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  1. Thank you so much @Hodor. I really appreciate your interest and your support towards this initiative. About your comment on the potential to end poverty through new tech, there was this text in this Wired Magazine article (https://www.wired.com/story/new-story-3-d-printed-house/) which got me fully onboard this project: In a similar way, I am really glad to see the hard work from the Good Souls Group to ensure that among the first people to benefit from the Internet of Value (through the supported XRP Tip Bot fundraisers), there is not only technologists or futurists but also people who don't even have access to clean water or a safe home today, let alone access to internet and its endless possibilities.
  2. Thank you @KarmaCoverage for taking the time to read and for your kind comments. It is very interesting to read your insight and to learn how real estate is poised to be disrupted from different angles. I am not so familiar with the real estate market and how it works but I definitely agree a new revenue model and a new market segment will emerge as soon as this affordable housing option is scaled. One of the things that called my attention from here (https://newstorycharity.org/3d-home/): New Story aims to "democratize" the use of the 3D printing technology as it gains maturity to help make significant impact. I believe this will be truly a game changer. And speaking of game changers, I was drawing the comparison the other day that 3D printing technology is to home-building as XRP is for cross-border payments, in terms of time and cost savings. This is why bringing these two together made a lot of sense to me when deciding to launch the fundraiser. I was meaning to write you earlier but last week has been hectic, sorry for the delay.
  3. Your post adds way more than you would imagine. It's really encouraging to receive comments like this because this is all new to me. I'm just a normal guy with the best intentions to help and just getting started with blogging (I will also be in a YouTube stream later this week which scares the heck out of me ). So any words of support really help. I'm really glad you enjoyed the read. The Good Souls Group is doing an amazing job to ensure transparency of the XRP charities. For example, you can check this website to see the XRP donations the charities are receiving, including stats on a daily basis: https://xrpcharities-info.siedentopf.xyz Thank you for your kind words and for reading the blog!
  4. I'm really happy to share my first post at the XRP Community Blog with XRP Chat. It's my first attempt at blogging so I would appreciate some honest feedback. I try to highlight the use case of XRP for non-profits and how they will be able to benefit from the IoV. Here´s a small extract showing the main idea of the blog: 3D printing and XRP are two state-of-the-art technologies that share common denominators like speed, scalability and the potential to change the world by disrupting traditional methods in home-building and cross-border payments respectively. And here´s the link: https://xrpcommunity.blog/3d-printed-homes-and-the-xrp-tip-bot-the-ultimate-techforgood/ Thank you!
  5. Exactly this. As the Internet Of Value is being laid out, XRP is a wrecking ball that keeps getting lifted higher and higher until one day it's unleashed to demolish today's business model behind remittances and cross border payments. Great post.
  6. Who would you say are the Big Boys today? 0.1%, 0.2% top XRP accounts? Or are you suggesting the Big Boys haven't entered yet?
  7. Absolutely. Projects like this one may or may not be successful in the long run, but some of them have taken important steps in including features key to consumers and merchants that will help bring us closer to mass adoption: Dispute resolution, buyback protection, merchant protection against volatility, etc. Serious, reputable projects that develop their platform with these in mind and implement them successfully could be a great entry point for XRP into the mainstream.
  8. Awesome blog as always! IMO one of the main drivers of adoption will be platforms and crypto wallets that offer an extra layer of safety that would invite the muggles to tip their toes into the "crypto waters". Since some time I've been following on a very interesting project called UTRUST (https://utrust.com/) aiming to be the PayPal of crypto (plans to offer buyback protection and instant crypto-to-fiat settlements, which could really help boost both consumer and merchant confidence in crypto). UTRUST has scored a strategic partnership with UMT AG (https://www.umt.ag/en/investor-realtions/corporate-news/589-utrust-en), one of the biggest mobile payment providers in Europe (Serving over 13000 merchants in Germany alone). Their wallet is now in beta and it's expected to be released later this quarter. I sure hope these guys bring it home by including XRP as one of the options for their wallet. Edit: forgot to add that UTRUST is a member of Hyperledger since July '18:
  9. I think lack of a regulatory framework in general around the use of XRP for cross border payments is the elephant in the room. Lots of good news about the rails being laid out but nothing definitive around regulations yet which would be the real catalyst IMO.
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    IMO as time goes by, it becomes more unlikely that XRP will hit as low as $0.20 now that XRapid is rolled out and new customers sign up for it (eventually increasing value through utility volume). On the other hand XRP is still coupled to BTC so if the downtrend goes on it may as well happen. Since some time now, I see my XRP investment as a race against time.
  11. Thank you for your appreciation and support towards the GSG. To maintain full transparency and to effectively manage such valuable asset we are trusted with by the XRP donors are two of the key aspects we work really hard to take care of in the GSG Charities. I also wish to see more initiatives join us in leveraging on the huge potential of XRP to make positive and sustainable impact.
  12. Absolutely right. I am running one of the campaigns (@OneMoreHome) working with the Good Souls Group mentioned in the blog and I am completely overwhelmed by the response from the XRP Community and the power of the tip bot micro-donations. Just to give you an idea, this link shows all the users that have tipped to the campaign (over 500 tips in less than a month!): http://wipple.devnull.network/live/tips/onemorehome You can also check out all the tips received by the @xrpcharities Twitter account that splits any donations received equally into the 6 charities endorsed by the GSG http://wipple.devnull.network/live/tips/xrpcharities? Simply astonishing. In my view, this is the best blog @Hodorhas written so far in my opinion. It really inspired me. The Good Souls Group is really working super hard to help those in need while ensuring transparency, and of course ideas are always welcome!
