a Bitcoin deposit address linked to your Ripple account; Send Bitcoins to this address and you will always receive BTCs in your linked Ripple account; Withdrawing Bitcoins (see this article in our beautiful help center) Add your Bitcoin address to your Rippex account - you will receive an address + destination tag linked to that address; Add the address + destination tag as a contact to your Ripple Wallet (i.e. exchange XYZ); Send BTC.Rippex to the address + destination tag and you will always receive bitcoins in your linked Bitcoin address; Security of Funds Rippex has been safeguarding customers’ funds since its foundation with zero security issues handling digital assets and bank accounts. Our main security premises are: We do not hold any customers keys - Ripple keys are managed exclusively by customers themselves so they can keep it as private as they want; Our reserve policy is NOT fractional - For each asset issued there is one or more asset stored; We keep most of the custodied funds offline; The hotwallets are kept in a restricted environment and receive no requests from the internet; Only trained employees have access to custodied funds; Rippex will publish its storage addresses so anyone can check our solvency state at any time; Roadmap More coins (obviously!); More logic to the links between public ledgers; Wallet improvements; Wallet Integrations (we are open to integrate with any wallet); Decentralization of custody, deposits and withdrawals. See this thread: Create your account here: Links featuring Rippex
  7. It was surprising not to see a sharp drop off in Bitcoin after the SEC rejected Gemini's ETF proposal. I believe this rejection - and more importantly the STILL not resolved Bitcoin blocksize debate - has led to altcoins' value surging. If the blocksize debate continues unresolved, it offers potential for XRP to benefit from investors moving out of Bitcoin but wanting to stay in cryptocurrencies. Let me be realistic to start with, a reallocation away from Bitcoin is unlikely to benefit XRP as much as altcoins with limited supply that can be pumped up to the investor's great profit on the exchanges. Looking at coinmarketcap I do believe the recent surges in first Dash and now Monero has been partly driven by money taken out of Bitcoin looking for a profitable home. I think it will happen again with other altcoins with small market caps, because a move a half a billion dollars away is peanuts to Bitcoin, but if some of that goes to a small altcoin that altcoin's marketcap can multiply. Now I don't think this will happen in an identical way with XRP because the supply is so big, and one would think Ripple would take the opportunity of an appreciable price rise to sell thereby capping gains. But I definitely do believe a reallocation of money to alternative cryptocurrencies that but for the unresolved Bitcoin blocksize debate would have gone to Bitcoin is an opportunity for XRP to moderately increase in price. I'd almost think it would be yet another failure of communication, marketing and messaging to the cryptocurrency community by XRP enthusiasts and Ripple if XRP does not rise in value appreciably on Bitcoin decline or stagnation. My view is we've got to continue to talk amongst ourselves on xrpchat, but more than anything we've got to talk to cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have never been involved in XRP and to the general population of internet users interested in cryptocurrency whether they have bought or not. I would view the channels to this as Reddit and Bitcointalk, with appropriate moderation so that idealogically fixated holders of POW coins don't fill up the thread with "it's a premine <expletive> <explitive> scam". I am very busy working right now and I won't do it today, but on the weekend or early next week I'll probably open a thread on Reddit. At this stage my angle would be to suggest XRP as suitable for people to allocate a small percentage of their crypto holdings with a view to long term possibility of appreciation, notwithstanding it is more likely than not that promise will not be realised. I'd be interested in hearing the xrpchat community's views.
  8. How would today have been different, had XRP and the RCL technology been at the center of the SEC news announcement? A ) If all exchanges were gateways and listed off ledger XRP -A- If they were integrated to process a deposit and withdrawal in one ledger close event, the price discovery of all digital assets (including XRP) would have been much more efficient -A- If ledgers started getting full with volume, the transaction fee would spike (less failed transactions because fee logic on RCL is flexible and predictable). -A- Total XRP network volume would be distributed slightly more efficiently, since some volume can offload to the RCL for arbitrage, and such. B ) If all exchanges just listed off ledger XRP -B- If they were integrated to process a deposit and withdrawal in one ledger close event, the price discovery of XRP at each exchange would have been much more efficient. C ) If all exchanges were ILP enabled -C- Price discovery would converge to a lower bound globally, for all assets, including XRP. -C- Depending on local rail speed, transactions could potentially be delivered to users in minutes, or seconds. -C- An ETF wouldn't be needed? D ) If all devices were ILP enabled -D- Anyone connected to the internet could pay anyone else in the world, any amount, during any time of the announcement, in any asset, instantly. -D- The best price would be available for everyone, and all services would be in competition to offer the best rate / fees. -D- An ETF wouldn't be needed? E ) What was the craziest thing you saw today in the BTC exchanges during the announcement? -E- Ripple has the intention to ensure XRP meets compliance standards that would enable it as the world reserve currency. Given that, and their growing relationship with banks, enabling complaint solutions of international foreign exchange, it might have had a better chance passing.
