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  1. I also tried to summarize that here based on the thread linked above -> https://coil.com/p/karstnDE/Ripple-s-ODL-in-action-Insights-from-FlashFX-regarding-growth-end-consumer-integration-and-the-inner/Xc-tV61B jump to “Rebalancing”
  2. With some delay: Kazahkstan & Russia next & last stop: Mongolia!
  3. One of the highlights for sure: The Pamir Highway Also check the drone video compilation on Cinnamon.
  4. Added Uzbekistan and "flat" Tajikistan. Next will be the Pamir Highway with our journey peak at 4,600m altitude!
  5. I added Turkmenistan, next stop will be Uzbekistan.
  6. I really liked DS talk, so I wrote a small piece about the general topic. In case you're interested: https://coil.com/p/karstnDE/Blockchain-Ecosystem-Design-The-Case-for-the-XRP-Ledger/yRJZlHY0
  7. There’s quite some difference between not being profitable and lights going off...
  8. Added the next leg - Georgia & Azerbaijan. Next stop Iran!
  9. It would be great if it were opinions but it is obvious that it’s only about destruction.
  10. I was indeed joking and no worries. Just thought someone mentioned above that he sells his XRP on bitstamp so I couldn’t resist. Can be ignored
  11. Great to know Jed acts as market maker for ODL!
  12. Hi all I went with two friends on an epic trip from Germany to Mongolia with a crappy car (Renault Kangoo) two summers ago. It took us 52 days and >20,000 kilometers. We went through Eastern Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgysztan, Kazakhstan and Russia to get there. We made some nice very footage (incl. drone) and I'm currently writing up the story on Coil. Have a look at it! Currently available episodes: The Beginning Eastern Europe Turkey Georgia & Azerbaijan Iran Turkmenistan Uzbekistan and "flat" Tajikistan The Pamir Highway Russia & Kazakhstan Have fun & I'm looking forward to comments (or questions?)!
  13. First thanks for sharing, I found this to be a brilliant talk, unfortunately with too little time. Regarding @Tinyaccount's concerns I agree with @jn_r - nicely summarized! Fees and decentralisation don't necessarily prevent the liveliness of the XRPL decreasing. We had the case with the BTC IOUs for a few weeks, then the number of tx per ledger increased to ~400. That increased the operating cost for validators, and if a validator is not operated from a well funded institution but e.g. a private person that might lead to less validators ensuring robustness of the network. Same for DDoS. That's why you need the natural stakehodlers of the XRPL (e.g. FlashFX, moneygram) contributing to it's robustness and not free-riding. I would expect though that the more well-funded institutions, i.e. large businesses, rely more and more on the XRPL, the higher the risk will be for the XRPL halting, the more incentivized they will to stop free-riding and actually contributing.
  14. BofA is on RippleNet committee since long if I recall correctly, so we should cook our jets
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