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  1. I have expected Ripple to rise, but from my view on charts Ripple is gonna fall to 0.15 cent for 1 month so it can go still to 0.28 cent, but most likely is gonna go to 0.15 or 0.17 cent for 1-2 months. Probably this month of December or beginning of January 2018 Ripple is gonna go to 0.15-0.17 cent and then retrace up.
  2. https://coingape.com/david-schwartz-ripple-proactive-regulatory-participation/amp/ From the article, "According to him originally there were 55 months of escrow and now there are approximately 3 months of escrow left." Decent read I must say
  3. https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/06/12/5-reasons-why-ripple-xrp-amazon-partnership-is-ripe-in-2018/ Any comments guy ?
  4. Santander going live with Ripple this year... See page 44...
  5. Anyone who bought XRP before or up to February 4, 2018, reply with "I'm still here since 2/4/2018" In 5 years we'll find this Topic. If you're still involved in XRP, you'll be able to find your original post, quote it, and show the world that you were an early investor in XRP. Live Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20230204T00&p0=%3A&ud=1&font=cursive We started with this much time remaining...
  6. So this is my first post on XRP Chat... I've been following the likes of @JoelKatz, @Hodor and various other Top Members on here and on the Reddit Forum since I first bought my Zerps. I firstly wanted to commend the community for instilling such a positive attitude (to both Ripple and others within the community [even those who spread FUD]). When I first joined the Reddit Forum there were <40,000 members but that has since grown to over 160,000 in the last 6 weeks). I invested in late November and have used forums, YouTube, Ripple Insights etc... to keep a track of all the news and goings on which may affect the price of XRP in 2018 and beyond. I wondered what other people on the forum foresee being the 'Big' announcements for Ripple in the first two Quarters of the year. I've done quite a bit of reading and have listed a few of mine below: Q4 Report - This was initially a big one for me given the speculation about the '2 household names'. With that being said I understand that the majority of quarterly reporting (at least from traditional investments) merely 'rounds up' the trailing 3 months rather than speculates on forthcoming partnerships. SBI Holdings Pilot Feedback 31st January - The proposed date that SBI holdings (part of the Softbank Group) announce their results from utilisations of XRP as a source of liquidity within their group of 61 Japanese Banks. For those who don't know a great deal about Softbank, this business is HUUUUGEEE. I work within Consumer Electronics and Consultancy within the UK and Softbank have fingers in every pie (investments in Manchester Airport, The M6 Toll Road, Brightstar Electronics [Global Partner of Apple], 36% Share Holder of Alibaba). This is the BIG one for me; companies of this stature will deploy the XRP cost saving solution across the business (for inter-group financial transactions) and will hopefully have a big say in any stakeholder meetings with their extended investments. Brad Garlinghouse speaking at Yahoo Finance Conference - Brad will be supporting some big names within the world of Finance at the Yahoo Conference this year. Although I don't believe this will bring huge price action, I do think it will add further credibility to both Ripple and XRP (is the CEO of any other Crypto speaking there **ahem** Bitcoin **ahem**??) MoneyGram Pilot Conclusion - Pilot's can last months (and even years) so this is purely speculative but should Moneygram positively conclude their Pilot in 2018, I think this will bring some strong positive price action. Coinbase - The dreaded 'C' word... We all saw the negative action the Statement from their CEO brought to Ripple... This (in my opinion) proves the potential of a listing on Coinbase and the potential upswing this would bring. I've seen it written thousands of times, but psychology has a strong baring on the Retail Investor and I genuinely believe that a coin listed in 'Sub-$XXX' listed on CB, will attract much more 'Newbies' looking to find the next 'Moonshot'. Speculation - Since I first Invested (Late November [Thanks to The TeenageInvestor on Youtube]) there has been limited 'Real World' utilisation of XRP as a genuine source for on demand liquidity. Admittedly , some companies (Cuallix) have been using it Day to Day but on the whole, the majority of utilisation has been in 'Pilot' form or has been sidestepped for pure RippleNet testing. I do believe however, that once companies realise the potential to free up any liquidity held for oversees remittance etc... that at that point, XRP will come into its