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  1. Just zoom out a little folks (1-day interval chart for instance).. don't panic...
  2. I believe that’s exactly what will happen! It’s really Ripple’s strategy that i’m most impressed about. I doubt if many people realize what these guys are trying to accomplish, in a magnitude that is almost to big to comprehend. First have FI’s get a taste of the new paradigm with xCurrent, slowly changing the industry from the inside, and dethroning the prehistoric and intensely slow SWIFT as the standard. This in itself is already a huge accomplishment in a fairly conservative industry (and that’s an understatement). At first, FI’s won’t care less about XRP value, their transfers are now already done at near real-time speed with a fraction of the costs compared to SWIFT. Then welcome xRapid, Ripple’s secret weapon... the infrastructure and client base is already built by xCurrent, and clients holding XRP that they’ve got at the time of adopting xCurrent almost as a courtesy, now have a huge first mover advantage and will be the first to benefit from a huge uptake in liquidity. Now FI’s will care about XRP price and the FOMO among these FI’s will slingshot this thing to the moon. Easy... my two XRP. I’m a hodler, and not worried at all. Granted, there’s a bit more around what I think is Ripple’s strategy, but I had enough typing on my phone
  3. next thing you know, they're selling goldplated XRP on the beach. Only 10 dollars, you my friend...
  4. Unicode character for a 'heavy black heart' (Google is my friend )
  5. I actually have the M version on my shopping list CU @ Cloudbase
  6. In addition they do business in a lot of developing countries with many cross border payment corridors, which could potentially (and very likely) be leveraged by Ripple’s products, services and XRP.
  7. It's not shown on LCW, but using Bitscreener: BCC -93.7% (although it peaked approx. 25 days ago to >400US$ and that would in fact be -97%...) I.e., quite a drop...
  8. For being a trillionaire at 100 $XRP you’d need at least 10 billion Zerps (10,000,000,000...!). There will be a few, but many...? Needless to say i’d be very happy if it gets to $100 and beyond...
  9. And to top it off, using Ryanair is much quicker than the actual SWIFT/SEPA settlement...
  10. I'm excited! Gone through the 'crash' in full confidence of Ripple's potential. Couldn't help it, I even bought some more zerps...
  11. US$430 early January... US$22 now... If there's one good thing about this market stalling, it is we'll shake out a few of these scam coins
  12. Is this why the whole market is moving up again? https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/alibaba-launches-crypto-mining-business-china/
  13. Travel for work and have time for great night life... are you guys hiring and where to apply?
  14. Remember the hype around NYSE Bitcoin futures trading? Once the really deep pockets start to mingle... exactly this ^. HODL and stay below the radar.
  15. All good points, thanks. Nonetheless, IMO Really anything could happen. Big news could spark new FOMO and uptrend, unanticipated Russian or Chinese crypto bans could stall the market almost instantaneously. Imo, the crypto market is still in its infancy. It's an unregulated market out there, making it susceptible to the manipulations we're seeing over the last few weeks (i.e., I'm fully onboard with your statement on global regulations). Whales are having field days, volatility is unreal. For new investors it's a pain to enter the market as crypto exchanges are nowhere near being able to cope with the additional demand over the past few months (I'm still waiting on Bitstamp verification which I've started well before Christmas) which hampered the momentum quite severely. On top of that, lots of people who thought to get filthy rich quickly have lost money, who we probably won't see back into crypto investing anytime soon. Like you mention, it could take a long time until we're back at ATH, but it might as well take a few days (.. or it might even never get there again, although I tend to believe differently). If you feel fundamentals are strong (which I do), HODL as long as you feel comfortable and stick to your strategy. And of course, also I'd like to have that Lambo (the SUV that is, I have young kids to drive around) rather sooner than later
  16. LOL 100 percent Hodler. Can't even touch my zerps now if I wanted to as they're safe and secured in my hardware wallet (which I don't carry around for obvious reasons). I do have some sense of market sense and psychology though
  17. I wish I could print money... no cash at hand to buy more zerps, went all in in November
  18. at least a large chunk of the stop losses have been executed now...
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