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  1. http://fst.net.au/news/we-need-standardised-online-protocol-payments-ripple A global payment standard for the internet is needed together with modern payments infrastructure, according to Stefan Thomas, Chief Technology Officer for Ripple
  2. Modern computer ledgers use cryptography to enable highly secure digital commodities to faciliatate global real-time transactions. While bitcoin provides perhaps the most secure digital asset on the planet its value is highly volatile and therefore inappropriate for several classes of transactions that require additional predictability in terms of purchasing power. Despite bitcoin being the most secure and liquid digital commodity most similar crypto systems exhibit many of the features that make bitcoin great such as cryptographic keys that verify ownership and digital signatures enable transactions. Other systems introduce counterparty risk in order to maintain purchasing power for holders of the commodity at some peg to a real-world entity. Instagold is an all-digital commodity designed to carry the purchasing power of gold bullion by maintaining liquidity between instagold and bitcoin, and between instagold and physical gold bullion. Instagold aims to prove that money is a socially-shared phychological construct wherein people assign value to a particular controllable item. The instagold cryptographic commodity version alpha is tracked on the Ripple global consensus ledger as XAU issued by the ripple account rfYJPE1o9sWypZPhEKZtpAyA36DbCQLYgY, with the goal of 1 XAU equivalent to the price of delivery for one one-ounce of us gold eagle coin. Use the ripple charting software to follow the market for instagold. Currently a market of two instagold is maintained and anyone can contribute to the market and trade instagold by using a ripple-enabled trading client. Instagold will serve as a building block for digital economies to root their value in gold, the world’s most highly trusted money throughout history. Of course there are incredible challenges to building an always-on digital commodity that is based in the value of gold, including counterparty risk, high availability, privacy and market integrity. Advances in decentralized software development will continue to expand the possibilities in the realm of digital commodities, and instagold is positioned to take advantage of future improvements in technology to enhance its offering and maximize the experience of using money across the world. Here is the original blog post: http://stevenzeiler.tumblr.com/post/133383924889/instagold-digital-commodity
  3. by Piotr Piasecki on 20 November 2015 http://bravenewcoin.com/news/bitcoin-technology-can-be-used-to-reimplement-and-possibly-improve-upon-the-banking-system/
  4. Have you guys seen this? https://news.bitcoin.com/decentralized-fintech-exchange-openledger-launches-today/?utm_content=buffer26ee0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=plus.google.com&utm_campaign=buffer "OpenLedger, the first decentralized “FinTech Exchange,” launches today. OpenLedger enables users to convert Bitcoin to “fiat-pegged” smart coins that can be held or traded within a decentralized system. Smart coins can be cashed in through the Nanocard network, Paypal, Ripple gateway, and money transfers.
  5. http://fintechnews.ch/1763/blockchain_bitcoin/ecurex-releases-110-page-digital-currency-report/ ECUREX Releases 110-Page Digital Currency Report Swiss bitcoin startup ECUREX has released an extensive 110-page report on the ongoing innovations in the financial sector brought by digital currencies. Main author is Paolo Tasca, Economist at Deutsche Bundesbank and Executive Director at Ecurex.
  6. http://www.thepaypers.com/interviews/nilesh-dulane-ripple-labs-interconnectivity-builds-internet-of-value-/762131-38 Ultimately, we believe interconnectivity of the world`s payment systems will be a key part of building the broader Internet of Value
  7. https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/block-chain-will-revolutionize-capital-markets-beginning-2016/ "The TABB Group's 21-page report includes information on block chain technology features, five use cases, announcements from large banks, snap shots of six block chain startups: Symbiont, R3, Chain,Ripple, Digital Asset and Hedgy". I for one did not like how RIPPLE was written with such transparent and hardly visible letters Have Ripple ever referred to themselves as a "blockchain startup"? Is it correct to consider them as such?
  8. There are at least two known systems that connect the ripple ledger with the bitcoin ledger, btc2ripple.com and bitstamp.net. How much payment volume in bitcoin is moving through systems like those two? How might such figures be calculated?
