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  1. Fundamental progress is my means of judging whether I bail out or not. Having said that, I'm assuming a sub 15c pricepoint would indicate something's really wrong.
  2. I'm done buying, or so I keep telling myself. I've overshot my initial hold target by more than twice the amount of xrp (just a modest bag by any standard, don't rob me) but I used to buy in small chunks per paycheck, say 300 euro every month or two and by selling some nintendo collectibles I was comfortable parting with. Nothing I can't overcome if xrp goes venezuela on us.
  3. His question is better suited elsewhere on this forum but you must be new here; this forum is absolutely crawling with knowledge.
  4. I'm afraid you're ill-informed about xpring's construction and intended purpose. Ripple is laserfocused on their usecase, and will continue to be so. One of the marvelous benefits of the warchest they have, however, is being able to incentivize and nurture any initiative that aims to propel themselves using the xrpl, ilp and codus. They're indirectly turning corners into alot of neighbourhoods, not because they have to, but because they can.
  5. I smell laziness. You're here implying it's a phase while simultaneously not knowing what xrp is paired against on Binance. I'm not sharing recent info, go look it up yourself.
  6. The first transfer to the philippines, yes.
  7. As xrp enables fast multi-exchange trading and settlement, it's been adopted as a base quote ever so steady. The addition of Coinbase as a fiat on-ramp provides the market with a massive entrypoint for xrp, making it just as easy to buy as bitcoin is, worldwide. Is it reasonable to expect a surge in xrp pair listings? I believe the biggest, if only, hurdle in this regard has always been how easy bitcoin is to buy for so many people compared to xrp; effectively bottlenecking it. According to @MeGodzillo in https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/30535-coinbase-xrpusd-pair-is-doing-great/, xrp is doing great and rapidly gaining in Coinbase volume. I for one am looking forward to pleasant developments. Thoughts on this?
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