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  1. That’s not what I said though. I did not say living paycheck to paycheck equals financial illiteracy. I referenced them as two separate things - which they are. There are still places to put your money to grow, but in a low to zero interest rate environment it forces individuals to take on more risk to achieve satisfactory rates of return. Real yields for US treasuries are negative across the entire curve, so if you at least want your money to keep up with inflation you are forced to look elsewhere for decent returns.
  2. We have phone apps. This doesn’t change the underlying financial literacy or crypto education problem. Speculation is still alive and well in this space so I’m not sure what you are referencing here. XRP perhaps? Crypto’s history is not long enough to draw any solid conclusions on use cases IMO, apart from speculation.
  3. I don't find any of what is reported in that article surprising. Almost 80% of American's live paycheck to paycheck, and many people are financially illiterate. Bitcoin and crypto in general is also still a very niche area, and the average person is not interested in the technical aspects of crypto assets, nor is interested in putting in the time to understand how to obtain, transfer, or secure them. The crypto space in general is also still very immature and speculative (see Dogecoin). Very few, if any projects are actually providing anything of value (VeChain probably the furthest along in that respect). However, it is clear to me that crypto is here to stay - we just don't know what public blockchains (if any) will be the winners.
  4. Lol at all these comments regarding staking / rewards. None of that matters without actual utility. Otherwise it’s just inflation of a speculative asset. Ripple’s progress should be reflected in the XRPL metrics as utility usage ramps up. However, admittedly the numbers do not look encouraging at the moment
  5. I think you will be surprised with the outcome. Ripple has too many powerful people backing it and very close ties with the treasury department. I’d think you’d have to be pretty naive to believe these people would work for and actively support an illegal securities operation. Optically, it looks like Ripple already has the tacit support of the US government. We’ll find out more after Jan 15th.
  6. If @Cooliozxrp, @longhodler, @Freaky and of course @codiusrex spent half as much time doing something productive rather than posting continually asinine and whine-riddled posts, they wouldn't need XRP to be rich! Hope you guys get a nice big hug soon and feel better. Keep up the good work @Hodor!
  7. Don't listen to @Cooliozxrp, he/she has no idea what he/she is talking about. David addresses this question directly here: https://www.quora.com/If-a-large-amount-of-banks-were-to-adopt-xrapid-and-started-using-xrp-how-would-that-impact-the-tokens-value/answer/David-Schwartz-9?srid=uwf7 And answers implicitly here:
  8. I have posted these thoughts before on other parts of the forum, but I wanted to get a general feel from others if my thoughts are misplaced: Since MoneyGram (MGI) announced its partnership with Ripple and its intent to use xRapid, its stock price has jumped ~155% and is currently up around 10% so far this morning. Now yes, a significant amount of this price bump may be due to speculation - however if you have done your research and read Ripple's XRP cost savings paper, you will understand that the use of xRapid can significantly lower cross-border transactional costs which will ultimately benefit the company's bottom line. However - that isn't my point. I also expect to see what I will refer to as the "Ripple Effect" occur in the traditional markets as more publicly traded companies partner with Ripple. The massive rise in stock price must be getting the attention of other players in the industry. MGI is really the first example of how just partnering with Ripple can drive shareholder value. However, it remains to be seen if this effect will be long-lived. What do you all think? Do you think the effect Ripple has had on MGI's stock price will be an additional incentive for other public companies to hop on board? I am curious to hear your thoughts.
  9. On second thought @Sukrim, I now see why you have taken issue with this claim - it seems you have been down this road before. It seems to have touched a nerve.
  10. For MainNet? I'm not sure it has been definitively tested, but it has been claimed by several Ripple engineers that the RCL is capable of ~1500 TPS. As such, this is the best data I have for the claims I have made. Do you have any thing to add? The post below by Mark Travis is a great read (if you haven't already read it) which goes into detail on the benchmarking done: http://highscalability.com/blog/2017/10/2/ripple-the-most-demonstrably-scalable-blockchain.html Here is a similar claim from the developer site at XRPL.org: https://xrpl.org/blog/2017/ripple-consensus-ledger-can-sustain-1000-transactions-per-second.html And finally public acknowledgement by Ripple employees:
  11. Can you show me the TXID for your transaction so I can see it on-ledger? I have never seen that personally in my experience with the XRPL, especially since we have acheived nowhere near peak network use yet as far as I can tell.
  12. Extremely unlikely. The XRPL has been operating nowhere near its max TPS capacity. This is likely user error.
  13. If my posts came off that way, that was not my intent. I certainly did not intend to question your investment choices (especially since I made the same investment ). I am clearly comfortable with risk, or else I would not have been sticking around for 2+ years. The intent of my post was simply to point out that despite all the positive relationships and xCurrent customers on-boarded by Ripple (which you had mentioned in your post), actual utility-based volume remains conspicuously low. I had no intention of commenting on your personal investment choices.
  14. Who said anything about speculation? I am commenting on factual occurrences not "speculation". In a similar vein, how is crypto "obviously not my thing?" I guess I will add that one to your long list of assumptions...
  15. Everything you just listed is an assumption or inference about XRP adoption, not actual adoption. If we look at the actual XRPL and companies that have actually adopted xRapid, very little xRapid volume is occurring. Despite all the confirmed (20 plus) xRapid customers.
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