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  1. So btc's getting clogged, much sooner than was expected. With a backlog of >50.000 tx's and exorbitant fee's, will this bullmarket ignite the significance of xrp base pairs? The market is a different beast compared to 2017/2018 and has seen a monumental buildup in exchanges adopting xrp trading pairs and making xrp mom&pop-level easy to buy. Thoughts on this?
  2. Yeah except you don't. You are pulling a classic social justice warrior by limping past the exact justifications of Ripple keeping a tight lip on their proprietary software volume, and enforcing your own emotion regardless.
  3. Point taken. Thing is, their given %'s are false going by cmc pulls. That should warrant a raised eyebrow or two considering it's a market report in light of transparancy.
  4. Solid agument, 5/7 would like to read again.
  5. That's not the point. It's about using cmc's proven skewed metrics and calculating from there.
  6. If it's your public adress, no harm is done. Strange sure but as long as your private keys are yours, you can sleep soundly.
  7. I happened to run across an ad-banner visiting 9gag, linking to https://ripple.com/faster-cheaper-payments/?utm_source=adroll&utm_medium=retargeting&utm_campaign=xr_online_event
  8. People wanting to like his posts makes me want to like his post again, he's really good at farming the likezzz, wowzers.
  9. I mean, at the very least I'm glad he's notified me as I use xrpchat as my daily newsfeed. @Lamberth, have a like.
  10. It means you should find a power outlet, battery's drained. Edit: on a serious note: xrp being recognized for it's intended purpose by coinbase looks to me like a pivotal shift in their agenda. Whatever their reason is, having a heavyweight in the corner is only a good thing.
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