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  1. Sorry but IMO this goes a bit too far. From a guy requesting some trademark (can’t anyone do this? Why not ripple itself? Doesn’t make sense), his employer, some random company statements that mention the words “decentralized” etc coming to the conclusion XRP is being used is going too far. I also think we don’t know and won’t know every development that is going on. But the dots that are being connected here are just standard corporation speak.
  2. Great thread, reminds me of myself when I watch soccer and yell at the TV telling coach and players what to do because for sure I know it better
  3. Hi @Nicolas you might have heard about Ripple's communication regarding "staying the course" in remittances/ SME B2B payments and reducing treasury operatings (MoneyGram?). As a Ripple customer using ODL - how does that change of direction impact your integration & efficiency of ODL - are you affected at all? Do you see any consequences except from having another type of entities participating in ODL flows? Thanks in advance
  4. I also tried to summarize that here based on the thread linked above -> https://coil.com/p/karstnDE/Ripple-s-ODL-in-action-Insights-from-FlashFX-regarding-growth-end-consumer-integration-and-the-inner/Xc-tV61B jump to “Rebalancing”
  5. With some delay: Kazahkstan & Russia next & last stop: Mongolia!
  6. One of the highlights for sure: The Pamir Highway Also check the drone video compilation on Cinnamon.
  7. Added Uzbekistan and "flat" Tajikistan. Next will be the Pamir Highway with our journey peak at 4,600m altitude!
  8. I added Turkmenistan, next stop will be Uzbekistan.
  9. I really liked DS talk, so I wrote a small piece about the general topic. In case you're interested: https://coil.com/p/karstnDE/Blockchain-Ecosystem-Design-The-Case-for-the-XRP-Ledger/yRJZlHY0
  10. There’s quite some difference between not being profitable and lights going off...
  11. Added the next leg - Georgia & Azerbaijan. Next stop Iran!
  12. It would be great if it were opinions but it is obvious that it’s only about destruction.
  13. I was indeed joking and no worries. Just thought someone mentioned above that he sells his XRP on bitstamp so I couldn’t resist. Can be ignored
  14. Great to know Jed acts as market maker for ODL!
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