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  1. Didn't SBI allude to R3 and Ripple reconciliating their beef? Good news either way.
  2. To me, the idea of this possibility entertains me the same way comic book fans endlessly debate superhero vs superhero settings. So much is up for interpretation and we're all entitled to it, but the same story can be spun different ways and we're left with a bunch of 'what ifs'. Just to find out the result of said superhero matchup is at the mercy of who wrote it and likely unexpected. Definitely entertaining.
  3. With or without implies the least favorable situation of the two nets a certain result, not the result being equal regardless.
  4. Wonderful read, Hodor. To be honest, David opting for a stake in Ripple as opposed to a bag of XRP irks me. I understand his motives are his but seeing as XRP is pretty much his brainchild... it feels like he 'went out for a pack of cigarettes' if you know what I mean. But for all we know, he might have enough xrp as is.
  5. Dutchpinoy

    Open Forum? Really?

    You're free to leave, our mods are no tyrants.
  6. Dutchpinoy


    Well in that case go ahead and overextend your investment. Hell, get a loan for it.
  7. Dutchpinoy

    Arrington, Binance and Ripple

    And people complain about the dips while I'm fomo'ing my eyes out. Thank you dip God.
  8. Dutchpinoy

    Bear Trap or rising?

    Definitely not a bear trap, most probably a bull trap.
  9. This has absolutely nothing to do with dreams and blind hope and I'm not indulging any further. Good day to you.
  10. You are exactly what's going wrong with xrpchat. This place used to be filled with thoughtful analysis and a healthy dose of speculation. It seems like together with value, this place reached new lows. Go spread this stuff in telegram or your family dinners, not here.
  11. Dutchpinoy

    binance base currency for people like me

    You're weird. I'll entertain you nonetheless, entitled fellow forum-goer. "And you have a plan how to do this?" What kind of question is this? I'm pretty sure I'd be the last person to come up with anything. Ask @miguel about plans. "It is not only two steps where the first is making XRP the base and the second is everything is just traded against XRP. This is not how the market works". This is exactly how the market works. The current experience is laggy and costly and the market is looking for a solution. Whether it be XRP or any other asset, a party that leverages the right asset for the experience wins the race. The market decides, the exchange provides. If the XRP experience goes bust, the exchange flops and the idea is dropped. Don't bother me with technicalities or how it's done. It's being done. Stop going around thinking you're entitled to a detailed explanation when, really, it's on you.
  12. Not one bank per se. You need to account for the market reaction that follows suit. When a bank formally adopts xRapid, chances are, SEC clarity has been achieved. Think a market void of regulatory uncertainty and a digital asset approved by world's most stringent sector. This would be a first in the entire market and I'm betting one bank is all we need as catalyst.
  13. Dutchpinoy

    binance base currency for people like me

    Think instead of btc being traded against everything, it's xrp.