  11. Very interesting to see that the Bitcoin community doesn't agree on something vital...if they split (something I seemed to understand) what a mess... Charlie Lee‏Compte @SatoshiLite "There is absolutely no way I would let GDAX make the reckless decision of supporting BU code as is." Whale Panda "ll this would cause huge PR damage and set Bitcoin back several years again, like MtGox². Long term it might actually be a good lesson that some people need to experience. People are in it for the money, if they can get big financial gains and/or destroy competitors by erasing BTU, they will."
  12. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about why xrp could be the best blockchain currency investment of 2017. The biggest news at the moment is this. XRP is now very firmly established as the first mover to launch a realworld working product in the banking sector. But, there are so many other things in the works this year for Ripple. SBI and Kraken bringing better exchanges to Asia. Bitgo creating a new XRP wallet. 1,000 transactions per second vs Ethereum's 15 and bitcoin's 7. I just felt there should be a page to highlight all of the good news and people's thoughts on what this year could mean for XRP and the larger blockchain community.
  13. Just out! March 13th maybe the day for the Bitcoin ETF decision. Fun times are here folks! Check out the story. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Will it get approved or rejected?
  15. "You can no longer redeem Bitcoin into your Microsoft account. Existing balances in your account will still be available for purchases from Microsoft Store, but can't be refunded." EDIT: Response from --;all
  16. Not new(s), but still a brilliant yet simple idea, IMO, that I just wanted to reshare and see if anyone knows of any progress on, or implementations of, the BitMint concept. Essentially it's a "digital claim check" on dollars (or any cash/asset). But the money can be tethered or "fused with" contracts inside the actual units, unlike say bitcoins that only represent generic accounting units. So you can do some very clever, game-changing things with these conditions attached, e.g. loyalty schemes, time-sensitive money, fraud tracking, disaster recovery money (@Haydentiff) , etc. Or in Gideon's words, "No one can sever the connection between the money and its disposition." Check it out:
  17. This is what it looks like when you DON'T have support from the Central Banks/Governments. They can create ANY "FALSE FLAG" PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN......and you and your favorite crypto are TARGETED...... Beware BTC holders.... Europe Proposes Confiscating Gold, Cash, Bitcoin, & Prepaid Cards to Fight ‘Terrorist Financing’ QUOTE “Under the new proposals, customs officials in European Union states can step up checks on cash and prepaid payment cards sent by post or in freight shipments.” But travelers to Europe won’t avoid the clamp down, as the report continues: “Authorities will also be able to seize cash or precious metals carried by suspect individuals entering the EU. QUOTE Reuters explains the plans complement previous proposals following the Paris attacks seeking “to tighten controls on virtual currencies such as bitcoin, and prepaid cards, which French authorities said were used to fund the bombings.” Another proposal proffered in this putative fight against terrorism criminalizes money laundering for the first time — particularly in regard to virtual currency — and the EU will study whether bitcoin should be more strictly regulated.
  18. I think that Bitcoin is already showing some signs of weakness. On 4h, 1d, 3d, 1w charts there is both RSI and volume falling. Since all crypto including XRP is strongly inverse correlated to Bitcoin, all altcoins and especially the best ones (XRP) should see some gains. Christmas rally is coming! Of course, nobody can predict outside factors (Italy?), so be careful.
  19. We are happy to announce that GateHub Fifth users can now easily Deposit, Send and Trade BTC with their GateHub Wallet. You can read more about it here:
  20. Tullett Prebon Information, the data division of the global interdealer group, will distribute cryptocurrency data across financial markets, having signed a deal with Australian company, Brave New Coin (BNC). The deal promises data on intraday pricing for more that 50 digital currencie like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple's XRP.
  21. This tweet strongly reminds me the famous Bitcoin Pizza story: "the notorious Bitcoin Pizza Day. On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a developer, paid $10,000 BTC for two pizzas from the Papa John’s franchise. Every year on this date, people celebrate this historic transaction that would cost $4.4 million USD at today’s current rates for 16 slices of pizza." Who agrees to establish a new tradition here - "Ripple Jet Fuel Day"? According to the tweet it would be July 10. History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes!
  22. I think this is interesting, maybe Ripple has more chance to stay legal instead of the 'total anarchy' coins like bitcoins