  9. https://medium.com/@RippleWorksOrg/amped-to-accelerate-impact-d8cdf47d817b Good stuff: RippleWorks has been teaming with Off.Grid:Electric, which raised $16 million at the end of 2014 to bring affordable solar power across Africa. RippleWorks volunteer expert Nate Rosenthal, who serves as Square’s Director of Customer Support, is helping Off.Grid:Electric scale up its customer support to meet its rapidly growing demands, now having expanded operations from Tanzania to Rwanda.
  10. Deloitte is the leading 'Big 4' in blockchain research Read entire article: By Ian Allison November 13, 2015 07:10 GMT http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/devcon1-ethereum-deloitte-eye-global-accountancy-blockchains-1528511 Deloitte cuts a bold figure at Ethereum DevCon1 Here is a previous article: By Ian Allison August 14, 2015 12:20 BST http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/deloitte-delving-into-ethereum-eris-ripple-1515494
  11. Thanks to MundoXRP for pointing this out: http://www.coindesk.com/real-cost-applying-new-york-bitlicense/ So if this gets approved, Bitstamp could be able to accept money from domestic wire transfers in the US, just like Snapswap did. IMO that would be very good news for Ripple (well, XRP). Although says in this article that the bitlicense doesn't guarantee they will get banking services or get a MSB license. Still, if US residents could buy XRP as easily as BTC..
  12. Compliments of Kaze from the chat box. Source: http://www.coindesk.com/us-justice-department-holds-digital-currency-summit-in-san-francisco/ Photo: http://media.coindesk.com/2015/11/Screen-Shot-2015-11-09-at-8.44.59-PM-600x370.png
  13. karlos


    Tapatalk has now been setup for the site. If you've never used Tapatalk before, its an app that makes forums a lot easier to read on mobiles/tablets (also good for multiple forums). Just install the app and do a search for "xrpchat" Easy peasy!
  14. until
    11:40 AM Exploring Block Chain: Uncovering the Technology and Practical Applications Block chain is widely discussed to be the next big disruptive technology, changing the way things have been done potentially eliminating fraud and decentralising authority. This session will dig deeper into the practical applications of block chain particularly in financial services and how businesses can be prepared for this wave of disruption. -Uncovering the technology behind block chain -Discussing practical applications and its impact on financial services -How can block chain improve cost/revenue ratio -Impact of decentralising authority and fraud
  15. https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=15699&start=90 Seems some uncomfortable questions have been asked about the future of XRP, and Ripple is covering its ears. Its been a month now since interledger, and the lack of transparency regarding the future of XRP hangs like a cloud over the whole community. We run in circles, asking the same questions on this forum and the official one. Apart from some brief forum posts, investors have been left in the dark about Ripple's strategy for XRP. I don't accept the argument that Ripple can do whatever it likes. And this isn't some technical protocol glitch that doesn't merit a response. I'm talking about the overall strategy of a token with millions of dollars and thousands of investors at stake. The price has predictably tanked because of all the uncertainty..
  16. source: http://www.newsbtc.com/2015/11/01/w3c-to-standardise-ecommerce-platforms-across-the-world/
  17. rippleric

    Diwali Fintech Meetup

  18. Source: http://www.bankingexchange.com/technology-channel/item/5840-blockchain-next-big-thing
  19. About RBC: Royal Bank of Canada Type Public Traded as TSX: RY NYSE: RY SIX: RY Industry Financial services Founded Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1864 Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada[1] [2] Montreal, Quebec, Canada Key people David I. McKay (President & CEO) Revenue C$34.108 billion (2014) Net income C$9.004 billion (2014) Total assets C$940.550 billion (2014) Number of employees 73,498 (FTE, 2014) Website rbc.com Another gigantic bank tests Ripple.. Also just out of interest, the largest banks in the world by market cap: Rank Bank name Market capitalization (US$ billion) 1 ICBC 302 2 Wells Fargo & Co 281 3 JP Morgan Chase & Co 230.60 4 China Construction Bank 208.04 5 Bank of China 188.84 6 Agricultural Bank of China 176.03 7 Bank of America 169.68 8 Citigroup Inc 162.89 9 HSBC Holdings 160.47 10 Commonwealth Bank of Australia 114.75 11 Banco Santander 95.69 12 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) 92.66 13 Westpac 91.39 14 Royal Bank of Canada 86.20 15 Lloyds Banking Group 84.85 16 Goldman Sachs Group 83.60 17 US Bancorp 80.08 18 Toronto-Dominion Bank 78.09 19 Australia and New Zealand Banking (ANZ) 79.51 20 Morgan Stanley 72.60 Not a bad collection so far..