own. Additional PR - This is one I've dreamt up on my own but given that Ripple as a business are on what looks like recruitment drive for Marketing Experts (recent hire of ex-Facebook Marketeer), I believe they will be putting a lot of pressure on MSM to keep up the positive momentum surround Crypto and Ripple/XRP. Market Pressures - Competition in any market is positive for business. VISA recruiting BlockChain specialists with experience of Ripple R3, ETH and BTC means they are trying to catch a slice of the market Ripple are seeking. This will be exciting to watch given that Ripple are some years ahead of the competitors and VISA already have the majority of Key Account Partnerships tied up in their existing business. Nevertheless, I see this as excellent for Ripple and Blockchain in general. Other Listed Companies riding the 'Crypto Wave' - As we have seen recently, partnerships with Crypto's bring positive action (to both the Crypto and the Stock [Moneygram being one example]). I therefore wouldn't be surprised if more Fortune 500, FTSE100 etc... companies start trialling and experimenting with Blockchain in their existing business to bring some returns for their shareholders. Those are just a few of my thoughts. I would love to hear the thoughts from some of the other 'Top Members' @XRPto50dollars, @RegalChicken, @buckor, @Chewiecoin and where they see the price action arriving this year. Thanks for reading. #XRPtheStandard
  7. Stock Market Forecast for the Next Three Months The Dow is approaching 26,000 points. Wall Street continues to rise in the wake of the corporate tax break announced just before Christmas. Thus, the market rally continues and nobody seems to care that the tax break risks pushing U.S. debt to the point of no return. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that stock market predictions for the next three months (Q1 2018) remain bullish—at least according to mainstream logic. Read Here... https://www.lombardiletter.com/stock-market-forecast-for-next-three-months-q1-2018/25633/?utm_source=OnSite&utm_medium=HomePage&utm_content={home}
  8. Ripple January 2018 Crash Why is it suffering more than the other major cryptocurrencies? The main reason appears to be the reported heavy handedness of South Korean authorities that would be introducing strict regulations for cryptocurrency trading and may even shut down domestic cryptocurrency exchanges. Ripple XRP has been one of those volatile cryptocurrencies that is known for its wild swings. It crossed a high of over $3.80 early this month but is now trading at a little over $1.10. https://goo.gl/kmCwqv
  9. Two Pump-and-Dump Altcoins to Shun in 2018 Investing in cryptocurrencies is like playing the ponies. Virtually everyone is taking a gamble to get rich quick here. Every other day, a new breed of altcoins is thrown into the market in the hopes that naive investors will take the bait. It is unsurprising that there are now more pump-and-dump cryptocurrencies out there than we can count. In the following report, I’ll be talking about two sister cryptocurrencies that seem likely to leave investors with a double whammy of misfortunes in 2018. Read Here... https://goo.gl/58jn2r
  10. Will Bitcoin Crash in 2018? For most investors, 2017 was a pretty stellar year. The S&P is up around 20% since this time last January. But as good as that might have seemed in more usual times, these are anything but. After all, who would settle for a measly 20% return these days, when Bitcoin (BTC) is up 1,500%? Here’s the problem: In classic Newtonian style, what goes up must come down. And that has pretty much everybody wondering: Will Bitcoin crash in 2018?Without knowing for sure whether Bitcoin is in a bubble, it’s hard to say if a BTC crash will occur or, worse, whether a BTC crash will spiral outward into a broader cryptocurrency crash. Read Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/four-cryptocurrencies-suffer-bitcoin-crashes-2018/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=btc2018
  11. Here are the reasons why XRP will hit 1000 USD. 1. 150 trillion USD daily money transfer between the banks cannot be managed for a company who has less than 20 trillion USD value. 2. Transactions are easier. There are 500,000 USD bills, banks use only. So XRP will replace those. 3. 2030 world will be more criminal. A crypto currency will solve this issue, imagine there is no criminal activities possible since you can track the money. 4. For better future XRP as the USA based money should control the world. 5. Economically world needs freedom, for better economy for all world, and no more under bed money - because everyone will invest XRP- world economy will be super which will prevent world war 3. Win Win