  13. Absolutely. My end goal is actually to stop being the middleman and to hopefully convince the charity to accept XRP donations directly as this would remove both limitations. Meanwhile, I continue to provide as much transparency and information as I can on the objective of the fundraiser and on how I plan to manage the funds. And while it's not the perfect scenario, I am happy and thankful about how this has played out so far since in less than a month the initiative has received over 400 tips and one extremely generous anonymous donation of 6200 XRP after a brief conversation on the goals of the project.
  14. Thank you very much for your inputs and for reading thoroughly about the campaign, these are really valuable and valid points, which I would gladly like to address: Regarding 100% transparency The only time when I am able to prove that 100% of the funds go to the charity will be when the funds for the first home are deposited to New Story. Only then I will be able to provide evidence of the transaction flow from the XRP Tip Bot, to Uphold, to New Story. It is fully understood that trust is something really hard to earn and while I believe I have taken steps in the right direction, I expect to have the opportunity to fully earn it soon. In the meantime, I hold accountability that the amount raised is equal to the current balance in the Tip Bot page of the initiative. Also, this report shows the tip flow to and from the Twitter account, showing there are no tips going out from the campaign´s twitter account to anyone else. 100% is retained in the account. Regarding receipts. In case of larger XRP donations (e.g. larger than the XRP Tip Bot app limit of 20 XRP), the only proof I can currently provide is a screenshot of the deposit that appears in the XRP Tip Bot donations page which shows: the date of the deposit, the wallet that deposited the funds and the amount. If a charitable contribution receipt is a requirement, and the donor still wants to contribute to the One More Home campaign, then it would be preferrable to donate in fiat directly in the campaign page. In short, while the initial idea of the campaign is to leverage the power of micro-donations, XRP donations higher than the XRP Tip Bot app limit are welcome subject to the current limitations of the campaign -as a private initiative-, which must be disclosed. I fully take your point and will continue to explore all avenues to enable me to provide receipts. Thank you once again for your feedback.
  15. Hello XRP Chat Community, I am really excited to take the chance to present to you the fundraiser that I have recently started with the aim of covering the costs of one of the 3D printed homes that New Story Charity (An organization based in the US) is planning to build in my country El Salvador later this year. You can find out more about New Story´s 3D printed homes project here. Background I was born in El Salvador and all my life I have witnessed the poor living conditions of entire families and communities have to go through. When I learned about New Story´s work in my country and their plans of making such a big impact by building an entire 3D printed community there, I immediately started thinking of launching a fundraiser campaign to help fund one of the homes. As a guy with not such a big network it required some out-of-the box thinking to figure out how to raise $4000, which is the expected cost of one home, as mentioned in their website. As an XRP enthusiast and after seeing the great success of the StJude XRP fundraiser, I decided to launch a campaign on Twitter under the twitter handle @onemorehome You can find more information about my motivation to start this fundraiser in my kick-off Medium post here Progress so far / Current Status After the launch of the fundraiser, my campaign was evaluated by the Good Souls Group, and invited to be a member after meeting the requirements. Under current XRP prices ($0.306), the cost of one home is around 52.7% funded, thanks to one direct donation of 6200 XRP and 401 tips received through the XRP Tip Bot on Twitter. The total raised so far is 6873.080462 XRP As a result of the endorsement from GSG, the One More Home campaign was featured together with the other GSG member charities in Hodor´s blog: Helping Others...with Our XRP. How will donated XRP turn into a 3D printed home? The ideal scenario would be that New Story Charity would accept XRP donations directly, however they have stated that they are not accepting XRP donations at this time. For this reason, I have decided to create a dedicated XRP card in Uphold where XRP will be exchanged for $4000 which will be deposited to New Story Charity here. Screenshots of the transaction flow will be published on Medium and Twitter for transparency. 3D printed homes are planned towards the end of 2019. Therefore, there is still chance that: XRP will gain value against USD, maximizing the impact of the donations received, ideally even allowing the opportunity to pursue funding more than one home. As adoption of XRP increases, New Story changes their mind and decide to accept XRP donations. In that case, I would donate in XRP directly. The XRP raised will not necessarily be exchanged for USD immediately after the $4000 goal is reached. Market conditions and the status of the project by New Story will be taken into account for this decision. Donation Options XRP If you would like to donate to One More Home, you can visit the XRP Tip Bot donation page and deposit or donate. Or you can tip the Twitter account @onemorehome USD The One More Home campaign is also supporting New Story´s current projects, where homes are built still using traditonal methods. You can find more information and donate here. Summary In conclusion, to be able to fund a safe and adequate home built using 3D printing technology for a family currently living in slums, through XRP donations via the Tip Bot would be the ultimate Tech For Good, where the great potential of XRP´s value, micro-donations and 3D printing technology can be brought together to change the lives of those in need. I would like to invite you to take part of this initiative, any donation received brings us closer to funding #onemorehome