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  1. In my latest youtube video i talk about why i don't see such a bright future for bitcoin but a bright future for the more innovative cryptocurrencies. Please let me know any thoughts and comments that you have, and ESPECIALLY if i said anything that is incorrect
  2. In my latest youtube video i talk about why i don't see such a bright future for bitcoin but a bright future for the more innovative cryptocurrencies. Please let me know any thoughts and comments that you have, and ESPECIALLY if i said anything that is incorrect
  3. In the coming weeks, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange plans to start listing bitcoin futures, here is an interesting article of Gillian Tett from the Financial Times about how the civilazion of Bitcoin in the financial market could become a real problem for this cryptocurrency. https://www.ft.com/content/4bbf1ef6-ca4a-11e7-ab18-7a9fb7d6163e And
  4. Bitcoin/Alt coin taxes

    I see large gains in the future (specifically xrp) and am confused on how/if you pay capital gains taxes on your earnings. I understand the transactions are encrypted, but is no one investing in alt coins paying any type of taxes on all of their profits? Any info is appecaited
  5. When it comes to crypto, XRP is the premier choice for future-proofing my investment, especially given the recent announcements by Ripple. In my latest blog entry, I discuss what I believe are the top five reasons to consider making XRP part of your portfolio. Hope you enjoy the read & please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share with any friends and on any other platform, and thank you for doing so! My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/Investing Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  6. Hello All, This is my first post here. Thank you all for contributing to a fantastic forum filled with invaluable information, insights and thoughtfulness. Short background: my life mainly consists of reading and for the past six months the main part of that reading material has consisted of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and macro-finance. I’ve drawn many conclusions, one of them is that Ripple is in a unique position with an opportunity to change the world, another is that I will definitely work for Ripple. I’ve already sent in my application for the post of Content Marketer, enclosing the below article where I’ve attempted to reduce a hard to grasp and complex issue to more digestible information without losing any of the key points. In- depth version : www.docdroid.net/bwh0R9O/eco-friendly-money.pdf Lightweight version : www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-eco-friendly-our-money-alternative-sid-john-leopold Hope you enjoy reading it as much I’ve enjoyed all shared wisdom in this forum. Please get in touch here or on my LinkedIn with any feedback as I am always keen to improve and I respond well to positive criticism. Kind regards, Sid John Leopold
  7. I read the article recently: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/13/cme-ceo-says-bitcoin-futures-will-list-second-week-in-december.html and there CEO of CME says that: "Today you cannot short bitcoin," Duffy says. "So there's only one way it can go. You either buy it or sell it to somebody else. So you create a two-sided market, I think it's always much more efficient." I thought this comment is pretty interesting - as being from a financial background - I was always confused how can you short digital currencies in the markets they are currently trading on. I guess Mr. Duffy shares this view. In my opinion when big money investors will be able to start shorting Bitcoin - it can negatively affect its price - hard to predict - but interesting fact to analyze I think - any ideas about this?!?
  8. Have a read. Share what pops into your mind. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/litecoin/ltc-price-forecast-14-nov-bitcoin-civil-war/
  9. This is my latest blog entry! I take a close look at XRP volume and supply, and discuss how the entire crypto market might have just jumped in size and liquidity. Hope you enjoy & please leave any feedback below. Also, please feel free to share my blog with others and on other media & thank you for doing so! My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  10. https://www.bithumb.com/u2/US251
  11. Will XRP ever be able to get past the .20-30 cent mark? I feel like it's one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies around, yet everyone is obsessed with btc, eth, ltc, dash now and the trading is insane sometimes. BTC had $500 price swings yesterday. I want to see ripple hit at least .50
  12. 2x countdown clock

    For those who are taking advantage of the insanity that is bitcoin forks... I am watching this. I believe it's accurate but will fluctuate sooner and later based on the current block. https://bashco.github.io/2x_Countdown/
  13. Seems we've got a long way to go guys and gals. Also looks like Ripple sees itself playing on a different level completely. We can look at this in terms of monetary value and utility. Feasibly xrp can be worth enormous amounts more than bitcoin long term but also has more ways it can be used due to its scalability and maleability
  14. Watched 'Banking on Bitcoin' on netflix. It explains the history of Bitcoin. Who the main players are/were. Interesting to have some faces now with names I heard before. Also Jed is mentioned in relation to Mtgox. It has become even more clear to me why so many Bitcoiners dislike XRP. It is not so much about the technology as about what Bitcoin stands for. It a counter reaction to what is/was wrong with the banking industry following the 2008 financial crisis. I can understand that Ripple working together with banks is frowned upon from that standpoint.