  12. As much as Ripple employees and executives try to steer clear of the prediction business, there's much that we can infer from company statements, interviews, blogs, and other reference material as 2018 begins. How does Ripple see the crypto market? What are their plans? I cover their perspective and possible future scenarios in my blog, so you'll have to read it to find out. Thanks & hope you enjoy! Feel free to share my blog with others and on any other media or platform - and thank you for doing so! Hodor Blog Announcements on Other Media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  13. moey91

    The Digital Money Forum

    The Digital Money Forum SPEAKER: Brad Garlinghouse, CEO, Ripple LINK BELOW: https://www.ces.tech/Conference/ConferenceProgram/Conference-Tracks/The-Digital-Money-Forum
  14. We now have some good forecast reactions on xrp, mainly thanks to the South Korean markets. (bitthumb etc.) https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/daily-ripple-price-forecast-4-nov/ Things are looking good, bullish even, hopefully, it continues. Profit Confidential is banking on Ripple being carried by CME as well, when that happens, a $2.00 Price Prediction will have higher probabilities hitting. Also, I found out a transcript of Palm Beach Research Group's recent take on Ripple, thanks to the guy who posted this (dc041894):
  15. Ok guys, in the world of Ripple and cryptocurrency in general I guess I am a novice or a newbie. However, I'd like to just make this post as a general, easy to understand chat about its projected value over the coming 12 months of 2018. Please correct me in my outline to tell me if i am correct or not. This is basically a summing up of what I have heard people say and argue on the internet and social media as to why XRP will boost upwards, I am merely trying to set this all out in one place so that you guys can tell me if it is at all correct as to how 2018 is suppose to develop for XRP. My simple way of looking at it is thus..... Let us assume firstly that Ripple keeps growing and that XRP also keeps growing in its usage, actual practical uses in real world, real-time transactions. Let us assume therefore that investors investing in XRP grows and the price keeps going up. I know this is a lot of assuming but my discussion really centers around the market cap argument. Many people say that XRP cannot possibly go up to $1000 in price and that even $100 would be a massive step. This argument is based on the maths that if you use a circulating supple of 39billion XRP, a price of $100 would give $3.9Trillion. As I am typing this the whole market cap of all cryptocurrency is around $600Billion? So we can see that XRP reaching $100 actually DOES sound a bit crazy in the current climate. However, the history of Bitcoin tells us that a price of almost $20,000 achieved a few weeks ago would have seemed absolutely crazy 12 months ago, and the market cap 12 months ago was tiny compared to now. So where does this all leave us? Firstly, people in general say that there are many many billions of dollars yet to enter the cryptocurrency market, due to it being fairly new. Analysts all over the web are saying that this could even reach trillions of dollars if financial institutions and pension providers and banks actually start investing in cryptocurrency. Secondly, Bitcoin is seen as many as impractical for real time, real-world uses in its current form unless it innovates. This leaves a gap which XRP seems to have been trying to position itself to fill and could theoretically have a head start almost in this respect come the start of 2018. Thirdly, XRP has so far been difficult to purchase and a boost in price will happen as it is added to more exchanges, especially Coinbase. Fourth, IF (maybe a big IF?) XRP actually starts to be deployed by banks to facilitate cross border transfers of money in real-time then many many banks will stock up on XRP and HOLD it to ensure they have a large supply. This in turn will actually REDUCE the circulating supply and by the forces of supply and demand this will increase the price to those investors wanting to put money into XRP. Because of this reduced circulation caused by banks etc stocking up on XRP in order to use it the price of XRP may well shoot up to $100 or more? Does this make sense at all to you good people who understand XRP better than me? Thanks guys and Happy New Year. Regards OWEN
  16. https://ripple.com/insights/2018-predictions/
  17. I found an article somebody shared with me. See https://venturebeat.com/2018/01/01/12-changes-that-could-shake-up-the-blockchain-world-in-2018. I keen on what the community things about this, especially the first point. I have my thoughts but do not want to bias the discussion. It says the following. Please no FUDster comments/opinions, but real arguments at best with sources.
