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  1. All of you are acting like trolls. If going from under half a cent all the way up to between .20 and .30 isn't ridiculous enough for you you're insane. The Ripple team can't help it if you got in at the top of this first movement. It's not price manipulation. Going higher then this is just crazy for anyone who has been in the XRP game for more than a few weeks or months. Everyone wants the price to go higher. But, why would people buy at 60 times the price they were buying it at a few months ago? Bitcoin has gone up 16 times this year and people are saying it's a bubble. Come on now! I sale off some like everyone else when I see I'm up by over 60 times my initial investment. You're just not seeing a long enough timeline to be thinking rationally about this. The price will go up again when enough people start seeing this as a "low." Or, when banks start to use it in a major way. That won't happen until its got way more than 89 pairs to trade. The reason other coins go up more is either because they are on way more exchanges which makes them more useful. Or, because they are on just one or two exchanges and that means it's extremely easy for a bitcoin millionaire to buy and sale to themselves at higher and higher prices with 2 different accounts and drive the price up without spending any money until it gets so high that someone else jumps in and they can cash out way higher.
  2. So, I want to send someone in another country $100,000 US in seconds. The act would work out as.... 1. My bank here buys $100,000 US worth of xrp, or whatever other "3rd party asset" that neither bank controls, from a local exchange or some other type of market supplier. 2. It sends the other bank the asset. 3. The other bank sales the asset into its local market at market value which everyone hopes is at least $100,000 US. Done. It needs to happen as fast as possible so that no one looses money and it needs to be in high demand on both ends and it absolutely needs to be a 3rd party asset just like gold. If it's made up by a bank, then who's going to buy it at the other end? So it has to be 3rd party. If it's slow then someones loosing money during the hour its transferring. (it adds up fast when your talking percentages of millions, billions, etc) Ideally we need instant. If it's not in high demand on both ends then you can't buy it or sale it to anyone. If it's worth way more then it's easier. Could you move $1,000,000,000 through XRP or any other digital asset right now without blowing up the market a bit. The higher priced the asset the more money can flow through it. Right now it's way easier to move a million through BTC because each one is worth so much more. It's also in higher demand and from more fiat pairs. But, it's massively massively slow and can only handle around 7 transactions per second. So,.... it's actually not possible to use Bitcoin except as a savings tool. Can't use it for transfers. The same with ETH. It's just too slow and wasn't designed for it. At the end of the day all of this should be logged by the bank and considered for for gains and losses when they do their taxes. I don't really see a problem for them. I totally agree that there is a problem for us when we use our BTC or whatever to buy things. It's a nightmare. Especially when you're talking about thousands of jumps between all different assets on exchanges over the course of a year.
  3. oh yeah. I hadn't thought of that. Because it's the fastest coin to send between exchanges... you would want to use it over anything else so you're sure to catch the price you wanted at the other end. Can't do that as well when its an hour in transit.
  4. Yes, but it needs to be able to be bought and sold into fiat and in a lot of places. Out of those options you really only have a few coins that are "real." The rest of them you might as well be buying monopoly money and you're hoping to turn it into a real coin later. XRP is orders of magnitude faster than most other coins and you can actually trade it in for fiat. But, BTC is still the easiest to access
  5. I know. That's why I'm hoping that this will be exactly what we're looking for. https://www.sbivc.co.jp/adv/ At this stage they started the exchange last year, they have their license as of last month and it looks like they are allowing people to open accounts for when the exchange starts live trading. I can't find anything on a date for trading to start but thats basically Ripples oldest partner in Japan getting ready to open a cryptocurrency exchange. I think we can at least hope for all of these new exchanges in japan to trade XRP and deepen liquidity. Beyond that it might be reasonable to hope that this one will use XRP as its bridging asset. After all, they should have a personal investment in the price of XRP.
  6. When will an exchange open up with XRP as the gateway coin the way BTC is now? With its claim as the fastest coin on the market, is seems like a no brainer. If there were an exchange where every coin flowed into and out of xrp it would give it an extremely obvious and immediate use case. Last year when SBI partnered with Kraken https://news.bitcoin.com/sbi-kraken-announce-multi-million-dollar-deal/ and then announced that it was opening an exchange https://www.coindesk.com/sbi-first-bank-backed-digital-currency-exchange/ I thought for sure that because of SBI Ripple Asia... that an XRP based exchange was exactly what was about to happen. It makes too much sense.... and yet, no news. Does anyone have any articles that point to this happening at some point or give a timeline to that kind of liquidity boost?
