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  1. On second thought @Sukrim, I now see why you have taken issue with this claim - it seems you have been down this road before. It seems to have touched a nerve.
  2. For MainNet? I'm not sure it has been definitively tested, but it has been claimed by several Ripple engineers that the RCL is capable of ~1500 TPS. As such, this is the best data I have for the claims I have made. Do you have any thing to add? The post below by Mark Travis is a great read (if you haven't already read it) which goes into detail on the benchmarking done: http://highscalability.com/blog/2017/10/2/ripple-the-most-demonstrably-scalable-blockchain.html Here is a similar claim from the developer site at XRPL.org: https://xrpl.org/blog/2017/ripple-consensus-ledger-can-sustain-1000-transactions-per-second.html And finally public acknowledgement by Ripple employees:
  3. Can you show me the TXID for your transaction so I can see it on-ledger? I have never seen that personally in my experience with the XRPL, especially since we have acheived nowhere near peak network use yet as far as I can tell.
  4. Extremely unlikely. The XRPL has been operating nowhere near its max TPS capacity. This is likely user error.
  5. If my posts came off that way, that was not my intent. I certainly did not intend to question your investment choices (especially since I made the same investment ). I am clearly comfortable with risk, or else I would not have been sticking around for 2+ years. The intent of my post was simply to point out that despite all the positive relationships and xCurrent customers on-boarded by Ripple (which you had mentioned in your post), actual utility-based volume remains conspicuously low. I had no intention of commenting on your personal investment choices.
  6. Who said anything about speculation? I am commenting on factual occurrences not "speculation". In a similar vein, how is crypto "obviously not my thing?" I guess I will add that one to your long list of assumptions...
  7. Everything you just listed is an assumption or inference about XRP adoption, not actual adoption. If we look at the actual XRPL and companies that have actually adopted xRapid, very little xRapid volume is occurring. Despite all the confirmed (20 plus) xRapid customers.
  8. Many here, including myself are not frustrated because of price, but rather the lack of realized utility. I could care less what the price of XRP is if there was any detectable level utility-based volume occurring on the ledger. The proof is on the ledger - and so far there isn't any. Remember 1,400 strong Catalyst Corporate Credit Union? Where is the volume? Marjan recently said there are more than 20 financial institutions using it, yet no meaningful volume on the only two xRapid enabled exchanges in xRapid destination countries - Coins.PH and Bitso. Ripple has also continuously pivoted on XRP's specific bridging purpose. First, it was to replace the "27 trillion" sitting in the nostro/vostro accounts of banks - but XRP did not have the liquidity, adoption, or regulatory clarity to make that a reality. Now it is being positioned only as a liquidity solution for remittance into two exotic corridors and has admitted that banks are not adopting it yet. While its a good place to start, even if XRP captured the full global remittance total into the Philippines, it would only amount to about $79 million a day in volume on average. ($28.9B / 365) Sure, more corridors could be opened in the future - but this would require the creation of trustworthy exchanges with local fiat rail connections to be on-boarded as xRapid partner exchanges and all of the other ancillary work that goes into building the necessary infrastructure. Don't get me wrong, I still have faith in XRP long term - however for reasons I have described above (along with SBI continually delaying and the disengagement of Ripple staff from the wider XRP community) I have become irritated. All of this is going to take a lot longer than people think.
  9. No worries. It does look shocking right off the bat just based on the number though.
  10. Did you even look at the graph? 5.74 billion of the volume is from a single transfer of the REP token from Gatehub Fifth: Its probably just a glitch.
  11. This is where I'm stumped. Where is the xRapid volume? There have been many partners announced (Catalyst CU, MercuryFX, Euro Exim Bank, Moneygram, Sendfriend, Cuallix, JNFX etc.), but both the Philippine and Mexican corridors have little if any volume. Bitso barely has $300k in XRP/USD volume in the past 24 hours. Are these partners actually live? Where are the payments? I see what I believe to be xRapid payments from time to time, but they are few and far between.
  12. You or your partner don't have to hold XRP directly. The liquidity you need can be sourced either directly via RippleNet, through an xRapid-enabled payment company or bank, or via a direct relationship with an exchange or liquidity provider. Some payment companies or liquidity providers may offer you a locked-in rate at the time of transfer for a small spread premium so that you won't have to worry about 4 seconds of price volatility.
  13. Tell your mom to bring up XRP at the next board meeting
  14. Ask Brad to fly it there for you
  15. You said partner not explicitly "customer", so I obliged. Does it make sense to be on a committee of which you desire to "ensure operational consistency and legal clarity for every transaction" for a network you have no part of? Seems odd. But if Dann'ys comments above and being a leading member isn't enough, I would read through these threads:
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