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  1. Dutchpinoy

    It's goodbye, kind of

    Best of luck to you @Graine. Profit's the name of the game. We're all in it for the same thing and if your due diligence says otherwise, who's to judge?
  2. Dutchpinoy


    While you make good points, one accounts for proper market prospects when deciding on a store of value. I believe that at some point, pending market uptick, value appreciation outweighs supply dilution. Even as of right now, we're seeing btc lose in relative value to xrp. While a 'hard cap' scarcity is nice to have in a store of value, desirability is sometimes equally or more important.
  3. Im amazed at their keen sense of focus. When they say they're focusing on low value, high volume remittance; they're taking direct shots at the very consumers that benefit the most and form the largest group of remittance clients. Their focus has focus.
  4. Yeah no. Nowhere does the article mention Ripple or any of it's services, let alone xrp. Foei!
  5. I agree. The value of bitcoin should be hinged on it's ability to deliver in it's application. If we measure xrp by how it alleviates today's inefficiencies, we should measure bitcoin by how it bottlenecks the entire market.
  6. Funny thing is, I know your argument is valid. The fud's getting to me.
  7. This does coincide with the Dutch Rabobank statement that they've been struggling with privacy concerns. I'm having a hard time placing this alongside Brad's bold confidence in xRapid's uptake by major banks though. Time will tell.
  8. Dutchpinoy

    China and the gang of four

    That's some @Tehol_Beddict level sherlocking right there.
  9. It's funny how you mention there's no need to point out partnerships and achievements, when really, fundamentals ought to be the first thing on your mind. Much more important is how come, not necessarily how much.
  10. Let's not measure by different standards here. The article refers to anonymous sources, treat it as such.
  11. Dutchpinoy

    If you wake up and XRP is at $50, you'd...

    I would sleep soundly, knowing that I've made the right investment decision. All while holding strong for as long as fundamentals and my financial situation allow it. And since we're talking about a 50usd XRP, chances are fundamentals are solid.
  12. Up until recently I thought I was done buying. But the sub 60c dip got me topping off 2k zerps. It pales in comparison to some members here, but it's as far as responsible buying goes for me.
  13. Dutchpinoy

    xRapid Tipping Point Reached?

    In all honesty, if you take these type of 'advice' to heart, crypto is not your thing. About a minute or so in, he's pertaining himself as having insight into the banking mentality and that Ripple lacks what he has. You can not be serious about this guy. Hodor can't help you. You need the school of doing your own goddamn research.
  14. With this attitude, shouldn't you be buying TRX or XVG? Any asset would kill for additional fiat listings. But hey, it isn't coinbase, so fcuk 'm right?