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  1. The world has seen the rise and fall of many different world powers over the centuries (Spain, England, the Romans etc), and I also share your opinion that the US is in decline. However, that shouldn't discount what the US has contributed to the world over the last 100 years.
  2. XRP? Ripple? How about the internet? Airplanes? I agree the US shouldn’t not think it runs everything, but the rest of your post is utter nonsense.
  3. It is in private alpha-stage at the moment. The project is yet to even release the token economics. More information is supposedly coming out in the next few weeks / months.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up, I had to read it twice to make sure I understood the context. Have your feelings toward XRP changed at all now that you have had this conversation?
  5. Thanks for this. Could you expand a bit on Question 8? Did you mean "the regulators said not to" or did you mean that there hasn't been any guidance yet from regulators on the use of XRP?
  6. Paradox

    New sbigroup presentation 29/11/2018

    From Google Translate: "Start of demonstration experiment using DLT at "Card Consortium" where SBI Ripple Asia serves as secretariat Efficient sharing of information with appropriate scope and contents: *Diagram* "Card company A Internal data Member data Usage history data Authorization transaction data Block chain Fraudulent transaction data Illegal attack occurrence status Credit management / security department Card company B Card company C Fraudulent transaction data Get input Inappropriate analysis attack occurrence status Used for analysis of unauthorized use" "9 companies including American Express International, Aeon Credit Service, Epos Card, Orient Corporation, Credit Saison, JCB, Toyota Finance, Sumitomo Mitsui Card, Mitsui Sumitomo Trust Club participate" Toyota Finance..... that seems pretty interesting.
  7. Thank you. I wasn't sure if the owner of the twitter handle had to initiate the deposit to be considered the "sender" for the xrptipbot. Like I said before, given the amount tipped, I figured this was fake but I wanted to make sure.
  8. The funny thing about this Zenk is that I'm actually truly curious I don't use xrptipbot because I'm not really on twitter. Based on the amount deposited I will be assuming this is a joke
  9. Occasionally I like to head over to xrptipbot.com to check usage stats and see how its catching on. Well a few min ago, I was surprised to see this: Does this mean Elon deposited XRP on his own behalf? Or did someone send it to him? I am hoping someone more familiar with XRPtipbot could help shed some light. I don't use twitter myself.
  10. This does not sound like Ripple to me. This sounds more like a upgraded Clearinghouse based solution (i.e. ACH-like). Ripple software does not use a private ledger (aside from the XRPL, which is not needed for domestic USD>USD transactions).
  11. Yes, the SEC commissioners review the information gathered from the investigation completed by its staff then decide to file a lawsuit if they believe they have strong enough evidence of wrongdoing. However, at this point this decision to file by the SEC is only a claim and not a ruling. The Court/Judge will then provide a ruling after both the SEC and the defendant make their case in court.
  12. This is the correct interpretation. The SEC has limited resources and is currently under a hiring freeze. As such, they will go after the low-hanging fruit first (e.g. blatant scam ICOs, small unregistered exchanges that don't have the capital to fight back etc.) because these types of cases are much easier to prosecute and typically reach a faster resolution. This also allows the SEC to demonstrate to the public that they are doing something, and assists the SEC in creating "guidance through enforcement". I don't know what conversations Ripple has had with the SEC, but given Ripple's track record in working directly with regulators, I would not be surprised if this issue has already been discussed behind closed doors. Furthermore, even if the SEC wanted to go after Ripple, they would have to be sure their case is air-tight, and are ready for a long, drawn-out fight. Ripple is extremely well funded, and has some of the best white-shoe law firms in the world as its representation (not to mention former SEC chair Mary Jo White on its side). My opinion is that the SEC will remain silent on XRP specifically until the issue makes its way through the court system. However, my hope is that some type of taxonomy system is developed in the US that provides clear classification of digital assets (similar to what the UK's FCA is doing) bringing much needed certainty to the space.
  13. Again, I think you are confusing the legal term “ruling” with the filing of a lawsuit (easy to do for those without a legal background). The SEC does NOT issue a “ruling”, it files a lawsuit which make CLAIMS of wrongdoing. However, If you are trying to state that the SEC initiates action that LEADS to a ruling issued by a court/judge then we are in agreement. My whole point is that the federal courts do not wait for “rulings” in the legal sense from the SEC before making any decisions, which you originally claimed. In the legal world, language matters and there is a very significant difference between the filing of a lawsuit and the issuing of a “ruling”.
  14. How is that proof of a Federal court deferring to the SEC to make a ruling? You literally just provided a Tom Channick quote from Coindesk. Furthermore, it's not that he is making false or uneducated claims, but rather is trying to convey that the onus is on the SEC to bring action if the SEC believes Ripple is violating securities law. Let me help you out here. Here is the process as defined by the SEC itself: https://www.sec.gov/enforce/how-investigations-work.html Step 1: SEC conducts an investigation and seeks to obtain evidence of any wrong doing. Step 2: SEC staff present any findings to the Commissioners Step 3: If the Commissioners believe there is enough evidence of wrong doing to make a case, the case is either filed in federal court, or with an administrative law judge. Step 4: The Courts/Judges decide the outcome, not the SEC
  15. Can you point to any proof or precedent where federal courts wait for the SEC to make a ruling? Typically the SEC brings enforcement action to a person or entity whom they believe is violating existing securities regulations. This action then proceeds to the courts (unless a deal is made prior) which then will make a ruling based on the facts and circumstances.