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  1. Let' start with yours then. https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/perus-interbank-to-utilize-ripples-on-demand-liquidity-for-cross-border-payments-201911120159 And I'm not assuming you're coveniently forgetting SBI, larger than just a bank and about as deeply involved in xrp as can be.
  2. Wonderful podcast imho. It's great having him adress him jumping the gun on '19 progress. I see the developments abroad as very much in line with what he said here. E.g. we're seeing countries and regions with with clear stipulations, now forming business relations founded on the premise of digital asset usage (specifically xrp). Projects are now building out that they simply can not fathom in the u.s. Now, one can argue SBI is a massive stakeholder and their progress in asia is biased and incentivized directly by Ripple and that, somehow, this implies this isn't organic growth... Bu
  3. Go look at the total odl volumes. Though it's spiking, it's still inconsequential when compared to overall volumes. Xrp @ 20c could manage these volumes. Regarding it's independant behaviour of btc, xrp isnt the only anomaly within the top 100 assets currently. Patience padawan.
  4. How people laugh at these events just because the price is stagnant is beyond me. Any development now is likely to be crucial in defining the winning horses, be it cbdc's, xrp or any other type of digital asset. This is it. Win or lose and people cry lame? I for one am stoked regardless of the exact content and direction this goes for xrp.
  5. Agreed. I'm actually dumbfounded at the dollar value of this.
  6. I feel shat on. I've dived into your thread with an open mind only to run into this and more rubbish that @Tinyaccount has eloquently pointed out. You can't drive a point home if your arguments are flat-out wrong.
  7. I believe he and many others quit xrpchat; people disliked the 'connecting the dots' type of digging, likening it to hopium and hype. Fools.
  8. ...which doesn't detract from anything. That's another fact. Keeping up?
  9. As detailed in https://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/investors/disclosure/presentation/pdf/190603presentations.pdf (thx @GiddyUp) from what I can conclude, sbi vc is being designed to be part of an entire ecosystem surrounding digital assets within the sbi group. If it does turn out be an xrapid partner, and I'm liking the odds it will be, I can only imagine the importance of it being a regulatory and technical fort knox. Fact is, you don't know what a fact is. They've been busy.
  10. If you and only you are to blame, then you'd bet I'd fire you too. My point is that the scale of SBI is absolutely enormous and judging it it solely by our expectations and reference material would be ignorant to say the least, considering we know absolutely nothing about what goes down behind closed doors and what their reasonings are (there are absolutely zero examples of standards to which we can hold SBI to). Point in case being that only after sbi being delayed, xrp and other assets have been recognized as currencies in Japan and only recently, FATF guidelines have been established. Could
  11. I.e what does sbi owe to him/us. People are complaining about sbi regarding their progress but are to inept to realise timeframes are subject to change, it's uncharted territory after all.
  12. Saying we're looking for excuses implies the selling to be negative by nature, which may or may not be true. Though it's apparent it's the cause of massive downward pressure, Ripple's course of action is the very same course that brought us to buy into xrp. The community has been counting on closed door conversations regarding deals and enabling the ecosystem, so why would we start out by considering this move to be malicious by default? What I'm getting at is that we have no idea what's going on but Ripple has enough credit (going by the progress made in building out the necessary rails) to w
  13. We share the same mindset here; i've committed and am willing to ride out my belief, for better or for worse as long as nothing fundamentally alters my perception. Stay ignorant, little retail investor! Godspeed and may fortune favor the bold.
  14. Forte was literally founded q1 this year. Imagine scoffing at Ripple a year after inception.
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