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  1. Do you understand how un regulated markets work? They can do as they please
  2. A Year? Xrpaid went into beta late in the summer. You bought at 3 dollars didnt you!
  3. Im trying to find brokers that deal with low level investors. I have opened an account on fortrade, but they dont have everything I want. I am looking to find possible fintech inspired companies. At present SBI Holdings Japan(stake holders in ripple the company), Standard Chartered(partner with ripple), Banco Santander(partner with ripple), Paypal(ripple rumours), Amazon(ripple rumours), IBM(stellar links), Uber(ripple rumours) are a few of the names I am interested in trading. Does anyone know where I could buy SBI Holdings from? It is available on the Tokyo Stock Exchange code 8473 and on US Market as code SBHGF. Any trading platforms that offer this company? Im looking for synergy effects from association with ripple and other cryptos that I think look good to succeed long term
  4. Agreed, people all of a sudden thought you could go to moneygram and send XRP. I keep saying this, but the immaturity and lack of critical thinking on any news announcement in this whole world is totally mind blowing. No wonder things are so volatile, through bad reporting(facts often mis represented), and then bad analysis of this news, these stupid swings are inevitable, so much unfounded speculation its unreal!!!
  5. TA seems to be a great tool at describing how markets how moved after the fact. I just think there is too much outside noise factored into price movements. I relate it to my profession, I make odds for basketball. If I just used past performance indicators as predictors of I wouldnt be very good. The TA(past performance) is only 1 of many indicators, that when looked at in isolation, are just one variable in a multi faceted problem.
  6. Id take the cash. Im not chasing billions, Im chasing a house for my family. After that I have all I need, cash is fairly irrelevant to happiness for me.
  7. Im not sure that a lot of people buying small amounts of XRP would affect the price as much as big money making moves. Although dubious, BCH hasnt benefitted to be opened up to coinbase customers!
  8. Ah I started out in US sports originally, from a margin perspective and market depth view, its definitely one to look at I am more focused on Non US basketball nowadays. Some South American and Euro leagues
  9. What Sports? I dabble in some basketball here and there. Oddsmaker by trade
  10. Google toast wallet wont load. My boot loop resolved.
  11. I had this issue on IOS. Updating the IOS software to the latest version worked for me in getting toast wallet out of that boot loop. I saw it somewhere else on internet, with others having issues.
  12. 31 Days ago if you had suggest we would be at 1.89 as of now, you have raised a lot of eyebrows. The price is just fine, maybe not if people bought in much above 2 dollars, but looking at it without all the confirmation bias of the last months rise, you see everything is decent right now, good progress being made. Rome wasnt built in a day
  13. The price grew 10x on nothing, thin air, or maybe it rose on whispers in real investment communities of upcoming announcements of say Moneygram. That and a combination of panicky petes bailing everytime it shows an uptrend could very well explain today.
  14. Another bump, because, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you should ignore it.
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