  15. http://moneyandstate.com/thoughts-on-segwit2mb/ Writings by Eric Voorhees. Pretty spiritual. Has come far since the days of running gambling platforms. Substantial bitcoin holdings must put things in perspective. Not that I disagree on the fundamentally flawed nature of Bitcoin, just that is hard for me to buy into the moral higher ground from which he is trying to speak from. I also think he understates the technical challenges and overstates the potential in general.
  16. This is an eye opening read for any coin holder let alone if you hold Bitcoin. Dated 01 November 2017 https://theflippening.github.io/open-letter-to-bitcoin-miners-from-another-miner/ Extract: The action plan to consolidate the market cap back into one Bitcoin Clearly the most obvious plan is to switch all our mining effort over to mining Bitcoin Cash, the only true Bitcoin as designed by Satoshi. However we must go about this in a coordinated fashion among all the mining pools for maximum effect: Firstly we must get our mining equipment ready to switch to the Bitcoin Cash chain at a moment's notice or the push of a button. Secondly we need to switch to Bitcoin Cash mining before the SegWit2X hard fork in order to have a chance at killing this unnecessary fork off before it begins. The plan is to put all our mining power on the Legacy Bitcoin until the next regular (2016 block) difficulty adjustment at block 493,920[ref] which will occur on about November 10 / 11. This ensures that the difficulty adjustment will increase and be as punitive as possible. This will make it practically impossible for any remnant miners to try keep the chain alive. Ignore any emergency difficulty adjustments occurring on the Bitcoin Cash chain during this time and keep mining Legacy Bitcoin for this two week period. Some of us with auto-profit switching turned on will need to turn this off. There should be a minimum amount of mining effort going towards the Bitcoin Cash chain at this time just to keep it moving steadily. The majority of the mining effort should stay on the Legacy Bitcoin chain to push the difficulty up as much as possible so it cannot survive with reduced hashpower in the future. Thirdly, before this upward difficulty adjustment has kicked in, send all your Legacy Bitcoin and recent mining profits to an exchange. This may take 3 or so confirmations to get there so put a reasonable fee on it. Mining pools still mining Legacy Bitcoin can include their own transactions before anyone else's to make sure they get onto an exchange. Setup immediate sell orders to dump your coins on the exchange and buy up all Bitcoin Cash that you can. This will put downwards pressure on the price of Legacy Bitcoin and upwards pressure on the price of Bitcoin Cash. Users and large holders of Legacy Bitcoin (whales) can also help out here by selling off their Legacy Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash over the next few weeks. Finally, the most important part is when the upwards difficulty adjustment has occurred on Legacy Bitcoin this is the time to switch all our mining efforts to Bitcoin Cash. This means all mining pools or as many as possible. If you can't switch it quickly, turn the miner off until you can. We want the Legacy Bitcoin chain to slow down and freeze up completely. It will have 2016 blocks to go at maximum difficulty and minimal hash power. Also keep the miners pointed at the Bitcoin Cash chain regardless of any temporary price and profitability fluctuations. Eventually over a week or two the price of Bitcoin will collapse once the realisation and panic sets in because no more transactions will be getting confirmed and the chain will be effectively crawling or frozen. Once Bitcoin Cash has the majority hash power it is only a matter of weeks until it reaches the highest cumulative proof of work[ref]. Once this happens Bitcoin Cash will rightfully be able to take the Bitcoin name and BTC ticker moving forward if desired. The corporate takeover of Bitcoin will be averted. Effects and consequences Let's examine some of the effects for this plan of action: Users that held Legacy Bitcoin at the moment of the Bitcoin Cash fork on August 1st 2017 will have the same amount of Bitcoin Cash and will lose nothing. This will be the majority of people. A fair amount of money is still locked up in exchanges like Coinbase. Speculators and investors (or really we should call them gamblers), who have been buying into the Legacy Bitcoin over the past 2 months will lose their money if they do not sell their holdings over the next week or so. In reality they deserve to lose their money as they were buying into a worthless coin without doing their research. A store of value without any actual utility, or significantly degraded utility, is worthless. Legacy Bitcoin is terrible investment which shows they did not do their research at all. They were just buying into the hype and inflated price. A fool and their money are soon parted. People who sold their Bitcoin Cash after the fork instead of sensibly holding both coins and waiting for the eventual outcome will also be left with nothing. This will teach them for not doing their research properly and believing BlockStream/Core propaganda. The toxic BlockStream/Core developers, fanatics and their propaganda army which has been censoring discussion, trolling discussion forums, Reddit and Twitter will also be left holding bags of worthless SegWit coins. This will be a well deserved punishment for them. Censorship of forums and subreddits has played a big part in brainwashing many people. BlockStream and Core will have some serious explaining to do. Any remaining miners not on board with this plan and still mining Legacy Bitcoin will be left mining a slow, high difficulty chain, perhaps at best 1 block every few hours or 1 block per day. Their profitability will sink and they will eventually need to switch to Bitcoin Cash to maintain profitability. BlockStream/Core may even come up with a drastic plan to introduce a hard fork to change the Proof of Work algorithm and add a new dynamic difficulty adjustment algorithm of their own. However by then it will be too late, the largest cumulative Proof of Work will be with Bitcoin Cash. Legacy Bitcoin will no longer be able to carry the Bitcoin name. BlockStream/Core may even try to throw their weight behind the Bitcoin Gold fork which uses GPU mining but with evidence of a 100,000 coin pre-mine and no software released so far it is essentially a scam coin[ref]. End of Extract
