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  1. The first bank using xRapid might very well be unannounced. Whether it becomes publically known or not makes no difference utility wise. Don't hold your breath for any offical word.
  2. I find this dip to bear an uncanny resemblance to last week's dip. XRP found support almost immediately and rebound to pre-dip while other assets tanked into the double digit % and barely recovered. Im no TA, but this tells me if this pattern holds, we could be looking at a methodical relocation of wealth.
  3. Dutchpinoy

    The Numbers - Make this Easy

    Thank you. Now we know for certain you're not backing anything up with factually correct reasoning. Notwithstanding the calculation being right or wrong, (i'm no mathematician), it's incomplete. Add up dormant nostro/vostro reserves and the same calculation looks entirely different. Detract a reasonable amount of non-liquid xrp (hodl, investment funds and whathaveyounot) and you're not even speaking the same language. If this is supposed to be your point for being a negative nancy, you're ill-informed and better of hodling paychecks.
  4. There's been a sudden shift in market dynamis these past few weeks. And so far, this shift has benefitted us enormously. Now seeing the infrastructure align makes entertaining the idea of xRapid volume creeping up, pleasantly easy.
  5. Is really no one commenting on this? I see what you did there. Ontopic: I have to admit, my expectations have been tempered these past months. Atleast, in regards to the timeframe, not so much the valuation potential. So yeah, I'm on the 'A' side. Furthermore, I believe it's either ball or bust seeing as the promise of xrp is to become the absolute most liquid asset available. Either it does or does not and fails to meet utility, and understanding the nature of the competing solutions means a one usd per xrp is probably very generous.
  6. Í'm genuinely surprised at XRP's performance. It's the only asset showing convincing higher highs and lows. My face since this started
  7. Dutchpinoy

    Quick Question

    I'm not technically adept enough to venture into specifics, but fat chance.
  8. Dutchpinoy

    Red Day

    I believe you're referring to Brad's idea of the majority of DA's failing to meet utility demand. I'm not aware of any 'shock treatment' statement regarding the current dip.
  9. Dutchpinoy

    Ripple Insights | Q3 2018 XRP Markets Report

    Afloat =/= expansion. Repeat all you want.
  10. Dutchpinoy

    Ripple Insights | Q3 2018 XRP Markets Report

    You know, repeating yourself isn't going to make your zinggg any more true. Exclusively mentioning $1M but explicitely excluding Ripple's gargantuan expansion and growth by downplaying it when you say 'to stay afloat', is downright biased and undeserving of that sassyness.
  11. Awesome. In other words, while we don't know the nature of this subdomain, it's safe to assume it's very much intended to be there. Makes me wonder since (googled pinging from command prompt) stuff like moneygram.ripple.com or santander.ripple.com or *insertpartner*.ripple.com doesn't register, ripple doesn't host any of these in bulk 'just in case'. Interesting, thank you.
  12. Thanks, so it's basically proof of life. What is it proving alive though? Is alipay.ripple.com undeniably and un-counterfeitably (probably not a word) an extension of Ripple.com and not something someone could host for sh** and giggles? I feel like my parents right now, i'm clueless.
  13. What does being able to ping this imply? A genuine question here, idk.