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  1. Or you could just rename this thread 'I went all in on a cartoon figure's predictions on a nascent, speculative and unregulated asset class and now my kids will be eating dog food in 2019, who wants to massage my ego?' and call it a day? If you bought at the multi-month range of 20-24c before the bull run in 2017, you're still about 20-25% up after 18 months.
  2. It isn't true though mate. No regulation hinges on extant lawsuits. If that were true, we could have a parade of vexatious complainants (as these ones are) holding Ripple down eternally. That won't be allowed to happen, as the current lawsuits could take a year or more to finalise. At any one point large companies are constantly fighting in courts; it doesn't stop them going about their business.
  3. This could be interesting. With everything that is coming online for Q1 2019, they'd be stupid not to list the bigger coins in preparation. Aka, XRP.
  4. I think he makes very, very astute points, and that his videos are starting to go from tinfoil hat to plausible very quickly noting he is backing it up with presentations the banks are making, and linking disparate documents and press releases. Take with a grain of salt of course, but part of me wonders whether the emergence and development of things like xSpring, Coil etc are because they feel the bank to bank and corporate to bank payment game was stitched up months ago via the above. Brad is famous for his Peanut Butter Manifesto where he denounces companies spreading themselves too thin. You can afford to move into other areas of innovation when you have supreme confidence in the direction and potential success of your core business.
  5. People are assuming that SWIFT and Ripple aren't already working together. We have no idea. Amazing coincidence though that SWIFT GPI's release date of late-Nov just seems to be amazingly in the ballpark of when the switch is being pulled on XRapid. SWIFT would have had NO way of knowing this when they started work on GPI. I think we'll find they will complement one another: Ripple would love to leverage off SWIFT's easy access to clients, and SWIFT would love to access Ripple's technological efficiency via the ILP. Something big is brewing.
  6. This. The crypto maximalists can't put out the call for huge institutional money to drive their tokens to new ATHs, while expecting to operate at the fringes of regulation and bad mouthing the same institutions on the other. We wanted adoption, we're getting it. But banks and the 'system' are never going to go away, and you can't innoculate crypto from their influence in 2018. It's the only way forward if you want the big returns. And let's be honest; 95-98% of people are here for the returns and profits - not the purity of the tech or anarchist notions of a financial utopia, free of the banking industry.
  7. I mean this with no disrespect; but you are incredibly naive if you think any regulatory future of the crypto space (and let's be blunt, that is the only way this will be mass adopted and fed from a financial POV...the DarkNet/Silk Road days are over) will allow a system without KYC/AML and no transparency.
  8. The XRPL twitter tracker just upped the filter to >10K. We won't know how long this transaction will run for now.
  9. So every 5 minutes we are seeing amounts of ~4000XRP being transacted on the XRP Ledger. These have been going for most of today like clockwork (see pics below). So what does this mean? Well a quick glance at the XRP Dev Portal lists these as Payment Channel Claims, and they are annotated as such (see the link): https://developers.ripple.com/use-payment-channels.html They aren't using the described test account addresses, so this would imply they are real. The Dev Portal also states that numerous Payment Channel Claims can be used to 'break up' a larger payment. My guess is that someone or some entity has just made a HUGE transaction of XRP and with a tin foil hat on, that it has been structured to complete over a long time in order to lessen the distorted effect (and the subsequent speculative rush that would follow) on the market that a mammoth transaction would entail. Something big is brewing people. It would be very interesting to see how big this transaction will be.
  10. rMHSvqV83BhFDhkQtXELxNYyyhq776dhzG That address looks reeeeeal familiar. Was this one of the codes in that BG123 heart image that never got 'solved'? Absolutely happy to stand corrected though; but the first five letters or so just ring a bell.
  11. I'm sorry but having just watched that, to be blunt, she presented as a terrible speaker. She doesn't appear to have confidence in her knowledge of the product outside of the usual quick PR bites we have heard at length already. Even then, her delivery of those basic points sounded stuttered without real conviction or any further insight. European Lead? Really? I might be sounding harsh here, but if I delivered a public speaking brief/plenary like that at work, questions would be asked. I hope it was just nerves and that she builds confidence in other representational instances.
  12. Confidence is building, and volume will follow...although admittedly it's a bit of a 'chicken before the egg' situation. Facebook allowing crypto ads again, large banks and FIs priming to enter the crypto market, stories of actual adoption appearing in the news... We could equally go down (And I wouldn't be surprised), but it's all looking towards a textbook spring at the moment over Jul/Aug.
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