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  1. 3 million more just left the first address. rJfoXNyaaWAiag3R7t9oa3UqyRa663qTrc is down to 25.4 million
  2. Paradox


    This is childish and borders on harassment. I hope most members here won't participate.
  3. Is the burn rate so high that it has a material impact on incentive? My gut tells me no. Even if 1 XRP per second were burned, it would take approximately 3,170 years to burn through all XRP at that rate. I'm not sure if this would outweigh the potential utility benefit.
  4. I don't see deflation as a problem at all. I see it as a positive characteristic, as it benefits all XRP holders in the long run. The world needs more deflationary assets IMO.
  5. Do it. As I said before I will gladly admit I was wrong if sanctions are actually enforced against India. Yes the US has Trump, but sanctions are the responsibility of the US Congress and not the president (thankfully). My guess is you will also see a very different US Congress after November elections.....
  6. Again, this is all posturing. Let me know when actual sanctions come down on India instead of the usual tough-talk. I have a feeling you will be waiting a long time.....
  7. Lets just wait and see how this plays out. If the US sanctions India I will fully admit I was wrong. However, I just don't see it happening. My guess is that this will either 1. get swept under the rug after the US verbalizes its displeasure or 2. a waiver is granted to save face and future military equipment sales to India are decreased.
  8. Do you even understand what sanctions are? They come in various different forms. SWIFT is only one of the "tools in the toolbox" so to speak. Your claim demonstrates naivety and ignorance of the current geopolitical realities in the region.
  9. Again, I don't care what any media outlet says. The US will not sanction India. They will grant a waiver to save face and move on. The US needs as many partners as they can in Asia, and will not risk "upsetting the apple cart" over a weapons purchase.
  10. CNN is the mainstream equivalent to the Oracle times in the crypto world. India is too big for the US to put sanctions on. This is scare mongering nothing more.
  11. I don't know what you are smoking, but the US will definitely not be putting sanctions on India.....
  12. Paradox

    Money Tap now live!

    The more people in the ecosystem the better....
  13. Looks like Kitao and SBI Ripple Asia just launched Money Tap
  14. Follow up tweet from the CFTC:
  15. I was just made aware that a U.S. Federal court has found that virtual currencies are commodities and are therefore subject to CFTC jurisdiction. See the press release just sent out today: https://www.cftc.gov/PressRoom/PressReleases/7820-18 My question is this: Does this have any bearing/impact on XRP and/or the outcome of Ripple's pending lawsuits? Thanks in advance