  20. Very nice find presented on chatbox by Da970 Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dh-partners-with-ripple-to-deliver-innovative-payment-capabilities-and-to-create-foundation-for-future-disruptive-payment-innovation-531944911.html D+H Partners with Ripple to Deliver Innovative Payment Capabilities and to Create Foundation for Future Disruptive Payment Innovation "trusted by nearly 8,000 banks, specialty lenders, community banks, credit unions, governments and corporations."
  21. Dear Ripple Trade user, Ripple is revising the Ripple Trade Terms of Use. These revisions will be effective October 31, 2015 UTC and will apply to any continued use of Ripple Trade on and after that date. The revised Terms of Use are available here: http://www.rippletrade.com/#/tou. The current Terms of Use are still available here: http://www.rippletrade.com/#/tou-june-2015. The changes we are making describe the identity verification process that will be required for using Ripple Trade and clarify our ability to make changes to Ripple Trade, as may be necessary. By continuing to use Ripple Trade on and after October 31, 2015, you agree to be bound by these revised Terms, and we strongly encourage you to review them before continuing to use Ripple Trade.
  22. https://gist.github.com/justmoon/9462822 Looks like the idea here is to embed a swift message into a Ripple transaction using the memo feature. I guess the transaction would still be public though. So this would go out over "Ripple Connect"?
  23. Very interesting comment discussion on Reddit (yes Reddit, but still): [–]alexkravets 2 points 1 day ago Interledger/connect is their second pivot ( this time away from Ripple / XRP ) permalink [–]austenten 2 points 23 hours ago So according to the Whitepaper, [1] Interledger is a Ripple initiative as you alluded to. [2] XRP would have no place in this system. Of course it's in Ripple's interest to tie Interledger to XRP usage, driving up the value of all of their pre-mined currency. It doesn't seem like XRP is built into this system yet, but it'll for sure be interesting to see if this changes. permalinkparent [–]alexkravets 1 point 23 hours ago Existing Ripple / XRP are described in the ILP paper as a "centralized or decentralized" ledger, the white paper itself is cool, however belated effort to counter ( still secret ! ) R3CEV initiative that 22 TBTFs already signed up for ... Ripple got jilted at the altar by all the TBTF suitors despite all their prior sweet talk. R3's " permissioned & private Global Fabric for Finance" aka G3F is probably similar to ILP but crucially with validators restricted to the members of the cartel and shareholders in the ( still secret ) Visa-like entity, stay tuned it will IPO in 20-30 years :-) permalinkparent [–]austenten 2 points 23 hours ago* Yeah that was my homepage impressions. After I read the whitepaper, I suspect XRP will be used in the background, but RL doesn't explicitly mention that, only referring to it in section 3.6 Fees and discussing incentivizing participants. edits: The founder of R3CEV is a former banker exec turned entrepreneur, but it looks like he's quickly made all the right partnerships.I wouldn't write off Ripple just yet. It will take at least 2 years for all those banks that signed on with R3 to test any platform they have yet to design and develop. It seems to me R3 has bitten off more than they can chew. Major international banks sign on, and R3 is stuck in the middle of 22 extremely large bureaucracies. Most of us know how big bureaucracies handle IT decisions. Could you imagine this, it'll be like herding cats! An alternate outcome is perhaps the R3CEV will see Ripple's advancement far ahead of their 22 chefs in the same kitchen mess, and adopt a more simple but effective solution like Interledger. permalinkparent [–]alexkravets 1 point 13 hours ago R3 has the advantage of doing exactly what it's masters want rather than coming up with an "elegant new system" and then trying to sell the banks on it, also banks like and need the total control that they'll have over R3 by actually owning shares in it ( same as in Visa, but this is my speculation ) permalinkparent [–]austenten 2 points 23 hours ago Thanks for sharing /u/thepiachu - it was a very smart move to tie this platform to the W3C [edit: and not focus its branding on being a Ripple platform]! Definitely seems that Alex is now bearish on Ripple. Insight or FUD? Im guessing the latter.
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