  7. I wish they didn't have to be so concerned with regulation. Or that regulation were already fully in place and ripple could just easily comply as it has so far. If that were the case, ripple could open up XRP for payments right now for individuals and businesses and let banks take care of the 99% of costumers who still use banks at their own pace. It is the only coin fast enough to know that you actually have been paid when you're trying to sale something. Have any of you actually bought or sold anything with bitcoin? There's this hour wait and once it was around 2 hours 15 min where no one is sure if its sent to the right address or if someone is ripping the other person off. It's so stressful. When I transfer XRP with someone its just done. bam. wtf. what is the reason for not using that right here and now?
  8. But, nothing ever makes sense in this space. I'm surprised BTC is struggling back above 5500 as I type this even though the fork is almost guarantied to cause a sort of winter for it over the next month. Anyone who knows anything will be pulling out while its high because they know that when the fork goes, they can buy back in at that low and have equal coins of both chains too. Its a no brainer. The space never really follows logic when there's still no use case driving the market. things can go any way you like when no one is informed and none of it really matters and its just large capital flows leading smaller flows around.
  9. I think the biggest dip came from the banks each directly saying that they weren't interested yet. That's not to say that they wont use it and how can they if they aren't on board with Ripple tech. But, it was a sobering thing to hear that it's a stage in the plan that's still much farther away. It was also interesting to see the leaders of different blockchain applications in general say that there isn't really anything driving these prices right now. That none of them really understand why bitcoin is as high as it is and that the whole space is still just starting and not really to a scale and speed that's in any way usable. The only one that is at that speed is XRP and banks flat out said they don't need it yet. That's a bittersweet pill to swallow. I know that getting everyone together and building customer base and all of that is extremely good. But, having it spelled out so clearly that the utility aspect is lacking across the entire board... that was a blow for all cryptos in my opinion. On the other hand, people were saying the same thing about the web. That there was no use case. Now look at things. But, the hope of something changing next quarter died quite a bit I think.
  10. Ok, popcorn time. Might have been a huge mistake. But, I just took half my XRP and bought into Stellar. I don't see how they cant at least reach their last high of .06 and its not looking like XRP has that chance of doubling anytime soon. Half the market cap of XRP means a STR price of around .25 I'll sale out when it hits .12 and hopefully buy 3 times the xrp I sold
  11. Well, that's the thing. If the banks use crypto versions of their fiat money. Then they have all the same problems they have now as far a nostro accounts ect. They have to use a 3rd party that they can all access and trust. I think we are going to see a mass migration of funds into stellar unless ripple makes an announcement of live trading during swell. These 3rd party currencies are needed and if IBM is backing stellar then people could reasonably think that its market cap should be similar to XRP's and that puts it at around .50 USD because it has half the coins. Just that alone is massive competition and reason to be worried about XRP's price.
  12. i'm all for xrp long term. Short term I'm not sure. If this takes stellar to even half of xrp's market cap over the next few weeks it means they would be equal in price and that is a massive incentive to go all in on stellar short term. I'm just trying to be a realist and have no idea if stellar will crash tomorrow or if investing in it could give me 4-5 times the funds to reinvest in xrp and if holding xrp is just emotional at this point. I wont know until announcements from swift are all out.
  13. I know that. But, just seeing how the day is playing out. People who are just trying to jump into the market for what they see as a quick buck could dump xrp thinking that with half of the supply a similar market cap for stellar would mean double the price of xrp. Which could mean a large drop in XRP in the short term even though its doing better in the long run.
  14. I don't even understand why they would do it. Ripple is faster and more developed. It's easier to access and trade into other currencies. It's got a higher price per coin so you can move more money at a time through the market. It makes no since.
  15. I thought this price jump in STR was the normal, "Hey we used to be related to XRP so we're worth something too." pump and dump routine that happens whenever there's good news for XRP. When it just kept going up I started googling and still nothing. Then I switched to the past 24 hours and find that IBM just partnered with Stellar to use not their software but their token for cross boarder payments throughout the pacific region. They are supposedly going to handle 60% of the money transfers in 7 countries. WTF? Why did they pick Stellar and how big of a blow is this for XRP? https://www.coindesk.com/ibms-stellar-move-tech-giant-use-lumen-cryptocurrency-payments-rail/ I don't understand how or why this happened.
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