  17. Currently awaiting my resurrection, and wanted to contribute with my first post I recently came across a detailed and analysed article into the energy consumption requirements of Bitcoin (first part of the article, the seconds trails off into specifically bitcoin mining) https://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/How-Many-Barrels-Of-Oil-Are-Needed-To-Mine-One-Bitcoin.html One table which stuck out was the below. From my understanding of XRP for power consumption it would be similar if we substituted visa for XRP Now a question - as bitcoin (appears) to factor in the cost of consumption of energy (and speculation), does XRP relative ease of creation limits its inherent value? I view bitcoin currently as a product - something which has been made at a cost of a commodity. Beyond the creation of Ripple as a company and associated running costs, XRP has no real production cost and theoretically another 100,000,000,000 could be created at marginal cost (correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe a better question would be beyond Fiat, does anyone have another of an example asset that is not backed by a commodity or has a very low cost to produce on a quite frankly infinite scale that is widely used, and importantly has grown sustainably?. At the moment my biggest concern with XRP (I currently HODL) is the sole driver of price appears to be only speculation. Maybe a bit of a convoluted post - forgive me, just be interested to hear thoughts
  18. Having just listened to this multiple times, it has opened my eyes over the potential problems that exist in the bitcoin world. The crux of the video details how continued forks and infighting within the bitcoin community is tarnishing the the bitcoin brand as a whole because know one knows what the true version of bitcoin will be. In simple terms, you either have bitcoin legacy, which suffers from increased transactions costs due to the lack of mining power to process transactions, or B2X, which centralises the power into the hands of large mining groups, who have the processing power to facilitate the increased transaction volume where small individual miners simple can't compete. Neither of these options presents a clear, unified position on how the community proceeds as a whole, and because of this, it's capacity to operate as a means of payment is severely compromised. XRP has none of these issues by virtue of being pre-mined. There are no issues with scalability, centralisation, transaction speed, or fees - it addresses and accommodates all the potential issues in a clear and concise manner while addressing all real world arguments relating to statutory rights and regulation. No other crypto is engaged with real world economics in this way. I don't know what the future of bitcoin will be, but continued disturbance and politics within the bitcoin world can only help the case of XRP.
  19. This is a question many new investors must ask as they wade into the heavy topics around crypto-currency. I analyze the differences that impact personal financial risk between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. As hedge funds and other institutional investors enter crypto, it's a question that larger organizations will be asking as well. Hope you enjoy the read, and please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog with anybody else or on any other medium & thank you for doing so! My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  20. I'm starting to think the bitcoin forks a big scam and are screwing all the other Altcoins Anyone have the same feelings or thoughts?
  21. Interview with Brad ... interesting indeed ... http://fireside.fm/s/Fs_9V6FE+i5DM0L3-
  22. For older investors like me, this read is from Doug Casey ... and yes, he is talking about replacing oldie Swift ... hmmm, which company would be best positioned? Enjoy his insights that the bubble will grow even bigger ... with BTC at $50k and XRP at ... https://www.caseyresearch.com/doug-casey-how-i-learned-to-love-bitcoin/
  23. This close to Halloween, I decided to break out my crystal ball and see just what XRP price speculation has in store...I cover it all from short-term price expectations for the end of 2017, to utility-based predictions of XRP demand. What is the highest price predicted for XRP? You'll have to read it and see for yourself! Hope you enjoy the read. Also - Happy Halloween! As always, please feel welcome to share my blog with any others and on any other platform or media & thank you for doing so. My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  24. On Thursday, October 19 Miguel Vias published the Q3 '17 XRP Markets Report. In this blog entry, I review this report and provide my opinion and feedback, as well as some points that XRP Investors should consider. I really enjoyed the changes in the Q3 2017 XRP Markets Report. Hope you enjoy the read & leave any feedback below. As usual, please feel free to share my blog with others or an any other media & thank you for doing so! My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple (FYI - I also post on r/CryptoCurrency, r/CryptoMarkets and r/ripplers) Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread