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  1. Dude you're right, crap I better go sell all my fiat for XRP stat.
  2. Cex.io don't have a problem having USD/EUR/RUB trading pairs either.
  3. ChavasRegal

    Where are we all from?

    Gods own country, Yorkshire, Sheffield specifically.
  4. ChavasRegal

    250XRP for $350 on Amazon.

    That's a little steep to say the least, on ebay you can get them for under 1XRP/£. But if people buy them...
  5. ChavasRegal

    Toast/Rippex help, please

    Rippex didn't steal your XRP as they were never stored on the desktop app, your XRP are stored on the XRPLedger the wallet apps are just a frontend to said ledger, if you had XRP in a wallet and used Rippex to access it, it will still be on the Ledger and the associated private and public keys can be able to access it or import it to another Wallet app. I still use the windows Rippex desktop wallet and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, I'm not sure what wallet data file the Mac version creates but it might be worth looking in to if you can find it and import it to a working windows Rippex install, as you can select a wallet file to use when launching the app on windows.
  6. Maybe it's because everyone is riding or the storm by hodling and not trading.
  7. I've generated a few, a couple for the purpose of giving children XRP gifts, out of them all I've only had the two I mentioned previously compromised and those were hastily created, there are tutorials for creating paper wallets offline to minimise any risk involved.
  8. Indeed, there are some unscrupulous folks out there.
  9. The wallets weren't compromised due to using Windows, they were compromised due to a spoofed wallet generator that looked and acted like a legitimate and well regarded generator but had the nasty side effect of stealing the private key, there were multiple wallets affected not just the ones I had generated.
  10. I've accumulated myself an extra 10,000 ALV only cost me 12xrp. Had two comprimisd wallets that only had 20xrp each in them so I added the trust line, claimed the ALV and sent 6xrp to each to cover the trust line and withdrawals. Doesn't cover the cost of what was stolen from them but eases the pain a little.
  11. Rippling should be dissabled by default on your wallet, I believe you can check / alter the status in the advanced section on the world exchange.
  12. You can log in to https://www.theworldexchange.net/ Then using your private / public key then click "Set Receivable Tokens" and set up a trustline using the info from https://allvor.org/add-a-trust-line/
  13. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@supercrypto1/4th-dimension-bitcoin-manipulation-cartel-price-suppression-is-the-goal Could all be conspiracy theorist illuminati BS, but all theories have a basis in reality. it also strengthens our need to be unpegged from BTC.
  14. ChavasRegal

    My XRP Mission

    Well said, I've weaned myself down to checking once a day, think if we're still moving sideways on payday I'll fill the coffers a little.