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  1. People's Bank of China + Ripple?

    Your examples refer to services they have direct domestic control over (censorship). How are they planning on domestically controlling xborder payments?
  2. Bucket List

    I have a bucket item, not so much a list. I don't plan on selling before it hits a 100usd pricepoint. When it does, I plan on getting lost wherever life takes me for a couple of months. Maybe backpack through asia, get foodpoisoning from eating streetfoods, end up in a barfight in Australia, pass out on a beach in Florida. LIFE.
  3. This is why I love this community.
  4. A willingness to look at different models is common business practice. Nothing wrong with it, it's how Ripple got it's foot in the door to begin with.
  5. Wonderful and thoughtful interview. It's evident Hyperledger has some very keen people working for them.
  6. Let's see the diversity in FUD that's been spreading. The more outrageous, the better.
  7. You best believe Ripple / XRP being usecase example #1 in their talks.
  8. Because it's 5 billion xrp that was promised.
  9. I spoke with western union agent today

    Doubtful it's anything Ripple related. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your experience! (I do hope its true).
  10. Nope. Cuallix/Cuallet are non bank entities. Edit: I don't have twitter or I'd do it myself, could someone clarify this by contacting https://twitter.com/crypto_slate
  11. What use is the current price in the current market as an indicator of value? Exactly.
  12. Moon? 23 March

    The right words from people in the right places could very well set the precedent for public and institutional approval. While true that aligning countries on all regulatory issues is a steep challenge, it's reasonable to assume there will be a sense of general direction. Or not. Hell, I'm just thinking out loud.
  13. SBI’s Cosmoney starts business March 20

    I'm loving the implications of this on the likes of WU/MG and their increasing sense of urgency. Even more if their current pilots are yielding results above expectation.
  14. And the first trillionaires are a consequence of a new asset class.