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  1. People fail to realize that the more people invested in Ripple, the more we will all profit. Posts like this provide 0 value to Xrp and the forum, if anything it caused people who failed to read the small text to sell their position because of artificial FUD.
  2. No one would buy a central bank coin (except other central banks), so there would be no value to it. Xrp has already created an internet of value, which is very hard to do in the competitive cryptocurrency market. You are welcome
  3. More irrelevant content not pertaining to XRP chat.
  4. What purpose does this whole topic have to do with informing people about Xrp? 0 none just click bait and for the few who don't see the small text it could bring artificial FUD.
  5. Cryptocurrencies are not created over night and need to go through trials in order to find bugs to make it more secure from hackers etc.
  6. My next Youtube video will be discussing people on forums creating artificial FUD.
  7. Not amused, please use this forum for its intented purpose! This is the Ripple Xrp Community where enthusiasts about xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia can chat and inform others with less knowledge on the topic or just discuss Xrp.
  8. I have a massive following on youtube and it doesn't mean jack squat, what matters is how you present yourself and the technology that will revolutionize cross boarder payments
  9. No Xrp FUD please research xRapid and before making belligerent comments about technology advancing our society please read every whitepaper of every crypto currency you make comments about. Comments like these reassure the fact that you are uneducated on Ripple Xrp and other cryptocurrencies you are invested in; just thoughts from someone who researches everyday. These types of clickbait posts creating FUD are unnecessary, I saw the small text but really grow up. @teddybear
  10. We have already done 20,000%+, Xrp will hit $100 in 2018.
  11. Thank you for the support, I agree with you that Xrp will hit $100, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.
  12. http://coinmarketcal.com/?form[month]=&form[year]=&form[coin][]=Ripple+(XRP)&form[sort_by]=&form[submit]= Lets see who these new partners are in q1 2018
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