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  1. I don't know if hopium really helps people in not getting overinvested. Both overinvesting and unrealistic hope should have no place in any investors mental toolkit. Purely rational thinking should be.
  2. For sure the blog episode is controversial, but those complaining about it by saying “everyone should accept other people’s views” should re-read the following part of the blog:
  3. Miguel left Ripple and Ripple partnered with Standard Chartered and Alipay
  4. It's more the other way around, if XRP succeeds so does Ripple. Ripple succeeding does not necessarily mean XRP succeeding. They use their stack of XRP, not XRP as an asset itself, to expand and promote their business. But in the end it for sure is a very nitty gritty way of arguing so your train of thoughts is nevertheless somewhat reasonable.
  5. I took the summary and highlighted the wrong (or at least could be argued to be wrong) statements in red. The confusion between Ripple and XRP is astonishing.
  6. The recent increase seems to be based on USDT/ Tether. The last days Bitbank has been significantly in the lead volume-wise, Coinbene - not a scrap. Seems somewhat fishy to me. Same can be observed for ETH and BTC (different exchanges though)
  7. One time? Sly trader? More like 1,513 (src: Wiki) times benefitting from other people’s ruin. Worst of all
  8. https://www.coindesk.com/banks-trying-launch-crypto-assets-r3-blockchain-tech/ Sounds like they want to create kind of a token for internal usage in banks. This would of course be another walled but could have XRP working on top. At least Royal Bank of Scotland (Ripple partner) seems to be part of this initiative. What do you think?
  9. Agree, I just don't like that attitude that people think they know it all better and feel entitled to demand things. </offtopic>
  10. Stop saying Ripple has to do this Ripple has to do that. They don’t. They know better what’s good for the XRP ecosystem than you do.
  11. You know this rating is crap when you see EOS being ranked 1st...
  12. I just can’t handle some people’s definition of “fact”
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