  18. 1, Japanese banks officially adopting xrp (January 31st) 2, Amex adopting Ripple and xrp (Within 6 months) 3, Announcement of two household names joining Ripple and hopefully xrp. 4, Coinbase confirming the listing of xrp (Currently speculation) Coinbase listing xrp (This will bring the biggest hike) 5, Overtaking Bitcoin on marketcap
  19. Link to article here: https://fintechinsidernews.com/posts/LhbeHMLk22nvHrSNM/coinbase-to-add-many-more-altcoins-in-2018 Ripple has to be a prime candidate to be included on the Coinbase platform. Interested to hear your thoughts....
  20. XRP is on the move. What is the result of our latest liquidity increases, and what's in store with Ripple's latest hire in the communications position? I cover it all, and indicate the trajectory of our rocket ship as we clear the atmosphere. And of course, I haven't forgotten about the "two household names" hinted at last week. Please feel free to leave any feedback below. Also, feel free to share or link to my blog on any other media (e.g., FB ) My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
  21. When Ripple and XRP and Xrapid and Xcurrant and everything has been implemented, And banks are using XRP and XRP is on coinbase, and it’s the year 2020. What do you think the final price will be? $100, sounds right. I think Ripple have many ideas up their sleeves, that and not being spoken about. One of them I think, is to make ripple/xrp a world currency. Now, they are not going to say that publicly. One day at a time. First you get the banks. Brad Garlinghouse, did send a tweet the other day. Talking about buying house hold items and coffee and how the fee is better than bitcoin at lower fees. I don’t know, maybe a ripple card, you can use your ripple card on the bus, to buy shopping, ect. Not sure, but there's more to ripple than meets the eye. 38,622,870,411 XRP Circulating Supply. That’s enough to do the whole world. So what are your thoughts on the final price with information with have?
  22. Guest

    XRP 2018/2023

    It's too early. Right now we are watching the building and Maturing of the crypto world. 90% of the Crypto currency's you see today will go to zero, over the next 5 years. Only a few that have real world application will survive. Many of them are just BS. They will all be weeded out. If you think of ripple like a cake and XRP the cherry on top. Everyone wants to put the cherry on top now, but the cakes not finished. Due to the low barrier to entry, we see a wave of many immature investors. News comes out that AMEX is working with ripple, and everyone is jumping up and down like a 4 year old with candy. 'TOO THE MOON, TOO THE MOON'. They all check the price of XRP, and it don't move or goes $0.25 - $0.23 The next day 'XRP is **** it don’t work' blah blah blah. Amex working with ripple is great news. Just because is AMEX is working with ripple does not mean the price will move. The price will move when AMEX have tested ripple for a period of 6 to 8 months. When they see that this really works and makes a big difference to their business, Ripple can introduce XRP as a form of faster cheaper payment. It fits in over the top of the already smoothly working infrastructure that ripple has in place with AMEX. Actually making it so the banks want to use it, because it makes sense to use it. So what's happing here? Ripple are building trust, partnership's, long time business. This slow integration is going to happen with ever partnership they have. This is a 3 to 5 year to 10 year investment. The price will go up when you least expect it. All of a sudden, $1.23 few weeks $1.89, few weeks later $2.11 We will here AMEX is now using XRP across their whole business with uses. Saving million's of dollars. A solid partnership. There will be lots of issues' along the way. But right now ripple look good.
  23. http://ethereumworldnews.com/ripple-price-prediction-invest-ripple-future-2018-prediction-xrp/
  24. Kudos to @yra77 for posing this new link in the zerpbox: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/bbva-ripple-money-transfer/ While there's a separate thread related to the BBVA news, this particular article mentions something interesting. While I hope it's true, Ripple's own material (PDF HERE), says Ripple tech saves up to 42% in a low volatility environment. This article is now claiming 81% savings using Ripple. While I hope this is true, I think that number needs some scrutiny (anyone want to email the author?).
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